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Should i tell the wite??

it was a rainy day and all alone in my empty house,the mother in law who was a young mother in law she had my wife when she was 15 called round to see me whilst claire was on holiday with the girls,it was only 3 days into a 2 week holiday. mary asked if i needed a cooked meal and did i need any shopping, NO i am ok thanks mary. sometimes shes to motherly right i'll cook you a meal i thought fuck it let her get on with it,mary cooked me a luvly steak and all the trimmings im'e glad she stopped by now.

it was the friday and mary told andy her husband i will be late tonight im'e going round daves to cook him a meal,andy said leave the k** alone let him fend for himself, no i'll keep him right i told claire i would look after him and i will.but they never told me that this was the deal, i decided to get my mates round for a drink and a game of cards there were only 4 of us and we had made an early start so we were quite merry at this time, mary walked straight in and you can imagine the mess,whats this there's shit every where,dont panic i will clear it up in the morning,no i will clear it now,as i said mary was a young mum she was only 38 now and she was fit as fuck,my mates were talking dirty to me saying i would love to do your mother in law, cos they were now nearly pissed the volume was louder i was telling them shush she can hear you and she will kill me, to them this was funny we were all 23 and imature when pissed as lads are.

mary could hear us talking, now lads dont be silly you's are all full of shit
you's would shit your selves if i turned on you's,barry straight away said noway mary i would love to fuck you but andy would kill me and claire would cut my balls off, we pissed ourselves laughing mary to.

who wants something to eat i came here to feed him what do you want,barry is the gobshite out of us he said pussy, mary said be quite, really what do you want then the other 2 said we would love to eat you out mary, but it was a in a laughing way, i was distraught. but this must have turned mary on cos she started to play up to the suggestions, right so if i put it on a plate for you you's would take it, to fucken right mary, and you dave what would you do, what do i say if i say no is that an insult if i say yes then will she tell claire. is this a test.

mary walked over to barry he his a good looking lad 6;2 fit,mary said come on then smart arse kiss me, smack, he was straight in i was in shock what the fuck is going on the other 2 looked at me and said what should we do, i dont know, mary stopped and said join in boys do what you want, ste was straight on to the blouse buttons, undone and tits were out they were still firm and massive nipples at least half an inch, ste was sucking and playing with them,paul went for the skirt he slid marys pants down and there was this unshaven bush, andy must like them hairy cos it was perfect all trimmed at the sides just a mound of bush.paul slid his fingers into mary and she was loving the attention 3 lads playing with her and the 4th, me stairing at my mother in law thinking wow what should i do.

mary was now in full flow she was grinding on pauls fingers and kissing the face off barry and ste was chewing her nipps, then she stopped and walked staight for me at this point my cock was throbbing and bursting out my jeans,mary said i know all about you dave claire told me whats down there,what i said, mary said show me now and i will not tell her what we are about to do,DO WHAT was my reply and in a flash she had undone my belt my button and flys my cock was now out as i dont wear pants it was there in front of her the lads knew i had a big cock but had never seen it on the full,mary was in shock so were the lads FUCK ME ITS HUGE it was 11"inches on the full with a girth of 7"inches mary was on it like billy o.what could i do she was there sucking the shit out of it at this point the lads stripped her fully and not once did she miss a beat, i walked over to the couch and sat whilst mary sucked. now her arse was in the posistion to be fucked, the fisrt one in was ste,he parted her pussy lips with his cock and slid it in, there was a little bite on my cock as it slid in, she was really up for this mary was dripping cum i could see the shit dripping on the floor,barry was now itching to have a go, pull out mate lets try it,i swapped with paul so he could get sucked off this lasted for about 5mins and mary asked if we could go upstairs.

upstairs we went paul was now on the bed with mary riding him and ste in her mouth i talked to barry and i said this is unreal my mother in law is doing us all, i know mate and i cant belive you kept that a secret, what, your fucking cock its massive why didn't you have it out more on nights out with the lads, you could have had so much pussy,but i loved claire from day one so i never played about,this is the first time i have gone behind her back and its going to be with her mother.mary looked to the side and said come on dave give me that massive cock i was shacking with fear and excitment mary slid back from riding paul and placed her arse on the edge of the bed. doggy,put it in. i gripped the end and placed the head in then slowly slid the full length in mary begged me to go hard on her so i did, i think i was in her throat i was pumping that hard, marys pussy was gushing cum the lads were cheering go on mate fuck the shit out of her i was ready to cum and thought no i'll save it till last.

i pulled out and said go on lads finish her off, so they went at it like rabbits, mary was in heaven the lads all had there fill, paul cum in her mouth and mary never spilt a drop ste filled her up and barry was in the process off filling it to the brim,mary looked at me and said do me up the arse i want that filling my arse hole,i had never done claire up the arse never mind her mother, what the fuck lets do it once again she slid to the end of the bed the cum was dripping out so i used it as a lube i pushed her a little forward so the cum was flowing back and i pushed my cock in this time it wasn't a yelp it was a scream of joy i think! i was now pumping like mad the lads cum was all over the place sploshing about but what the hell there my mates,i was now ready to cum mary wanted me to fill her arse then put in in her mouth so she could taste me, i was nearly there i pulled mary right into me the end was in her stomach i think thats how far i had pulled her towards me, i shot my fat so much it was hurting me i then shoved it into her mouth and she cleaned me off till i was limp,mary laid back and showed us her parfect body in full she was knackerd and she was beautiful. me and the lads promised this would never leave these 4 walls.what she told andy when she got in who knows and why so late..worst thing was i still never got to have my tea.and every time i see andy i think your lass loves it up the arse,and claire always askes what did i do for 2 weeks and i hope my mam took care of you, YES SHE DID............and she wants more!!!!!

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