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The Horned-God cums

Author’s note: This is one of a series of poems I am posting on my blog. I know it’s not a “story” per se, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading the postings here. Please comment either here or on my profile if you like it. Thanks.

The Horned-God cums

Warm winter winds caress the prairie
As a full moon lights the grass sighing in the air.
The Horned-God is walking the eryth
I smell his seed-scent as it wafts through the currents.

The moon feels good on my bare flesh
And the stars seem to tickle my nipples
As they lightly bounce in the silken bodice.
In my fishnets and heels I sway towards the altar.

My long hair is brushed by the breeze as I
Open my legs and straddle the cold stone obelisk,
Pushing my cock and balls back
Back behind me as I lower my body-weight on the stone.

I feel his rough, strong hand lifting my hair and
Gripping a shoulder as the other hand lifts my skirt.
He spreads apart my cheeks, placing the egg-size
Head of his wand into my anus and flicking out my cock’s small head.

He fills me with one long, slow, stroke…ouch.
And then begins a rhythmic slide…inandout…inandout
Inandout faster the giant prick reams me,
I moan, the sound lost in his roaring wind.

The hard, swollen balls smack my ass-cheeks,
His calloused hard hands are on my nipples pulling,
Using them as handholds, keeping me on his shaft
Until I feel him stretch me even more as he cums within me.

Dazed, I slide off of the sacred stone
His cum dripping out my gaping hole and down my legs as
I stagger on six-inch spike heels back to the barn.
The rains will come, the Horned-God is appeased.

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