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When my niece came to stay - Part 2

The bed was already warm from her lithe body, her scent rising up to me as I lifted the sheets and slid in against her. I turned to face her and she me, her hand tracing the outline of my waist and hips. The silkiness of her skin on mine felt so good, but part of me said ‘No Hazel’. I started to speak. ‘Edith, we can’t sl**p together; it’s not right….”
‘Why not’ she said indignantly ‘you sl**p with other women don’t you? Don’t you like me?’
‘Of course I do, but…’ I started to say, feeling her knee pushing between my resisting legs, her fingers now around my back tracing the outline of my spine. My resolve was weakening; her face was close to mine; eyes innocent and deep, but twinkling. She knew she had me. I started to say something else but her finger reached up and across my lips. ‘Sssh auntie’ she said softly, ‘don’t talk…. show me; show me everything.’ She moved her finger away and our lips touched, gently at first, playing. Our mouths opened in unison and my tongue touched hers, coy, exploring. I let her knee slide through my legs and she moved it up against me. I pushed down a little onto it as my tongue slid deeper into her mouth and our kiss deepened. My hands roamed across her young body, such smooth and firm skin. I found her breast beneath my hand and its nipple firm, urgent, wanting. ‘Oh fuck me, please’ she breathed softly, turning over onto her back. ‘Show me what it’s really like’. I turned too, kneeling over her, my breasts hanging and just grazing hers. She caught hold of them gently and nuzzled them, finding my nipples and sucking. It was so good, but I pulled away and looked down. She’d spread her legs; some silky blonde hairs on her mound and the hint of her pussy lips beneath. I ran my fingers down across her flat tanned tummy, feeling it flutter beneath me and then both slipping under her ass, lifting her up. My face so close, her perfume overpowering. I kissed the inside of her thighs moving ever closer to her sexual being. So soft against my cheek, and then my tongue touching, tasting for the first time this young woman’s sex. I ran my tongue along the length of her lips twice and then opening her with my thumbs, looked into her glistening pink velvet. My tongue lapped, and slid inside. My kiss deepened and I showed her what women are capable of.

We woke late, a little embarrassed, but still in each other’s arms. I slipped on a silk gown and made us some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with black coffee. The embarrassment soon wore off and we chatted about her experiences with girls and boys at college, fumbled and unsatisfying. She said that our lovemaking had been wonderful, although she had only cum twice and I certainly had much more to teach her, including how to satisfy me, but I wanted to take it slowly. I asked her where her exhibition was but she said she wanted to stay with me. I suggested some shopping, my treat, perhaps she’d like some new sexy clothes and then maybe a club. She gave me a hug ‘that would be wonderful’ she enthused giving me a sexy kiss that made me melt. I pushed the breakfast things to one side and we slid under the sheets again, this time moving into a 69 position. It was around 12 when we surfaced, showered and set off to Bond Street. I felt very happy.

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