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My first time with a man

I was not very young when I went to my first adult arcade I was past 35 and it was on a lark. i went in and looked around at all the books and movies they had. I noticed that ther was a door in the back of the arcade with a curtin with a sign that said 25 cent movies viewed so I walked on back. It was dark, there were curtined seperating the viewers from one to the other there must have been about six per side so i walked up to one and put in my quarters and started to watch a movie no sound than just film. I saw a couple with the girl sucking the monster cock of this guy it got me hot and my cock started getting hard so I reached in front of my pants unzipped my pants and grab my cock, started to pump it right about then somebody reached over from the next booth and tried to touch my cock I was surprized but i didn't move because he started to jack me off after a while he neeled down in front of me and undid my belt and pulled down my pants and underwear and began to suck my cock this made me soo hot that I came in his mouth in about 2 minutes he took all my cum and drank it all down he stood up and ask if i liked that and I said yeh he said I can do better so he neeled down in back of me and parted my ass so he could eat me out he stuck his tongue in my ass hole, I got hard all over again, he was jacking me off with his hand and licking my ass hole at the same time until I came again. I was so horny that I agreed todo the same to him i'd never suck a cock before than, but I tried he told me how to suck his cock not to bite him, but to lick his cock and suck on it well I guess it was O K because in about 10 minutes he came in my mouth it tasted odd but sort of good like raw egg yoke. I was ready again he said I want you to fuck me in the ass so I did he later did the same for me in all I had a great time for my first time to get sucked by a guy and and then suck him and to fuck and be fucked I was spent I went out to my car and went to sl**p for a while. I've been a cock sucker ever sense.

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