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The first introduction I had of dildos was by my husband. He started with one that vibrated but still resembled a penis. I had an orgasm unlike any I'd ever experienced before. This he recognized and soon had me worked up to some that were huge , cock-like, non-vibrating dildos and would make me cum so hard I'd squirt. One night when I was feeling horny, I tried awakening him with a slow, sensual blow job. He did get hard but after a few minutes excused himself and left the bedroom. I thought maybe he went to brush his teeth and after several minutes he called for me to come to the dining room. Here was where our computer was and I saw that he had his favorite website opened, webcamnow, and I was surprised. I thought this was where he went to watch others is all and soon I was sitting in his lap seeing my own nipples on the monitor. I was shocked and he told me to relax as evidently I was horny. I was but this wasn't fair I told him. He laughed and had me to sit in the computer chair as he repositioned the camera to my belly and upper thighs and then I realized he was wanting to show the skimpy thong I had on! I asked him what he thought he was doing and he laughed and said he'd be right back and he returned with a blanket and two of the bigger dildos he'd bought for our sex games and I was wondering what was next and then it suddenly became apparent. I asked him if he was going to display our sex games on the internet for all to see and he said he wanted me to lay down, pick one of the dildos and masturbate. I was so mad I screamed "no way in hell" and he told me that was all I was going to be able to have unless I cooperated and played along. When I pointed out it was kinky and sort of a self-**** he said to call it whatever and to think how hard I'd cum if I obeyed. With tears in my eyes, nervousness in my hands, took the smaller of the two huge dildos and laid on the blanket and began some small circles on my clit under my thong. he made me remove it , spread my legs, apply lube liberally and I had to start pumping my pussy to his demands.

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