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Bored and couldnt sl**p

I was 25 at the I was staying at my cousins house, it was late and I was bored and could not sl**p so I slipped my pants, shoes and a shirt and i went for a walk around the neigborhood .

My cousin lived in a apartment there was a lot of houses nearby . Well I took a left down the road and walked down the dark road until I then took a another left I was about half way down the road when I herd a womans voice holler hey you. I turned to see this hot red head about 22 sitting on her .on her porch drinking a corona. I stopped , Yeah . come here .

I walked over to her and seen she was wearing a pair of black jogging shorts and a black tank top She smiled up at me, I seen you around walking before , my friends left so I am drinking by myself care to join me. I looked at her and smiled , sure . I sat down beside her , as she leaned over to hand me a beer I could catch a glimsp of her breast , as she was not wearing a bra. we sat and drank as we talked for about 45 minutes guess. She then asked me I wanted to come in I said sure. She told me this was her aunts house and she was the only one there. We both made our way in to the house She laughed , I and will be right back I have to pee, I sat stood there and waited for her she came back as she did I told her it was my turn when I came back from the bath room she was sitting on the couch nude She stood as she did I took her all of her naked body in her small but ample breast and her shaved pussy she sat on the and laid on her back and told me to take my clothes of I did . My 7 in was hard as a rock She motioned me to come closer and I did sheshe slid down th alittle on the couch and begain sucking my cock, She then pulled me down on top of her I kissed her deeply teasing her with my tounge then I worked my way down to her pussy , I kissed and teased it with my tounge , she gasped as I sucked and hummed on her pussy, I continued my sucking and kissing her pussy as I fingered her until she moaned and loudly covering my face with her juice , SHe handed me acondom and said fuck me god fuck me its been a year fuck me I slid the condom on and slowly slid my cock in her pussy I picked up a rythem as she rocked her hips with me , mmm baby i said as she yell mmmm fuck mmm baby fuck me harder , I fucked her harder and faster she wrapped her legs around me tight as we both came Ohmy god mmmm oh fucking god she said, after we were done we fell asleeep in each others arms . I awoke early about 5 am as did she . She told me her aunt might be home early and I should leave , but she said we will see each other again I said yes inddeed, I got her number and gave her mine. then I left . The next day I was walking by there nd she was outside fixing to get in a car with another woman , She smiled and lefted her skirt showing me her perfect ass not covered by any panties. They then drove off , we did meet agian but thats another story

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