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My friends mum. Kate and Me.

The following tale happened to me when I was 17 years old.

I was sl**ping at friend’s house, as we got d***k at a party earlier that day. I got slightly too d***k for my liking and decided I would make my way back to his on my own and call it a night; though they made fun of me for not being able to hold down my alcohol I secretly didn’t give a shit as I wanted to be with his mum as she is hot as fuck.

Kate was going through a divorce at the time and lived alone and liked me due to always lending a hand when she needed so we got on well. On my way back the heavens opened and it started to rain, when I say rain I mean it fucking came down with such fury it fucking hurt to walk in it.
Needless to say I was soaked through when I got to the house. I knocked on the door and Kate answered, she was wearing pink PJ bottoms which were tight as tight could be on her small frame with vest top on showing a lot of cleavage while at the same time supporting her perfect sized tits. I stood there in complete awe until I was snapped out of my daze with a “Well you coming in?”.
I stuttered “Yeah… Yeah of course”. I instantly had a flash back to when I was around one weekend and left my bag in my mates room, I shot upstairs to grab it and saw her laying in bed with the blanket around her waist and her tits in full view.
In my daze I didn’t notice Kate grabbing a towel for me to dry some of the water from my dripping clothes.

“Here love, take this” I grabbed to towel and said I will just get changed into my night stuff in Scott’s room. I headed upstairs to his room and start to dry my hair while changing. I hear “Oh sorry” after turning a round I see Kate staring at me standing there naked. I joked “Don’t worry you’ve seen it all before” I grabbed the cup of tea she made me and put it on the bedside table.
“Kate you haven’t stopped looking at me” I said slightly grinning and moving closer to her.
She looked at me and said, “You know, I’ve always liked you, you’re a really nice boy” at this point I leaned in and started to make out with her.
“That’s okay, I’ve dreamt of this moment my entire life of knowing you”. I continued to make out with her, sliding my hand down her pants and rubbing her clit.

I was fucking rock hard and ready to fuck the shit out of her but I held back as I wanted her to remember this. Kate was moaning passionately and pulled my hand out of her pants and started to get naked.
God she looked just like I Imagined her to be. She was shaved. For a 41 year old she sure looked younger. She grabbed my rock solid cock and pulled me closer at the same time as her sitting down on the bed.
She kissed the tip of my cock, pulled back and then put the head in. I could feel her tongue rolling around as well as started to jerk me off, it was so warm that added with the jerking off alone could have made me blow my load all in her mouth.
Suddenly she took my whole cock and deep throat-ed that thing like it wasn’t her first day at a rodeo. I told her to slow down or I’ll cum too soon. I pulled back and pushed her to the bed. I looked at her and I slid 2 fingers into her warm wet pussy.
She groaned as I could feel her tensing her muscles around my fingers. “More, put another finger in” I obliged and added another finger, as soon as I did you could hear her make a gasp of shock “Fuck, yeah faster, faster” I started going like a jack hammer finger her. The moaning got louder and quicker her pussy got wetter and wetter till she tightened up her muscles and twitched while she came.
As soon as she came I went down on her licked her VERY wet pussy and sticking my tongue in her as far as I could. I stopped and looked into her eyes “Fuck me” she said biting her bottom lip.
I got on my knees and pulled her in closer to me. I stuck the tip of my cock in and she squealed a bit. Teasing her I pulled it back and then rammed it home that’s when she started screaming “Ah fuck me, fuck hard” I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her as fast as I could while leaning over sucking her tits.
“Ah I’m going to cum” I say out of breath. “Come in me honey” she says panting.
Those words made me lose it. I just cum the biggest load ever into her dripping wet pussy. Slowing down my thrusting till I felt I came all I could cum, I pulled out my cum followed suit as it fell on Scott’s bedroom floor.
With out any hesitation Kate got wiped it up with her finger and put it in her mouth, then fingered her red, wet, cum filled pussy and licked that too.

This is probably the best day in my life and I jack off thinking about it all the time. I fucked her many more times after this but this was, well amazing I have never fucked a girl as great as Kate since.

If you liked this I will tell you about the other times I fucked her. Comment me about this. I think I may have gone into to much detail about other things, but please give me your thoughts about how I wrote this or how I could have written it better.


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