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The trip was almost over. Despite all the work, it was a nice time away. Like always Sandy sat in her meetings waiting for them to end so that she could go back to her hotel. Her mind always wondered about the next sexual adventure she would have. It was about time that she stopped playing old, and got out there to experience all of the sexual excitement she always wanted to have. The ring gave her the ability to experience her deepest sexual desires without the worry of meeting some real stranger. It allowed her to open up to new ideas that she may not have tried any other way.

At the last meeting there was a nice young man. Sandy now had a subject for her magical masturbation session when she got back to the hotel. While there was nothing wrong with older men, they did not have the same prowess as a young buck. Under the desk at the meeting, she could not help but tease herself. As she teased herself, Sandy caught herself staring at the young bronco. Hopefully he did not notice. One of the Board members asked her a question. It abruptly brought her attention back to the boring meeting. “I’m sorry; I did not quite catch what you said.”

The man upsettingly repeated himself. Sandy answered the question, and the meeting droned on. After what seemed like a weeks worth of talking, the meeting was finally adjourned. The two idiotic parties came to a consensus that both parties grumbled about. It did not matter to Sandy. She was just happy that she would not have to put up with these stupid meetings anymore. It was back to the hotel for that nice young man to fuck her. In the hallway, she bumped into the young man. “Man, I’m glad this stupid thing is over,” Sandy said as she gave the young man a smile.

“Yeah, I know what you are saying,” the young man said as he returned the smile.

“I always found it most relaxing to go to the beach after these stressful things.”

“I know what you are saying. It’s nice to go later when there aren’t that many people around. It’s like the beach is your own private property.”

“I always like to go later as well, but it’s to see the sun set under the waves. Maybe I’ll see you there?”

The two left. Later the two reconvened at the beach. He was wearing lose navy trunks, and she had a green one piece. Sandy did not want to show off too much of her body. They laid down their towels in the sand then proceeded to the ocean. The waves eased their muscles as they looked forward at the setting sun.

The two laughed and played in the water. Sandy turned to admire the beauty of the setting sun. The young man came up from behind her. She could feel his rock hard cock pressed up against her thigh. He displayed his swim trunks in front of her to show that they were no longer around his waist. He then threw them toward the beach. The young sea snake put his hands on her shoulders. He slowly removed the straps. Sandy did nothing to stop him. The waves crashed against her now exposed breasts. He swam around to her front. The deep sea diver took a big breath, and went down to get her swimsuit out from under her legs. As the air bubbles escaped, they tickled Sandy’s clit. He threw her swimsuit toward the shore as well.

The two swam back to the empty beach. Her bucking bull lay down on the sand as she got in the cowboy position. He gave her a brief session of pussy licking before he jammed his cock into her. The young man wanted to make sure that she was lubricated enough before destroyed her hole. Sandy’s screams of joy mixed with the sound of crashing waves. She got off the ride, and got down on all fours. The next ride was walking the dog. He put his long dick into her pussy. Loud clapping noises accentuated his thrusts. After he felt that her pussy had received enough damage, he put his dick into her ass. He was not sure how she would accept such a request, but she just offered up her second hole. As he gave her ass the same treatment as her pussy, the cock shark reached his hand around to finger her front hole.

With the intense moans from Sandy, his gun boat was about ready to fire. Sandy sat down underneath him. She stroked his barrel to help his ammunition. The command was given to fire at will. The shot was a direct hit right down Sandy’s throat. Since he did such a great job, she had a surprise for him as well. He went down between her legs. He licked feverously hoping that his tongue would strike a gushing well. Sandy’s well was struck and a stream of her cum went down his throat.

They both lay in the sand next to each other. Sandy looked at her hand. She was not wearing the ring. This was not some magical dream of hers. It was real. Anther man had found her attractive once more. She then realized that they needed to get their swimsuits. As they looked around, they could not find them. When he threw them, they did not make it all the way back to the beach. The suits had swept out to sea. They wrapped themselves in the towels, and got a taxi back to her hotel.

In the elevator, she re-hardened his cock with a blowjob. Back in the room, they had sex again. Before she went to the airport, Sandy had the taxi driver stop off at the beach one last time. She took the ring out of her purse, and threw it back into the ocean where she had gotten it from.

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