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S****r is a slag 3 !!!! Final part x

Well ladies and gents it's been too long so I thought that I would finally finish the s****r story for you all I hope this gets you all hot and horny so comment and give me some ideas on what you want or message/ link to you dirty fantasies darlings. Thinking of doing a college story soon x

My s****r was straddled over me our naked body's almost touching she had just asked if I wanted to fuck her pussy and I was frozen.....
I looked at her with lust and amazement as I nodded for her to fuck me hard,
She lent in to me and kissed me hard, I kissed back grabbing her hips as she lowers herself so her tight cunt is sitting on my rock hard knob. I moan a little as she grinds her hips a little softly rubbing her soaking pussy against my long dick, I whisper softly in her ear that my dick is ready for her teenage pussy.

She looks at me and giggles as she gets up and disappears for a minute I think I have fucked up but she returns and says "I just locked the door so we can't be disturbed hope that's okay" I tell her it's fine. As she walks into the room she turns to face a small stereo, she puts sone music on probably just as backround noise really, she walks towards the bed and climbs ontop of me Again.

I feel her hand grab my cock firmly and starts to lower herself onto my long hard cock, I loom at her and say "what about a condom?" she laughs and as she sits lower I feel the tip of my cock press against her tight cunt she just leans down and says "your s****r is a fucking slut and you wanna use a condom don't be silly b*o" I laugh and as I do I grab her hips and slam them down the length of my cock, as I feel my entire shaft. Deep in her pussy we both scream in pleasure but as I plunge my dick deep in her cunt I accidentally cum inside her due to her being my first. She smiles and says to me don't worry I know I'm your first Hun it's okay. I smile and kiss her as she starts to ride my dick slow I get hard again very quick. She moans loud as she slides her pussy up and down my long dick.

I moan with her. Her pussy is soaking wet now as she rides me faster and harder I reach up and start to play with her huge tits, this starts to get her off more so I grab her firm Arse and sit up and let her fuck me sitting up so I can lick and suck on her huge tits rolling my Tongue over her nipples. She stops and slides my dick out of her tight cunt and turns to face the other way, I smile as she leans forward and slides my dick back inside her. She keeps leaning forward as she fucks me I can se my hard cock plunging deep in her pussy this makes me want to cum so bad so I tell her I'm gonna cum soon, she looks at me and says okay stick it in my Arse I know you want too, so I say okay and grab my dick and slowly push inside her tight asshole we both moan at the same time as she leans back into me and starts bouncing her sexy Arse on my hand dick she tells me " don't cum untill I tell you I'm cumming I wants us both to cum at the same time sexy" I agree and start to pound her tight Arse. She moans loud as she starts rubbing her clit and sliding 3 fingers in her soaking cunt I Say I can't hold on longer as I say this she screams she's cumin hard so I fuck her Arse as fast and deep as I can and my cum blasts in her as she cums with me I feel her Arse tighten and clench as she comes she pushes herself off of me and stands beside the bed

I sit on the edge of the bed and she kneels in front of me and takes my slowly softening dick in her mouth and cleans it off sucking the last bits of spunk from my member . She lays on the bed and opens her legs and says " u better return the favour Hun " so I kneel down and as I oper her legs wider I see my own spunk mixed with her pussy juices running from her pussy and down her Arse so I lick her asshole clean then start to lick her hot juices from her pussy making her moan.

I stand up and pull my boxers back on and just before I leave I kiss her lips another time she says to me "your the greatest fuck ever b*o, if u wanna do it again just do it. Even if I'm asl**p" just before I turn round to go she winks and with that I leave and close the door a little.

I hope you all like this last installment sorry it took so fucking long though x leave feedback tho yeah??? Xxx

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