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One thing I quickly realised following my **** was that things could never be exactly the same for me. I went through the whole gamut of emotions from, on the one hand, picking up the phone and ringing the police to report the crime and, at the other extreme, going back up to that bedroom when I was alone, stripping down to my knickers and lying on the bed frantically rubbing myself trying in vain to recreate that most delicious sensation of having a hard cock exploding inside me at the same time as my own orgasm.

I knew I must be a total slut to allow my body to betray me like that but the thought was as intriguing to me as it was shocking. I could probably have got over the **** while being held down like that by two others but I couldn’t reconcile myself to the fact that I had screamed out at them that I wanted them all to fuck me and it was this fact, along with some worries about the pictures they had taken on their phones, that persuaded me to put it all down to experience and move on if I could.

The next two weeks were completely uneventful (apart from several solo trips to the spare room) and Ken never even suspected that anything was amiss. The longer the silence went on the more convinced I became that it was over and that I could start to pick up the pieces and treat the whole thing like a bad dream - almost as if it hadn’t really happened.

It was the beginning of July when I received a text message which simply said “would luv to see you” I didn’t recognise the number and so I simply deleted it. The next day came another: “meet thurs 10am o/side yr place –luv yr pics by the way D”

So here it was. I assumed that “D” meant Dominic and that Dominic was after an encore of some sort. My brain was saying “no” and although my body wasn’t necessarily agreeing, the reminder about the pics convinced me that, if I stood any chance of retrieving and destroying them, I had to see him. So at the appointed hour on the next morning I walked down my front drive to find a car waiting there for me. It was raining, so I didn’t wait for long after seeing Dominic in the driving seat before getting into the car and away we went.

It was an uneasy conversation as you might imagine and when I asked where we were going Dominic said he thought I might like to see his place since he’d already had the benefit of seeing mine. During the small talk which followed I managed to find out that he worked for some agency with links to the film industry though on a very small scale. He was single, 28 and a big rugby fan (which of course I already knew.) I found myself rather liking him even though I was under no illusions about why we were now heading off to his place.

We drove across the city and to a trendy new dockside development where the car was eventually parked and we got out and walked to a lift and then to what can only be described as a penthouse apartment. Lots of space, lots of bare brick walls, lots of modern stuff. Not my taste at all but no matter.

Dominic was playing the perfect gentleman and offered me a drink. I settled for coffee as it was a bit early in the day for anything stronger. I wanted to ask about the pics but didn’t know where to begin. Luckily he broke the ice and said

“Well Rosetta, we both know why we’re here. You’ve got something I want and I’ve got something you want – isn’t that right?”

“Maybe” I replied, “But what exactly are you expecting of me?”

Then he was next to me on the sofa – I remember that – and with his arm around me was starting to kiss me and then I started to feel very odd – dizzy I suppose - but still in control. He went into another room and came back with some clothes.

“Put these on Rosetta” he said

I asked why and he said, quite plausibly I suppose, that he didn’t want any of my nice things to get ruined since I was wearing an expensive suit and blouse. In this dreamy state I was now in – induced by something which I think he must have put in the coffee - I got changed into a different blouse – white, low cut, which buttoned all the way up the front – and a short dark pleated skirt, rather like the games skirts I used to wear at school. Dominic then came back into the room and said:

“Oh and these too” and proceeded to hand me the expensive red panties which had been stolen from me by him and his friends on the night of my birthday.

So now I was dressed like a true slut and ready to fuck! I was already starting to tingle in anticipation when things suddenly went in a completely different direction that I could not have expected.

First Dominic seemed to get a text message on his phone, went to the door, opened it and in came three black guys I had never seen before. Two of them seemed older and the third, who couldn’t have been much more than 19 or 20, was holding a camera or camcorder of some sort as if making a film.

The two older men grabbed Dominic, overpowered him and pushed him into a metal chair then wrapped tape around his arms and legs so he couldn’t get up. He was pleading for them to let him go and telling me to run while all the time the camera was rolling. They then put tape over his mouth and said

“Shut the fuck up or we won’t let you watch”

One of the men had with him some sort of stereo on which he now began to play what I have since learned is called ‘gangsta rap music’

I was then pushed into the middle of the room where there was a sheepskin rug and one of the men grabbed me from behind, holding my arms behind my back. The other man then took hold of the front of my blouse and just tore it wide open. He didn’t seem pleased to see that I was wearing a bra and produced a knife which he used to cut the straps and pull it off me.

As the man behind continued to pin my arms back my large breasts were grabbed by the other man who squeezed and bit them and then said:

“Get her down on the floor”

By now I was terrified and I think it showed. Needless to say I had never had anything to do with black men and these two seemed in no mood to take “no” for an answer. I was yanked down onto the rug and my arms pinned down above my head.

“Let’s see what goodies we have here” said the other man as my short skirt was flipped back to reveal my red panties.

“Hey baby that looks good” he said “We all gonna enjoy this, includin’ your old man there – ain’t that right dude? You like to watch your wife being black-fucked eh?”

And with that he stripped off his jeans and top and waved his cock in front of my face and repeated “Your gonna love this honey”

Then with his knife he sliced away my red panties, the remnants of which he pulled away and then started to rub his cock up and down my bare and dripping pussy lips. I was wet there long before all this happened and he just whooped and said

“I think she’s ready JJ” and he then pulled my legs wide open and started to fuck me with the biggest black cock imaginable.

I was trying to struggle and aware of how my tits were bouncing as I bit my lip hard to suppress what I knew was coming and he continued to fuck me harder and harder. And still the camera rolled.

I came very loudly but this time had enough presence of mind to avoid making any rash comments like last time. I thought he had finished, but he just kept going and going and I was by now almost delirious – the effect of whatever was in the coffee and the raw sex combined was taking me over the edge. I didn’t want him to stop and it didn’t seem as if he was going to either.

Then, after what seemed 10 or 15 minutes, he gritted his teeth, stiffened his body and snarled and I knew what was coming.

As he exploded inside me he made me cum again as he called me a ‘fucking little black cock whore’ and to my shame I found myself saying “Yes, yes” over and over.

After he had emptied himself inside me he got up and grinned at me – still being held down – and said

“JJ she’s all yours”

The second cock slid into me very easily and immediately started pumping away as I realised that I was about to face a different ordeal. By now my arms were no longer being held but I was too weak to take any advantage of the fact. The man who had just ****d me stooped over my face as I lay on the floor and said

“Clean me up bitch – lick it clean”

I turned away and said “No” but he took out his knife again and laughed at me. I was frightened by this and decided to give in rather than risk injury or worse. Never in my life had I ever sucked anybody’s cock – let alone a black one which had just ****d me – and so with great trepidation I opened my lips to receive it.

“Suck it good, and no teeth marks, there’s a good girl” he said as the huge black cock – at least nine inches long I think – was fed slowly into my mouth as the one below was starting to reach a climax. I hated it at first – the taste and everything – it was disgusting – but he was not about to let me off the hook and got very hard again as he started to fuck my mouth with it.

“That’s it baby – real good. Don’t stop til I tell you”

Focusing on what was happening in front of my eyes, I hardly noticed that JJ had finished and would probably have missed the event altogether had he not also made some loud grunting noises before ejaculating all over my lower belly and legs.

At this point the man fucking my mouth seemed to have got bored and just gave up what he was doing. I still felt as if I had a throatful of cum even though I didn’t think he had ejaculated so I sat up for a minute and had to cough a few times until I felt ok again.

The next thing I remember was being hauled back down and the 19 year-old youth, stripped naked, lying on top of me. He kissed me on my face, my lips and my neck, then all over my breasts and before I knew it I had yet another hard black cock thrusting away deep inside my pussy. The man holding me down kept urging him on -

“Come on Cain, show the little white wife and her old man what it’s like to be fucked good”

And sure enough, I was being fucked good but somehow this was different; Cain was making love to me, not just using me as some kind of fuck toy. As his hard young cock throbbed and thrusted away inside me I completely lost all control and wrapped my legs around his back, stared him in the eye and said “ Come on baby, don’t stop, please just fuck me hard. Oh My God, Harder, harder, harder I love it! Harder - don’t stop”

My enslavement was now complete. I came better than ever I had before and this gorgeous youth was still going strong. His sweat poured onto me as I tried to make him cum but on and on he kept going – until at last I could tell he was about to erupt.

“In her mouth” shouted one of the others as Cain was pulled out of me and f***ed his throbbing prick inside my mouth to cries from the others “Swallow it bitch – every last drop” I had no choice in the matter and so did as I was told.

The final indignity was when JJ produced a black felt tip pen and, as I was still being held down, drew a heart and the words ‘BLACK COCK WHORE’ across my lower belly just above my neatly trimmed hair.

Then my assailants got dressed, clinically removed the tape which was still holding Dominic firmly in his seat, gave him a ‘thumbs up’ sign (which I couldn’t help but notice) and left.

“You bastard” I said to Dominic “You set all this up – Where’s that film going” but he just laughed at me, told me I would be a star and be giving lots of pleasure to lots of people.

I got dressed, rang for a taxi and went back home. I havn’t heard from any of them since but every time that phone rings..........


I have now resumed my normal middle-class existence with all it entails, including of course marital and financial security, but beneath this cool exterior there lives a demon. In panic at first, I started to look at various sites on the internet which specialised in interracial sex trying to find the very one that led me down this road, but to no avail. I also wanted to get back in touch with Cain if I could, disastrous though I know it would be. Though I have never found what I was looking for, I got myself into the habit of watching these videos anyway – mostly the ones where white women, brunettes especially, are made to serve black men – and as I sit alone at my computer – often in a short dark pleated skirt which I kept as a souvenir – and a large black vibrator – I think how my life is so different, and really so much richer in some ways, than if I had never been taken out that fateful night for my 37th Birthday Treat.

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