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I moan louder and louder as you kiss ,lick and nibble the strawberries,cream and chocolate sauce from my breasts " oh my god WILL ,please don't stop " I beg as you travel down my body... I am shaking with desire for you as you go down on me and lap up the whipped cream from my pussy ... So near to cumming yet wanting you so bad... Hear myself tell you " I want to taste you "... You walk on over to me and unzip ,looking at me somewhat nervously , * I smile and tell you I want you to... You place your manhood to my lips and I gently part them letting you into my mouth... You moan low at first and then louder as I pleasure you. You stop yourself before you cum in my mouth... You pull out and say " Is this what you want ? "... I NOD... You place the tip of your manhood at the opening of my pussy * I gasp and bite my lower lip as you slowly slip into me... I lose myself in your embrace as you thrust faster till we both cum... We smile as we just lay together

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