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Daddys Little Whore pt.2

When the water was hot, he pulled me in with him and proceeded to bathe me. He took care to gently wash my breasts, my genitals, and my ass. Then he ordered me to bathe him as well. I copied his ministrations, softly soaping his body and rinsing it, paying special attention to his hard throbbing cock, his large swollen balls, and his ass.

When I finished, he pulled me out and we dried each other off. He ordered me to bring him a pair of boxers and a robe. I did go and even helped him dress. Then he reattached the collar around my neck and led me into my old room. He opened my underwear drawer and pulled out a light blue pair of boy short panties that I knew made my ass look fantastic. He pulled out the matching bra as well and put them both on my bed.

He then opened my closet and examined my clothes. Finally, he pulled out an old t-shirt from high school and a matching pair of cotton shorts. They'd been my warm-up clothes for cheerleading practices long ago. Now they were both worn and faded, and were actually my favorite summer outfit for hot nights to use as pajamas.

"Put these clothes on and meet me in the living room," he ordered.

I was happy to redress and even happier to climb down the stairs and find my father just sitting on the couch and channel surfing. He patted the couch next to him when he caught sight of me.

I came over and as I figured he wanted, I curled up next to him. I laid my head in his lap and simply enjoyed the quiet presence of another human being. After about an hour of mindless television, we both heard the front door open and Charlie came in wearing almost the exact same clothes that I was. Her warm-up outfit was just newer and less faded. She simply stood in the foyer looking at us and I noticed her expression was one of confusion.

"Hi, sweetie!" my father called happily. "How was practice?"

"Uh ... fine. What's going on?" Charlie asked.

My father shrugged, "Nothing much. We're just watching some TV. Do you want to join us?"

"Uh ... no. I think I'll take a shower."

Charlie turned to leave, but she looked back at me. For only a second, I caught her look before she disappeared, but I think she was glaring angrily at me.

A few moments later, we heard the shower start in the bathroom above us and my father simply pushed me onto the floor. He rolled me onto my back and then pulled down my shorts and panties in just one swipe. He opened his robe and pushed his boxers down. His cock was still hard and throbbing.

With only a little effort, my father pushed his large cock inside my pussy in one even shove. Without stopping his motion, he began sawing in and out of me. Once again, my body was all-too-willing to please. My cunt was almost instantly hot and wet, it gripped and massaged him and I realized I was propped up on my elbows eagerly watching him fuck me.

My father leaned over me and pushed his lips to mine and I felt my tongue shoot into his mouth hungrily. I couldn't stop myself. I was horny and hungry for every part of my father, yet with each second I felt building unconquerable shame. I was disgusted with myself, yet, as my father's beautiful cock was pounding away inside of me and the sounds of my little s****r singing in the shower could be heard through the floor above us, I then heard my own words:

"Oh yeah Daddy! Fuck my little hot pussy!"

'Did I really just say that!?' I thought.

"Harder Daddy! Cram that big cock in my dirty-slut cunt!"

'Holy Shit!' I wasn't even in control of my own mouth anymore! 'What the hell is happening to me!?' I cried inside.

"Yeah Daddy! Oh ... oh ... I'm cumming!"

My pussy spasmed in exquisite pleasure. At the same moment, my father's cock spewed forth a river of white-hot cum into my already burning tunnel. The pleasure intensified and I felt a second orgasm suddenly overcome me. My eyes rolled back into my head and the world around me disappeared into blackness.

I awoke several minutes later to the sound of canned television laugher and I heard my father and Charlie also giggling. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Charlie cuddled up under my father's arm wearing only a tight white t-shirt and panties.

My father was wearing his robe and wasn't touching Charlie at all. His arm was on the back of the couch and Charlie was simply cuddled into his side, but his hands weren't on her at all, despite her lack of clothes. I was happy he was keeping his part of the bargain.

I sat up and gasped when I found that my shaved pussy was still red, swollen, and fully on display before Charlie, leaking what looked like the last of the syrupy mixture of my own and my father's cum into a dark spot on the carpet. My body flushed with shame and disgust with myself.

When Charlie saw that I was awake, her expression flashed hatred, despise, and also haughty superiority. My father though seemed unconcerned with my appearance. When I quickly tried to pull up my panties and shorts, his eyes shot open at the dark spot on the carpet.

"You better get that cleaned up you fucking slut!" he barked.

"Yes, Daddy," I whispered.


"Yes, Daddy," I said more clearly. Charlie was snickering at the exchange.

I hurried into the kitchen, pulling on my panties and shorts fully as I ran. I grabbed a wash cloth and some carpet cleaner and returned to the living room. While I scrubbed at the sex-stain, Charlie continued to snicker and giggle at me. When I finished cleaning, I returned to the kitchen to clean off the wash cloth and put the carpet cleaner away.

But I didn't make it to the sink. Before I got there, I was pushed into the kitchen table. The wash cloth and carpet cleaner shot out of my hands and flew into the kitchen wall. I fell face-forward across the empty table and the wind was knocked out of me. I felt large hands rip off my shorts and panties and then felt my father shove his cock sharply into my pussy.

After a few strokes, my swampy pussy was beginning to warm up again. But then his cock was removed and I felt the head of his cock press against my butthole. Finally, my body and mind seemed to agree and I was able to scream out, "NO! Daddy please! Not there!"

His hand slapped down hard on my ass and for a half-second, my asshole relaxed and it was all his cock needed to slip inside and gain a foothold in my butt. With immense pain and pressure, his cock was soon buried deep inside me.

My body finally acquiesced and I suddenly felt as though I was now trapped inside a prison deep in my mind. I could feel, see, hear, smell, and taste the sex around me in the air, but no matter how much I screamed and thrashed, my body lay there on the table, compliant. For the first few minutes of my father's anal assault, my body simply accepted the pain willingly, but then, slowly, the pain became pleasure and my own ass began moving in circles to help my father's cock more easily fuck into my supertight asshole.

From the prison inside my mind, I heard my body scream in ecstasy as an orgasm overtook my body. My voice called out, "God! Daddy, fuck my dirty-girl ass! Harder Daddy! I'm cumming!"

My body opened my eyes and my lust-filled gaze settled on Charlie who simply sat in a kitchen chair and watched me getting anally fucked by our father. I felt my pussy ooze when part of my mind realized she was watching and my ass contracted.

My father groaned loudly and his cock grew inside my tight ass. I felt his scalding spunk shoot powerfully against the walls of my rectum and soothe the burning desire inside my body. I was on fire with need and his spunk doused the flames. But in my mind, the prison cell only seemed smaller, darker, and my shame made the world unbearable. I couldn't understand why my body seemed to be addicted to him.

In the tiny shame-filled prison, I choked on bile when he pulled his cock out of my ass with a wet suction-fart sound and ordered me to clean him off. But my body moaned in desire and eagerly spun off the table, slurping at his cock which was covered in globs of his cum, but tasted like my asshole. My body simply quivered desire at the whorish sex act, all the while under the gaze of my s****r Charlie.

When my father was clean and his cock continued to throb in front of my face, he smiled sweetly at Charlie and said, "Sweetie, I'm going to bed now."

Charlie simply said, "OK. Goodnight Daddy."

My father tucked his hard cock back in his boxers and nearly dragged me up the stairs to his bedroom. Once there, he chained me to the bed again and fucked me into u*********sness.

In the morning, I awoke to find my ass and pussy were both half-leaking cum, but also crusted with dried juices. Both of my holes were red, swollen, and ached horribly. I was unchained and naked except for my 'WHORE' collar.

I found my father's cock beneath the covers and started my morning chores.

After nearly two years, I had simply holed up inside the tiny room in my head. Every day, multiple times per day, I was degraded, fucked, stimulated, and treated like a slutty slave-whore by my father. Half of the time, this was in the full view of my s****r Charlie.

The prison walls in my mind were filled with a calendar that I counted the days with. Soon, Charlie would be eighteen and graduated from high school. I planned to escape my prison then and take Charlie away from here. Then we would both be free. I only hoped after so long allowing my body's desires to rule the roost, I would be able to assume control when the opportunity arose.

Charlie's birthday and my own were both in April so we decided to celebrate them together. I got some new lingerie from my father and a double-ended dildo, which part of me gushed over and thanked my Daddy for as my slut-slave mind imagined possibly having both ends worked into me, my pussy and ass simultaneously filled. The tiny part of my me in my mind-jail threw up in disgust.

Charlie got a new car from my father, as I had also gotten a new car when I turned eighteen. I got her leather seat covers for her car. Charlie then apologized to me, "I'm so sorry s*s! I'm still working on your present! Daddy is helping me with it thought!"

I was glad she was making me something special. It gave me hope that soon she could probably be convinced to follow me away from this horrible life.

The morning of Charlie's graduation in May, I performed my ritual blowjob with enthusiasm as my father finger-fucked my ass and pussy. But when he came, I wasn't able to swallow my father's load. My stomach heaved and had to run to the toilet to empty its contents. I'd been feeling ill for the past two weeks, and this wasn't the first time I'd thrown up first thing in the morning.

My father and I showered together and he used the opportunity to fuck me in the ass as he often did on weekend mornings. After we'd both cum and cleaned, we dressed each other for Charlie's graduation ceremony. The three of us drove to the ceremony together and went to lunch together afterwards. I couldn't eat because my stomach still felt uneasy and I hoped I wasn't coming down with a summer flu.

Charlie grinned at my sickness and agreed to head home with take-out instead. I realized how sweet my s****r really was becoming then as she grew more mature. I felt like my s****r was totally worth the sacrifice I'd made.

When we got home, Charlie said it was time for her to give me her birthday gift and to repay a debt to Daddy as well. She led the three of us upstairs and suddenly her friendly, bubbly, cheerleader demeanor changed and she barked orders at me:

"Strip off your clothes and put on your collar, you whore!" she yelled.

In my mind, the prison walls shrank back a bit and my cell became tinier. Shame flooded into me as my body flushed and eagerly began to comply. Charlie's face filled with a snarl and growled, "Answer me when I give you an order, bitch! The proper response is 'Yes, Charlene.'"

"Yes, Charlene. Sorry, Charlene," I heard myself say compliantly.

Charlie smiled at me and her eyes flashed behind me and I turned to find my father stripping naked behind me as well. I was shocked, but my body simply began to ramp up its arousal.

Charlie slowly peeled off her own dress and crawled sexily onto the bed. She gestured for me to kneel at the foot of the bed. My father put the cuffs on my wrists and attached the chains to the foot of the bed, looping them through both the rings on my collar and the rings on my wrists. When I stepped back, I couldn't move and I couldn't turn my head. I could move my arms a bit, but when I stretched the chains to their limit, I couldn't touch my pussy.

Charlie was grinning at me evilly as she was in her bra and panties on all fours facing me. She said, "So, big s****r, do you remember the day I came home and saw you curled up on the couch with Daddy in just your old cheerleading warm-ups? The day I watched as his cum leaked out of your cunt and watched as he took your anal virginity. Do you remember that day?"

"Yes, Charlene."

"You made a deal with Daddy that day, didn't you?"

"Yes, Charlene," I nodded.

"Well, I made a deal with Daddy only the day before. We'll talk about that in just a minute ... first," she said pulling a plastic case from behind her back, "it's time for your present! Do you recognize this?"

I nodded, confused, "Yes, Charlene. Those are birth control pills."

Charlie laughed, "Yes, they do appear like birth control pills. Actually, they're just sugar tablets. So ... let's go back to that deal I made with Daddy ... I told him I would give myself to him, mind, body, and soul if he could manage to turn you into a slutty whore and impregnate you with his own grandc***d before I graduated from high school."

I gasped and my hands shot down to my belly.

Charlie gave me an evil malicious laugh and nodded, "Yes, my slutty whore s****r. You're not sick, you've got morning sickness. The funny part is, I knew you were worried about me giving in to Daddy's lusty stares, but I had no idea you would willingly give yourself over to him the very next day. How fortuitous!"

The walls of my mind-prison were crushing me. I felt the last shred of myself being squeezed out of existence. On the other hand, my pussy was drooling its excitement down my thighs and my hands were rubbing my nipples.

Charlie continued, "So, now you've got morning sickness and I'm guessing our sweet sexy father has fulfilled his bargain with me."

My father climbed, naked, onto the bed in front of me and fed his cock into my mouth. While I sucked him, he held my chin and said, "Now, I'm going to give Charlie her graduation present."

"Charlie," he said to her as her face leaned over his shoulder to watch me sucking his hard dick. "I'm giving you my most precious possession. I'm giving you my little fuckslut here."

"Oh Daddy! Thank you!" she squealed.

Then she kissed his neck and corrected him, "But she's not your most precious possession ..."

My father pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned to my little s****r. She turned around and was now peeling down her panties and swaying her ass and moist pussy at my father.

I felt the last vestige of my inner voice crushed to death in my mind as I was f***ed to watch my father take the virginity of my little s****r and consummate his new sex slave. When his cum spurted deep inside her, I was ordered to suck her clean. I tasted her juices, his cum, and her bl**dy evidence of purity ... I knew the truth then, I truly was a slutty fucking whore, I was carrying my father's c***d inside me ... and I loved every minute of it.

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