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(Poetry) I Long for You

This is the time during the night that I miss you most of all.
When you’re here licking my cock and sucking on my balls.
I can hear your erotic cries and I can hear you having a fit,
I can hear you losing your mind whenever I’m sucking on your clit.

I feel your breath upon my skin, your eyes locked into me.
Although the room is very dark, I wonder what you see.
Your soft caress reaches out, touching me as I touch you,
My fingers reach your lava hot snatch as I start to finger you.

I hear you moan my name as you move about,
Then I fingered you even harder as you cried out loud.
I can feel your wetness flowing as it dripped about,
I roll you gently on your side and your snatch in my mouth.

I felt your body writhing, you hands grabbing my hair,
You cry out in ecstasy your eyes in a wild eyed stare.
I taste nectar in your juice as it flowed down my chin,
You moaned out loud even harder as you came once again.

I feel your weight grinding me, my cock riding in you.
You’ve sucked my cock for an hour now and my balls are quite blue.
Your pussy is tight and willing you milked my shaft with rhyme.
I feel your nipples on my tongue and I know I’ll cum in time.

I feel your warmth engrossing me, I feel the pressure grow,
I feel your pussy quivering as I blow my lava load.
You pussy still milking away wanting cum from my dick,
As I spew hot loads in your cunt and feel us get all slick.

I feel your closeness against me; naked without care.
I heard our muffled moans and smell our hormones in the air.
This is the time that I miss you most, forgive my pathetic rhyme.
This is but a vain attempt for me to kill some time.

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