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Double teaming a BBW

Laura and I have been fuck buddies for just a couple of months when she mentioned that she wanted to try 2 guys at once and asked if I would help set it up and I quickly agreed. I had called my friend Eric and it took a bit of begging and a deal on my part which will be discussed in a future story he agreed. Eric was not into the big girls like I was and Laura was big. Laura was 5.1 about 270 with 42DD tits, Blonde hair and green eyes. We all than met in her basement on a Saturday night and started out with a bit drinking and a porno or 2 to lighten up the mood. After a bit we all found ourselves naked with Eric and I standing in front of Laura slowly taking turns and sucking our cocks and slowly teasing us.After a while Eric had sat down in a chair and Laura on her hands and knees was going to town and giving him a hot blowjob. Seeing her fat juicy ass in the air like it was I got behind her and I started to eat her tasty cunt and giving her pussy a wet tonguefucking as I fingered her. It did not take long for her to reach the peak and have a nice little orgasm. After I felt her ride the wave down I pulled my tongue away from her and leaving my finger in her cunt I started to lick her asshole getting it all wet and ready to push my tongue into it. As I was fucking her in the ass with my tongue I heard let out a loud groan as he came in her mouth. After a couple of moments I had switched places with him and Laura immediatly started to suck my cock deep into her cummy mouth as Eric started to finger her in both of her holes after a few moments I watched as he positioned himself behind her and slowly inserted his cock into her. I felt and heard her groan around my cock as she felt him push his way into her tight wet cunt and when she was used to his thickness in her he started to plow her hard and ruff ans she quickened her pace on my cock to the point to where it felt like I was fucking her mouth as she was getting fucked. I was so worked up that it only took a few moments before I started to explode in her throat and she greedily suck it all out until I heard Eric give a big sigh as he pushed hard into her cunt as he spilled his cum into her. He pulled out of her well fucked pussy as I stood up in front of her where she than started to suck us both again until i was hard again. Eric sat down and she was blowing him to get him ready again as I positioned myself behind her and slowly pushed my way into her well fucked cum dripping cunt. After a bit of that she had me pull out so she could mount Eric. After getting herself impaled on his cock she had me get behind and slowly penetrate her ass which came as a shock to me. She was never really into anal so I did not hesitate. As I was fucking her asshole I felt Erics cock working in her cunt. It only took a few minutes of the double fucking before she was screaming in pleasure as she experienced a major orgasm and after that point she kept experiencing a wave of multiple orgasms. I heard Eric finally shout he could not hold back anymore and shot his load in her as she was cumming around his cock and it only took a few moments after that before her contracting ass muscles Finally f***ed to explode deep in her bowels. After that we all admitted to being spent and called it a night. As we were leaving she admitted that it was a lot better than she was hoping for and she felt well fucked. She kissed us both goodnight as we left.
Another true story by Michael.

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