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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 5

Chapter 6

The sun had set as Prinz pulled onto the Coast Highway. He leaned
forward to turn on the driving lights of his automobile, and as the
traffic thinned, he looked up the highway to see a pair of hitchhikers
standing beside the road. At first, he thought the hikers were two
longhaired boys, but as he drew closer, he saw they were girls dressed
in shirts and jeans.

Pulling onto the shoulder, Prinz leaned over and opened the door of his
Mercedes. Breathlessly, the girls ran to the car and peered in. "I'm
only going a few miles, but you might have better luck catching a ride
further on," he offered.

The girl nearest looked at her companion and shrugged as she tossed her
backpack over the seat and climbed in. Squeezing in beside her, the
other girl closed the door and looked across at Prinz.

The psychoanalyst looked at her and a sudden excitement filled his body;
the girl was in her late teens with short-cropped red hair, and somehow
she reminded him of his s****r Glenda at that age. "How ... how far are
you going?" he inquired as he glanced into the rear view mirror and
pulled back onto the highway.

The girl sitting beside him stretched her long legs and yawned. "Big Sur
..." she replied, then asked, "Do you live on the beach?"

Prinz relaxed as he changed lanes and he told her, "Yes, matter of fact,
I do."

"Far out ..." the girl replied, then turned in the seat to ask, "Suppose
we could stop at your place to clean up a bit?"

Prinz turned his face to hers in surprise. Thoughts of asking them to
stop at his beach house had been foremost in his mind, and her
directness had negated the need for him to steer the conversation in
that direction. "Well, yes ... I suppose so. Have you been on the road

The red-haired girl stretched and told him, "Three days ... all the way
from Phoenix ... you wouldn't believe some of the kooks we've ridden

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah ..." the other girl said. "Last guy wanted us to come home with
him and have sex with his wife--" she giggled, "You're not married, are

Prinz chuckled, "If I was, I wouldn't ask you home for sex with my
wife!" And they all laughed.

As he pulled into the drive of his luxurious beach house, the girls fell
silent. He helped them out of the car and carried one of their back
packs to the door. He swung it wide, then stepped aside as he flipped on
the lights and the girls crossed the threshold of his home.

"Wow!" the sandy-haired girl remarked as she took in the sunken living
room and the expensive furnishings. "You must do all right for yourself
... ah, what's your name?"

Debating for a moment, he closed the door and set down the pack. "My
name is Prinz, Aurelius Prinz ... some of my friends call me 'Doc' or
Aurry ... whichever you prefer."

The red-haired girl smiled at him and nodded, "You look like a 'Doc'
..." and she winked at her friend.

"Well, now ..." Prinz said and gestured. "Perhaps you'd like a
drink--you have me at a loss--I know neither of your names."

The girl who had sat beside him in the car smiled broadly and glanced
toward the bar. "My name's Polly and this is Renee."

"Well, Polly and Renee ... how about that drink ... then we'll see what
we can do about your three days on the road."

The girls followed him down the steps and across the room to the bar. He
mixed them all a drink and gestured toward the kitchen beyond. "Later,
if you're hungry, we might all have a bite to eat if you like."

Both the girls nodded appreciatively and Polly told him, "Sounds great,
but what we'd really like is a nice hot bath. You wouldn't mind, would

"Of course not," he replied and walked around the end of the bar, "Come
on ... I'll show you where I spend a great deal of my time."

The two girls followed him closely as he led them to the sumptuous
bathroom with its sunken tub and mirrored walls. He dimmed the lights
and pointed about, "I believe you'll find everything you need right
here--" and he caught the gleam in Polly's eyes as she took in the huge

"Wow! I mean, wow!" Renee said, a little awed by the luxury of the room.
She picked up a bar of soap from a crystal dish and inhaled its
fragrance, then she kicked off her sandals to feel the depth of the soft
carpet beneath her feet. "This is too much!"

"Romanesque, I believe it's called," Prinz remarked, "Enjoy yourselves,
I have several calls to make." He left the room.

Quickly, he hurried to his bedroom, pressed a button on the bed console
and watched as the screen on one wall lifted to display the bathroom
beyond. The mirror was two-way, and as the girls began to disrobe, Prinz
did the same thing in the privacy of his darkened bedroom.

Sitting on the broad velvet bench at the foot of the bed, Prinz stroked
his growing prick as he watched the girls remove their clothing. Polly
was the first to divest herself of jeans and shirt, and he smiled as she
rubbed her full tits, then turned to her companion. Renee stepped out of
her jeans to display a tiny waist above unusually broad hips. The
dark-red pubic thatch stood out in sharp contrast to her white thighs
and belly. She, too, rubbed her tits as Polly glanced at her and stooped
to adjust the water as it filled the deep tub.

Prinz watched in fascination as the two girls explored the bathroom; it
excited him to know that he could watch their every move, their every
private gesture without their knowledge. He stroked his prick as Polly
turned and looked at her naked body in the full mirror through which he
was watching. A thrill went through him as she ran her hands from her
breasts to her stomach, then spread the lips of her pussy to stroke it

Behind her, Renee watched the image in the mirror, then she too began
caressing her own body in the mirror. "I'm going to fuck you both!"
Prinz said slowly as he watched the girls through the mirror.

Smiling, Polly turned to her companion, reached out to touch her breast
with familiarity, then climbed into the tub. Renee followed, and as the
two girls lowered their lovely young bodies into the steaming water,
Prinz stood and pressed the button that lowered the screen over the
two-way mirror. He slipped into a short robe, then went to the bar.

Bearing a tray with three drinks on it, he knocked softly on the door of
the bath. Polly called out for him to enter, and as he did, he felt the
warmth of the room come to him.

"I hope you don't mind the invasion of your privacy, ladies ..." he
excused, "but I thought perhaps you'd like another drink."

Polly smiled nervously to her companion, shrugged and looked up as Prinz
set the tray beside the sunken tub. "Why not ... ah, you wouldn't want
to join us, would you, Doc?"

"As a matter of fact," he replied, "The thought had crossed my mind." He
lifted the glass to his lips and sipped the heady liquor as Renee looked
up at him. "However, I wouldn't want to spoil your bath ... you two go
ahead ... and if you don't mind, I'll just watch."

Polly seemed to understand and as Prinz seated himself in a low chair
near the tub, she set her drink aside and picked up the soap with a
large sponge. "Turn around, Renee ..." she told her companion. The
red-haired girl turned, and sitting with her back to her friend, she
allowed her to soap her neck and shoulders. Polly glanced at Prinz from
time to time, then she smiled nervously as she reached around to soap
the other girl's full tits.

Prinz watched with growing excitement as he saw the girl's hands
massaging the other's wet tits. He felt his prick jerk then as Polly let
her right hand dip beneath the surface of the water and move between the
girl's legs. Rene's face burned brightly at the other girl's touch, but
she made no move to stop her.

"Why don't you face her, Renee?" Prinz suggested, then told Polly, "You
can bathe each other better that way."

Polly smiled in excitement as Renee turned around. Kneeling and facing
each other, the girls began washing and exploring each other's bodies as
the psychiatrist looked on. "Between her legs, Renee ..." he said softly
and loosened the tie of his robe to let it fall open.

Renee reached down hesitantly as her friend placed her hands on her
soapy tits. She felt the thick pubic bush, and as Polly moaned lowly,
she ran her fingers through the heavy mat of hair to touch her soft
pussy lips.

"That's it ... touch her there," Prinz said as he leaned forward, his
hand wrapped about the base of his thick prick.

"Ummmm, yes ..." Polly said as Rene's fingers eased between the thick
folds of flesh of her cunt. Suddenly, Polly's hands left Renee's tits
and she pulled the smaller girl to her in a passionate embrace. Her
mouth closed over the girl's and she held her tightly as she struggled.

"I ... I've never done anything like this, Polly!" Renee cried as their
lips parted.

"Come on, there's nothing to be afraid of," Polly assured her as she ran
her hands over the girl's soapy body.

The red-haired girl glanced toward Prinz and her face burned brightly as
she saw him stroking his huge prick obscenely. "I ... I don't want to--"
she protested in a small voice.

Polly lifted her face and kissed her softly as the girl tried to pull
away from her, then she ran her hand between the girl's legs and began
stroking her pussy. Squirming in her friend's arms, the girl sobbed her
protest, but as Polly's fingers aroused her, she began breathing
heavily. Prinz smiled as the girl submitted and returned the other
girl's kiss.

Polly lifted herself onto the edge of the tub and spread her legs. She
still held Renee's face in her hands and she told her, "Kiss it for me,
Renee ... just like you said Jack kissed your pussy."

"No!" the girl cried and tried to pull away. "Please ... not ... not
with him watching," she added and glanced toward Prinz.

Nodding understanding, Prinz stood and dimmed the lights even further,
then he slipped out of his robe and entered the tub with the two girls.
He approached Renee's broad ass as the girl leaned forward whimpering
lowly. Placing his hands on her soft hips, he urged her, "Go ahead ...
pleasure your friend, Renee ... there's nothing wrong with it. Two women
sharing love can be an exquisite experience."

Renee felt his hands on her body and she shuddered lightly as Polly
urged her head lower. Spreading her legs widely, Polly eased forward and
pulled Renee's face close to her crotch. "Come on ... you're always
talking about how good it is ... I know you want to eat my pussy ... go

Renee whimpered. again as she felt Prinz run his hand over her broad ass
cheeks and dip between her legs to touch her exposed cuntal area. She
sobbed her reluctance, then she leaned forward to brush Polly's pussy
with her lips.

"Yes! Eat my cunt! Suck my pussy ... come on, Renee ... do me!" Polly
cried out frantically.

Holding onto the girl's hips, Prinz watched as she lowered her head then
and began lapping the other girl's cunt. Polly's sighs came to him as he
moved his body against Renee's and felt his wet prick slide between her
legs. As the head of his prick nudged her pussy, he reached around to
cup her full breasts just beneath the surface of the hot water. She
gasped lowly as she realized what he wanted to do, but she offered no
resistance as Polly talked to her.

"Oh, God, yess ... suck it, honey ... that is so fucking good! At the
top ... my clit ... lick my clit ... ohhhh, God, you're gonna make me
come!" she wailed.

Moving against her slowly, Prinz felt the full warmth of the girl's full
ass press against his belly. Easing his prick into her clasping cunt, he
felt her tense momentarily. He glanced up to see Polly with her teeth
bared and her legs thrown up over Renee's shoulders.

"Fuck her!" Polly gasped, "Stick your prick in her cunt and fuck her!"
she shouted obscenely.

Prinz straightened and took hold of the girl's hips as he began to
stroke in and out of her wet cunt. It was tight and warm and soft, and
as he pulled out slowly, he heard the girl groaning. Quickly he thrust
in deeply and Renee gasped as he buried his prick in her hot cunt.

"Ughhnnn ... yes ..." she said as she lifted her face from Polly's
pussy. "Yes fuck me ... oh, God, FUCK MEEEEE!"

Prinz felt his own orgasm nearing, but he was not quite ready to expend
himself. With another deep thrust that left Renee panting, he pulled his
prick out of her cunt and lifted her to her feet.

"Eat her pussy!" he commanded and moved the girl toward Polly. Without
hesitation, Polly reached out and spread the girl's legs, then she sank
to her knees in the warm water to bury her face between the girl's

"Ohhhh ... Ohhhh ... yessss!" Renee cried as she felt Polly's mouth
close over her seething cunt. "Ummmmnnn, yes ... Oh ... Oh ... OHHHHH!"
and her body shuddered violently as Polly brought her to a shattering

Pressed against her shaking body, Prinz slid his throbbing prick between
the cheeks of her ass, then he reached around to pull Polly's head
further between her friend's legs. Immediately she sensed what he wanted
and he felt the pulsing head of his prick enveloped by the warmth of her
mouth. As her tongue played along the sensitive underside of his cock,
Prinz moved his hands up the other girl's body and cupped her full tits.
Massaging them, he whispered to her, "Have you ever felt a man's prick
in your asshole, Renee?"

"Uh, uh ... no it would hurt--" she replied and tensed slightly.

"Only if a man is not careful, darling ... let me put my prick in your
lovely ass ... you have the most beautiful ass I've ever seen," he told
her and kissed the nape of her neck as Polly sucked the head of his

"N ... no, please don't make me do that ... it'll hurt," she pleaded
with him.

Reaching around, Prinz lifted Polly's head and gestured with his own.
The three of them climbed from the tub and Prinz had Renee lie on her
back atop a large, soft towel. Next, he reached for a large container of
scented oil and Polly got the message. Between them, they oiled every
inch of the red-haired girl's body, and by the time they had finished,
she was panting with passion.

Prinz lowered his head between her widespread thighs as Polly kissed her
laviciously and played with her tits. The moment his mouth came in
contact with her puffed pussy lips, the girl shuddered and orgasmed.
Continuing his tongue-fucking of her pussy, he slipped a cushion beneath
her hips so that they were elevated slightly, then he raised his wet
face and nodded to Polly. The girl raised up, then positioned herself
over Renee's face. She lowered her hips down and Renee's arms snaked
around her waist to take hold of her full ass.

"Yes ... eat my pussy, honey ..." Polly told her as she leaned forward
and licked her lips as Prinz moved between the girl's legs. She watched
as Prinz oiled his massive cock, then guided the head toward that
puckered orifice below Renee's pussy. She reached down and stroked him
gently as the girl ate her pussy and she rubbed the head of his prick
over the other girl's asshole.

Shoving forward slowly, Prinz watched the girl's anal ring stretch as
his distended prick head slid into her asshole. Renee stiffened
instinctively as her body was violated. She let out a muffled cry, but
as Prinz eased his prick in slowly, Polly lowered her head and began
lapping the girl's cunt.

Halfway in, Prinz paused and let the girl adjust to the size of his
prick. And as he sat there on his knees, he felt her muscles relax and
he sensed a slight movement of her broad ass as Polly licked her cunt

Lifting her face, Polly raised her head to lick the base of his prick,
then she told him, "Fuck her! Fuck her in the ass!" and she resumed her
cuntsucking as Prinz thrust forward with his hips.

Slowly, he eased his throbbing prick in and out of the girl's clasping
asshole. Slowly, she began to respond to the anal fucking as her friend
lapped her cunt and ground her own lewdly into her face. He watched as
he withdrew his prick and he saw the pink flesh pulled back as it was
wrapped about his thick prick. He heard Renee whimpering then as he slid
his cock back into the depths of her body and Polly cried-out as Renee's
mouth brought her to orgasm.

Feeling his own juices close to the point of no return, Prinz began a
furious in-and-out movement. As he did, Renee responded by throwing up
her legs and wrapping them about his waist. "Ughhhhnnn ... uh, huh ...
fuck me!" she cried out. "Fuck my ass! Fuck me in my asshole!" she

Lifting her head, Polly's eyes were glazed with passion as she rotated
her hips over the girl's head. She was panting loudly, and as Prinz
thrust forward with his hips, her head touched his belly and she began
licking him wetly.

Looking down at the girl, Prinz realized what he wanted to do. He placed
both hands on her head and f***ed her down to Renee's cunt again, then
he pulled his throbbing prick out of the girl's asshole as the first
wave of orgasm washed over his shaking body. His prick erupted and sent
a great glob of sticky white come splashing onto Polly's face.
Frantically, she opened her mouth as his prick jerked again and shot yet
another glob onto her lips and tongue. Licking out, Polly managed to
catch the next few spurts on her tongue, then a glob bit her chin and
ran to the widespread cleft of Renee's pussy.

Prinz held tight to the girl's head as he shot his load into her face.
Beneath him, Renee squirmed and cried out as his prick jerked time and
time again and Polly licked the dripping come from her lips to swallow

Finally, the wave had passed, and Prinz folded weakly beside the two
girls as they both fought to regain their breath. His hand lay on
Renee's stomach and he could feel her heavy pulse as Polly groaned and
stretched out beside her.

"That ... that was some kinda bath!" Polly said and sighed deeply.

Prinz drew his breath and lifted himself to one elbow. "Perhaps we
should all take a real bath, then we'll have that bite to eat I
promised." As he spoke, he reached out and cupped Renee's full tit and
squeezed it lightly. "How about that?"

Blushing, the girl sat up and glanced at her friend. She shook her head
slowly, then said, "Golly ... I never ... I mean, I never made it like

Both Polly and Prinz laughed lightly and helped the girl back into the
bath. As each of them finished bathing, Prinz helped them towel dry and
he could not help but think about Rebecca and Mandy Golden ... and
wonder how mother and daughter had enjoyed their sauna bath.

* * *

Across town, the Goldens had just come from the darkened sauna and
walked hand in hand into the house. The three of them paused in the
master bedroom and Paul gathered his two lovely women into his arms.
Becky pressed her head against his chest as he lifted Mandy's face and
kissed her softly on the lips. As he did, his daughter closed her hand
around his growing prick, and she pressed her body to his as she felt
her mother's hand close over hers. The thought that they both possessed
the same man sent Mandy's head reeling, and the thrill of possessing her
mother's lovely body was no less thrilling to her.

"Ah ... why don't you two shower while I mix us all a drink ... then we
can take up where we left off?"

"What your father is saying," Rebecca remarked, "is that he needs a
little time to gather his strength," and she laughed lightly as she
pulled away from him.

Taking Mandy's hand in hers, she led her into the bathroom. The sharp
spray of the shower coursed over their bodies as Rebecca reached for the
soap and lathered her own body. Mandy stood beside her and reached out
to run her hands over her mother's body. "Let me do it for you ..." she
said huskily.

Rebecca thrilled as her daughter soaped her body and caressed it
intimately. She felt a low thrill go through her as Mandy ran her hands
from her tits to her belly, then lower to probe between her legs. "God,
I've wanted to do this with you for so long!" Rebecca confessed as she
turned to face Mandy.

"Just like you do with Helga, Momma?"

Rebecca felt her face color brightly as Mandy mentioned the woman's
name. She cast her eyes downward, then said lowly, "I ... I saw you with
her last week, Mandy ... in your bedroom."

"You should have joined us."

"And with Beverly in the sauna," Rebecca said lowly.

Mandy giggled. "My, you have been busy peeping, haven't you?"

Rebecca laughed with her daughter as she slipped her arms about her
waist and pulled her close. As their lips met in a soft sensual kiss,
Rebecca moved her hand between her daughter's legs and she stroked her
pussy lightly.

"Ummn ... that's good, Mommy ... a little higher up," she said

Rebecca found her daughter's clit and she kissed her again as she heard
the door of the bath open, then close again. "Hey, you two ... don't
start without me!" Paul said as he opened the shower door and stepped in
with his wife and daughter.

Mandy laughed and reached for the soap. She lathered her hands
vigorously as Paul kissed her, then she reached for his wet prick.

"Jesus! You'll make me come in your hands, sweetheart!"

"Do, Daddy ... let me jack you off!" she begged and pressed her body
against his as she moved her soapy hands over his throbbing prick.

"Waste not, want not!" her mother said and slipped between them. Paul
laughed and he kissed his wife as Mandy tried to reach his prick again.

"Come on, both of you ... I want to get you into a nice comfortable
bed!" he insisted as he lifted his face to the water and rinsed the
dried sweat from his brow, "You can jack me off some other time,

When they had dried, mother, father, and daughter went into the master
bedroom; Paul had three tall drinks awaiting them and he had lighted the
candles on the dresser. The flickering light was reflected in the long
mirror and the room seemed warm, secure, and exotic as he lay back on
the bed and looked at his wife and daughter standing naked before him.

"There's something I've always wanted to see," Paul said as he propped
himself up on two pillows.

Rebecca looked at her husband, then glanced at her daughter. "And what
might that be?" she asked.

He looked at her, then directed his gaze to Mandy. "I'd like to see
Mandy make love to you ... like she was doing in the sauna."

Mandy smiled and turned to her mother. Slowly, she began caressing her
body with gentle, fleeting touches. She pressed her own body close to
Rebecca's as she stood behind her and reached around to cup her tits

Paul watched in fascination as his daughter moved her hands from
Rebecca's tits to her belly, then gently began to stroke the dark pubic
bush between her legs. He could see the reflection of his daughter's
back in the mirror as she moved her hands to Rebecca's pussy. The image
excited him as he glanced from his wife's naked body to that of his
daughter in the mirror.

Rebecca looked at her husband as he began stroking his growing cock, and
she moaned lowly as Mandy's fingers parted the hair-fringed lips of her
pussy and began stroking her clit.

Mandy sensed her mother's arousal and she began kissing and licking
along the nape of her neck. Slowly, she moved around to face her mother,
then she dipped her head to kiss one tit and then the other. Mandy
kneeled, and as she did, she kissed her way down to that dark thatch of
hair that covered her mother's pussy. How often she had dreamed about
doing this very thing, but the dream had been nowhere as exciting as the
reality with her own beloved father watching. She turned her head and
glanced toward the bed; Paul lay playing with his gigantic hard-on, and
she could tell by the expression on his face that he was highly excited
by watching the two of them in their sex play.

Mandy dipped her head and kissed the pouting lips of her mother's pussy.
Rebecca moaned lowly and took hold of the girl's head as she spread her

"Ummmnn, yes, baby ... lick it ... let me feel your tongue in my cunt
... eat my pussy ... suck my clit ... oh, Jesus! What a beautiful mouth
you have!"

Mandy was excited by her mother's words and she ran her hands up the
backs of her legs to cup her ass cheeks as she tongued her wet pussy.
Above her, Rebecca began swaying her hips and grinding her body into her
daughter's mouth as her husband looked on in total fascination.

"Make her come, Mandy ... suck her till she comes!" Paul told his
daughter as his throbbing prick jerked in his hand.

Mandy renewed her attack on her mother's clit and she licked her
furiously as she heard her cry out again.

"Ughhhhhnnn ... uh, huh! Now, baby ... lick me ... I'm coming ... God,
don't stop now ... yesssss ... now ... NOWWWWWW!" And Rebecca felt her
knees go weak as the first wave of orgasm washed over her hunching body.
She held Mandy's head tightly as she shuddered and the breath was driven
from her lungs. "Uhhhhnnn ... Ohhhhh, oh, God ..." she sobbed.

Paul could not contain himself. He leaped from the bed, his stiff prick
protruding before him, and he grabbed his wife to kiss her passionately
as she shuddered violently. Crushing her tit in one hand, he rubbed his
body against hers and he felt Mandy's hand close around his throbbing

When he looked down, he saw his daughter's mouth ovaled obscenely about
his cock, and he shivered as she took nearly his full length into her

"Ummm, wait, baby ..." he told her and lifted her to her feet. "Let's
use the bed!"

Lying flat on his back, Paul positioned his wife over his pulsing prick.
She lowered herself down to engulf him, and as she settled low on her
knees, Mandy climbed over his shoulders to sit on his face. They faced
each other then, and Mandy reached for her mother's tits as her father
began licking the entire length of her cuntal area. As his tongue pushed
upward and found her turgid clit, the girl shuddered and pressed her
hips down and she cried out.

"Oh, Daddy! God, eat my pussy ... good, so good ... lick my cunt, stick
your tongue in my asshole ... lick me, Daddy ... I'm gonna come!"

As Rebecca slid up and down on her husband's stiff cock, she was
fascinated as she looked down and saw his chin protruding from beneath
Mandy's cunt. She saw him lick up, then back, as his arms went about her
thighs and her daughter groaned loudly.

"Fuck!" Rebecca wailed as she plunged down on his throbbing cock. She
felt herself coming again and she gasped for breath as Mandy moved one
hand from her tit to ease a finger into her cock-filled cunt. She
squirmed as her daughter fingerfucked her lewdly while her husband's
prick slid in and out of her sopping pussy. She sobbed as an other
orgasm came to her and she heard her daughter's catlike cry as she too
orgasmed to her father's sucking mouth.

Paul felt himself coming and he lifted his hips from the bed as Rebecca
sat on him and drove his prick deep into her cunt. His face was washed
with Mandy's hot juices and he tongued her furiously as he felt himself
explode. Gasping for breath, he held tightly to his daughter's bucking
body as he felt her hand wrap itself about his prick and pull it from
Rebecca's spasming cunt.

Rebecca looked on unable to move as Mandy pulled her father's prick out
and dropped her head to drink in his hot spurts of white, sticky come.
Slick with her own juices, Rebecca moaned as Mandy's finger rubbed her
clit and finished her off. She watched as Mandy licked the length of her
father's prick and caught the last weak spurt of come as it jerked

"Oh, God," Rebecca sobbed, "Nuff ... enough ... I can't take any more!"
and she fell backwards to lie between Paul's outstretched legs.

Paul reamed Mandy's asshole with his tongue as she fell forward to suck
him to completion. Waves of sensuous pleasure washed over his body as
his daughter sucked and licked his jerking prick. He felt her swallow
time and time again, and, finally, she sighed and rolled off him.

"Christ!" he exclaimed, "I may need to get a houseboy to take up my
slack, the way you two fuck and suck!"

Turning on the bed, Mandy kissed her father gently and took hold of his
wilting prick as she whispered, "Don't play out on us yet, Daddy ... we
haven't even told you about Helga and Beverly ..."

Paul moaned, and he heard his wife laugh as she moved up beside him.
"That's right ... Mandy and I would like to have a party sometime soon
... think you could handle it?"

"Not by myself, that's for sure!" he replied firmly.

"Hey ... we could invite Doctor Prinz!" Mandy suggested.

"My psychiatrist?" Rebecca questioned.

"Why not ... after all, he's responsible for this ... in a roundabout
sort of way," Mandy confessed. "Besides, I know that Beverly's mother
would be open to a little party ... Bev says that she and her mom have
been making it since she was thirteen."

Paul perked up at the prospect of having another mother-and-daughter
combination at his sexual disposal, and he asked, "Isn't Beverly's
mother that luscious redhead we met at school last year, Becky?"

"Yes ... her name's Glenda she's a divorcee."

"Glenda ..." Paul mused, "I wonder if she's a natural redhead?"

Mother and daughter laughed and tickled him playfully, then Rebecca
questioned, "I wonder if Doctor Prinz would be interested ... after all,
he's quite liberal."

"Liberal enough for a little i****t party?" Paul asked.

"I think so," Mandy returned. "I mean, it wouldn't be like he was making
it with one of his f****y ..."

And at that very moment, Prinz lay back on his huge water bed as the two
girls gave him a cat bath, licking and sucking him from head to toe. He
sighed as Renee turned her lovely face to his and kissed him sensually
on the mouth. How much she looks like Glenda, he thought abstractedly as
the pretty red-haired girl lifted her face and smiled down at him.

"Sit on my face, dear," he told her as he felt Polly spread his legs to
lick the base of his prick and his balls. Obediently, Renee climbed up
and lowered her wet cunt down to his waiting mouth. The moment his
tongue touched her clit, she gasped and orgasmed. His hands moved up her
body to cup her swaying tits as she cried out, and he too gasped as
Polly took the length of his prick into her mouth.

Finally, the three of them fell in a gasping pile across the swaying
surface of the water bed. Prinz sat up and gazed down at the two
exhausted girls; he was fully spent, and he found himself filled with
gratitude to the two pretty teenagers. The thought of spending the
evening alone had not appealed to him after the hour spent thinking
about his s****r and his mother.

And Prinz knew the source of his sexual problems stemmed from the lack
of closure with his long-lost s****r. Could he but see her once
again--sex aside--he knew the things he did with his female patients
would not be necessary. His maladjustment would be a thing of the past,
and he would be able to live a fruitful life--of this he was sure.

Still, the idea of being able to have sex when and with whom he chose
held a certain allure. He had been satisfied for some time with his
receptionist, Karen, yet he knew it was terribly unfair to that young
woman ... to have, but to have not. Perhaps he should hire a private
agency to try to locate Glenda ...

And as the thought pressed itself into his mind, he wondered what she
would look like after so many years. And another thought came to him ...
do I really want to know? It was a dilemma he had faced for too many
years, and as he lay there with the two voluptuous sex kittens, he
pondered the question.

Rolling to one side, Prinz found his erection had returned with the
thoughts of his s****r. He found Renee's broad hips comforting as he
moved against her spoon-fashion and eased his throbbing prick into her
wet cunt from behind.

"Ohhhh, God, not again!" she moaned and stretched out as Polly moved up
to hold her in her arms.

"Yes, dear ... just one more time," Prinz insisted as Polly kissed the
girl and held her for him. He hunched forward with his hips to bury his
prick deeply in her cunt, and he thrilled at the warmth of her young
body. As he moved against her, she began to move back. Ever so slowly at
first, then, as Polly lowered her head to lick and suck the nipples of
her firm tits, Renee moaned and shoved back against the prick in her
aching cunt.

Closing his eyes, Prinz envisioned his s****r lying in his arms as he
fucked the pretty teenager. He envisioned, too, his mother lying there
sucking Glenda's tits while he fucked her obscenely from behind.

"Oh, yesss ..." Renee sobbed, "Fuck me ... God, fuck me deep!"

And Prinz thrust more deeply as the girl arched to him. Reaching around
her full body, he took hold of her tits and felt Polly's tongue play
along his fingers as he massaged the soft flesh. Slowly, a rhythm set
up, and he felt himself rising as the girl pressed her ass against his
body and the other girl caressed her body from the front.

As he felt his prick jerk and spew forth its load of hot come, he cried
out, and the sound was more like a plea than an exclamation of passion.

"Oh, Glenda ... yessss! Yes, my darling Glenda!" he wailed as his prick
throbbed in the depths of Renee's clasping cunt.

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