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Hot Young Thing - Part 8 - The End

Hot Young Thing - Part 8 – The End

When I awoke, the house was as quiet as a cemetery. I found Uncle Clyde at the kitchen table, hunched over his coffee cup. He looked despondent. When I asked him if he was okay, he looked up at me slowly, and motioned for me to sit down.

He told me he got a call from my mom early in the morning. She was excited to report that she had landed a prime job, as a legal assistant in one of the top law firms in city.

That sounded like good news to me, but then my uncle dropped the bomb: He would be taking me to the airport tomorrow, and I would be flying home so I could help take care of my two younger siblings. I couldn’t believe my ears…I was supposed to stay on the ranch for the whole summer! And what about Uncle Clyde’s bad shoulder? He said he would be fine, that his shoulder was coming along pretty well.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and my uncle took my hand in his, and tried to comfort me. I was having the time of my life with him, and I was thrilled to have all those new experiences that he provided.

As if I had nothing left to lose, I blurted out the question that had been burning inside me since I got there. I looked up and asked Uncle Clyde why he hadn’t fucked me…was it because he was afraid I would get pregnant?

He chuckled, and said that wasn’t it, because he’d had a vasectomy a long time ago. When I held my questioning face to him, he explained that he was afraid of how I would feel about him years later, if he had gone all the way with me.

I looked at him incredulously. After all the erotic things he’d shown me, why would I ever think badly of him? In fact, I went on, if he didn’t think enough of me to want me the way I wanted him, didn’t he think that would make me feel bad?

His eyes brightened, and he smiled broadly. He said he was relieved to hear me say what I did. Okay, I said, then, it’s settled! I told him not to go anywhere, that I would be right back after I took a quick shower. He told me to take my time, and he would cook us up some breakfast.

I took the opportunity to shave everything I owned, get clean, and fix my hair and makeup. I picked out my shortest denim mini skirt, and a sexy white sheer top. When I appeared in the kitchen, Uncle Clyde turned around, and I saw his knees buckle slightly as his eyes inspected every inch of my being. It made me blush, and hot surges of energy ran up my spine.

We could hardly eat our bacon and eggs fast enough, and our eyes were glued to each other’s. We hastily cleaned up the dishes, and he took my hand and led me out to the front porch. The late morning air was thick and sultry, but it still felt better than being inside the house. Uncle Clyde sat on one of the old wooden chairs, and put me on his lap. I turned towards him, wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, and kissed him hard, and square on his lips. As we explored each other’s tongues and mouths, I opened my bare legs slightly, as I felt his quivering hand slide up my skirt. He lightly toyed with my pulsing clit, and he probed my pussy deeper and deeper, as my girl juices began to flow, lubricating my passage. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks, and I moved my ass all over his lap it in response.

Uncle Clyde stood me up, and followed suit. He turned me around and bent me over, placing my hands flat on the seat of the chair. He reached around my body, and untied my tiny shirt, and began massaging my perky tits, which were already hard and eager with anticipation. I moaned, and wiggled my ass, feeling his erect manhood rubbing against my naked ass. He knelt down behind me, and massaged my ass lovingly, and worked my girl parts with his hot tongue. I cried out in excitement, and I already felt the beginnings of an orgasm welling up inside me.

He stood up, stripped off his shorts, and guided his cock head to my slick, open pussy lips. He didn’t waste much time, knowing his mission was clear. I almost passed out when I felt his throbbing member enter me fully and fill me up completely. It felt so good, I would have cried tears of joy right then and there, but apparently orgasms take priority over other emotional outbursts. Almost immediately, I began to spew my juices out, like an oil well that struck black gold. Encouraged by my exploding body, Uncle Clyde pumped harder, slamming his balls against my ass time after time. I felt his enormous cock well up and spasm inside me, and then he was groaning loud with each spurt of cum that entered my love canal. The hot sensation of his jizz filling me up made me cum again, and finally we both fell together into the chair, sweaty but contented.

We kissed and embraced for quite awhile, like lovers do, and we couldn’t think of anything else but each other. I told him I loved him, and he said he loved me too, more than I would ever know. After we calmed down and began breathing normally, I looked up at him and told him there was still something I’d like to do with him. His eyebrows rose, as if he didn’t know what I had in mind. I told him I wanted to feel his big hard cock in my ass.

He swooned, and shook his head, like he was trying to clear his mind. I got up, and pulled a seat cushion off one of the chairs, and placed it in front of him. I turned around, knelt down on the cushion, pulled my skirt up to my waist, and spread my ass cheeks wide for his visual pleasure. He looked shocked, even after all the sexy things we did together. I guess it was because he usually did the initiating, and now I was directing the show.

Uncle Clyde knelt down behind my willing ass, and licked my brown circle, then darted his tongue in and out of my squirming ass hole. I reached behind, and found his rejuvenated cock. I stroked his slimy shaft as he continued to tongue-fuck my ass hole, and I jumped when his finger entered me as deep as it would go.

I told him I couldn’t wait any longer, as my pussy dripped warm fluid down my inner thighs. He stood up over my pleading ass hole, and plunged his slick hard rod to the hilt. I let out a scream, but it didn’t slow him down. If anything, he stepped up his brutal pace, and he jammed his thick cock into my ass with f***e and frequency. Waves of electricity engulfed my entire body, and I banged my fists on the wooden porch, as he fucked my ass like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t ever want him to stop, and I hung on for the ride of my life. Uncle Clyde rode my teen ass like he was the last of the great bronco riders, intent on breaking my wild spirit and taming me.

I felt his steamy liquid pumping into my rectum, and my orgasm erupted along with his, hot girl juices running down past my knees, soaking into the old weather beaten floor boards below me. He finally dismounted, breathing in gasps, as he helped me to my feet. We hugged each other for a long time, lost in our reverie, trying not to think about the reality that lay before us.

I was caught by surprise when my uncle put his strong hands on my shoulders, and f***ed me down to my knees. I figured it out soon enough, though, and I accepted his semi-hard member into my hot mouth. As I bathed his cock with my saliva, I could taste our intermingled juices, and it was indescribable. It was all good, because it was love juices, and I was overcome with deep tender feelings for my uncle. I didn’t have much time to react when he pulled a fat round slat right out of the back of the chair, stood me up, bent me over the same chair, and abruptly inserted it into my slippery pussy. Instinctively, I opened my legs wider, and let him fuck me good and hard with that wooden post. I had to credit Uncle Clyde with his innovative approach to sex. He always came up with something unusual. I guess just the novelty of being fucked mercilessly with a chair part got me quickly excited once again, and I was adding more of my hot liquid to the porch in no time. My body shuddered violently, as I moaned out loudly in the throes of orgasm, and he slapped my ass in time with the thrust of the wooden invader deep inside me. Wow, I thought, what a workout!

After recovering sufficiently enough to walk again, I held Uncle Clyde’s hand as he led me back inside the house. I showered again, then, I went about catching up on all my chores. Suppertime came quickly, and I was amazed that my uncle had done all the cooking again while I was out at the barn feeding the a****ls. As we ate, Uncle Clyde told me I had a flight out of Dallas-Fort Worth at 7:14 AM, so I needed to make sure I packed my bags before I went to bed.

I guess we both realized that our time together would soon be ending, and there was a desperate sense of urgency in the air. Without a word, my uncle pushed the plates and bowls to the end of the kitchen table, and I stripped out of my skimpy clothes in a flash. He laid me flat on the other end of the table, and pushed my legs back over my body. I could feel his warm tongue gliding over my clit, down my pussy lips, and enter my exposed ass hole. I felt a deep rush of emotions, and the juices started to flow freely once again.

He stood up, tore off his shorts and shirt, and entered my awaiting pussy with his burning cock. As he fucked me with conviction, he put a finger into my rectum, and wiggled it around f***efully. I was getting ready to blow, when I felt him jerk his throbbing cock out of my pussy and plunge it into my ass hole in one quick movement. He fucked my ass hole shamelessly, pounding it so hard that dishes began to slide off the end of the table, not that we cared about dishes at that point!

Uncle Clyde continued to thrust away, now alternating back and forth between my hot holes, until I couldn’t hold back any longer, and my teen juices gushed forth like hot lava from a volcano. He pulled out of me, slipped me off the table to my knees, and shoved his nearly cumming cock into my mouth. He must have read my mind, because I was hoping he would shoot his sperm down my throat. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and tried not to choke, as he held my head firmly in his hands, and pushed his flaming member past my tonsils, and down my throat. I could feel his cock jerking and pumping hot goo into my throat, and I did my best to swallow every drop of his love offering.

After we both recovered, Uncle Clyde pulled me to my feet, and he kissed me deeply, and held we held onto each other for dear life. He sent me to the shower again, and took care of cleaning up the dishes s**ttered on the floor.

Night time fell, and we were both overcome with melancholy. I asked Uncle Clyde if he would let me sl**p with him, seeing as how it was our last night together. He seemed to welcome the idea, and soon we drifted off to sl**p, our bodies entangled.

As we drove to the airport in the early morning, the silence was thick and heavy between us. Finally, I told my uncle how much I enjoyed learning all that new stuff he taught me. He smiled, and thanked me for being such a willing student. We professed our eternal love for each other, and vowed that we would see each other again soon.

When my mom greeted me in baggage claim, she marveled at how much older and more grown up I seemed since she last saw me, even though I was only gone a short time. She asked me if I’d been bored on Uncle Clyde’s ranch. I told her it was fun, and I had learned all kinds of new things.

Mom seemed pleased to hear my words. She agreed that it was always good to learn new things, and have new experiences. I smiled and nodded. If only she knew.


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