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The Panty Thief

by Just4kinks (

Kathy settled into her window seat after boarding the plane.
Forty-minutes after take off, she began drifting into a dream about the
curly headed Bajan man she had a pleasant affair with during her
vacation in Barbados. Her lover was gently massaging her inner thigh
in the dream when she realized she was being groped. The hand belonged
to a balding, pot-bellied man with a Jamaican lilt. He was cooing to
her gently, "Baby, you so sweet. Me want to eat you like a peach.
Mmmm, you so wet and delicious," he said as his hand rubbed
the outline of her lips against her red silk panties.

The thing is Kathy wasn't down from her sexual high and it took her a
few moments to distinguish between her dream lover and the man's hand
action beneath her skirt. The man's hand found its way past her skirt
before she realized she wasn't dreaming. Kathy was dreaming of the
first encounter with her Bajan lover in the back seat of his car.
Arron was a tour guide who decided to show her something more than the
local decor. Kathy was responding to his lips, hands and passionate
caresses. She squirmed in her seat, feeling turned on and disgusted
when she understood that the middle-aged man was groping her while she
slept. Despite feeling aroused, she pulled away and glared at him. She
was relieved that she had the covers over her lap so no one saw her
gyrating to the movement of his hand as she napped. Turning away, she
crossed her legs to prevent him from having access to her privates.

Falling back into her dream, Kathy was e****ting Arron to her hotel room
after a night of dancing. They began kissing passionately in the
elevator and she barely stepped into the room before her lover began
undressing her. He pressed his taut body against hers; she felt his
cock throbbing beneath the tight jeans. Her pussy was so wet, longing
for his heat. She moved in her sl**p, parting her legs slightly. The
hand was back between her thighs. Its fingers were excitedly rubbing
and probing every inch of her sex. The fingers were fat sausages and
they worked her pussy. First, they pulled her lips apart to massage the
most inner part of her labia, then they pinched the lips together
slightly applying enough pressure to cause her to squirm and part her
legs wider in anticipation. The fingers plunged deeper and deeper
inside her as she rhythmically fucked her dream lover. The fingers
moved in and out, becoming slick with her juices. The hand gave her a
quick and furious orgasm; she shuddered and moaned deeply in her sl**p.
By now, her stirrings had caught the attention of some of the other
passengers who looked disapprovingly as the man's hand movements
beneath the covers were apparent.

Kathy was so sound asl**p that a stewardess had to wake her when the
plane landed in Kennedy Airport. Groggy from sl**p, she looked around
and realized everyone else had left. As she stretched to open the
overhead bin to retrieve her belongings, Kathy felt a draft between her
legs. She was no longer wearing panties! They were gone!

The stewardess looked sheepishly at her and shrugged. She said, "Miss I
know. The Panty Thief has struck again.

"We put a general alert out but no one reads. There is a man who fondles
young women while they sl**p on the plane. He keeps their panties as
souvenirs. We really can't do anything unless someone files a formal
complaint. Would you like to? I can take you to the airport security."

Kathy blushed and shook her head. She thought of how horny
she was and the pleasure she got from releasing her sexual
tension in the dream. His hand must have been good because
she felt so sexually gratified.

"No thanks," she said as she walked out, smiling to herself. Arron was
a great lover but The Panty Thief had the golden touch!

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