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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 3

Chapter 4

Following an early swim and his daily two-mile jog along the beach, Dr.
Prinz arrived at his offices at a few minutes before ten A.M. He found
his receptionist, Karen, sitting behind her desk, wearing a thin smile
and a subdued look.

"Good morning, my dear," he said cheerily as he stopped beside her desk.

The girl's face flushed lightly as she looked up and thought, I wonder
what he'd think if I told him what happened last night? She nodded, then
gestured as she replied, "Ah ... good morning, Doctor ..." and her face
flushed deeply as his eyes bore into her.

I wonder what she would think if she knew what really happened last
night? Prinz pondered. "What time is Mrs. Golden due?" he asked and
picked an imaginary piece of lint from his lapel.

Turning the pages of the appointment book, Karen cleared her throat and
replied, "You have her scheduled for ten-thirty ... her daughter at
eleven," and she looked up as though seeking his approval.

"Fine ... send her in as soon as she arrives--young Miss Golden can wait
a few minutes," he instructed her and turned to his office.

Prinz had spoken to the Golden woman about her teen-aged daughter on
previous visits, but he had wanted to wait until the programming of the
elder Golden had been completed. He had been able to condition her to
post-hypnotic stimulus over the past three visits, but he was yet to
test his power over her fully.

As the buzzer rang, Prinz looked at the ornate desk clock and smiled.
Rebecca Golden was right on time. A light thrill of anticipation coursed
through his loins as he leaned forward and pressed the button on the
intercom. "Ask Mrs. Golden to come in, Karen."

As the door of his inner office opened, Dr. Prinz stood and smiled at
the attractive young woman who entered. Rebecca Golden entered, a
nervous smile on her face. Prinz looked at her warmly as she crossed the
room and extended her hand. He gazed longingly on her lithe figure as
her hips swayed sensuously and her breasts strained against the soft
material of the black sheath dress she was wearing.

"Well, right on time, I see," Prinz offered as he gestured toward the
deep chair beside the desk. The woman nodded and sat to pull her hem to
her knees. As she sat back, the dress crept up her thighs several inches
and Prinz glanced at the sheer stockings that covered her long,
well-shaped legs. The woman tossed her head in a practiced gesture and
the thin streak of silver was displayed--the premature graying added a
touch of beauty to her otherwise perfect face, and Prinz found it
appealing as he leaned against the edge of his desk and smiled at her.

"This is terribly difficult for me, Doctor Prinz ..." the woman began.
"I mean--it's not every day you take your daughter to a psychiatrist."

"Can you tell me exactly what you feel Mandy's problem is, Mrs.
Golden--other than being a precocious fifteen-year-old."

The woman looked up, then averted her eyes as she licked her lips and
began, "I ... I don't know exactly where to begin," she laughed
nervously. "I'll bet a lot of people say that, don't they, Doctor?"

He chuckled. "Only those who don't know where to begin."

Rebecca Golden sighed deeply and looked up then. "Well, I suppose the
best thing to do is just to be truthful--God knows, I've been truthful
about myself with you ... I'm afraid that Mandy doesn't like boys,
Doctor Prinz ... other than that, she is no problem whatever." She
shrugged helplessly and wrung her hands as she added, "I'm afraid she's
a ... a lesbian."

Prinz nodded and he told the woman, "Go on ... tell me whatever you

The woman's face burned brightly as she looked at her analyst. "Well ...
twice now--I've caught Mandy in ... in compromising situations with her
girl friends."

"Compromising--can you be more explicit?"

The woman nodded and looked at her hands as she swallowed thickly. "The
... first time was in the sauna ... she has a friend named Beverly. The
girls had been swimming and had gone to the sauna. I had an appointment
with my hairdresser for later that afternoon, so I thought I'd join them
for a while ... there's this little window in the door of the sauna ...
and I really don't know what made me peek in before I entered ... but I
was shocked by what I saw."

Prinz nodded understanding and licked his lips as he told her, "Tell me
about it, Mrs. Golden ..."

Again, the woman swallowed back her apprehension and spoke in a low
tone. "I looked in and at first, I just thought they were fooling
around--you know, like most girls do. But as I stood there, I realized
my daughter was not fooling! She ... she and Beverly were
kissing--rather passionately ... as I watched, Mandy began touching the
other girl all over her body--they were both stark naked and Beverly
seemed rather passive as Mandy kissed each of her breasts, then began
kissing her stomach ... and then she ... then she ..." and her voice
broke suddenly as she related the scene to the analyst.

"I believe I understand--did you confront them?"

"Oh, heavens no!" she exclaimed, "It was bad enough just seeing them
like that. I went back into the house and poured myself a stiff drink."

"You mentioned that you had 'caught' her twice," Prinz reminded the

"Yes ..." she said softly and lowered her head. "Helga--the girl who
comes in twice a week--a German girl--I left the house to do some
shopping--I returned home a little earlier than I'd expected and when I
came in, I heard noises from Mandy's room. I found the door ajar and ...
and when I looked in, I found them in what's referred to as 'the classic
position' ... they were ... they were engaging in oral sex ... both of
them at the same time!"

The woman's face turned white as she spoke and Prinz sensed she was near
the breaking point. He leaned forward, touched her shoulder and said
softly, "There, there ... just take a deep breath and relax, Mrs.
Golden--close your eyes for a moment ..." He paused as the woman drew
her breath deeply and let it out in short sobs. He felt a rush of
excitement go through him then as he spoke firmly and told her, "Go to

The woman's head sagged to her chest and Prinz was elated. The three
word command had plunged her into a deep hypnotic sl**p from which she
would awaken refreshed--and without memory if, he so chose.

"Rebecca ..." he said, and the woman raised her lovely face to look at
him, a slightly dazed expression on it. "Tell me what it is that really
disturbs you about Mandy's choice of lovers."

"I'm jealous," she said dryly.

"Would you like to do the things with those girls that Mandy does with

The woman moaned and uncrossed her legs. "Yes, God--I'd give anything to
be able to eat Beverly's pussy!" she exclaimed and spread her knees

"And Helga?" He asked as his prick twitched against his thigh.

"Uh, huh ... we are lovers ... have been for over a year--but God, when
I saw Mandy with her head between Helga's legs, licking her cunt, it
drove me wild!"

"What did you really want to do?"

"I ... I wanted to rip off my clothing and join them!" she said without

"Then you would like to make love with your daughter, Mandy, correct?"

"Jesus, yes! That's all I've thought about since I saw her with Bev ...
I can feel her soft mouth on my pussy, licking, sucking, making me
come--" and she writhed uncomfortably in the chair.

"Show me where you would like for your daughter to kiss you, Rebecca
..." and he moved forward as he took his throbbing prick out of his

The woman leaned back in the deep chair and spread her legs. Her hand
moved up her thigh slowly and lifted the hem of her dress. Prinz looked
down at the black lace panties she wore. He fondled his prick as her
fingers snaked beneath the leg band and pulled the crotch aside to
expose her pouting pussy lips. Her middle finger played through the
thick hair of her pubis, then parted the puffed lips to stroke the soft
flesh. "Uhhhnn ... there ... my cunt ... I want to feel Mandy's mouth on
my cunt ... oh, God ... how I want my daughter to suck my pussy!" And
she continued masturbating as Prinz lifted her hand to wrap it around
his throbbing prick. Her fingers gripped it tightly and she began to
stroke it as her fingers slid in and out of her own cunt more rapidly.

Prinz looked down as the woman slipped a second finger inside her pussy
and she moaned lowly. "Yes ... give yourself a good come, Rebecca ...
imagine that Mandy is licking your cunt ... sucking it and sticking her
tongue inside to send chills up your spine. Take my prick in your mouth
as she sucks you off ... go ahead." And he leaned into her as she turned
her head and ovaled her lips obscenely.

He watched her pink tongue licked out to touch the swollen head of his
prick, then he shoved forward as the woman opened her mouth wider and
his prick slid into her throat. "Yes ... that is so good ... suck my
prick while Mandy licks your pussy, Rebecca. Use your tongue just as
she's using hers!" And he hunched forward as the woman sucked his
pulsing shaft more deeply into her throat.

Moaning, Rebecca stiffened then and her legs quivered. Her fingers slid
in and out of her wet cunt as she sucked the man's prick. Finally, she
groaned and gasped for breath, and Prinz pulled his wet prick out of her
mouth as she shuddered in the throes of orgasm. Leaning down then, he
kissed her softly on the mouth and told her, "You will remember nothing
about this, Rebecca, only you will develop a desire to have sex not only
with your daughter, but with her friends as well. This desire will far
exceed what you feel now--and you will act on your feelings. Today,
after you and Mandy leave my office, you will manage to lure her into
the sauna ... and there, you'll confess your desire to her--and you will
fulfill that desire by having sex with your daughter. Do you

The woman pulled the crotch of her panties over her exposed pussy and
lowered her dress as she nodded. "I understand."

"Next week during our regular session, you will report to me all of the
sex acts you have engaged in with your daughter."

"Report everything ..." she said flatly.

"And you are not to repress your desires in the future ... even though
you don't understand them, submit to them--and do so without guilt."

"Without guilt ..."she repeated.

"Fine ... when I tell you to wake up, you will do so--no time will have
elapsed since I told you to close your eyes. But you will feel
better--more relaxed, and you will have no more apprehensions over
Mandy's lovers." He stuffed his prick into his pants, zipped them and
smiled. "You may awaken now, Rebecca."

As soon as her eyelids fluttered, Prinz took her arm and assisted her
out of the chair. She wore a dazed expression for a moment, then it
cleared as he told her, "I'll see your daughter now, Mrs. Golden ... you
may pick her up in just an hour--why don't you go for coffee or perhaps
a bite to eat while I talk with her?"

The woman nodded, then stammered as Prinz led her to the door. As he let
her out, he saw the girl stand and approach. She was the image of her
mother, slightly shorter, with the same dark hair and deep-gray eyes.
She smiled nervously as Prinz extended his hand and spoke.

"Miss Golden ... may I call you Mandy?"

The girl glanced at her mother, then smiled warmly. "Of course--everyone
else does."

Prinz nodded to Karen as he directed the young girl into his inner
office and he told her, "We're not to be disturbed, Karen--Mrs. Golden
will come back for her daughter." And he closed the door without waiting
for an answer. He touched the lock and turned to watch the girl as she
looked about his comfortably furnished office. Her gaze halted as she
saw the low, leather couch, and she giggled slightly as she turned to

"You really do have a couch!"

"Of course--no self-respecting shrink is without one today," he replied
in a jovial tone and gestured for her to sit on it.

As the girl sat, Prinz pulled a chair around so that he sat facing her.
He looked openly at her naked thighs; her brief skirt pulled up nearly
to her lap as she sat, and she noticed him looking. Slowly, he raised
his eyes and found her full young breasts outlined beneath the light
blouse she wore open at the throat.

"Now then, Mandy--do you know why your mother has asked me to see you?"

The girl looked at him openly and shook her head as she replied, "She
really hasn't said--she's awfully up-tight about something though."

Prinz made a quick judgment of the girl, and, coupled with the
information her mother had given him, decided that openness would be the
best course. "Well, perhaps if I were to tell you what she's so up-tight
about, you'd be able to handle it yourself."

Mandy wore a puzzled expression--she had expected the analyst to
question her about her early c***dhood or something like that. Her
curiosity was excited as he offered to tell her what was on her mother's
mind. "Yeah," she told him, "That'd be neat."

Prinz looked directly into the girl's eyes and told her, "Your mother
brought you here on the pretense that she was disturbed over your ...
ah, sexual activities."

The girl's face colored brightly, but she did not hesitate to ask,
"Pretense--pretense about what?"

"Well, it would seem that your mother is a wee bit jealous over your
youthful advantage--you see, she likes women too," he told her and
studied her body language as she stiffened momentarily.

"I ... I don't know what you're talking about," she said, and her face
retained its flushed appearance.

"Really?" he questioned and raised an eyebrow, "What about Beverly in
the sauna?" He paused as her mouth dropped open. It snapped shut as he
added, "And Helga in the bedroom?"

"She ... she knows about that?"

Prinz nodded. "Of course--how else would I know, Mandy? I really can't
read minds, you know ... despite what some of my patients might think."
And he chuckled lightly as he reached out and took hold of the girl's
hand. She tensed slightly as he touched her, then his voice relaxed her
as he admitted, "Actually, I find it quite appealing to visualize you
making love with another woman, Mandy ... you're a beautiful young lady,
and I'm sure you haven't even scratched the surface of your sexual
potential yet."

"You ... you don't think it's wrong?" she asked, a touch of astonishment
in her young voice.

"Wrong? Of course not--I feel that whatever a person--he or she--does is
entirely up to them. People suppress natural desires all too often
because they are afraid what someone else will think ... ah, have you
ever had sex with a man, Mandy?"

The girl lowered her eyes and nodded, "I ... I didn't like it too much
though--I was so afraid mother'd catch us."

Prinz detected a note of regret in her voice and he held her hand
tightly as he asked, "With whom did you have sex, dear?"

The girl went pale momentarily and she shook her head as she questioned,
"You ... you wouldn't let mother know?"

"Of course not," he assured her, "What we discuss is totally
confidential ... now who was it?"

"My ... my father," the girl said in a low voice and dropped her eyes.

"I see ... did he f***e himself on you?"

She looked up and shook her head again, "No ... actually, I sort of ...
ah, you know, seduced him."

Prinz nodded. Father-daughter i****t was not unusual, but the fact that
Mandy had seduced her own father was rather unique and it interested
him. "Would you like to share the experience with me, Mandy?"

In view of the things he had told her about her mother, Mandy felt
somehow obligated to tell the friendly analyst how she had lost her
virginity, and she nodded meekly as she began. "It happened last summer
up at the lake. Mother had some club or something and Daddy and I went
up two days early. We had gone swimming in the lake and when we came
back to the cabin, I offered to let Daddy shower first. God, I'd kept
looking at the bulge of his prick in his trunks and I couldn't get it
off my mind ..." She paused and licked her lips. Prinz noticed that her
face was flushed with excitement now as she related the encounter to

"... I let him get in the shower and he was singing like he always does.
I took off my suit and went into the bath ... I could see his naked body
through the opaque glass door and I knew what I was going to do. He
heard me come in and called out--I pretended like I didn't understand
him and opened the door of the shower--wow! He had this gigantic hard-on
and he was soapy all over ..."

"What did he say to you?"

"Umm ... nothing. We just stood there sort of dumb like--I was looking
at his prick and he was looking at my titties. Then, I just stepped into
the shower and closed the door."

"Did he speak then?"

"Uh huh ... he tried to tell me that we shouldn't shower together--that
mother would raise the roof if she found out ..." She drew her breath
deeply, then said, "But I didn't care--I just told him that I wouldn't
tell her and I reached out and took hold of his prick ..."

"What happened then, Mandy?" Prinz asked her and rubbed her hand between

* * *

Mandy closed her eyes as she spoke then and she recalled the shocked
expression on her father's face as she took hold of his soapy cock. She
felt as though it was all happening again. She rubbed it gently between
both of her hands, and she moved forward as he reached up to cup her
breasts gently.

"Oh, Daddy ... that feels so good," she moaned as he massaged her tits
and she felt her nipples grown stiff. Then she slipped her arms about
his waist as his prick slid wetly between her young thighs, and she
thrilled at the touch of his warm flesh against hers.

"Mandy ... for God's sake," her father pleaded with her, "Do you have
any idea what you're doing to me?"

Mandy smiled seductively at her father as a ripple of excitement coursed
through her vibrant young body. She felt his throbbing prick between her
legs and its pulsing length lay hotly against her pussy as she lifted
her face and kissed him fully on the mouth.

Paul Golden was lost in his daughter's arms as the hot spray of the
shower pelted their bodies and he found his hands drawn irresistibly to
her firm young ass. As he cupped her fully, the girl moaned lowly and
thrust her tongue into his mouth as she ground her pelvis against his.
He sucked his breath in sharply; then as she seemed to squeeze her
thighs together and her tits were squashed flat against his hairy chest.

"Fuck me, Daddy ... I want you so!" she cried as their mouths parted.

Paul could not believe his ears as the obscene words poured from his
daughter's mouth. He swallowed thickly and shook his head as he looked
down at her hopeful face. "But ... but, Mandy--that's i****t!" he told

"I don't care what it's called--I want you to fuck me, Daddy--stick your
prick in my pussy and fuck me!"

Reluctantly, Paul spread his daughter's legs and stooped slightly as he
guided the head of his prick into her tight cunt. The fact that she
might still be a virgin did not enter his mind until the head of his
prick nudged her hymen and she wrapped her arms about his neck and
raised her feet from the shower floor.

Mandy cried out but once as she felt her father's prick pierce her
maidenhead. She shuddered slightly as she raised her legs and wrapped
them about his waist. Paul's hands found his daughter's ass and he held
her as his thick prick sank deeper and deeper into her inexperienced
young cunt. His heart pounded furiously in his chest as she began to
squirm then and her mouth sought his again.

"Ughhhhnnn ... yes, deeper, Daddy, fuck me deeper!" she cried as her
father moved her up and down on his thick shaft. She felt her own orgasm
coming and she sank her teeth into his shoulder as the sensation began
to wash over her.

"Oh, God, Mandy!" he cried as she shuddered in his arms, "God, I'm
coming ... I'm coming ..."

"Yes, Daddy!" she hissed in his ear, "Come in my pussy--fill me with
your come ... shoot off in my cunt ... oh, God ... It feels so good!"

Paul Golden's legs shook as his prick erupted then in his daughter's
cunt. He held her to him tightly as she writhed and tried to f***e more
of his cock into her body. His breath came in sharp bursts as his prick
jerked hotly and spewed forth the globs of sticky white cum in her tight

Finally, the contractions passed and he leaned heavily against the wall
of the shower as Mandy's feet touched the floor again and she sighed
deeply. "That ... that's better than I thought it would be ..." she told
him as his prick softened and slipped out of her pussy.

* * *

Prinz looked at the girl's flushed face as she finished recounting the
seduction of her father to him. "Did you have sex after that first
encounter, Mandy?" he asked softly, and he sensed the light shiver go
through her body.

"God, did we!" she told him, "That was just the beginning ... we sucked
and fucked for three whole days before mother came on up--he was
exhausted by the time she got there and we had to tell her we'd been
hiking the whole time!" And, she laughed lightly.

"Since then, dear ... have you and your father ..."

She shook her head. "When we got back home, Daddy told me that what we
had done was sinful and that we couldn't ever do it again. He cried when
he apologized for taking my virginity--and there was nothing I could say
to him that seemed to help." She shook her head slowly and added, "I
know he wants me--I can tell by the way he watches me when I'm in the
pool ... but he just won't break down, Doctor Prinz."

"Is this why you've been having affairs with other girls, Mandy?"

The girl nodded her head. "God, I was so horny and I was telling Bev
about what happened between me and my father ... we just ... ah, you
know, it just sort of happened."

"What about Helga?"

Her face brightened as he mentioned the German girl. "God, she
practically ****d me! She said she saw me and Bev playing with each
other in the pool one day--she followed me up to my room and when I took
my bathing suit off, she pounced on me!"

"Do you enjoy making love with another woman, Mandy?"

The girl looked at him seriously and then nodded, "I think I just like
sex, Doctor Prinz ..."

He smiled and edged forward on the chair. He had her small hand still
trapped between his own and he looked deeply into her eyes as he asked,
"Do you find my receptionist appealing, dear?"

The girl glanced down at her hand as she realized the man had drawn it
to the bulge in his trousers. She swallowed thickly as she felt the
warmth of his throbbing prick through the material of his clothing. "Ah,
yes ... she's beautiful ... her hair is so long and blond ..."

"Would you like to have sex with her, Mandy?" he asked and moved her
hand flatly over his bulging prick.

"I ... I don't know ... yes ... I think so ... God, I'm confused!" she
said and her eyes went wide as she closed her fingers over the outline
of his cock.

Prinz released the girl's hand and stood quickly. He walked to the outer
door of the office and unlocked it as Mandy followed him with her eyes.
"Karen, will you step in for a moment?" he called out to her, then stood
aside as she entered.

"Yes, Doctor, what is it?" she asked as she glanced toward the pretty
teenager sitting across the room.

"Are you sl**py, Karen?" Prinz asked softly and the woman's head sagged
to her chest. Prinz smiled and relocked the door as he took hold of the
receptionist's arm and guided her to the couch. "You are to do anything
this young lady tells you, Karen ... and when you awaken, you will have
no memory of the acts, is that clear?"

Slowly, Karen raised her head and looked blankly at the astonished girl.
"I will have no memory ..." she repeated flatly.

"She's all yours, Mandy ... if you don't mind my watching," he told her
and rubbed the bulge in his pants.

Mandy looked at the woman and she felt both excitement and a twinge of
fear. She knew what she wanted to do, but she was still apprehensive.
She swallowed thickly and reached out to touch Karen's leg. She chilled
as her fingers encountered the sheer material of the woman's silk

"She's hypnotized?" Mandy questioned as Karen made no attempt to move
away from her.

"Do anything you wish with her, Mandy ..." He glanced at his watch.
"Your mother will not be back here for thirty-five minutes," and he sat
in the chair to pull down the zipper of his pants.

Mandy's face flushed brightly as she gazed upon his throbbing prick. It
was longer and thicker than her father's, and she felt a new excitement
course through her young body as she realized he was just going to sit
there and watch her.

The girl stood up then and unfastened her skirt, which fell in a heap at
her feet. Then she stripped off her blouse and cast it aside to stand
there clad only in her silver sandals and a pair of light-blue bikini
panties. She swallowed again and ran her hands over Karen's body as she
stood before her breathlessly. She unfastened the wide belt the older
woman wore, then she released the catch of Karen's skirt. As the garment
fell to the floor, Mandy gazed down upon her blond mound and she sank to
her knees before her.

Prinz looked on in excitement as he watched the girl draw down Karen's
panties and nuzzle her belly with her youthful face. His prick jerked
painfully as he looked upon Mandy's naked young body as the teenager
spread the older woman's legs and kissed her fully on the cunt.

"Yes, Mandy ... kiss her pussy!" he said thickly and stood up to
unbutton Karen's blouse. He pulled the garment down over her shoulders
to reveal her full, erect tits, and Mandy looked up and gasped as she
saw them naked.

Prinz looked down at the woman's welted ass cheeks and he recalled the
night before when Coco had spanked her erotically. He wondered how Karen
had taken his post-hypnotic suggestion and he wondered too if she had
enjoyed the man--whoever he had been--that she had picked up after she
had left his beach house.

Mandy looked up as the man's hands reached around and cupped Karen's
full tits. She licked out excitedly and her tongue pressed between the
warm, moist folds of the woman's cunt lips. She ran her hands up the
backs of Karen's legs and felt Prinz press his body against Karen's
naked ass. Her hand brushed his prick as she felt the woman's ass and
she thrilled as she closed her mouth fully on the warm pussy before her.

Prinz hunched forward as the girl sucked his receptionist's pussy and
his prick slid between the ample cheeks of her ass. Then, he felt the
teenage girl's tongue tease the head of his throbbing shaft. He reached
down and pulled her head into Karen's cunt then as she wrapped her lips
around the head of his prick and sucked him gently. The girl moaned and
he kissed the nape of Karen's neck as he whispered to her, "Respond to
her mouth, Karen ... tell her how good it feels for her to suck your

Karen moaned lowly and her hands lifted to caress the girl's head as she
moved her body rhythmically against her mouth. "Yesss ... do it, suck my
pussy, baby ... use your tongue ... lick my clit, honey ... ohhhh, God,
that's so good!" she sighed.

Mandy felt the rush of excitement go through her body as the woman's
words came to her and she felt the two pairs of hands on her head. She
licked the entire length of the woman's cuntal area and f***ed the head
of the doctor's prick into her mouth again as he hunched forward with
his hips. Frantically, she licked Karen's clit, and the faster she
licked, the deeper the woman's moans became.

Finally, Prinz pulled his prick from between Karen's legs and looked
down as Mandy glanced up at him. "Tell her to suck your cunt, Mandy ...
she'll give you a good cum!"

Mandy scrambled onto the couch and spread her legs lewdly. She looked at
the beautiful blond woman and she swallowed as she told her, "Kiss mine
for me, Karen ... eat my pussy!"

Immediately, Karen went to the foot of the couch and kneeled between the
teenager's legs. Without hesitation, she lowered her head, and as her
warm mouth came in contact with the girl's hair-fringed pussy lips,
Mandy shuddered and pulled her head down between her legs f***efully.

"Ughhhhnnn ... Ohhhhh ... yessss ... God, yes! Suck my cunt ... eat me
out ... God, that is sooooo gooood!" she cried.

Prinz looked down at the obscene coupling as Karen lapped the young
girl's cunt and the girl writhed--her fingers twisted through the older
woman's golden hair. He looked at Karen's welted ass and he walked
behind her as the twin moons swayed to and fro before him. He eased his
prick into her hot, wet cunt and took hold of her hips as he thrust
forward. Karen let out a subdued groan as the man's prick entered her,
then she wriggled her ass as he plunged deeper.

Mandy threw her head back as the woman's tongue drove her wild. She saw
Prinz shove his prick into the woman's cunt and she licked her lips,
wishing somehow that the man had chosen to shove it into her cunt
instead. She writhed as her fingers dug into Karen's scalp, and she felt
her passion rising as Prinz fucked the woman from behind. She felt her
clit being nibbled then and she cried out with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, God ... yesssss!" she gasped as she neared the brink. She opened
her eyes to see the analyst with his face contorted with lust. Mandy
lifted her hips then as she felt the rush of sensation and she called
out to him, "Let me ... let me suck you ... let me suck your prick!" she
gasped as Karen tongued her pussy wildly.

Prinz looked at the girl's wet lips and he needed no further
encouragement. He pulled his prick out of Karen's tightly clasping cunt
and went quickly to the teenager. He looked down lustfully as the naked
girl reached up and wrapped her fingers about the base of his throbbing
prick and opened her mouth. As her lips closed about his hot flesh,
Prinz could not restrain himself. Her youthful features so reminded him
of his s****r, so many long years ago, and as his juices welled up and
his legs shook uncontrollably, he took hold of her head and hunched
forward with his hips. His prick was shoved deeply into the girl's
sucking mouth, and he felt her tongue running frantically over the
bottom of his prick as it twitched and jerked, then spewed forth its
load of cum.

"Ohhhhh!" he cried out as the girl sucked him to completion and her own
body shuddered violently.

Mandy tasted the man's cum as it splashed over her tongue and ran hotly
down her throat. She milked his throbbing cock as his body shook, and
she too achieved her orgasm as the woman licked and sucked her over the
brink. She choked lightly as her mouth filled with his cum, and she
swallowed again. She gasped for breath as Karen continued sucking her
and finally, she had to push her head away as she pulled her own head
back and sucked just the head of Prinz's prick.

Prinz looked down as the girl licked the last traces of his cum off the
sensitive head of his prick. He sighed deeply and stepped back as Karen
sat dumbly between the girl's legs and awaited further instructions.

"Did you enjoy that, dear?" Prinz asked as he wiped his prick on a soft
hand towel from the nearby bathroom.

The girl watched with a dazed expression on her face as Karen followed
the man's orders and dressed herself quickly.

"Yes, God, yes!" she exclaimed and drew on her own clothing hesitantly.

"How would you like such a thing to happen between you and your mother?"

Mandy pulled on her skirt and looked up, a shocked expression on her
pretty young face. "W ... with my mother?"

Prinz smiled and crossed the room to unlock the door. As both women
finished dressing, he opened it and beckoned to Karen. As she stood in
approximately the same spot as when he had called her in, he touched her
arm and repeated his earlier direction, then he told her, "You may
awaken now, Karen."

The woman's eyes glazed over momentarily, then she cleared her throat
and asked "I beg your pardon, Doctor?"

He smiled and patted her arm, "I said ... simply buzz when Mrs. Golden
returns, Karen ... Mandy and I are through with our interview."

Karen nodded and smiled as she walked out of the office and pulled the
door closed behind her. Mandy wore a still-astonished look as the woman
left. She shook her head and remarked, "That is too much!"

"What about it dear, would you like to have sex with your mother?"

"I ... I've thought about it," she confessed, then told him, "And
sometimes when Helga and I are together, I close my eyes and pretend
that it's mommy sucking my cunt ..."

Prinz held out his hand to the lovely young teenager and as she stood,
he cupped her rip young breast and told her, "When you get home this
afternoon, why don't you suggest that the two of you share the sauna ...
I believe you might be surprised."

"You ... you mean ..." she began and faltered.

"Just suggest the sauna, Mandy, and let nature take its course. I
believe your mother will have a different outlook toward your lovers in
the future--if she happens to be one of them."

Mandy threw her arms about the older man's neck and kissed him warmly as
his hands roved over her body. "Thank you, Doctor Prinz ..." she told
him breathlessly, "thank you so much!"

He chuckled as he disengaged himself from her arms. "Well, perhaps you
can show your appreciation by coming to call on me at home some evening
... you might even consider bringing your young friend, Beverly."

The girl's face brightened as she envisioned the three of them together.
She nodded emphatically, then her attention was drawn to the door as the
buzzer sounded on the man's desk console.

"Your mother is here--call me here at the office in a few days and
perhaps we can arrange a little party--how does that sound?"

"Delicious!" she exclaimed, kissed him lightly on the mouth, and skipped
to the door. "Thank you so much, Doctor Prinz ..."

And she was gone.

Prinz sat tiredly behind his desk and thought about the nubile young
girl, and he thought, too, about her young friend. Then, Karen buzzed
again and he was brought back to reality as he realized he had other
appointments scheduled for the afternoon.

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