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The Bogus Doctor

I had just started a job selling household goods, cleaning stuff etc which I carry around in my case.
I call at this flat and a voice comes out on the intercom, to come on up. My first thought was that this was unusual for some one to let me come in to their house. I opened the door and I heard a female voice say that she was upstairs. I made my way up and followed her voice. 'I'm in here doctor' she said. I then realised she was expecting a doctor.
As I walked in I saw this gorgeous girl in her bed, she must of been 18 to 20 years old.
I tried to tell her I was only a saleman but she didn't let me get a word in.
She told me that she kept feeling tired and that she kept aching all over.
I know started to think to myself, that perhaps I could blag it and pretend to be a doctor. She didn't seem to bright, so I thought what the hell I could have some fun here, hopefully before the real doctor arrives.
I got her to pull back the covers, she was wearing a pair of pjamas and got her to sit on the side of the bed.
I held her head, looked into her sexy eyes and get her to open her mouth and poke her tongue out. My mind was already thinking what to do next.
I then couldn't believe my luck when I asked her to take her top off. She did it with out hesitation and my eyes could have popped out when I saw her quite large breasts become visible, but I knew I had to keep composed if I was to get away with it. I felt around her back, also checking out what her ass looked like. I then had a feel of each breast and slightly pinching her nipples. She didn't seem to concerned that I was doing this.
I then got her to lay down on the bed, as she did this I quickly had to re-arrange my cock as I had a stonker of an erection.
I then fet around her tummy for a bid, before coming to the bit I was looking forward to the most. I asked her to take her pjama bottoms off. Again she did not hesitate, she brought her legs up and lifted her bottom and slipped her bottoms off over her ankles. Now she was completely naked. as she brought her legs down flat on the bed, I couldn't take my eyes off her shaven slit, my cock was by now bursting in my pants.
I touched her around her slit, then asked her to part her legs wide open for me so I could examine her. By this was like a fantasy come true as this babe was letting me get an intimate eyefull. I spread her labia and could see her clit and her vaginal opening, also the smell of her pussy was getting me even more horny. I probed around touching her clit, pulling back its little hood and looking at her tiny pee hole. 'Is everything alright doctor' she said. bl**dy hell it is I thought!.
I spread her vagina open and looked into her gorgeous cunt hole and inserted a finger. I asked about her sex life. She told me she had not had sex for six months. I then asked her to go on to all fours I needed to examine her from behind.
This was indeed an awsome sight, she had the most amazing ass, as I looked at her pussy from behind and had a great view of her arsehole. My cock just wanted to get stuck up this girls holes, but I knew this would blow my cover.
I then had an idea and told her I would need to take her temperature and I took out a ballpoint pen from my bag I noticed some baby oil on her dressing table, which I put a drop on to her anus and rubbed around and probed my finger in slightly, I then got the pen and pushed it up her ass, pretenting I was taking her tempature. I told her this would have to stay in for a few mintues. This gave me time to get right behind her out of her view. I pulled my cock out and started to wank myself as I looked at her pen probed ass and her beautiful shaved pussy from behind.
It had to be a quick wank and it was as i felt myself about to cum I picked up her pjama bottoms and caught my spunky load in it.
I quickly put my dick away. I looked at the babe still on all fours with the pen up her arsehole. I told her I need to make a quick phone call and I will be back just stay there. I went downstairs and out the front door, where a man stood with a small case. 'Ah doctor, go upstairs first in the right' I told him as I hurried away.

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