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My Neighbour spanks me and makes Love to me

This Fictional Story is written by Jennifer,contains explicit sexual material and situations involving consenting Adults. No reference to u******e persons is intended or implied. No reference to real Persons dead or alive is intended or implied.

This is a fantasy I have about my neighbour. Enjoy. Hugs and Kisses Jennifer.

I have lived next door to Mr C for about 6 months now, and have been attracted to him ever since the first day I saw him I am only 28 so there is a big difference in our ages, he is an older retired gentleman but looks much younger than his age and keeps himself very fit. It was a friday evening and as I drove up my driveway after work I saw Mr C unloading groceries from his car so I went over and gave him a hand and carry them into the kitchen. After we had finished we talked a little and he asked me what I was up to tonight, I said I was going to have a nice hot bath change into my pajamas and watch a little TV. He said he was going to do the same and then suggested that after I had my bath I should come over and he would prepare dinner for us and after we could watch a movie on TV, he also added that I could come in my pajamas if I wanted to be comfortable. I thought to myself this is the opportunity that I have been looking for and quickly agreed that it would be fun and said we could have a pajama party. We had a good laugh and I headed home to get bathed and pick out the perfect nightie to tease him with. As I layed in the bath wondering what direction the evening would take my fingers found their way in between my legs and it wasn't long until I was cumming thinking about him. After my bath I sprayed on some lovely perfume and put on a cute little pink nightie without panties that just covered my bottom, then slipped into my big fluffy slippers and headed over to Mr C's house. When I walked in he was standing in the kitchen making dinner and when he saw me his mouth fell open and remarked how beautiful I looked, I thanked him and then noted that he was not in his pajamas, he said that he sl**ps naked so he couldn't walk around naked, but I told him that would be OK it would be fun. He looked at me and smiled and said Jennifer you are so naughty I should take you over my knee and give you a good spanking, I said Oh I am too old to be spanked to which he replied we will see after dinner. My heart started to pound and I started to get flushed at the thought of what was to come. While we ate it was a little tense both of us thinking maybe we had said too much so after when we sat down to watch TV I decided I would break the tension. I sat down next to him on his right side curled my feet underneath me put one arm around his neck looked into his eyes and said, I'm sorry Mr C I know that I can be a very naughty young woman and how much I probably deserve to be spanked so if you want to give me a good long hard bare bottom spanking then it is OK with me. He looked deep into my eyes and asked, are you sure about this Jennifer, all I could do was nod yes, he reassured me that we would only do what I wanted and he would not f***e me to do anything else. I quietly suggested that he might want to be more comfortable and undress like he would to go to bed, he stood up and slowly took of his clothes revealing a very fit man, strong shoulders and arms narrow waist and when he took off his pants his large beautiful cock stood out straight and hard, I sat there staring at it feeling the juices in my pussy starting to flow, all he said was I hope you approve, I replied it could not be any better. Mr C sat down patted his bare thigh as I layed across his lap I Looked back at him and with wet eyes and lust in my voice I asked him to please give me the punishment I deserve, need and want, he smiled and replied that I won't be dissappointed. I positioned myself and presented my bottom and waited for the first smack from his big strong hand, and when it came the room echoed with the lovely sound of hard hand meeting soft female flesh. Soon the sound filled the room with smack smack smack, and my soft wimpering, as a steady rain of smacks met my upturned and unprotected bottom. I began to squirm around and Mr C was having trouble holding on to me so he stop for a minute to take both my hands and hold them in the small of my back, next he took his right leg and place it over my legs trapping me over his left leg. Satisfied that I would not be able to move he started again only now he was smacking my bottom and thighs as hard as he could determined that I would remember this for a long time. My bottom was on fire and I started to cry hard, pleading with him to stop, but hoping he wouldn't. I could feel his hard cock pushing into my tummy I could hear he was breathing hard from the exercise, all the time I continued to cry. He finally stopped and as I lay there sobbing he gently stroked my bottom and thighs, he released my trapped legs and I immediately spread my thighs so he could see my soaking dripping wet pussy, he lifted me up to face him and then sat me down right on to his cock, it slid all the way in with ease and filled me, He looked deep into my tear soaked eyes brushed my hair behind my ears and gently pulled me into him giving me a long deep kiss, as he did I started to rock my hips forward and back and built up a steady rhythm as orgasm after orgasm envolped me, I help him tight behind his neck and pushed my pussy down on his cock trying to get all I could into me, then I felt him stiffen and I could feel all his lovely hot cum gush forth and fill up my insides until it ran out all over his lap. We sat like that for some time just holding each other him stoking my hair, I leaned back and told him that we will have to get together every friday night to watch TV and with that he gave me one more good smack on my bum and asked me what I would like for breakfast in the morning, because it is going to be a long night.

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