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Thought she was alone

Well before I start this tale let expalin a few things first off I was dropped off at my friends house why he went to pick up some friends of his the beer for the party. His aunt whom was 33 the younest of his moms s****rs was staying with him for a short time , well she was supposed to be gone for the weekend but came back saturday afternoon.

So the my goes like this I just turned 21 a couple of days ago I walked into the house got me a soda out of the fridge ,a and sat down on the couch. I sat there for a few drinking my soda when I went to use the restroom.

As I left the bathroom I herd some noise comming from the end of the hallway . Well crept up the hall as the noise got louder it was slight moanning noise. The door at the end of the hall was partly cracked I peeked in and saw Terry my friends aunt on the bed with her dress up and and pantys down her hand and fingers were working her shaved pussy. I didnt make a sound . My cock was rock hard. I watched in silence as she fingered herself, I could tell she was close to climax as she rocked her hips riding her finger, she gasped and licked her lips . then moaned really load as she squrited and I mean squrited . She sighed as she sat there for a few. She then sat up pulled her panties up and fixes her dress and picked up the towel she was laying under. I hurried to the bath room and acted like I was just comming out when she reached the door. Oh hi I said , she looked at me and aske how long you been here , I just got here .

Oh she said , so what are you doing here, waiting on your nephew I answered . I old her about the party we were going to have here. She didnt act like I knew what she did , but if she did what would she say or do for that matter, but that is another story

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