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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 2

Coco went on with her story and the two men listened raptly as Karen sat
there, licking her lips seductively and running her hands over her body.
She was not detached, but neither was she totally a part of what was
going on.

Coco related how she had left home the year following her graduation and
entered college. She took an apartment with another girl--a junior--who
had advertised through the campus housing office. Her name was Beth and
she was a political science major.

"I didn't recognize anything at first," Coco told them, "except that
Beth didn't seem to date. All of her friends were intellectuals, and
though I didn't feel uncomfortable around them, I really didn't seem to
fit in. I just chalked it up to a minor racial barrier and let it
slide--most of her friends were white, like her. Then, one weekend, I
came in late from a date." She giggled. "I guess I was a little bombed
... Beth was still up and there was a friend of hers there ... a really
beautiful chick named Cathy--I walked in to find them sitting naked on
the floor--they were smoking grass and giggling a lot. They asked me if
I wanted to join them and I told them I'd just as soon pass--but they
wouldn't accept that and I guess I sort of indulged them.

"We were all sitting on the floor--Beth had candles burning and there
was a Santana side blowing softly on the stereo ... and I just sort of
fell into it. I watched the two of them eyeing each other's bodies and
when Beth asked me if I wanted to get comfortable, I didn't think too
much of it. I took off my clothes and seemed more relaxed. The grass was
good and on top of the drinks I'd had, I guess I got a little loose."

As Coco described the scene that followed, both of the men leaned
forward, their eyes wide with anticipation. Mark was stroking Karen's
blond hair and she had moved closer to him as his wife went on with her

Coco went back in time as she relived her first lesbian experience and
recalled the feelings she had encountered that night as she sat there
with the two white girls, naked and loaded, and the sheer sensuality of
it welled up in her mind to take possession of her body. Beth had made
the first move as she smiled seductively at Coco and reached out to
touch the darker flesh of her nipple. As the girl's fingers played over
the soft flesh of her tit, Coco had felt a stirring in her body that she
recognized as lust. She had never felt it with another woman before, but
as Beth moved closer to her and cupped her tit fully, it seemed that her
entire body had come alive, and she found herself yearning for the
woman's body. Coco shut her eyes as she talked, and remembered ...

* * *

"Do you like that, Coco?" Beth asked softly as her fingers plied the
supple flesh of her soft brown tit.

Coco looked across at Cathy who lay back smiling, her hands massaging
her own tits, and she spoke with difficulty, "God ... like you're making
me horny doing that, Beth!" and she f***ed a little laugh to cover her

"Uh, huh ..." Beth replied, "It's making me horny just looking at your
beautiful brown body, Coco ..."

"Hey ..." Cathy said softly, "Why don't you two quit fucking
around--you're making me horny too!" They all laughed then and Cathy
took the initiative as she spread her legs out in front of her and ran
her hands down her lush, white body. "I don't know about you guys, but
if I don't do something for myself, I'm gonna be climbing the walls!"

Coco's head swam as she watched Cathy ease her fingers through her thick
pubic bush and begin to stroke herself obscenely as the girl beside her
continued playing with her tits. They sat there as Cathy began
masturbating, her head thrown back and her teeth bared as she ran her
fingers between the soft, wet lips of her pussy, and moaning.

Coco swallowed thickly as she felt Beth's hand leave her tits and run
smoothly over her soft belly. She felt a twinge of excitement in her
loins as the woman's hands continued rubbing her body. Then Beth pulled
her to her and kissed her fully on the mouth. Coco did not resist, but
submitted fully as Beth's hand moved over her lower belly to play in her
tightly curled pubic hair as her tongue pushed wetly through her lips
and found Coco's in her warm mouth. She sighed deeply then as her
roommate's fingers touched the lips of her pussy and teased her

Coco moaned as she and Beth lay back and Beth began to fingerfuck her
lewdly. She was in a high state of arousal and Beth kissed her sensually
as she writhed in her arms. Then Coco felt another pair of hands on her
body as Cathy joined them. Cathy's mouth closed over the turgid nipple
of her left tit and she laved it warmly with her soft tongue. But
Cathy's mouth did not stay on her tit for long, for as Beth continued
the passionate kiss, Coco became aware of the soft lips as they nibbled
their way down her body to pause finally above her friend's fingers as
they slid in and out of Coco's cunt.

"Do you like that, Coco?" Beth asked huskily as she removed her fingers
from her cunt.

"Oh, God ... yes, it feels so good, Beth ... don't stop ... please,
don't stop now!" Coco begged her. Then she gasped loudly as Cathy
lowered her head between her brown thighs and licked her cunt wetly.
Surprised, Coco looked up and watched in fascination as the beautiful
white girl kneeled between her dark legs and slipped her hands under her
body to cup her ass cheeks as she began sucking her pussy passionately.

"You've never had your pussy eaten by another woman, have you, Coco?"

"N ... no," Coco confessed as she drew her breath sharply and Cathy
spread the pink inner lips of her pussy and found her erect clit.
"Ughhhnnn ... God ... I'm gonna make it ... I'm gonna ... I'm ...
IIIIEEEEEEEE!" she cried and found Beth's mouth closing over hers as her
body shuddered and her legs wrapped themselves about Cathy's body. The
orgasm seemed to go on and on and Coco writhed beneath the woman's mouth
as her roommate fondled her tits and kissed her wetly.

Finally, it passed, but Cathy would not raise her head. Coco squirmed as
her sensitive clit was attacked again and she begged the girl to stop
for just at moment to let her regain her breath, but Cathy refused and
continued sucking as Beth sat up and rolled atop her twisting body. Coco
looked up as the woman sat across her chest and reached down to spread
the lips of her pussy.

Coco chilled as she heard her roommate tell her, "Go ahead, Coco ...
turn on with me ... eat my pussy and make me come too ... give me a good
sucking, baby ... eat me, suck my cunt ..."

Hesitantly, Coco licked out and the instant her tongue came in contact
with the woman's wet, warm pussy, she shuddered and reached up to grab
her hips. Coco sucked the girl's pussy laviciously as Cathy tongued her,
and in a matter of moments, a daisy chain had formed, with Beth sucking
Cathy's cunt to complete the circle.

* * *

"Jesus ... we must have sucked each other off a dozen times that night,"
Coco said as she swallowed and looked at her husband.

"Freaky!" Mark exclaimed and looked at Prinz who was sitting nearer
Coco. His prick was hard and he fondled it gently as the girl went on.

"After that, we had some pretty wild orgies in our apartment. I quit
dating almost completely. I made it with a little redhead named Jackie
for almost a year--she had the most stupendous tits you've ever seen
..." she paused and cast a sidelong glance toward her husband as he ran
his hand over Karen's soft belly and began playing with her cunt.

"... then I met Mark," Coco said softly. "I ... I cut the whole scene
loose then and fell in love."

"That's interesting, Coco," Prinz remarked, "But it doesn't explain the
little streak of sadism we witnessed ... can you explain where that
comes from?"

Coco drained her glass and snuffed out her cigarette. "I think so--we
had several girls up to the apartment who liked to be tied up and
m*****ed--as they called it. I sort of got into that, too."

"Do you like to have that kind of power over another person?" Prinz

Coco wet her lips with her pink tongue and drew her breath deeply. "You
leave no stones unturned, do you, Doc ..." and she laughed lowly as she
glanced again at Karen, sitting sedately by Mark as he fingerfucked her
and she played with his throbbing prick. "Yes, damnit!" she swore
finally, "Yes, I do ... I'd like to take this beautiful white bitch and
tie her up!" she blurted out. "I'd like to whip her ass until it was
hot, then watch as Mark fucked her in the asshole!"

Mark felt a surge of new excitement as his wife revealed a hidden
desire. It thrilled him to bear her talk so profanely, and he licked his
lips as he glanced at Prinz.

Standing, Prinz told the beautiful black woman, "Well, that's what this
is all about, Coco ... let us not suppress any desires tonight ... any
of us," and he looked directly at Mark as he spoke.

Chapter 3

Prinz stood and then held out his hand to Karen. She took it and stood
before him passively as he began speaking to her in soothing tones. "We
are going to ask you to do some things, Electra ... and I want you to be
totally submissive to our whims--do you understand?"

She looked at him, then dropped her eyes as she replied, "Yes, I
understand and I will do anything you ask of me."

Prinz nodded and looked at Coco. A slow fire came to her almond-shaped
eyes and she licked her lips as she stood up and smiled sardonically
with her hands on her full hips. Her togalike gown was open from the
throat down and her supple body was accentuated by the filmy material of
the gown as she stood before them.

"Remove your gown, Electra," she said slowly.

Karen obeyed and touched the clasp at her throat. The gown floated to
the floor to leave her gloriously naked before them. Mark swallowed
thickly as his eyes ran from her narrow waist to the gentle swell of her
hips to settle finally on her full ass as she waited for Coco to give
her further instructions.

Coco felt the excitement stir in her body as she realized she could do
anything she wished with this beautiful blond woman and she looked about
the room as though searching for something in particular.

"The cabinet ..." Prinz said as though reading her thoughts.

Coco turned and walked quickly to the tall, hand-carved cabinet that sat
near the end of the bar. She opened it and in a moment she returned with
several leather devices. Mark swallowed thickly as he watched his wife
fix a wide leather belt about Karen's slender waist; it buckled in the
back and at each side. Buckled leather cuffs locked the woman's wrists,
causing her hands to lie immobile at her sides.

Coco was breathing heavily as she took hold of the woman's long blond
hair and dragged her across the room. A large, low hassock sat alone
there, and Coco dragged Karen across it to lie on her stomach. The men
followed her and watched in fascination then as Coco shed her own gown
and raised a multi-thonged riding crop and dragged it between the bound
woman's legs. As the leather straps brushed over her pussy, Karen
whimpered and turned her head to see what was about to take place.

"You ... you're not going to hurt me, are you?" she questioned in a tiny

"Shut up, bitch!" Coco ordered and continued playing the crop between
the woman's legs.

"But ... but you didn't say anything about hurting me ..." she whined
and looked pleadingly towards her mentor as he stood a few paces away,
his throbbing prick in his hand.

"This won't bring her out of it, will it, Doc?" Mark questioned as he
removed his togalike gown.

Prinz shook his head as he removed his garment to stand naked beside the
tall, muscular black man. "No, there's little chance of that, Mark--I've
programmed her to accept physical as well as emotional stresses--but it
will be interesting to see how she will react to this while she's into
the Electra personality."

Mark nodded agreement and turned to find Coco standing behind the
woman's upraised ass cheeks with the crop raised high. "Bitch!" she spit
vehemently, "Fucking white bitch!" and she let the crop fall strongly
across Karen's full ass.

"Owwwww!" Karen cried and writhed on the hassock.

Again, Coco raised the crop to bring it down sharply on the tender flesh
of Karen's ass. The woman cried out again and hung her head forward as
she sobbed deeply, and Coco struck her again.

"Suck my husband's prick will you?" Coco said through clenched teeth,
"I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget, bitch," and she struck her
again and again with the multi-thonged strap.

Both Mark and Prinz moved in closer to watch excitedly as Coco whipped
the bound and helpless woman. Her full, white ass cheeks began to glow
redly as welts appeared, and she writhed painfully beneath the stinging
lashes of the riding crop.

"Please ... oh, please!" Karen cried pitifully as the crop fell again
and again across her defenseless ass, "please don't hurt me anymore ...
please!" and she sobbed brokenly as Coco stood astride her back and
began whipping her between the legs.

As the leather straps began biting into her exposed pussy lips, Karen
screamed, and it seemed to excite Coco all the more as the sweat began
to pour from her overexerted body. Her brown skin began to glisten dully
in the dim light and her eyes were wide as she felt the woman's body
jump between her legs, and she licked her lips as the sweat poured down
her face. Karen sobbed loudly as the riding crop bit into the tender
flesh of her pussy, then she screamed loudly as Coco brought the whip
down cruelly and slapped her between the cheeks of her ass.

The stinging sensation brought forth a sharp gasp as it was repeated and
Karen felt her anal opening hum as the leather bit into the tender flesh
there. Mark looked on in obvious arousal as his wife whipped the other
woman mercilessly. He had never seen her so aroused and the sight sent
his head spinning as she bared her teeth and lifted the crop time and
time again. He took hold of his throbbing prick and began running his
hand up and down its length as his wife continued the whipping and the
white woman's ass became a solid mass of red welts.

Then, a strange thing happened--Karen, in the midst of the cruel
beating, stopped crying out. And, a new interest evolved as Mark and
Prinz saw the woman writhing not in pain, but in sensual pleasure as the
leather crop fell between her legs and she moaned in a different tone.

"Uhhhnnn ... yes ... oh, yes ... beat me, Coco hit my cunt!" she sobbed
brokenly. "Yessss ... God, yesssss ... my pussy! Whip my pussy!" And she
began lifting her ass up to meet the violent strokes with her legs
spread widely, exposing the tender flesh of her cunt.

Breathlessly, Coco whipped the woman with lagging blows. Her arm was
tiring and as Karen writhed in obvious pleasure, it seemed that Coco was
suddenly infected by her erotic sensuality as she raised her welted ass
and shuddered in orgasm. Dripping with sweat, Coco stopped finally and
dropped the riding crop as she took hold of Karen's long blond hair and
jerked her to her feet.

Coco gazed at Prinz as he manipulated his throbbing prick and licked his
lips. "Lie on the floor, Doc," Coco ordered.

Prinz looked apprehensively at the woman, then lay down on his back.
Immediately, Coco f***ed Karen to her knees astride the man's waist and
reached down to guide his prick into her seething cunt. Prinz felt the
hot flesh engulf his aching prick, and he gasped as he realized her
pussy lips were swollen with hot bl**d brought on by the whipping. As
she settled down on him, Coco lay her forward and Prinz took hold of the
woman's hips.

"Fuck her in the ass, Mark!" his wife ordered and pointed to the woman's
exposed asshole as the psychiatrist's prick was buried in her cunt.

Obediently, Mark fell atop the woman and rubbed the swollen head of his
prick over her puckered asshole. The touch of her hot flesh against his
own sent thrills through his body, and he shoved forward with his hips
as his huge prick stretched the anal muscle and he slipped his prick
into her hot ass.

"Ohhhh ... God, oh God!" Karen cried, as she felt her rectum filled with
Mark's hot flesh.

He shoved his hips forward as her asshole seemed to relax then, and as
her hot ass cheeks came in contact with his belly, he thrilled again at
the heat that had been generated by the spanking.

Lying below the woman, Prinz felt Mark's prick enter her asshole. He
could feel the soft bulge through the thin flesh barrier and he shoved
upwards to feel his prick rub against the thin wall that separated the
two pricks.

Karen moaned loudly as Mark withdrew his prick then and thrust forward
without warning. She gasped as her asshole was filled with his hot,
throbbing flesh and the prick in her cunt moved in and out in a slow
rhythm that sent new thrills through her burning body.

Above them, Coco began to masturbate lewdly as the two men fucked the
helpless woman and she writhed sensually between them. In her mind's
eye, she became Karen, and she could almost feel the thick cocks inside
her as she rubbed her clit wildly and reached around to ease a finger
into her own asshole as she watched.

Then Prinz moved his hands from Karen's hips to take hold of her tits.
As he did, he folded his arms so that they rested on his elbows to
support her weight. With her upper body bent upwards, her head was
lifted high, and Prinz told Coco, "Make her suck your pussy, Coco ...
make her eat you out while we fuck her!"

Quickly, Coco stopped masturbating and she spread her legs to squat
obscenely over Prinz's head, her pussy just inches away from Karen's
gasping mouth.

"Eat me, bitch!" Coco told her and locked her fingers in the woman's
long, blond hair to pull her face into her widespread cunt. "Suck my
pussy ... eat me out ... suck me till I come!"

Obediently, Karen opened her mouth and began licking the entire cuntal
area between Coco's legs. She shoved her tongue into her pussy and
searched for the black woman's clit as Coco began humping her pussy into
her wet mouth.

"Yesssss!" Coco hissed and looked down at her husband's contorted face
as he fucked the white woman in the ass with his great, black prick. He
supported his weight on his arms as he withdrew his cock then, and Coco
watched it pull out of the woman's anal opening slowly and pull the pink
flesh with it.

"Fuck her!" Coco cried and ground her pussy to the woman's face as her
husband plunged forward again to sink his cock in her clasping asshole.

On the bottom, Prinz looked up as Karen tongued Coco's cunt wildly. He
saw the black woman's pink asshole as she thrust her hips forward to
meet Karen's searching tongue, and he thrilled as he opened his mouth
and raised his head slightly.

Coco felt the probing, wet tongue as it entered her asshole, and she
chilled as she realized Prinz was tongue-fucking her in the ass as the
woman ate her pussy. She moaned loudly and reached back to pull his head
up and into her ass cheeks. As his face pressed against her sweating
ass, she felt herself coming in a rush that could not be stopped, and
she cried out, "Yessss! Lick my asshole you motherfucker! Suck my cunt,
you bitch! Fuck her in the ass, baby ... fuck her till she screams ...
fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... ohhhhh ... oh, Goddddd!" And her sweating
black body quivered as she orgasmed to the double tongue-fuck, and Mark
reached up to take hold of her tits to drag her forward so that their
mouths met in a frantic wet kiss the moment she spasmed.

Prinz shuddered as Coco cried out and he felt his prick erupt deep in
the bound woman's cunt. Then, as he shot his hot load of cum into her
pussy, he felt Mark's big prick explode and jerk strongly in her

Mark sucked his breath as he crushed his mouth to his wife's, and he
clutched at her sweaty body as the woman beneath his loins bucked and
his cock exploded in her tightly clasping asshole.

Karen cried out as the men dumped their loads in her writhing body and
the cunt at her mouth gushed its sweet juices for her to lap wildly as
she, too, orgasmed in an explosion of sensation that tore her mind from
her body and left her gasping for breath.

Prinz lay exhausted at the bottom of the flesh pile. He felt his own cum
dripping from Karen's sopping pussy and he heaved a sigh of relief as
Coco rolled off the pile to fall heavily to the floor. Mark followed her
and Prinz was met by Karen's wide-eyed stare as the woman gasped for

He reached up and pulled her head down and covered her mouth with his.
He tasted the faintly musky fluid that had come from Coco's cunt. The
taste thrilled him, and he ran his hands over the woman's body as he
thrust his tongue into her hot mouth and sucked it sensually. His hands
strayed to her burning ass cheeks and his fingers sought her asshole.
Prinz felt the glob of sticky cum there, and as he slipped a finger into
her stretched rectal opening, the girl shuddered and ground her hips
down on his still hard prick in her cunt.

"Fuck me again!" she begged him. "Fuck me ... fuck me ... FUCK MEEEEEE!"
she cried and began thrusting her hips up and down atop his exhausted
body. But her passion did not help the doctor's quickly wilting prick,
and as she raised her hips it slipped out of her pussy to fall limply
against his sweaty thigh, and the girl sobbed brokenly.

"Mark, for God's sake, pull her off of me!" Prinz said thickly as he
took hold of the tall woman's shoulders and tried to roll her off.

Mark rolled to one side and took hold of the belt about Karen's waist.
As he pulled her off the doctor, the woman sobbed uncontrollably and she
begged again, "Fuck me ... won't someone please fuck me?"

"Jesus, Doc ... what'a we do now?" Mark asked as Karen rolled on the
floor in agony.

Tiredly, Prinz sat up and moved his hand over the girl's face and told
her softly, "Relax, Electra ... you are fulfilled ... enough for now."

Karen relaxed suddenly as his words reached her brain, and it was as if
she had never been excited. She struggled to sit up and Prim assisted
her. He released her hands, then removed the belt as he told her, "Bring
us drinks, Electra."

The woman stood up and looked warmly at the black couple still in their
post-orgasmic euphoria. She sighed deeply, ran her hand over her
sweat-covered belly, then turned and walked to the bar across the room.
As she walked away from them, Prinz noticed the heavy welts on her ass
and he wondered idly how she would take the discovery when she awakened
in the morning.

He sat up and looked at Mark as he said in a low voice, "How about a
little post-hypnotic experimentation?" Their eyes met.

"Jesus, like what, Doc?" Mark asked and reached out to touch his wife's
sweated body as she lay back with her eyes closed.

"I just realized that Karen--Electra that is--is going to be faced with
a dilemma when she awakens in the morning--her body is going to be a bit
the worse for wear. What say we give her a reasonable explanation for
her discomfort ..."

"How can we do that?" Mark asked.

Prinz smiled and nodded, "We'll think of something," he said and looked
up as the woman returned with their drinks. When they had regained their
strength, they shared a common shower and spent a comfortable time just
caressing each other's bodies beneath the scented spray that came from
the four showerheads in the sunken bath of the luxurious home. When they
had dried and dressed again, Coco helped Karen into her clothing and
smiled as Prinz passed his hand over the girl's face.

"Electra ... you are going to leave this house and drive to a bar down
the beach--it is called the Rendezvous ... you will go in, order a drink
and allow the first man you meet to pick you up. You will tell him your
name is Electra and ask him to take you to a motel. You will be sexually
aggressive with him, and the moment you are alone with him in the motel
and he has begun making love to you, you will resume your own
personality. Do you understand?"

"As soon as he begins to make love to me ..." she repeated flatly.

"Fine ... now, you will not be confused when you awaken as yourself.
Karen will not be confused ... you will recall sitting about your
apartment and feeling the need for sex. You will recall getting up,
driving to the beach and picking the man up ... you will recall needing
to be fucked. Also, you must ask the man to spank you sometime during or
after the sex act--this will arouse you all the more ... then, you will
get dressed and return to your apartment. Tomorrow, you will remember
only what I have instructed you to remember."

"Only what you have instructed ..." she said and stared at him blankly.

Mark and Coco looked on with interest as the woman stood like a robot
before her employer, and then he smiled. "Tell your friends goodnight,
Electra ... go find your man."

Karen turned her face to each of them and smiled warmly. The blank stare
was gone and she reached for Coco's soft breast as she bent down to kiss
her fully on the mouth. Her hand slipped beneath the thin material of
the robe and cupped the warmth of Coco's supple breast as they kissed

"Goodnight, friend," she said and turned to repeat the act with Mark.
She took hold of his thick, soft prick as they kissed and he ran his
hand up the back of her leg to cup her ass cheek as she fondled his

Prinz walked her to the door and kissed her softly as he bid her
goodnight and he watched as she walked briskly to her car in the drive
and slid behind the wheel.

Prinz closed and relocked the door as the woman drove off, then he
returned to his guests. "You'll spend the night, won't you?"

Coco laughed and nodded happily, "I'd do anything for the chance to make
it on that huge water bed of yours, Doc!"

"Mark--why on earth didn't you tell me your lovely wife had a fetish for
my bed?" He laughed. "We could have spent the entire evening there."

Mark shrugged. "I'm satisfied the evening's been well spent--but what's
on tap for a bedtime story?"

Prinz laughed and led them through the house to his erotically decorated
bedroom. They entered and he dialed the lights softly to illuminate the
double king-sized waterbed in the center of the room. It sat on a raised
dais, a foot above the bedroom floor. The entire room was decorated in
red; above the bed, the ceiling held antiqued mirror squares, and the
wall at the head of the frameless bed was angled so that those lying on
the bed could view a double image of themselves. The wall at the foot of
the bed held a ten-by-twelve-foot silver screen with an opaque overlay
of an orgy in full progress.

Coco dove for the bed and shed her gown as Prinz laughed at her
c***dlike antics. He sat near the head of the bed and pressed a button
to reveal a control panel, then told Mark, "I believe you'll like the
movie I've selected for your bedtime story, Mark ... it's in keeping
with tonight's activities."

Mark walked to the low wet-bar to the right of the bed and mixed them
all drinks as Prinz lowered the lights and pressed a button that lifted
the opaque overlay and exposed the screen. As he returned to the bed, he
handed the others their drinks and lay down beside Coco, who was sitting
up sailor fashion, her eyes bright with expectancy, as Prinz lay beside
her and the lights went out altogether.

The panel in the rear wall slid aside, and the projector began
automatically as Prinz remarked, "This is rather an expensive film--the
agent who purchased it for me said that the players were chosen with
care ... somewhat against their will."

The title flashed on the screen and Prinz smiled as his friends looked
on attentively as it read: THE CONVERSION.

The opening scene was that of a somber room, devoid of all furniture
save a double bed with a large brass frame. From the right side of the
screen a form tumbled into view to fall sprawling across the bed. Coco
gasped as the person turned her frightened face to the camera to reveal
the fact that she was a nun. A second figure was propelled into the eye
of the camera to fall to the floor beside the bed--another nun. Both of
them had their hands bound behind them and their habits were in disarray
as they tried frantically to cover their legs.

A third figure walked into the scene then and Mark let out a low chuckle
as the camera panned to show a short, muscular Negro standing with his
hands on his hips. The nuns cringed as he approached them, and it was
obvious that they were pleading with someone beyond the range of the
camera as the black man reached down to lift one woman from the floor
and shove her roughly down beside her s****r. Their faces were ageless,
but they appeared to be in their early twenties.

The Negro reached out to touch the soft white faces of the nun nearest
him and then he stepped back to begin undressing slowly. The camera
showed the nun's faces burning brightly as the man pulled off his shirt,
then released the belt buckle at his waist. As he removed his pants, the
camera zoomed in for a close-up of his crotch, and Coco gasped loudly as
she saw his soft prick--a full eight inches long and as thick as her
wrist. The camera showed the fear on the nun's faces then as he cast his
clothing aside and took hold of the nearest nun's head to stand and rub
his soft cock over her tightly clamped lips. The other nun began crying
fitfully and she appeared to be begging still.

Then, the man jerked the woman to her feet and began running his hands
over her body as she tried to pull away from him. His hands reached
behind her to rip the buttons off her habit, then he took hold of it to
rip it full down the front. The nun stood in shock as her underclothing
was revealed to the eye of the camera and the Negro looked at her
lustfully. Next, he ripped her brassiere from her body to expose a set
of well-formed, youthful tits, and the woman broke down in tears as the
remainder of her clothing was stripped from her shaking body.

The Negro reached out to cup her soft white breast as the nun on the bed
cried out and watched her s****r's body being touched lewdly by the
black r****t. Then, the man took hold of the long cotton panties the nun
was wearing and dragged them to her knees as she sobbed uncontrollably,
totally at his mercy. He pulled the underclothing off and she was left
standing there naked except for the flowing headpiece still intact atop
her head. A sweep of the man's hand pulled that off to show the woman's
short-cropped hair. She strained to pull away from him as he gathered
her into his arms and crushed her milk-white body to his dark frame. The
woman struggled ineffectually as his hands played over her writhing
body; then he laughed and thrust her aside. She fell across the bed, a
look of horror on her lovely face as the man turned to her s****r.

The woman's face went white as he approached her and began ripping her
clothing from her body. In a matter of seconds, he had her as naked as
the other nun and he stood back looking at the two of them cowering away
from him on the bed.

"Jesus!" Coco exclaimed, "get a load of his prick!"

Mark swallowed and looked upon the man's now erect prick--it must have
measured a full twelve inches if it measured an inch--and he remarked,
"It's guys like him who perpetuate the myth about the black man's penis

The others laughed and Prinz licked his lips as he glanced over to see
Mark holding his own erection as the movie ground on.

On the screen, the black man reached out and began fondling the nun's
bodies. He ran his hands over their quivering flesh to pinch their
titties, then, kneeling between them on the bed, he ran a hand between
each of their legs and began stroking their pussies obscenely. Both of
the woman were crying and still pleading as the Negro hovered over them,
his massive erection standing out from his body like a great black staff
of doom.

The camera zoomed in as the man's fingers violated their defenseless
cunts and showed him spreading their pussy lips to stick his sausagelike
fingers into their clasping flesh as they writhed on the bed. He
finger-fucked each of them slowly as his prick stood out from his heavy
loins and twitched erotically.

"Do you suppose they're virgins, Doc?" Mark asked as the man ****d them
slowly with his heavy hands.

"I was assured that this film is absolutely authentic, Mark--we'll have
to assume they were ladies of the Order ..."

Coco felt her own passions rising again as the movie ground on and the
Negro began finger-fucking the two nuns faster and with less caution.
The camera showed their faces twisted in humiliation and shame as he
violated their bodies, then the nun on the right tried desperately to
roll away from him. The man clamped his hand on her cunt and held her as
she sobbed deeply, then a slow transition seemed to come over her face
as he looked down at her lustfully.

His finger had moved to the top of her wet cunt, and as he stroked her
gently now, she began gasping for breath and writhing in a new kind of
agony. Her face was still twisted, but as she breathed through her
mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head and she shuddered slightly as
her s****r began undergoing the same subtle change. The woman on the
left stiffened suddenly and threw her hips upwards and off the bed as
the man finger-fucked her obscenely, and it was obvious that her body
had betrayed her finally and that she had begun to respond to his lewd
fucking. The other nun gasped for breath then and thrust her hips
upwards as the Negro opened his mouth to laugh.

Then, he removed his dripping fingers from their cunts and f***ed the
women to lick them clean. Neither of them protested greatly as they
sucked and licked his thick fingers, and he smiled at them sardonically
as they writhed on the bed on either side of his black body.

The man got off the bed then and pulled each of them to the edge. As
their legs folded over and their feet touched the floor, the man kneeled
and began sucking the pussy of the nun on the right. The other nun
looked on in shocked silence as her s****r began to writhe beneath the
man's mouth and his large black hands pawed her heaving tits as he
sucked her pussy.

Finally, the woman began to respond fully and she raised her legs to
wrap them about his thick neck as he lapped her cunt. She bucked on the
bed as he continued to suck her pussy and the camera zoomed in to show
the mask swept away and her face contorted in pure sensual pleasure as
she bucked and lifted her hips to the man's searching mouth. Then she
shuddered and he raised his wet, black face from between her legs and
moved to her s****r. The woman looked down at him frantically as he
spread her legs, and the other nun said something to her.

Slowly, the second nun relaxed and lifted her legs to expose her cunt
fully to the Negro's mouth. He licked out wetly with the flat of his
tongue and the woman shuddered strongly. She rolled her head from side
to side as the man licked her pussy and reached for her full tits to
squeeze them in his black hands.

Coco reached for Prinz's throbbing prick as she noticed it erect, and
she began to play with it as Mark took her other hand and guided it to
his prick. The three of them sat there fondling each other then as the
man on the screen stood up and held his great throbbing shaft in his

"Watch this," Prinz told them as he twisted around and urged Coco to her
knees, then crawled behind her as she stroked her husband's prick.

On the screen, the man lifted the first nun's legs and dragged her ass
from the bed. His great, black prick lay on her belly between her legs
as he wrapped them about his waist. She squirmed as he pulled back
slightly, then guided the swollen head into her tight cunt. The woman
grimaced and cried out as he shoved his prick deep into her belly
without warning. Her body stiffened and the camera showed the dripping
bl**d as he withdrew his prick then to thrust forward again.

"She was a virgin!" Mark exclaimed and looked up to find Prinz kneeling
behind his wife.

"In my ass!" the woman cried and reached around to guide the doctor's
prick into her hot asshole. "Ughhhhhnnn ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me
in the ass!" she cried and bent her head over Mark's throbbing shaft to
take it into her wet mouth.

On the screen, the nun being fucked was writhing in pleasure as the
Negro began thrusting in and out of her tight cunt slowly. He did not
penetrate her fully at first, but as he continued, she lifted her hips
and pulled him to her with her legs. The other nun looked on in
amazement as her s****r took the entire length of the man's prick into
her virgin cunt and begged for more.

"Oh, God ..." Mark moaned as his wife sucked his prick wetly and Prinz
thrust his hips forward to bury his prick in her hot asshole.

"Ummmnn ... yes ... yes ..." she moaned as his belly came in contact
with her ass.

Prinz gasped for breath as the Negro on the screen pulled his glistening
prick from the exhausted nun's cunt and move to the second one. He felt
his orgasm coming, and he thrust forward and held Coco's ass with his
hands as her body quivered hotly.

The man on the screen ****d the second nun, and, as she began to respond
to his thrusting shaft, her s****r climbed up to squat obscenely over
her mouth, and the picture climaxed as she ground her sopping pussy into
her s****r's mouth and the woman being fucked sucked her willingly, as
the long, thick prick slid in and out of her clasping cunt.

Mark cried out as his prick erupted in his wife's mouth. Prinz shuddered
and thrust forward to dump his load in her asshole as Coco gasped for
breath and drank Mark's cum.

Finally, the three people fell apart and lay quietly as the automatic
projector was shut off and the room was plunged into darkness. The
sounds of their deep breathing filled the room as, several miles away,
Karen screamed at the frightened man, "Spank me! Spank my ass you

Karen, while still in the state of hypnosis, had driven to the
beachfront bar as Dr. Prinz had suggested. She parked her car in the
lot, locked it carefully, then walked into the dimly lit lounge. She saw
a free stool near the end and slipped onto it as the bartender
approached, a broad smile on his rugged face. Karen ordered a drink and
ignored the stares of the men sitting along the long bar. As she fumbled
in her purse, searching for a bill to pay the bartender, a masculine
voice eased its way into her hypnotic consciousness.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Karen looked up from her purse to see a middle-aged man standing
nervously beside her. His thinning hair fell over his forehead, and as
he waited her answer, his mouth twitched nervously.

Turning on her stool, Karen looked at him with a sultry expression on
her lovely face. She smiled and told him huskily, "You can do more than
that for me if you'd like."

The bartender returned and set the drink before her. The man tossed a
bill across the bar and slid onto the adjacent stool unable to believe
his good fortune. He had only been in town one night and he'd already
scored! "Ah ... my name's Bob Whittiker, I'm from Seattle," he began

Karen tasted her drink and let her left hand drift to his thick thigh.
"My name's Electra and I don't care where you're from ... will you fuck

Bill Whittiker blinked as the beautiful woman posed the obscene
question. "Did ... did I hear you right, lady?" he asked and felt her
hand move up to rub his crotch sexily.

"Yes ... I want to suck your prick, then I want you to eat my pussy ..."
she lowered her voice, "and I want you to fuck me with that big, strong
prick of yours!"

"Jesus!" the man exclaimed and swallowed thickly as his prick began to
grow in his pants. Then he narrowed his gaze as Karen continued stroking
his pulsing cock. "Hey, what's all this gonna cost me?" he asked a bit

"The price of my drink--and a motel room," she said and drained her
glass. "Shall we go?"

"Jesus, yes!" he exclaimed and slid from the stool to take her arm.

Outside the bar, Karen gestured to her car, "Let me follow you, Bill."

The man glanced toward his rented auto and shook his head, "Oh, no,
baby--I ain't lettin' you out of my sight. We'll take your car--I can
catch a cab back!"

"Whatever you like," she told him and walked to her car.

As they pulled out of the lot and onto the Coast Highway, the man slid
close to her and ran his hand from her knee to her thigh, "Horny, huh?"

She smiled and spread her legs a bit as his hand crept beneath the hem
of her skirt, "I just want to fuck," she said dryly and nodded her head
to a motel on the far side of the highway. "Will that be all right?"

"Any place!" he exclaimed as his heart beat heavily in his chest and his
prick throbbed painfully.

Karen cut across the highway and pulled into the drive of the motel. She
watched as the man bounded out of the car and nearly ran to the office.
He was back in a few moments with a motel key clutched tightly in his

"Straight ahead, room fifteen!" he said breathlessly and looked at her
in the brighter light, still unable to believe his good fortune.

They parked, and before Karen could lock her car doors, the man had the
motel room open and was standing impatiently in the doorway awaiting
her. Karen walked slowly to the room, a half smile on her pretty face.
As she entered, the man slammed the door and grabbed her roughly. As his
mouth closed over hers, Karen reached down to open his pants.

Bill shuddered as he felt her soft warm hands take hold of his throbbing
prick. He shoved his tongue into her sweet mouth, and as she began to
suck it, he fumbled with the tiny buttons on the back of her blouse.

"Take off your clothes," she said huskily and pulled back from him as
his breath came in sharp bursts and his hands clutched at her body.
Quickly the man disrobed, and he sat on the edge of the motel bed as he
watched the lovely blonde remove her own clothing slowly and
seductively. His prick jerked painfully in his hand as she lay aside her
blouse, stepped out of her skirt, then drew down her tight silk bikini

As she stood before the man gloriously naked, she ran her hands up to
cup her jutting breasts, then she sighed as she walked toward him

"God, but you're gorgeous!" he said thickly.

Then, his eyes grew wide as the beautiful blonde sank to her knees
before him and took hold of his prick. He swallowed his anxiety then as
her pink lips opened slightly and she licked the head of his throbbing
prick. "Ughhhnnn ..." he moaned and watched in fascination as she opened
her mouth and sucked in the length of his cock.

Karen felt the man's legs quivering and she raised her face from his
crotch. Then she stood up and spread her legs before him obscenely as
she said, "Suck my pussy!"

The man leaned forward apprehensively and nuzzled the thick blond bush
between her legs. He ran his hands up the backs of her thighs, and as
they closed over her full ass cheeks, he chilled--there were large welts
all over her ass!

Raising his face from her crotch, he looked up to find her staring
blankly ahead as she rotated her hips slowly before him. Swallowing
again, he licked her puffed pussy lips and felt her shudder. He had no
sooner begun than she pulled away from him.

He looked at her in surprise and questioned, "Wha ... what's wrong?"

She folded beside him on the bed, a hungry expression on her face and
said, "I came here to fuck!"

Whittiker rolled his overweight frame over hers, and as he raised his
hips to guide his stiff prick into her hot cunt, she sighed deeply and
wrapped her legs about his waist and pulled his body to hers.

"Fuck me ... fuck me, Bill!" she gasped.

Whittiker obliged, and as his prick eased into the swollen, hot flesh of
her pussy, her body stiffened and he looked up to see her expression
change. She looked about the room as though she were seeing it for the
first time, then she sobbed loudly as she thrust her hips upward and his
cock sank to the hilt in her seething cunt.

A thrill went through his body as the woman pressed hers against his.
Then suddenly, she f***ed him to roll over, and as she lay atop him, his
prick buried deeply in her pussy, she screamed, "Spank me! Spank my ass,
you motherfucker!"

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