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Vacation 7

In a huge departure from the non-stop loving that we had been engaging in since the holiday began we actually only cuddled for a while before drifting to sl**p in each other’s arms that night. We were both sore and satiated and just didn’t feel ‘up’ to it.

In fact, even the next morning, despite my typical morning erection we limited play to you very gently sucking me while I watched you on the toilet, and of course I had to clean you up after that little exercise. Oh yeah, and of course we soaped each other extensively in the shower . . .

Our day in Nassau was everything that I had hoped for. You and Chris were just as excited by the sailing as I had hoped that you would be and Atlantis was just as good its reputation said it would be.

Once we got the boys fed and settled for their evening we had a fabulous dinner at Palo’s. You were the envy of all as we walked into the restaurant. Even though we were amongst the best dressed there we didn’t feel at all out of place.

I was such a clutz though. I dropped my napkin twice, and of course was instantly rewarded by you spreading your legs widely under the table cloth, giving me an excellent view of your moist slit, promising so much more to cum!

Due to an aperitif, the wine with supper and then a bit more wine back in our room I wasn’t feeling a whole lot of pain, but then neither were you. I was careful not to rip the buttons off your dress as I pulled it off you, but I couldn’t wait to taste you. By the time you were naked all I had managed to take off was my shoes, so there I was, still dressed in my mess kit, with my face buried between your legs.

As horny as I was, I was also feeling very playful so instead of clamping my lips around your clit as I so often do I started by running my tongue around your entire mound. After I had lapped you a few times in each direction I repeated the procedure, but this time with lots and lots of little kisses. As much as I wanted to I never let my lips ever reach the part between your lips and your gathering wetness there.

Ever so slowly I allowed my tongue to edge closer to your wetness. I began to lick the outside of your pussy lips. First one, then the other, then the first one again. Gradually the licking evolved into sucking and I was finally rewarded with a small taste of your cunt.

I sucked your entire left pussy lip into my mouth, flicking and rubbing it with my tongue, tugging on it gently with my lips. Of course, it wouldn’t have been fair not to repeat the process on both sides so after a bit I began to play with your other pussy lip in the same way.

I could see that you were so wet with the anticipation that there was a small trickle of your luv juice that had dribbled down to puddle in your bottom so I allowed my tongue to pick up the trail where your lips met just above your ass.

Despite trying to prolong the moment I was at your puckered ring in no time so I lovingly scooped your juices out with just the tip of my tongue. My restraint was seriously slipping at that point so I allowed my tongue to penetrate more and more deeply into your ass until I was aggressively tongue fucking you. I even allowed my nose to bump into your slit with each thrust. I just loved the smell of your love in the air.

When it became difficult to keep my tongue so rigid I finally moved my attention back to your cunt. I licked the insides of your pussy lips just as carefully as I had the outsides. Then I spent time alternating between sucking as much of you into my mouth as I could while penetrating as deeply as I could with my tongue.

Finally, I used my restless hands to pull your cunt as widely open as I could without hurting you. I began at the very bottom of your slit and began to lick the circumference of your fuck hole, before moving up just slightly so that I could tickle your pee hole. Then and only then did I finally drift up to give your clit one very tender, delicate and short teasing kiss.

With that kiss complete I stood up and shucked out of my tux as fast as I could. You moved to help but I asked you to just lay there so that I could admire you. You obliged by grabbing the backs of your knees, pulling your legs up and apart as far as you could – what a tease.

As soon as I was naked I laid down on top of you to squish you for a moment, kissing you deeply, letting you taste of yourself as we kissed.

Despite neither of us particularly trying, my cock slipped into your pussy as if it had a mind of its own, which some times I am quite convinced is true.

As soon I realized that I was firmly lodged deeply in you I rolled over, pulling you with me. Not since before I had left had you been on top like this. You broke off our kiss and moved to squat over me and you began to bob up and down on me giving me the double pleasure of the velvet feeling of your cunt on my cock as well as the view, your tits bouncing and swaying and the view of your naked pussy repeatedly swallowing my cock I pulled you down close to me so that I could suck on your boobs as we fucked. With one tit in each hand I gently stroked and kneaded, watching the little raisin-like nipples stand as proud as my cock.

I then moved to suck on one nipple while continuing to play with the other, all the while we were still rocking our hips.

I began to feel the stirrings that told me that it wouldn’t take a whole lot more effort to flood your cunt with my cum when you suddenly began to gasp with the pleasure of an orgasm.

That knowledge, and the extra convulsions of your cumming cunt on my cock were easily enough to nudge me over the edge and we were immediately we were gasping in unison.

Our cum slowly drained from your pussy and dribbled down the crack of my ass as you continued to lay atop me, creating quite a wet spot on the bedspread. Only when I had softened and finally slipped out of you did we finally climb under the covers, but only to immediately come together in our normal spoon, skin on skin, to drift off to a glorious sl**p after another amazing day.

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