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I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers,

I’m a young man who has just woken from a long slumber. Upon waking I discovered a thirst that could only be quenched by another man. Thus far I've remain unsated.
I see the one who will sate my thirst. In the depth of my dreams he arises, a tall, strong and lean man, his muscles firm but not chiseled, his frame big but not huge. I see him from behind. His bottom large and muscular, he turns at his waist to reveal developed pecs and a strong jaw, glaring at me because he knows what I want from him. His eyes are blue, his hair short and brown, no hair on his beard save for the faintest stubble, his mouth is firm and resolute. He turns to reveal the rest of him, exposing a flat midsection with the faintest bulge of muscle, and large athletic legs. His almost hidden muscled abs for a funnel that forms a v, and meets his most distinguishing feature. His penis hangs, as if he is consciously carrying it, and even flaccid it hangs large and thick, and he seems to be lifting it by the way he stands. His scrotum protrudes below, hanging thick and long, making his healthy shaft protrude outward before falling down his leg. His body is smooth up to the v of pelvis, which ends in a short patch of brown hair in the shape of a skinny v leading to his magnificent penis.
He walks towards me out of the darkness of my dreams, almost following his thick phallus, which swings slightly like a pendulum between his legs, like a hanging weight. He arrives in front of me, and the majesty of his presence, and the power I can sense in his glorious cock make me feel weak and heavy, and I fall to my knees. In front of me now, his shaft dominates my view, commanding my attention with it’s chiseled veins leading to a slightly bulbous head exposed by his cut and generous foreskin.
He is an apparition of my hungry need, my own lustful creation, but now he looms over me, glaring at me as if to command his creator. This Adam of my own desire goads me with his eyes to linger back on his protruding cock. I reach up, expecting him to disappear back into the recesses of my imagination, but instead, as I cup my open palm under his hanging cock, I realize Adam’s humongous cock is very real. His cock rests on my hand allowing me to marvel at it’s weight and I become aroused myself. His cock slowly comes to life as my hand closes barely around it, warm and beginning to become engorged. His cock now hangs in front of my face, half hard, and I gluttonously wrap my lips around his thick head, tasting his skin and sweat. I stroke his long shaft while i suck lightly on the head until I feel his cock become rigid. Now I take my hand off of it, and try to work my mouth down his shaft, taking him down my willing throat until I’m halfway down his shaft, and I move my head back and forth over and over again. Adam groans in pleasure, then grabs my head and f***es farther down until my throat will not give any more, and then begins lightly thrusting his bulbous cock back and forth down my throat.
I begin to gag and cough as I strain to contain his manly meat, and he pulls out of me as my bubbled spit dribbles down my chin and his cock. He begins slapping my tongue with his generous shaft, then f***es himself back in my mouth, then out again, and in again, and out again. He’s fucking my face now with his hand on my head, and me taking him halfway down, feeling his thick cock in my throat, sating my thirst, but I want more. He pulls out of me, slaps me again on the tongue with his heavy man-pole, pulling my head back to look up at him as he glares at me as if demanding further entry. I long to allow this b**st of my creation fulfillment, allow him to be completely enclosed in my thirsty mouth. He lifts his cock up again and rests his large balls on my tongue and chin. I suck on one big ball then the other and back again. Adam starts dick-slapping my tongue again, then jams his cock down my throat, this time farther than it’s gone before, gagging me again, fucking my face harder now while I gag repeatedly on his cock now almost three quarters inside of me. Now as he fucks my face I can feel his balls swinging and touching my chin, but I long for them rest more fully on my willing face.
Adam stops thrusting and starts slapping his heavy cock on my chin. He glares at me to take him fully. He begins slapping my face left and right, clubbing the full weight of his cock against my cheeks as he grabs my throat and begins to choke me. My face becomes flushes as he turns me around by my neck so I’m looking away from him and pushes my forehead down so I’m face up under his balls as they lay on me. He again slaps my tongue, then pulls me toward him and pushes his girth in my mouth again. He slowly f***es it down my throat, halfway now, then back out, then back in until he’s in me three quarters and his balls rest on my nose. I sniff his musky balls as he pulls out, then slowly guides his marvelous thick meaty cock back down my throat, not stopping this time, forcing his way all the way down until I can feel in my chest it seems and his balls d**** against my lip over my nose. I gag twice and he pulls out, then jams back in, then he’s finally fucking my mouth fully and each time his balls fall thankfully on my upper lip. He pulls out to let me breath and suck his balls and then goes at it again.
Spinning me back around, he allows me to grab his hard apparatus again, and I stroke and lick his cock, moving my lips down the sides and stroking faster. I delightfully see the small moisture of pre-cum bead on the tip of his heady cock, and I lick it, savoring the slightly sweet and salty flavor. I suck him some more, longing and thirsting lustily for his manly load, as he begins to fuck my face again almost all the way, faster and faster.
Adam pulls his cock out just as a silvery stream of cum shoots over my face, then shoots again over my face, and again spurting hitting directly in the back of my throat before forcing himself all the way down my throat while I slurp his cum, my face completely covered, drinking him. My thirst quenched, he pulls out and cum drips down my chin as his cock flops out of my mouth, his delicious sperm dripping everywhere. Not content to let it go to waste, I catch a dripping strand of cum from his cock into my mouth and suck him lovingly. I let his half flaccid cock fall on my face catching cum as it flops around my forehead and cheeks, then suck that off, drinking as much as I can, sucking lustily on his half hard cock for every drop of tasty sweet cum I can get. I suck and suck and suck until I feel fully quenched and he is completely hard again, but I’m still covered in cum.
No longer thirsty as I stroke and suck and love his giant cum coated pecker I begin to sense his need grow again, and I realize I now have a hunger that remains unfulfilled. A feeling of emptiness arises in my stomach and I feel it all through me and finally in my warm rectum. Adam looks at me, and I know what he needs as I begin to relax my rectum in lusty hunger, still sucking him to keep his fat fuck-stick hard and ready for what I know awaits, what Adam really had appeared for, to give to me his cum once more this time to satisfy a hunger I didn’t know I had.
(To be continued....)

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