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My Mother's Husband - Part Two

Next morning when I woke up seeing my mom next to me in her bed, it feels as if my world is finally bright. While I am still enjoying the wonderful sight of my sl**ping mother, she opened her eyes. She looked at me for a short while and then gives me a kiss.

“Morning sweety!” mom said with a smile.

“It's still early for you if you want to go back to sl**p, I have to take a shower and get ready to go to work.” Mom said.

Mom gets up and slowly walks away from the bed as I stare at my mother’s pearl white sexy naked backside with a nice ass. It was a dream came true for me. I can feel my dick getting hard already. So I thought I surprise mom by jumping in the shower and fuck her in there.

I am naked with my pointy dick out and walk right into the bathroom. I open the shower chamber door and jump in there while my mom is cleaning herself with the shower head in her hands.

“What are you trying to do? You can’t wait for your turn to use the shower.” Mom said while giggling.

I start kissing and sucking on her neck and down to her shoulder while I have my arms wrapped around her and my hands squeezing on her breasts gently.

“I know what you’re trying to do, young man. But I didn’t even let your father play with me in the shower.” Mom said.

“Are you telling me that you don’t want my dick inside you now? I can’t tell if you want me or not, mom, because your whole body is already wet.” I said softly into her ear while my arms are still around her, my hands squeezing on her breasts, and rubbing my hard dick against her ass.

“Oh god, I am a bad mother. You made me so horny right now, son. God, if I don’t let you fuck me right now, my pussy will sure be aching through work in the office. You win you little bad boy, I want your dick inside me, now.” Mom said.

I shove my hard dick into her pussy like she lust for and start pumping her pussy while the water is running down on us from the shower head above our heads. With the running water on us, it makes a nice squishing sound with my every thrust on her pussy. I can tell my mother enjoys fucking doggy in the shower.

“Ahh… Oh… baby…, I need it harder. Fuck me harder sweety!” Mom cried.

I start pumping her harder and faster, and get my dick all the way in before moving out again.

“Ahh… That’s it, son! Keep fucking me like that. And don’t you dare cum in me!” Mom screamed.

“Oh mom, did you cum? Cause I have to pull out now.” I asked.

“Ahh… oh I just finished, pull out now, son!” Mom cried.

Just a few second after her orgasm I pulled out and blew my load on her back which the running water quickly wash away. Mom stops the shower, and we get out from the chamber to dry ourselves with towels.

Mom is rubbing lotion on her body and I thought I help her rub lotion on her back. But I can’t help myself with mom’s beautiful body, so I rub lotion all over her body giving my hands a sense of pleasure doing it.

“Now son, I just put out my flames in the shower. Don’t get me horny again. I don’t want to be late for work because I have to fuck my son again. And next time you are not fucking me without a condom on again. I told you that I can’t take the risk of being pregnant with your baby.” Mom said firmly.

“But wouldn’t it be nice for us to have a baby, mom. We can start a f****y together.” I said softly.

Mom turns around to me and runs her hand on my face, and said “Oh baby, you know I would love to start a f****y with you. If only you weren’t my son, I would love to be pregnant with your c***d. But we can’t do that. I am such a bad mother already for using my own son for sex. Please understand, son!”

And with that said, mom kissed me and left the bathroom to her room. After she left the house for work, I can’t stop thinking about having a baby with mom. I know that it would definitely make our relationship more solid. Her mental resistance on having a baby with me drives me in despair.

A few nights past, which I have tried to fuck my mom without my condom on, and she strongly resent it. I even tried to remove it during the middle of sex, but she caught me all the time and ordered me to keep it on or else she will not have sex with me anymore. My effort was without reward, so to not upset my mom I held back my plan and went with having condom on.

After we had been fucking for a month now, we started to go out together more as a couple, to restaurants and shopping mall, and mom would be in her sexy clothes instead of her conservative mother-wear. We capture many people’s eyes, and they would just think that we are an older woman younger man couple. But at times when we bump into f****y friends and people we know, the reality of us being mother and son comes back and brings us back to the real world. It has a negative effect on my mother because it triggers her guilt for being a bad slutty mother that she labeled herself as, which has always been a blocking stone in our road to a true relationship.

We try to avoid people we know by going to other places with fewer possibilities. But after a few more bumping incidents happened, I feel that my mom tries to distant from me. Although I still sl**p with her in her bed, she has been denying sex with me, and it has been a week now since we last had sex.

One night at home during dinner, mom drops me a bad news.

“Son, I have been seeing someone at my office for a few days now, and I really liked him. He is such a nice guy. His name is Ray. He started working at my office just last week.” Mom said.

“Are you telling me that you have a boyfriend, mom? Is that why we haven’t made love for the past week? That you found another man to fuck you and you don’t need me anymore!” I said angrily.

“Calm down, son, just listen to me. You are a normal young man and I am sure you will find someone you love in the future and start a f****y with her. And I wanted the same for me as well. I want to find a man that I can have a f****y with. It was wrong for me from the beginning to allow us to go this far.” Mom said.

“Did you fuck him already? I want to know mom!” I asked.

“No sweety I didn’t do anything with him yet.” Mom answered.

“So does that means you will fuck him when you feel is the right time? I thought I am your man.” I replied angrily.

“I am just saying that we should stop before people find out about us. You’re my son, and I don’t want you to get hurt. You are going to leave to college in 6 months. You have a whole life ahead of you. I am sure you will meet another woman and start a normal relationship with her.” Mom said.

“I just wanted a relationship with you, mom. You are the woman I want in my life.” I said firmly.

“A normal relationship is being with the woman you love in the future and start a f****y and not fucking your mother every night knowing that it will go nowhere.” Mom yelled and then starts to cry.

I can’t be angry when my mom is crying, so I couldn’t say a word. She left the table to her room while tears coming out from her eyes. I got up too and followed her to her room. I sit down next to her on the bed and try to comfort her.

“I am sorry for yelling at you, son. It isn’t your fault. I’m your mother, and I am the one to be blamed for.” Mom said while still in tears.

“I am sorry that I yelled too, mom. But when you told me that you are seeing someone, I just got jealous and lost my temper. Can I make it up to you in your bed, mom?” I said softly.

“Oh son, you naughty little boy, but I guess you must be very horny since I haven’t fuck you in a week.” Mom said with her tears starting to stop and regaining a smile back on her face.

“You better fuck me good young man for making me cry or I will not forgive you.” Mom said while slowly removing her clothes.

She got naked and climbed up on the bed, then lie down on her back with her legs spread open exposing her pussy. I removed my clothes as quickly as possible and jumped on top of her. Mom reaches for the drawer next to the bed for a condom and hands it to me. I put it on without complain and quickly shove my hard dick inside her pussy.

“Oh… son… you don’t know how horny I have been from holding back on your dick for the past week. Ahhh… your dick is so good inside me! I just hope I don’t get too attach to my son’s dick. Ahhh… oh… god… you’re good…!” Mom said as I pound her pussy.

“Mom, you feel so good too. I want to give it to you every night for the rest of my life if you just let me. Ahh…” I cried.

“Ahhh… I am cumming now, keeping going son! You are such a good boy. Ahh…” Mom screamed.

“I’m going to blow. Ahh…” I screamed.

We reach orgasm almost at the same time. We are now getting closer to finishing together. I guess practice does make perfect.

Mom continues to see Ray for about a month now. But she still fucks me at night and lets me sl**p in her bed. Then one night, she brought home another bad news. Ray wants to make his dying sick grandmother happy, so he proposed to my mom to marry him. Mom felt that he was the right guy for her, and that she thought it is also good for me to move one, so she accepts his proposal to marry him. That news took the sun right out of my sky.

I ran to her room and just sat there in silence. She comes in, sits next to me and tries to comfort me.

“Oh sweetheart, you should be happy for your mother. You are still my son, and nothing can change that. We are still going to live together. Ray will move in with us.” Mom said.

I kept silence and didn’t say a thing.

“I tell you what. I know a few nice girls working at my office. I can introduce you to them. I’m sure they are much better in bed than your old mommy.” Mom continued.

I didn’t give her a response and climbed on the bed covering myself with the bed sheet like I want to go to bed.

“Well son, I know you are upset right now, but I do want you in my wedding ceremony. It will take place in two weeks from now. Ray’s grandmother is very ill and we didn’t know if she could wait that long, so we are just planning a small ceremony at city hall. I had a fancy wedding with your dad already so I really don’t need another one.” Mom said.

With that said she got into bed too and falls asl**p. But I was up all night thinking about my mom marrying Ray. I haven’t talk to her much since then for the next couple of days. We haven’t had sex either because she wants me to move on with other people.

On the wedding day, I was very reluctant to go, but I didn’t want to upset my mom so I got dressed up and went. But half an hour before the ceremony I felt like I couldn't breathe knowing that mother is going to be with another man. So I hide in the men’s dressing room.

Meanwhile after my mom is all ready with her wedding dress she noticed that I was missing. She asks her close girlfriends, who are her bride’s maids, if they have seen me. I don’t know how, but my mom found me. Seeing my mom in her wedding dress makes me so horny. Because I always hope that one day we can get marry and I would fuck her in her wedding dress on our wedding night.

“What are you doing hiding in here? The ceremony is going to start and I need you there. Let’s go now, they are waiting for us.” Mom said.

“Mom, please don’t marry Ray, do that for me, let me be your man, I promise that I will treat you better than any other man.” I begged.

“Sweetheart, I need a man in my life who isn’t my son. I need someone who I can grow old with together and not someone who will watch me grow older as he matures to a man. You are the best lover that a mother can ask for, but I need a relationship that can have a future and not one that isn’t going anywhere. I enjoyed our sex nights for the past 2 months but we have to move on.” Mom explained.

I couldn’t digest what she said to me, but I am so horny with her so close to me.

“Then please mom, at least let me fuck you for the last time before you get marry. That way I can still fulfill my dream of fucking you while you are in your wedding dress. I beg you, just one last fuck as lovers before going back to be mother and son.” I begged

Mom laughed and said “Oh god you are such a naughty boy, where did I go wrong with you.”

“I don’t have a condom on me, but I guess since this is our last time I can let you fuck me without one. But you better pull out when I tell you to, you hear me.” Mom said.

“I love you mom.” I said happily.

Mom lifts up her dress and bends over in front of me against a counter. I move behind her and drop down my pants. I pull down her white panties and got it out from her legs. But as I am about to enter my mom, we heard a knock on the door.

“Is everything alright in there, Rachel?” Ray asked.

“Everything is fine. I’m still talking to my son, so we’ll be out in a while.” Mom answered while remaining in position in front of me.

“Hurry baby, give it to me now, they are waiting for us.” Mom ordered.

And without wasting any time at all I shove my hard dick in my mother’s pussy.

“Oh… god… son, did your dick got bigger since the last time we fuck?” Mom said.

“I think is your dress. It is turning me on so much, mom. Ahh…” I said while I am pumping her pussy.

“Oh shit, your dick is making me cum right now. Ahhh… I am cumming son.” Mom screamed.

I start to pump faster on her pussy and she quickly reaches her orgasm.

“I think that is enough now, pull out before you blow, son.” Mom ordered while gasping her air from her orgasm.

I am about to pull out when we hear another knock on the door. Mom was focusing on hearing who was behind the door so she didn’t notice that I cum inside her pussy. And then I stop my pumping and stood still while my dick is still inside my mom’s pussy.

“We are about to start. I need you out here Rachel.” Ray yelled behind the door.

“I’ll be right out.” Mom answered.

I pull out of her and my cum quickly ooze out of her pussy with her juice. Mom felt my cum in pussy finally and was furious with me. She slaps me on my face and pushes me away from her.

“I told you to pull out. Why didn’t you pull out? I told you not to cum inside me. Ray is outside waiting for me and your cum is oozing out from my pussy. I can’t walk out there with my pussy dripping out your cum juice.” Mom said angrily.

“I am sorry, mom. Ray scared me when I was going to pull out.” I said.

Mom picks up the panties from the floor and puts them back on.

“I am so angry at you right now. Let’s hope my panties can hold all that cum. Now fix yourself up and go out there. I’ll deal with you later.” Mom said.

The ceremony went on fine without any trouble, and luckily no one can see my mom’s wet panties under her long wedding dress. And mom sprayed on so much perfume it covered up the smell of my cum on her flawlessly.

Ray’s grandmother was of course very happy being at the ceremony and seeing her grandson getting married even though she was in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank and could hardly speak anymore. But her happiness was built upon my sadness for losing my mother and lover.

Mom and Ray went on a short honeymoon of about a week. During that week, I was horny as hell and I masturbate with my mom’s panties every night while she was away. My jealousy also grew stronger as I begin to feel that Ray stole my woman away from me. She was not just my mother, but also my lover and I felt heartbroken.

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