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Lilly and JT bound of love and lust had been sealed. Their father daughter relationship was now on a new level. After hours of making love to his daughter, JT had a whole new out look on loving his daughter, Lilly.

It was early morning and daddy and I had been watching JT take Lilly’s sweet body numerous times. Lilly had done for her father the same thing that I had did for daddy, after I returned home from college. The first time my daddy took my pussy the sex b**st that had laid dormant in him for years had been released.

Lilly lay sl**ping on the couch when I awoke. Her beautiful face told me that the hurt of not being able to give her love to her father was now gone. The feelings of hurt have now been replaced with joy and peace, and the knowledge that her fathers’ love was hers when ever she needed it.

After searching the house trying to fine daddy and JT, however, they were no where to be found, I ran upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. Standing under the hot water the memories of the night before came rushing back. I thought about being with Lily, and how good her body felt as we explored each other. I knew that my first time making love to my sweet Lilly, would not be my last. Lilly was turning into such a sweet little sex kitten. I thought about watching Lilly and JT, and what a beautiful sight it was to see the unfolding love that is between JT and his daughter.

While I was in the shower I played with my tits and masturbated to the point of getting myself off, but I knew that would not be enough. I throw on a pair of tight fitting jeans and a sexy top that showed of my thirty-four d tits, they were firm and round.

I heard daddy and JT downstairs; I knew that they would be hungry; especially JT after the workout Lilly gave him last night. I walked into the kitchen where both men were sitting as the table drinking coffee.

When I walked in I could tell that they had been talking about me. The look on their faces told me what they wanted. “Good morning baby.” daddy said as he kissed me on my cheek, his hand placed firmly on my ass.

“Yes it sure is.” I said as I winked and flashed a sweet sexy smile. I knew that look in daddy’s eyes, and food was the last thing on his mind. Our kitchen table had become a favorite place to make out, sometimes when daddy would come home tired and horny from a long day at work, if I was in the kitchen when he came though the door, there would be no waiting to go upstairs to our bedroom. Stripping off our clothes right there, daddy would take me right there on the kitchen table, which was something we did frequently.

“My baby girl is so beautiful and so dam sexy.” daddy said as he kissed the back of my neck, while his hands roamed freely over my body.

“Yes she is looking pretty sweet.” JT said as he licked his lips while watching daddy undress me. While daddy removed all my cloths, I could see his hard on growing strong. Once I was completely naked daddy laid me on the kitchen table. Daddy continued to caress my body as I laid there fully exposed.

Daddy leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Since you were so sweet in treating me the other night by letting me fuck Lilly, I thought I would treat you this morning and let my old buddy JT do my little girl, while I watch. Would you like that sweetie?

I never said a word, but my sweet sexy smile spoke for me. I saw JT standing at the end of table. I felt him as he took both my feet in his hand; he rested my feet on his chest. I felt his hands start to gently massage my feet. “I want every inch of you, starting with your feet.” “You have lovely feet” JT said as he took one of my toes in his mouth. I had never met man with a foot fetish before, but I felt there was nothing wrong with what he was doing.

Working his way up my feet and legs, licking and kissing his way towards my wet hole, I felt a rumbling in my stomach as he kissed the insides of my tights. When he reached my love hole he pulled my lips apart, shoving two fingers inside, as his mouth found the sweetness of my pussy worth waiting for.

“MMM, you’re so sweet.” I head him claim, as he found my clit, while he licked and stretch my little sex hole to the max. I think I learned something that morning. Joe Turner loves to eat pussy. My god I thought daddy had it bad, my dad could not even come close to eating my pussy out the way JT did that morning.

Daddy saw the glee in my eyes; he knew that I wanted nothing more then to feel JT inside me. Daddy took a seat and watched as JT removed his cloths and climbed in between my open legs. From what I had seen Lilly’s dad would more then an adequate lover. JT lay on top of me; his strong hard body covered me as I felt his hands start to explore what I had to offer.

His hands was soft and smooth to the touch, unlike my father who has a commanding strong touch, that always made my pussy quiver at the slightest touch, JT’s velvet touch had me wet and wanting.

I felt his hard nine inch pleasure tool cascading down my tummy. Spreading my legs wider, JT prepared to enter me. I could barely contain my excitement as I felt his cock head push lightly against my slit. I felt my unfolding pussy lips open, and JT entered me with full f***e. I screamed with a passionate joy that was new to me.

Just as I was getting use to my new lovers pleasure tool being inside me, a half sl**p naked Lilly came walking through the door. “Hay what’s going on in here?”

Daddy quickly grabbed Lilly and sat her down on his lap. “Hay sweetness you’re just in time to see my Christy give your daddy a good morning fuck, just the way you did last night.” Daddy said as he slid his hand between her legs to find her sweet tight kitty.

“Do you mind sweetheart?” I heard JT ask.

Fully awake and horny she gave her father a wink and smile, thereby giving him her blessing. With Lilly on his lap and his fingers lightly playing with her hairless snatch, dad and Lilly looked on as JT pushed his hips forward, slamming almost all nine inches into my wanting pussy.

“OHHH GOD JT.” I screamed. His cock hit my pussy with such f***e I thought I was going to blackout. JT’s long meaty cock filled my pussy to the brink. Once I got used to JT’s huge cock being inside me, JT and I slowly started fucking.

Once we got started there was no holding back. That morning on that table JT took me to a blissful sexual heaven that could only be shared by two. He pumped my pussy to uncontaminated pleasure. God the sex between JT and I was no where near as good as it was between daddy and I, it was better.

I could not get enough of him. I hoped he would never stop, at that moment there was no one else in the world that matter, not even the two people who were looking on, and that loved us the most.

I was on the edge of my first organism, my juices flowing, my heart racing, I was pushed over the edge into a sexual heaven that was so beautiful that I wished to never return to reality.

JT pulled out just in the nick of time, he shot of full load over my tits. I had barely come down from my first organism when I felt Lilly’s mouth glom on to my soak cum tit. Lilly’s tongue swirled around my nipples, licking and sucking up her daddy’s cum. Looking down the table I could see daddy standing in back of Lilly, it was obvious that daddy was fucking that sweet little ass, while JT plunged his cock down my throat. All four of us fucked hard that morning, that was the beginning of our on going f****y swap party.

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