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Lonely Imagination

“Sandy, we are going to need to you go on a business trip to New York to negotiate a new deal with one of our associates.”

Just like that Sandy was on the next airplane on her way to New York. She was a successful business woman. That was not because she was the best at what she did, but because she had lots of time to focus on her job. Sandy had been divorced for over ten years, and her two c***dren had moved out years ago. Business trips were nice because it gave her an opportunity to be around other lonely people. She was not the only person in a room by themselves.

When she got off the plane, she checked into her hotel. She looked at her cell phone. There was still plenty of time to see the sites before the sun went down. After Sandy dropped her stuff in the room, she called a taxi and went to the beach. The beach was her favorite place to go. She used to go there went she was a young girl. There was the soft sand under her feet, the sound of light waves in the distance. Where did those days go? It seemed like just yesterday she was graduating high school. Now stress lines were on her face. She was no longer the desire of all the young men. Work had taken the place of late night parties.

She looked up at the sky and wished for those days to return. When she looked down at the sand she saw a shining green light. Sandy walked over to the spot. She dusted the sand from around the green stone. It was a ring. There was nobody else at the beach. Somebody must have lost their ring at the beach. There was no way of returning it. Sandy picked up the ring and put it on her right hand. It felt good to have jewelry on her finger. She did not have to put up with an asshole husband for the ring either. As the sun set, she could not help but think how beautiful the setting sun looked against the ocean.

After a while at the beach, she called a taxi to take her back to the hotel. When she got back to the hotel, she looked at herself in the mirror with her ring. She looked lovely with the ring on her finger.

The best part about business trips was the fact that she could charge things to her room and her work would pick up the tab. This meant that she could watch adult movies in her hotel to help her with her loneliness without getting charged. Sandy went over to her suitcase, and took out the most important thing in her luggage, her vibrator. She turned on the T.V. to the adult channels. She did not know which genre she wanted to watch. At first she thought about going with something conventional. Suddenly, she got an urge to watch something kinkier. She clicked on the gangbang movie. A nervous shiver went through her as she did not know what to expect.

As the movie started, she started her vibrator and inserted it into her. Her ring started to glow. In her mind, she dreamt of a man getting down on his knees and licking her pussy. A man appeared in her hotel room. At first sight, Sandy was completely scared. He went down on his knees. Sandy looked at the situation with a quizzical look. The man bent over and removed the vibrator from her pussy. He started to lick her long since untouched pussy. This started Sandy roaring. She held the man’s head against her pussy. His tongue licked every spot of her pussy. An early squirt came out. He licked up every last drop.

In the back of her head, she thought that it would be nice if somebody paid some attention to her breasts. Another man appeared. He lay next to her on the bed, and started to caress her breasts. As he caressed, he started to lick her tits. This was something completely new for Sandy. She could do nothing but just sit there and moan.

The man caressing her breasts rolled over and sat on his back. The man licking her pussy stopped. Sandy rolled over on top of the first man. She inserted her cunt on the man’s dick. It felt refreshing to feel a dick in her hole again. This man’s dick was much better than the piece of crap peep hole her ex-husband had. She let out a long over due climax. The man licking her pussy stood up behind her. He softly put his dick into her ass. He did not want to do it too fast because Sandy had never done anal. She let out a small scream of pain from the dick entering her ass. At first, he gently thrust his dick in her. After a short time both were bounding her at the same pass. As Sandy bounded up and down, orgasmic screams came from her mouth.

As both dicks smacked against her body, she wondered how nice it would be to have a full mouth. A third man came onto the bed. She leaned over to take in his cock. Before engulfing his dick, she licked his balls. She then teased him by French kissing his head. After the tease was over, she took in his cock. Despite the fact that she had a cock in her mouth, her moans could still be heard. The two other men helped to thrust her body into the cock.

It was about time for all three men to explode. They took their cocks out of her respective holes. From all different angles, they pointed their cannons at her. She traded off massaging two of them while the other took care of their own. Almost in unison the three men showered her with cum. She licked the cum that was around her mouth as she rubbed the rest of it closer to her lips. One of the men gave her a towel. She used it to wipe the rest of the cum out of her hair. The ring glowed again. As she removed towel from face, the three men disappeared.

She sat in her bed thinking about what just happened. Was her mind just getting the best of her? Her face was sticky though from all of the cum. Her pussy did not feel like it usually did after she used her vibrator. Also, she had never used her vibrator in her ass.

There was a knock at the door. Sandy walked over to the door putting on a robe on her way. She opened the door. It was a hotel worker. “Excuse me miss, we have gotten multiple complains about the noise levels from this room. Is everything ok?”

Sandy just smiled, and closed the door.

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