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My friend cheating on her bf onBahamas

This a Story is about How my friend cheated on her boyfriend while we were on a vacation resort on Bahamas. I and 5 friends planned a trip 7 day trip to the Bahamas last year. When we got there we checked in 3 rooms, 2 per room, I was roommate with on my friend her name was Claudia ( not her real name).we all played in the same soccer team, both were 24 year old brown dark hair about 5'5 and I was 135ib she was skinner about 115ib, we all were from Vancouver Canada. We both had boyfriends.

our first night we were tired so we did not do much, we went out to the bar for some drinks, we met this group of guys around 7 them, they were form the USA they were older than us around 30 year old . 2 were black and 4 white, they were hitting on me and my friends but we just ignored them and went to bed . The next day we went the beach and we found the same guys again, we got to know them better and they spend most the day hanging out with us, they knew me, my roommate and another one of the girls all have boyfriends so they were trying more to hit on the other 3 girls. At the night time we went to the resort club with everyone us and the guys, we were drinking a lot as drinks were free, and the guys were trying to dance with all of us, one with my friend was making out with one of the white guys all night, on the other hands the 2 black guys were trying to dance with me and my roommate, the guy with me was behaving himself but the black guy that was dancing with my roommate was trying to make out with my roommate, and she got mad and we left early, when we got to the room she was telling me how she felt his dick on her when they were dancing and it felt huge, but there is no way she will cheat on her boy friend.

The third day was quite both of us were trying to avoid these guys, but they were always hanging out with the rest of our friends so we had no choice. The fourth day we all on a both trip me my roommate and 1 other girl were on the both with the 2 black guys and another guy, were sitting across from from each other and I can see the black guy dick through his shorts, I think he had his legs open on purpose, and it was hug, we all were drinking the whole time and talking, but i notice West who is the guy with big dick paying more attention to my roommate asking her about her boyfriends and all sort of personal question, Jamal was trying to hit on me but I just ignored him. We all got to our rooms and got ready o out to the club, when we got it was very picked we were dancing all night and Claudia seem to be more friendly with West they were dancing tighter all night, around 4 we all went to our room Jamal and West walked us to our room and tried to come in but we did not let them. The fifth night were sort of same kind of thing but before going to the club west stopped by our room with 2 of the white guys, Claudia received a call from her bf and she told him how she was enjoying her time here, Claudia bf seems mad at her cuz he heard the noise of the guys laughing and talking on the background, Claudia told him they are just a friend of main and they are friendly guys.

The last night was the craziest night of my life I ever in my life, we were partying all day we start dirking since 11 in the morning, around 9 I got so d***k that I started to throw up so I went back to the room and passed out, they rest of the girl went out. I was sl**ping and all the sudden I hear west and Claudia come in the room around 12 which was early i wa surprised, they tried to wake me up but I pretend to be asl**p, but I had the cover over me and I tried to open my eyes whenever I can to see what was happening, they both were sitting on Claudia bed and they were very d***k, west was trying to touch Claudia and kiss her but in the beginning she was telling him how she has a bf and she cannot, from the tone of his voice west seemed to get mad, and he was telling that no one can find out I remember him saying I know you want me and all the sudden he took his dick out and was saying fine if u do not want this, it is ok I just wanted u to see how much big than your bf I am. I swear I open my eyes and I can see Claudia eyes, she was stirring at his dick it has to be 10"
Claudia was saying how big it was and her bf was 6" and all the sudden start touching it. and then she said how about Ream she can see us, and they looked at me I pretend it to be a sl**p. When I open my eys again after 4 min she was sucking his dick, I was shocked. West got out of the bed and was standing, and he said get down on your keens bitch, and she did I was shocked by the way he was treating Claudia and she seem ok with. West starting saying" keep sucking all the way slut, I know u wanted it since we were dancing at the club. what would your bf think of u now sucking a black dick, Claudia was quit, west left her up and put her doggy style on the floor and was asking her to beg for it like a bitch if she wanted to be fucked, Claudia was quit, and west start getting louder beg for my dick or I will leave, please fuck me Claudia said. i cannot hear u, I said please fuck me I am a slut please, I could not believe my ears I never seen Claudia like this. He starts fukinging hard.

West: u like that bitch
Claudia : ahhhhh yes
West love that brown ass, bit your bf never fuck u that good bitch
Claudia moaning loudly

All the sudden the phone rang, west picked up the phone thought it was Jamaal but it was Claudia bf. west griped Claudia by her hair and made her suck his dick while talking to her bf,west was saying how lucky he is to have a gf and he should not let go of here while she was gagging in his cock, I was so turned on, than he give the phone to her and west laid in the bed and she was in her knees talking to her bf, west was trying to f***e Claudia to lick his ass, but she wouldn't, west threaten her to tell her bf, she stat licking his ass while on the phones still ,Claudia was on her knees her ass was towered my bed West was laying on the bed face toward my bed, and as I was watching he saw me and start smiling at me, I was so scared but he did not say anything. Claudia was saying bye to her bf while licking West ass, west was steering at here and told her on a quit voice not to hang up and she listened, while she tried to keep the conversation going, west was forcing her face in his ass, and I can see a big smell on his face, all the sudden he got up fast and stating cumming on Claudia face and he did not care anymore he starting forcing his dick down her mouth for about 20 sec. Claudia bf got paranoid , Claudia told him that ppl were smoking in her room and she soaked on the smoke, I am not sure if he buy it. and when i thought i was OVER West comes from behind and START FUCKING Claudia she tried to get away from him in the beginning but he stat going harder and Claudia start moaning on the phone, I was soo shocked i start shivering in my bed. West g****d the phone start saying do u hear that bitch moaning your girl is my slut tonight, i can see few tears in Claudia eyes but see did not seem she wanted to stop. West put the phone and put it in Claudia ear, tell him that you r my slut, and he smacked her ass hard, tell him, Claudia start saying i am a slut i am your slut fuuuuuck i am cuming i am cuming. i still do not believe Claudia was doing that while on the phone with her phone with her bf, all the sudden the someone was knocking on the door west went to get the door, and Claudia was saying how sorry on the phone to her bf, west came back in with Jamal, Jamal was laughing. Claudia was trying to hang up the phone, but west did not let her and they were both laughing and then west stated to fuck Claudia again while Jamal was on the phone telling her bf what is happing and to slut his girl is, and how she is been fucked while cum was covering her face, Jamal was sitting in my bed when he was on the phone, he give the phone back to west and start touching me, i got up and yelled at him, and i can see Claudia looking at me with embossment while west fucking her. Jamal and west was treating her sooo bad and her bf was still on the phone and i was up, i could not believe she did not stop them. Jamal went over to Claudia and put his dick in her mouth, his dick was smaller about 7" max, and the put the phone on speaker, and west start fucking so hard that she was moaning loud i thought the whole place can hear us, and Jamal and west taking shhit to her and her bf, west telling him how she licked his ass, Claudia seem to get horner for some reason, i even start playing with myself under the cover but no one saw me. West got out his dick and starting cumming all over her face again while Jamal was laughing so hard and Claudia bf was swearing on the phone. i could not belive my eyes what i saw next west g****s Claudia hair and made her lick the cum that dropped on the floor I was sooo shocked and disgusted and was telling lick it u fucking slut and while west was making her lick his cum jamel staring fucking her from behined it took him a while to get in, and then i figure he was fucking her in her ass, i know that for a fact Cloudia never has anal sex, Jamal telling her how her pussy was stretch and he need a tighter hole, they both tried dp her but that did not work out, was too pain full. until today i do not know why her bf stay on the phone the whole time. in the end while Jamal was fucking her ass west made her lick his ass again and she was really begging him to fuck her again and she will do anything, at that time i thought i was watching a porno.Jamel and west switched places and all the sudden while she was sucking jamel dick which was in her ass sec ago he was telling her bf how his gf was licking his ass the phone cut off, i think it was a phone card that is why. Claudia has nice ass to tell u thetruth, by that time it was soo red from all the slapping, west was telling Claudia all sick thing they made her bark like a dog and she was doing what been told, I never had a 10" dick but it seem like it was driving Cloudia crazy like that and making degrade herself like that , by that time she cam four times, and west g****d her by her hair and put her in bed next to where i was sitting and fucking her doggy style, he pulled her hair and was making her tell me what kind of a slut u she is, she was saying whatever he told her i wa scared, he made her tell all sorted of stuff like i should try and good it fell, Jamal was sitting on the other bed looking at us and jerking off, at that time i was starting to feel uncomfortable and scared, and then Claudia start moaning harder , west pulled out and i could not believe he had so much cum left in him he cam in her ass thie and on my sheet and little bit got on my foot, i did not what to say i was scared both guys were big guys, the both start lagughing soo hard and then west mad her lick the bed sheet and than g****d her toward my feet i said no but he did not care he f***ed her face forward my feet and mad her lick the cum was in there, Claudia face and hair was filled with cum and Jamal came running he jumped on my bed he ass was towered me and start coming in Cloudia face and my feet i pull my leg away but was too late they made her lick all the cum on my feet and they were both laughing and saying they could not believe how she was getting fucked while her bf on the phone, they both admitted that was their craziest night ever, and they left, when they were leaving west turn around and said since the first day we a bit to fuck both of u, i thought u were both whore but i was wrong only one of u was, and he told how luck my man is and left.

till today I cannot believe this happen, me and Claudia are not friends anymore, whoever she called me about a month ago and she was telling me west was coming over to visit her and he needs a place to sl**p, she cannot take him to her house cuz her parents are religious, that was another crazy weekend I might write about it some other time. she does not have bf anymore either, but i never told they story to the other girls that is why i felt like written it here to get it out of chest. Oh when of my other friend hook it with one of the guys but nothing compared to this

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