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My 1st time with a guy

Please note this story is true, the names have, of course, been changed. Some of the finer details are a little

hazy, this is all about twelve or thirteen years ago?

Please comment and rate this, as it's my first go!

When I was about sixteen, I had this mate, Chris.
We'd just hang around together, play Nintendo, smoke his mum's cigarettes. She was cool, 50 ish, divorced

and made the best cups of tea, ha ha.

One night, it was his birthday, we went to some place for a meal, just us three. We'd talked about sex before, I

was a virgin, he'd done it twice.

He went to the toilets, I decided I needed to go too.

On the way out, there was a Durex machine. I didn't know what they were, but he smiled and told me to get

some I'd need them one day. The sign next to the machine said "this machine does NOT give out M&M's". I'll

never forget that.

Anyway, there was nobody in the bogs, so I bought some, so did Chris.

We must have looked so red-faced when we went back to sit with his mum.

Anyway, might have been a few days after that, I went to his after school. His mum was at work, did some

accountancy job, so we stole a few of her cigs and sat on his bed.

He told me he'd gotten a porno video. Looking back now, it was crap, but I got instantly hard watching it, and

told him so.

Now, he'd shown me his cock before. About four inches when hard. He'd shaved it for his last girl he was with.

He said "look, we're alone, have a wank if you want". What?! In front of my mate, I mean, yeah I've seen his,

but he hadn't seen mine, let alone wank in front of him. "ummm" I managed to say, "are you sure that's OK?".

he nodded, and pulled his bedroom curtains.

So there we are, two lads with their cocks in their hands sitting on this bed watching some of the most Godawful

porn ever, slowly stroking themselves.

Chris asked if I still had the condom I bought. I did, and he told me to put it on so I didn't make a mess. I

sheepishly told him I didn't know how, and he said he'd show me. He undid his Durex, and rolled it onto his


I undid mine, but tried to put it on upside down. He laughed, took it from me, and took my cock in his hand!

At sixteen, my cock was already six inches maybe a little more and double the thickness of his. Nobody had

ever held my cock, and the feeling of another hand, even my mates, thrilled me. He pulled the sheath over my

cock, and told me to carry on, as he went back to himself.

This terrible actress was sucking a cock on the video.

I asked if he'd had his cock sucked, and he answered no. I said I bet it's great, but I bet spunk (as we called it

then) tasted awful. Chris agreed about the spunk. He suddenly looked at me and said "well we both have

Johnnies (again, we were only youngsters!) on, why don't we try it"? I could NOT believe I was hearing this, but

I must have nodded because he slowly leaned down to my cock and took it into his mouth, well the head

anyway. The feeling was both amazing and awful at the same time.

Here was my mate, a good mate of mine, sucking my bell-end. On the other hand, I was getting my bell-end


Now, I'd never had any bi or gay feelings before, but I was looking forward to repaying the favour. I told him to

lie on the bed, and we went top-to-tail and I took his cock right into my mouth, all of it. Fuck, the condom

tasted and smelled awful!

I took his cock out of my mouth, and pulled the Durex away. He stopped, looked at me and I said "I don't

mind" and he carried on pleasing me.

His cock fitted right into the roof of my mouth as I greedily sucked on his cock. Wow! I did like that taste of

cock! He moaned and said something like "oh, that's good" and started breathing really fast. He told me he

was coming and started to pull away. I told him I wanted to taste spunk, and carrie don slurping away at him.

He didn't take much longer, and with a grunt, his watery spunk flew down my throat, the salty taste wasn't

unpleasant at all, and I sucked him dry.

He sat up, and wiped his cock. I must have given him a 'look' as he knelt down as I was sitting on his bed, and

slipped my condom off. Taking my cock back into his mouth I was startled how much better it felt with my cock


It wasn't another five minutes until I felt my balls tighten, and I mentioned that I wouldn't be long. He said that

he wanted my spunk in his mouth, which just turned me on even more.

I'd wanked before, of course, but the orgasm I felt was so much harder, more intense, than anything I'd ever felt


Chris couldn't contain all my thick cum at first, swallowed a little then took about half my length in his mouth

and sucked and sucked.

After I had cleaned my cock, we had a smoke, and to my relief it didn't seem to bother either of us that we had

just had our first ever blowjob. Together.

Pretty soon after this, his mum came home from work, and I supposed I should go home for my tea.

I exchanged niceties with Chris's mum, a lovely woman, really nice, and left.

What a way to spend an hour after school!

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