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Her friend Beth looked puzzled, "You used to be able to do all that on line and now you have to go in?"
"That's right", said Jennifer. "There are so many applicants and so few loans that now there's some sort of interview process. It can't amount to much and I'm good at that stuff. I'm supposed to be at room 103C in the basement of the Admin Building at 9:00 tonight. I know it seems weird but whatever…"

Jen walked down the shadowy stairs to the basement offices in the old admin building. The steam radiators made it very warm and damp and she could feel little trickles of sweat run out of her armpits to stain her tank top. Room 103 tuned out to be an old locker room at the end of the hall behind the big double doors with panes of translucent chicken wire glass.
She walked in. "Hello", she shouted, "Anybody home?"
Rows and rows of lockers in a bewildering maze of shower rooms leading into locker rooms leading into shower rooms. It was even warmer here as if steam from these showers, long unused, had collected in a tropical fogbank here in the basement. Jennifer's large breasts had sweated through her tank top leaving dark rings around her nipples. The wet fabric clung and the heat and additional friction had made her nipples hard. She passed a mirror and regretted not having worn a bra but she had just finished dance class and she had changed into the only clothes she had. Her white short shorts were too big in the waist as she had lost weight and sweat from her tummy rolled freely down to soak her thin nylon panties. The damp panties had ridden up to give her a wedgie and each step worked the nylon deeper into her cleft and the erotic sensation began to cause her parts to tingle and swell. She felt so strange, so warm. "What am I doing?", She thought. She pulled herself together a little and walked on and turning a corner in a room with some ancient washstands she came face to face with another reinf***ed glass door above which was painted '103C'.
She knocked and walked in. The room was full of steam. and about a dozen young completely naked women lounged on benches all but overcome by the heat. Someone handed her a bottle of water while someone else slipped her tank top over her head and ahhhed at he sight of her ripe breasts as they spilled out. She felt other hands sliding over her body removing her shorts, caressing her buttocks, sliding between her thighs and peeling down her damp panties. She briefly thought, "Have I been d**gged?" but it all seemed very natural and felt so good. She sat on a bench nearby and recognized a girl from her History of Medieval Poetry class. "Take a number take a seat." the girl said languidly and grinned.
A door at the other end of the room opened and a matronly woman addressed them in a commanding voice, "This is the interview for the Stevens Grant Scholarships. Will all those applying please stand."
All the girls got to their feet.
A tall man wrapped in a thick towel entered and said, "This interview may require some intimacy." He then dropped the towel and the girls collectively gasped and wowed in appreciation at the size of the interviewer's erect penis.
"SSHHHH!", cautioned the matron, "No talking during the interview process unless spoken to."
The Interviewer walked to the left end of the line and examined the first girl, a tall willowy red head with skin as smooth as milk and small pointed breasts. He walked in very close until his erection touched the girl's bare stomach and then bent down to suck the girls nipple into his mouth and must have tongued it vigorously because she jerked and almost fell. He steadied her by pushing his hand between her legs and using his knee as a table, made a mark on a sheet held by a clipboard. He produced a tube of something marked AstroLube and she gasped and watched nervously as he smeared a quantity of the stuff on the head and shaft of his throbbing cock even as his fingers worked their way deeper into her mound. The girl, now quivering, sagged against the wall. He made another mark on the clipboard then reaching behind the girl, he lifted her by the upper thighs and moving between her legs, slowly lowered her onto his throbbing slickened cock. She squirmed and her hips rotated to accommodate the thick shaft as it pushed into her tight pussy. The other girls in line watched wide-eyed as she struggled, impaled on that huge thrusting gyrating cock, her eyes closed in ecstasy as the Interviewer churned her enthusiastically for about two minutes. She groaned as he slowly withdrew his clublike meat from her, made a mark on the clipboard and stepped to the next girl in line leaving the red head stretched quivering, oozing and dishevelled on the wooden bench.
The next girl had very dark hair and dark eyes with generous hips and breasts. She stood proudly and as the Interviewer walked forward, he noted that her long, thickly erect nipples touched his chest before his throbbing penis could touch her belly. He made a mark on the clipboard and then turning, he made a motion to the matron standing nearby. The matron walked over to retrieve a bucket that was warming on the hissing radiator and set it at the interviewer's feet.
He dipped both hands in the bucket and came up with a half pint of warm fragrant oil in each hand which he proceed to slop all over the girl's breasts, stomach, thighs and buttocks. His oiled hands explored every square inch of the girl's quivering body until she gleamed like new brown chrome. As he pulled her in closer, she sighed, lifted her leg and the other girls in the line looked on as the Interviewer slowly pushed his cock deep into the girl's hot swollen pussy. the oil removed all resistance and he pushed slowly in util the great cock was completely buried in her churning, bucking pussy. He backed her against the wall and worked his meat in and out of her until she orgasmed loudly then he lowered her limp voluptuous body to the bench. She was so overcome that she slid to the floor. He picked up his clip board, made several marks and moved down the line.
The next girl was naked like the rest but was wearing eyeglasses and white knee socks. She was shaking with anxiety and was unsucessfully trying to hide her ripe bosoms with her forearm and had her hand modestly covering her crotch. The Interviewer stepped close with his face six inches from hers. She bit her lip, her chin quivering. He gently put his arm around her and sitting on the bench he slowly pulled her onto his knee. The other girls watched as he murmured into her ear for several minutes, cradling and rocking her, stroking his hand down her back, neck, arms and breasts until she relaxed. He then worked her slowly onto his lap until the girl, now breathing heavily, gripped the interviewer's cock, leaned back spread her thighs and guided the swollen head of his throbbing member to rest between her wet pussy lips. As he pulled the girl to a sitting position he arched up, sliding eight inches of hard, oily cock into her. She leaned back and rocked his boner deep in her pussy like a porn star for several minutes until she had a very wet orgasm. Her arched body went completely taut and she gripped both her tits tightly as her pussy juices squirted from around the massive cock still buried in her loins. When she stopped shaking, the Interviewer lifted her off his still erect cock and laid her gasping and dripping on the bench.
He made two marks and wrote a short comment on the form and moved to the next applicant.
This girl was a very tall blond, with the long legs of a LasVegas showgirl and a very dense curly blond muff. She stood looking straight ahead as the Interviewer walked around her as if she were a work of fine art in a museum, stopping only occasionally to explore her intimately and making marks on the clipboard. The matron walked over, gave the Interviewer a small kit, a smoking-warm, damp towel and spread a mat on the floor. The matron pointed to the mat and the girl stretched her impressively long body out on the mat . The Interviewer crouched down, parted the girl's thighs and then, the girl's entire body arched off the floor as the Interviewer ppressed the warm wet towel between the her legs. He held the towel on her pussy for several minutes as she writhed deliciously, eyes closed, lip between her teeth. He then removed the towel, squirted a handful of white foam into his hand and carefully began to lather the girl's crotch and shave the girl's pussy with deft strokes of a safety razor, She tried to keep the squirming and shaking to a minimum when she realized what was happening but it was difficult and the other girls could see her belly muscles tighten as the Interviewer worked his fingers deep into her slit, stretching her outer lips for a close careful shave. He was a master though and even as his knuckles pressed into the girl's swollen pink clit , he lifted the razor as she flinched and resumed work only when he had pushed two fingers deep into her juicy slit to steady his hand. He worked carefully on the writhing, gasping young woman, taking every opportunity to push his fingers into her and then he used the towel to remove the last of the foam from the girl's now naked mound and without waiting even a moment, he moved forward pressing the thick head of his cock into her swollen wet pussy lips. She groaned and the long legs came gracefully off the floor as the Interviewer bucked his hips slowly forward to slide his aching cock deep into her now bare, quivering pussy. He interviewed her for quite some time, his cock sliding in and out of her, deeper and deeper, her long legs around the interviewer's back, ankles locked, until, like the others, her frantically writhing body shivered, arched and then lay jerking as the Interviewer very very slowly withdrew his gleaming, angry red rod from her naked, dripping pussy.
He made a few notes, then with his rod still quivering as if it had a life of its own and stepped to the next interviewee.
The next girl didn't get quite as much of an interview as she was swooned from the almost tropical heat of the locker room. She was a pale red head with freckles across her nose, breasts and thighs. Her hair pulled back in a pony tail and her finger and toenails were painted a lovely pink that matched her very large aureoles and nipples. Her whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat. He made a few notes then proceeded to sop her generously with the warm oil, massaging it first gently then more vigorously into her thighs and tits, lifting her legs to rub the oil on and between her buttocks and paying particular attention to slowly massaging the warm oil into the lips of her pussy. A slow flush of life crept back into her as her breath came faster and she began to squirm as his fingers worked the oil in between her legs. Her pussy began to make wet noises as his fingers made their rhythmic way first around her clit then down to grip her whole pussy with his fingers dipped into her arching body all the way to the knuckles. It was only a matter of a few minutes until the girl was revived enough so that the Interviewer could safely begin to work his angry red rod one inch at a time into her tight pink mound. She struggled, gleaming with sweat, impaled on his surging cock. She in fact, revived to the point and fucked so vigorously that when she came and the Interviewer slowly removed his cock from her quivering belly, the other girls were amazed to see a copious quantity of precome drool from the end of his great throbbing penis. He wiped it in the girl's pussy, made some notes and went over to a chair and sat down. The girls watched in fascination as his cock continued to throb and drool for some time as if it were animated by some lewd, invisible puppet master
The matron stepped forward and announced, "There will be a short intermission. You may talk quietly among yourselves or relieve yourselves in the stalls behind you. Don't forget to drink, there is more water in the front. Do not leave the room or you will not be accepted into the scholarship program."
Some of the girls who had been fucked recover enough to pee or to wash. The girls next in line waited, whispering to each other, giggling nervously or simply stared into space. The locker room had become even warmer; the radiators hissed steam and the girls were all slick with sweat. The smell of sweat and sex was a heavy presence in the air.
Some of the girls were turned on by it and had begun to touch themselves and each other when the matron announced that the interviews were about to begin again.
The Interviewer walked back in, his erection almost as sturdy as when he'd left. He walked over to the line of expectant, naked girls and stood in front of an athletic looking girl with strong, slim legs and six pack abs. She thrust her stomach forward as he stroked her slowly from neck to crotch and then his hand continued down her leg as if he were a breeder examining a particularly fine mare. He turned her around and admired her well defined back muscles, running his hand from her shoulder, down her back over her perfectly round ass to trace his fingertip under her buttocks across her soft slit. She stood a little straighter as his finger disappeared into her flesh and the next girl down gasped audibly as he bought the finger, wet with her juice, to his lips, made a note then set the clipboard down. His erection had grown during this examination and he now reached down and picked up the bucket of massage oil which he then surprisingly poured over the girl. She gasped as he crushed her against him, smearing the oil over her with his hands and entire body sparing not a single crevice or square inch, tits, ass, pussy, over and over until they were both a single writhing gleaming mass of oiled muscle. He mounted her on the wooden bench but even as the bulbous head of his aching cock pressed between her pussy lips and began to push its way into her hot vagina, she would wriggle her lithe body to one side and his great member would slide up her slit over her clit and he would have to reposition to try again. He did this over and over, his slickened cock would push into her sometimes as much as a inch only for her buck him out with her powerful muscular hips. She smiled as he tried again but this time, the matron who had been standing nearby grabbed her by the ankles as she tried the trick. The matron used the strength of her many years to pull the girl's legs apart so that the Interviewer could slowly slide his throbbing cock very very slowly into the girl's luscious jerking pussy. After three surges, he was into her muscular belly all the way to the hilt and he interviewed her for a long, long time, probing and questioning her about her most intimate facts. At one point he had to pull his cock from her so that he wouldn't shoot and he used the time to bury his face between her legs eating her pussy as if it were a bowl of some delicious French custard.
She finally came hard and as punishment for her naughtiness he continued to lick her swollen clitoris until she tried to crawl backwards, her upper body arched back completely of the bench, mumbling, "Please, Oh God.."
As she crawled away he took her again from behind, his oiled angry cock slipping unimpeded this time, full length into her pussy and with three thrusts, each deeper than the last, she came again, her pussy juice spurting around his thick joint which throbbed in her jerking, spasming pussy.
He left her quivering like the others, made extensive notes and then turned to Jennifer who was next in line.
Jennifer had watched these goings on for some time and although she was very turned on by it all she somehow was dimly aware that getting fucked to get a student loan was somehow inappropriate so she did the only thing she knew to do. As the Interviewer approached her looking at the clipboard she dropped suddenly to her knees wrapped her arms around his buttocks and sucked his cock into her mouth as deep into her throat as she could, applying as much suction as possible. He immediately dropped the clipboard and tried to pull her off but she only increased the action of her tongue and the swallowing reflex in her throat. The other girls murmured in approval and admiration as a groan escaped the interviewer's lips and they were all sure that she would turn the tables when the Interviewer pinched her nostrils shut. She released his cock from her mouth with a gasp. His brows were knitted as he fought for control. She'd had him very close to the edge and she could see precome ooze from his cock as it throbbed angry and red. "That thing must really ach!", she thought. That was as far as she got because the next thing she knew she was pressed down on the bench still in a kneeling position, her arms pinned by the matron and she could feel the pressure of the interviewer's massive cock as it worked its way snugly between her tight pink pussy lips preparing for a thrust that would fuck her to insensibility.
She was very sweaty and was slipping from the matron's grasp as the cock worked deeper inch after inch into her pussy. Soon it would reach the depth where her pussy's own lubricant would betray her and there would be no holding it back. Even now she could feel the moisture being buttered onto her each time he pulled back, the head of his cock pumping her pussy like a Texas oil derrick. She wanted to surrender to the pleasure but something made her continue to struggle with the matron who finally lost her grip on one of Jennifer's arms. But it was indeed too late. The interviewer's cock was now in about four inches and had struck oil inside Jen's pussy and now there was nothing to keep that surging throbbing cock from pumping its way deeper and deeper into her cunt. The head of his tool was working her most sensitive places and seemed to be pushing its way right through her cervix. She orgasmed twice in a row so hard that she bit her tongue and still that thing between her legs worked and worked, slowing down for strokes so long she even thought he might be getting ready to pull it out and relieve the agony of her pleasure but then it would slowly surge forward to fill her again. She had another orgasm, her pussy clenching down hard, her hips writhing deliciously, trying to milk the semen from that great cock but to no avail. He somehow got Jennifer turned over without even pausing in his thrusts and now each stroke mashed her defenseless pink clit against his belly. He squeezed her breasts until her nipples stood up like soldiers and she began to think that even the Interviewer must soon reach his limit. The cock inside her pussy was so hard and hot that it might have been made of some soft iron like the hissing staeming-hot radiator that must be connected to it in some way. The Interviewer made a noise low in his throat and lifted her legs over his shoulders. His cock pulled almost all the way out then pushed smoothly all the way in, pumping her over and over and over and over. She could feel the cock begin to jerk, the jerk became a throb, the throb tuned into a quake and suddenly it seemed to go wild inside her pussy, pumping her so deeply with fantastic speed that she arched completely off the floor as she felt the first great gush of the Interviewer's hot load flood into her tight young body. She felt herself rise to orgasm again and gave over to fucking the hot liquid pleasure but then, he slowly he pulled his jerking cock out of her.
She opened her eyes to watch in amazement that the matron had lined all the previous girls up on their knees, their exposed pussies gleaming wet with oil and juices. The Interviewer then worked his way slowly down the line, taking his time, pushing his massive, jerking, squirting cock deep into each girl's pussy, pumping each applicant full of hot juice as he moved down the row from one writhing girl's pussy to the next until each was quivering and dripping with his cum.
The matron thanked us, announced that we could put our clothes on and when we felt ready to walk, we could leave.
We waited for emails but never found out who had received scholarships. We never saw the matron or the Interviewer on campus ever again and there was a rumor that the whole thing had been some sort of frat joke.
Some said, and I believe, that it had been an experiment by the psych department that involved an experimental hallucinogenic aphrodisiac.
I guess we'll never be sure but I worked my way through school after that. No more student loans for me.

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