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The Gig

I walked into the packed venue, the air was already warm as the crowd headed towards the stage in anticipation for the opening act to come on. Together with my friends we bustled our way through until we were about 5 rows from the front, with our backs against the barrier which separated the front rows from the rest of the baying crowd. I looked around, and although the crowd was young I could already spot a few very attractive girls, mainly grouped together and all dressed as little clones of one another.

The first band hit the stage and the crowd surged forward, it was a lively atmosphere tonight and by the time the band had finished their set I had been separated from all of my friends. Tracking back a little I found myself against the safety barrier again and decided to use that as my spot. Resting up against it I prepared myself for the next band. People were moving all around me, jostling for position, searching for their friends and the like, when suddenly two girls found space just in front of me. No problem for me, they were both tiny, petite things and certainly weren't affecting the view from my 6'3" frame. The next band arrived on stage and the pair in front of me jumped to applaud. The band began to play and once again the crowd surged. The two girls hung onto each other, jumping about while being careful not to lose their spot. As the set went on the music was becoming far more bass driven, with long low bass lines vibrating throughout the venue. The jumping about had been replaced with slow, rhythmic dancing with people losing their insecurities under the strobing lights. As the basslines continued I suddenly became aware of a grinding against my crotch. Looking down I noticed the two girls dancing, slowly moving their hips to the beat, both seemingly lost to the music. I tried not to focus on the grinding sensation however, as I tried to move back I felt the little body move back, this time with more pressure. Did she know what she was doing? I could feel myself getting harder as her firm little bum pressed against my crotch, her movements seeming to become more purposeful with every drop of the beat.

I looked down, I saw her hips moving against me, she knew exactly what she was doing. As I watched her grind against me, she suddenly looked up at me and for the first time I actually took in what she looked like. She was an Indian girl, with beautiful big brown eyes and the cheekiest grin I think I'd ever seen. I smiled back at her and she turned away again. She backed herself up more and reached around for my arm, grabbing my wrist she placed my hand on her waist. My other hand followed as her grinding continued against my now rock hard cock. I began to gently explore her body, letting my hands run over her waist and hips and around to her tiny, round bum. Feeling braver I slipped my right hand up her side and around to her chest, squeezing her small but pert tit, I could already feel her nipple through the little top she was wearing. Now feeling full of confidence I slid my hand down her flat belly and to her jeans covered crotch, placing my hand directly on it I pushed her into me so that she was now fully pressed against me, her arse rubbing against my cock and her crotch against my hand.

This continued for a good few minutes until without warning she grabbed my hand and led me out of the heaving crowd. As we got to the edge she looked back at me and gave me that same grin and quickly dashed me into the women's bathroom. We headed straight into the nearest cubicle, not even noticing who else was in there. As soon as the door was shut we were kissing passionately while she frantically un-did my jeans and pulled my now throbbing cock from my boxers. As it sprung free she wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it hard and fast. She stopped kissing me for a second and licked her hand, she returned it to my cock and began stroking as hard as before. I felt amazing as my cock slipped through her fingers and over her palm. It was too much to take, I quickly un-did her jeans and pulled them down revealing a pair of bright white French knickers contrasting against her brown skin. I turned her around and pulled her knickers to one side. Sensing exactly what I was about to do she held herself open, giving me a glimpse of her tight, pink hole between her little brown lips.

Taking my cock in my hand I guided it between her legs, feeling the warmth from her as I got closer. Sliding my cock between her slit I felt the my head slip into her warm hole. Pushing myself forward I edged my shaft in, feeling her muscles clamp around me. I began to slide myself in and out, feeling her wetness grow as I grabbed her hips for support. I began to speed up as she went up on tip-toes to meet my every thrust. Before I knew it we were really fucking, our hips meeting the others every move. She flung her head back as she pounded against me, I knew I couldn't hold back much longer, but I needed to make her cum, make her little body convulse around me. I knew I couldn't be too far away, I could hear her moans faintly over the bass of the band, and her hips were getting faster and faster. I couldn't take it anymore, I could feel my orgasm building, I knew I was ready when with one final deep thrust I felt her legs spasm under her, her muscles twitched inside of her and I came like I'd never came before. Stream after stream of hot cum filled her hole as she virtually collapsed from the f***e of her own orgasm. Leaning against the wall of the cubicle we caught our breath. She slowing pulled herself off of my shrinking cock and gave herself a quick wipe. Pulling up her jeans she turned to me and smiled, kissed me tenderly before opening the door and leaving me in the cubicle as she was engulfed by the crowd again.

I didn't know her name, I never even heard her voice, but I know I will never forget her.

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