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James and his Trailer Trash Mom Part 1

This story is a complete work of fiction.

This work depicts acts between two persons who are both the legal age of consent.

The trailer house had walls as thin as the layers of an onion. No matter how one tried any sound seemed to carry from one end to the other. In this case it did not matter because Crystal was moaning and screaming as loud as she could while LeRolondo was giving her his BBC without any notion of restraint. The headboard of her bed was slamming up against the wall with the f***e of a relentless jackhammer, a pounding that surely every trailer house on this end of the park could not ignore.
Down the hall James could hear the moans of his mother in between the slaps of wood against the particle board walls of the cheap trailer he called home. He held his mother in complete contempt not just because she was a loose woman without any compulsion about spreading her legs for just about anyone, but because everyone in his town knew what a complete and utter whore she was. Although there was no cock slapped across her face she would not stick in her mouth, of any race, color, or creed, she preferred Big Black Cock. Unable to sl**p James decided to rise out of bed and head for the moldy refrigerator that might, or might not, contain something he could snack on. His feet touched grime as he walked down the hallway, and into the living room, filled with worn out couches with the stuffing popping out in various places. His feet slipped on an unknown substance to him, it was in reality his mothers slobber that gushed out of each side of her mouth, dribbled down her fat tits, and collected on the floor when LeRolondo had briefly face fucked her before moving on to her bedroom. Opening up the door to the fridge he dug in between expired condiments to grab a can of generic cola. It was the last one, his mother made sure there was plenty of Colt 45 for her men, but soda for her son was not a priority.
After popping open the can and taking a drink of the barely tolerable cola, James stopped and listened.
"Fucking Whore, take my meat", LeRolondo shouted.
"What are you", he asked?
"I am a piece of shit, a white whore" Crystal moaned out. As if the massive BBC being stuffed into her made it a difficult task just to speak.
"What are you good for bitch", he asked?
"Black Cum, I am a cunt for you to use", she groaned with enormous effort.
James could not stand his mother, the sight of her made him seethe with anger. She walked around the house in a dress that was at least two sizes too small for her, if she wore any clothes at all. She had over sized breasts that seemed to spill out of her bra and any outfit that she saw fit to wear. Often when they were out she would openly flirt with husbands in front of their wives, single men, anyone who would pay her attention. James could not help but notice on lighter colored clothing she wore that more times than not the talk and flirtations with men would soon cause her nipples to arise, shamelessly poking thru her blouse for everyone to see. The fact he would be standing next to her, or within sight never deterred her from her task, which was always the attraction of another mans cock.
Little did the son realize that often his mother would not hesitate to take her clothes off and service four, five, even seven men one right after another at one of her d**g dealer’s homes in exchange for a menial amount of dope. Her loose pussy was so worn out that even when seven big black anacondas had dumped their loads in her, she was just getting warmed up. She took pride in the fact that before she was out of high school she had already long lost track of the count of men she had fucked or sucked. James had never known a father, the cold hard fact was his mom had slept with at least a dozen men in the time she was ovulating, and although he was white, that month when he was conceived she had been with at least seven Caucasians.
The pace of the rhythmic pounding emanating from his mothers bedroom seemed to quicken. The voices and shouts had been replaced by an almost a****listic series of groans that he knew to be his mother. He thought he could hear labored breathing from her black bull, but it was clear by this time he was at his peak, and all his energy and effort had to be directed and the loose floppy cunt that he was driving his ebony man shaft into without remorse or any attempt at finesse. This was a fat white cow to be used to relieve the pressure that built in his loins; he had no regard for anything but making this cracker whore submit to his cock.
James knew the best thing for him was to return to his bedroom and try and get some sl**p before school in the morning, but for some reason he could not explain he did not. Instead he walked down the hallway towards his mom’s room. The cacophony of noise that was coming from her room precluded any need for him to sneak, which was fortunate because he simply walked up to her doorway without any pretense of stealth.
He peered through the door which was only partially closed due to the dirty discarded clothing that covered his mother’s bedroom floor. In fact most of her floor was unseen due to boxes, trash, clothes and such that littered it. Gazing upon the scene James soaked up the image before him. The location of her bed meant that the entire action taking place was in full view from where he stood.
He beheld a ruffled bed upon which his mother, a full figured BBW, perched upon on all fours like a dog. She was red haired, with a fluffy 1980's hair do that had been out of style before her son had been born. With saggy, floppy breasts, a fat ass, and several fat rolls in between, she posed a picture that was part comedy, and part niche porno, the kind of woman that only Ron Jeremy would fuck, for the right price of course. Behind her, and standing up at the edge of the bed was LeRolondo, a small time d**g trafficker and wannabee pimp in the next poor town over in the county. He was muscled like a Greek Statue, undoubtedly from the five years he had spent lifting weights and r****g skinny white boys down at the state penitentiary. His hands each grasped an over sized fold of fat and flesh from each of Crystals butt cheeks, which he squeezed without regard to the effect it had on his partner. Each impact from his pelvic thrusts sent a ripple of fat across her body, a wave that went from the back of her wide ass, up to the front of her wide half full bag like tits. Each boob ending with a large long eraser like nipple that was fully erect. James could not help but stare at the glisteny sweat that covered both his mother and the physique of her black bull. Her body shook to and from and her head bounced up and down like she was over dramatically bobbing her head up and down in acknowledgement of some invisible question. He looked at her body and could not help but wonder why a woman of just 36 years could droop and sag at every curve of her body. When his eyes moved to the extreme rear of his mother’s body he could not believe what he was seeing. The black man cock that was coursing in and out of his mother’s gigantic loose snatch was as thick as a rolled up newspaper and just as long. It was covered in veins, ridges, and bulges on all surfaces. The member was dark, but shined like the fresh wax job on a sports car. As it was pulled out of his mothers monster love cavern it seemed to just go on and on and on. Inch after inch was removed as if it would never end. Finally when the head just began to appear James could see the full length of it, and it was a true monster. In the fraction of a second it was almost pulled out James could see past it to the train wreck that was his mothers pussy. Red swollen labia’s were surrounded by a mass of wet matted red muff. Giant lips that seemed to dangle for inches were warped and hung like curtains from a dark hole that seemed to be infinite. James had seen the female vagina in text books, pornographic magazines, and on the one time his cousin had left his computer unattended for a while during a sl**p over. He had never seen a so miss shapen, worn out, used up cunt in all his life or imagination. As giant as LeRolondo's anaconda was, it seemed like his mothers love cave could have easily taken two or three more into its folds. The sight of such an ugly pussy made his stomach turn, his mother was not only a sleazy fat white trailer trash whore, with an ugly body, and her snatch was a grotesque mutant that could take a horse. The headboard banging against the wall grew louder, the speed ever increasing, reaching an almost impossible speed. Suddenly the motion stopped, LeRolondo let out a sound that was part grunt, moan, and scream, so sudden that James jumped. So startled was he that he froze in shock, not moving nor noticing his surroundings. His mothers voice cried out as well, gasps in the night as she took the black seed of her dominator. Suddenly the large dark snake shrunk, dropping out of the massive cave that it had just disgorged its massive milky contents into. Copious amounts of jizz dribbled from every corner of the orifice. Blobs dripped onto the bed in seeming slow motion. The gaping black hole that was Crystal’s cunt stayed open as if a natural formation of rock not flesh. Light could not penetrate the abyss within. LeRolondo gasped for air, covered in sweat from head to toe. As if recovering, he grasped his now limp man member and wielding it like a baton slapped it up against the pale ass check of the whore he had just fucked. The smacking sound and ripples of fat and flesh awoke James from his trance. He new he might be soon caught, and needed to escape. James turned around, left the doorway and rapidly retreated to his room.
On the way back he could hear giggles and the word "Bitch" used several times before he was in his room and had gently closed the door. He lay down on the bed and thought about what he had seen. Despite the fact his mother often walked around the house in bra, panties, nightgown, or other skimpy outfits, he had only seen her naked out of the corner of his eye when she occasionally walked from her bedroom to the laundry space. He had never seen her body in full light, that close, and for that long. Nor had he seen her in such a submissive and sexual position. He considered her in a new light now, vile, ugly, and profane. Seeing her like that made him hold her in even higher contempt. He had no respect for her what so ever, she was pure trash!
James thoughts then drifted off to LeRolondo, and his massive black cock. He remembered every vein, bulge, ripple, ridge, every detail. The way that it glistened from the sluts disgusting juices that covered it. It was so hard! It was giant and as straight as the shaft of an arrow. He used it with such skill to impale his quarry. Before he had even realized it, he had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. As he drifted off into sl**p he keeping seeing the BBC in all its glory.

While James slept he dreamed......

There was a giant chocolate covered banana, he put it in his mouth, it tasted so good, but he did not bite, he let it course in and out, in and out, it tasted great, it gave him such pleasure........

The slamming of the front door awoke James.

He looked out his curtains and could see his mother getting into her battered 1986 Datsun two door. She was wearing a pair of daisy dukes, a white shirt tied around her ample breasts, and smoking a cigarette. She got into the car, started it, and drove away. James realized he had an aching boner. It had been there since he awoke, and would not go away. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and rose up. Stretching only served to push his erect penis against his underwear and make the pressure building in his balls increase. Walking out of his room he crossed the cluttered and unkempt living room into the kitchen. Before proceeding he stopped, hesitating he looked down the hallway to where the scene of nights past had taken place. Without even realizing what he was doing he moved down the hall way and walked into his mothers bedroom. If the rest of the house was a mess, then this room was a federal disaster area. Past the door and out of view from last night was a night stand with a dirty vanity mirror mounted on top of it. Standing in full view of himself was James. Scrawny, with a mop hair cut, he was a very unimposing figure, and he knew it. Five foot four at best; his mother stood several inches over him, and out weighed him by at least one hundred pounds. He soaked up the view, standing in his underwear. Skinny, with a tiny bulge sticking out, one he noticed due to the aching, but barely visible. The stirring in his stomach and loins grew much stronger, prompting him to simply pull his underwear down and step out of them. His penis was erect and in full sight now. It was small, very small; he turned sideways and viewed his reflection in profile. His pathetic little cock stuck out like a pale sickly looking Vienna sausage, with a small tip on the end. James had not known his penis was different until gym class, when he had been f***ed by necessity to shower with other young men his age. Then he began to realize that he was different from others. Out of growing anxiety he had measured it, four inches if he pushed the ruler down into his groin. Not big at all!
Turning around he began to revisit what he had witnessed the night before. To his surprise looking at the bed he could see the dried stains where the remnants of his mother’s behavior had taken place. The thought of his mother disgusted him, and the feelings in his loins almost began to fade. Then he remembered LeRolondo and his cock. Never before had James seen such a thing. Instinctively, and without any thought he walked over to the bed, his nakedness long forgotten, and he bent over, placing his nose close to the sheets. The smell of salty seawater was over powering. James knew this smell well, it was what the socks, towels, and tissue filled trashcan in his room smelled like. It was the aroma of man cum. James would never be able to explain what overcame him at that moment; the feelings were too complex for him to understand. But the need to visually relive that moment in his mind was over powering. The aching in his little pee pee was so bad he started looking for something, anything to jack off into and relieve himself into. Reaching down into the pile of clothes next to the bed he pulled out a set of white panties. They were dirty, brown streaks in the crack, and dried liquid stains in the front. The smell of fish and ass was pungent, but also James could smell cum, man cum. He wondered if it might be LeRolondo's inside. He gently laid the over sized panties on the mattress in front of him, and despite the unpleasant smell of smoke, snatch, crap, and his mothers perfume, he positioned his cock over the garment, and took it into his hand. Slowly caressing, then grasping, then pumping with his fist. The aching turned to pleasure, as he began the rhythm of jacking off. His thoughts drifted as he zeroed in on the big black cock he had secretly watched last night. Closing his eyes he tilted his head back, mentally he ignored his disgusting fat mother and only thought of that magnificent phallus. Bulging, pumping, and glistening, in and out, in and out, in and out......

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU LITTLE PERVERT!!!!!!!" Crystal shouted from the doorway.

James jumped, convulsed, and not remembering his nakedness turned to face his mother. Her eyes darted and saw her stained dirty panties lying on the bed. Shock welled up as anger, knowing her own son had just been masturbating in her room, onto a pair of her panties he placed on the mattress. Her mouth opened to scream more obscenities at the horrible behavior of her disgusting son when her eyes scanned down to his loins. He was so awestruck he had never even attempted to cover himself up, his hands rested limply at his side. Staring up at her was a pathetic little penis, tiny in purport ion, even for the small stature of her son. A clear stream of pre-cum dangled for six inches out of the tip and towards the floor. Uncontrollably a smirk crossed her burning face, an evil grin that gave way to a blurted contorted laugh. One of her hands held a package of cotex, the other a cigarette, she could not raise either hand to cover her mouth, nor conceal the humor in what she saw before her. She had seen more cocks than she could possibly count, since an early age, and none where anywhere half as small as this one. Crystal felt like she had in the past tolerated a lot of men who had small packages, but this one took the cake. How could someone legally old enough to be a man possess the manhood of someone half his age.
She was angry, at him for masturbating, for doing it in her room, near her bed, and onto her panties. But more than anything she looked down at his sad little cock and held it in contempt. His dick was a joke! She kept trying to control her laughs, but the kept bursting out in snorts, spittle sometimes flying from her lips. Her first thoughts were just to tell him to get the fuck out of her room. But she wanted some revenge, so wanted to humiliate him and let him know just how bad he had been, and how comical she thought his pecker was.
"What the FUCK were you doing? Tell me fucker!" she screamed at him. Her face burning red, stepping forward she took the package of cotex and slammed them on her dresser. Then she turned back towards James and took another step towards him. Her size, and height advantage over him was intimidating, her anger had his knees wobbling. He had long since forgotten his nakedness, and the fact he had a puny little cock. By instinct he tried to backpedal when she stepped forward, but his legs were only inches from the mattress and he only fell backwards. His ass rested upon her soiled panties, his penis erect and facing the ceiling. The long string of pre-cum had dripped onto the floor, resting on one of her bras on the carpet. Another blob leaked out rapidly forming a distinct pool on the tip of his head. Slowly it collected and then began to run off the side.
"Get off my bed what are you doing?" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Her temper was starting to boil over, but she also enjoyed the power she exhibited over him. Being in control like this was something rare and new for her, and she wanted to make the situation last as long as possible.
As James stood up the pool of pre-cum that had been lazily dribbling off to the side of his dick and collecting on his stomach swung, and slewed, it formed a "string" from his belly to his cock, and was now leaking onto the floor again. His eyes met his mothers as he stood there before her, now only a small space separated them. She glanced down and saw the mess of pre-cum that dripped and hung in all places. Again a blob formed on the tip of the Vienna sausage he sported as a pale representation of his manhood. Tears began to well up in his eyes; she could tell he was getting ready to break down. This excited her, and she noticed she was becoming aroused. A wetness began to form in her snatch, her breathing became rapid, her face was flush, her nipples were hardening. She saw a string of pre-cum swing back and forth like a jump rope. She smiled, smirked, tilted her head back and roared with laughter. When her head came back down she saw a tear roll down his cheek. This angered her, and made her sneer, he was a man, but he was pathetic!
The newest blob of pre-cum leaked out and hit the same bra.
"Your fucking pre-cum is dripping on my clothes, wipe it off!" She yelled, her face inches from his. He could smell alcohol on her breath.
His knees wobbly, he bent over, one hand covering his private parts, the other looking for a towel. Looking for anything to stop the pre-cum, and make her anger subside. He was more scarred than he had ever been in his life.
He lost his balance in the search, his left free hand resting on the bed to catch himself. It landed in her panties, and without thinking he pulled them to his groin and began wiping the pre-cum up.
"Not with my panties you little bastard!" she blurted. Secretly she had found it humorous what had transpired, but with every verbal assault upon him he became more dishelved, and she was shocked at how much she was enjoying the whole situation now.
He jumped and dropped the panties back on the bed. He was shaking uncontrollably and this caused his little cock to jump to and fro. Crystal saw this and again burst out laughing.
"That is the most pathetic cock I have ever seen in my life!" She snorted.
The fact he hated her was compounded by her open derision. They stood looking at each other in silence.
"Why were you jacking off in my room you little small dicked loser?" She demanded again. Her face was red and flush, she took a puff of her cigarette, and conscious her son was aware of her protruding nipples she crossed her arms to cover them.
"I want an answer!" She yelled when he did not respond.
Another dribble of pre-cum leaked out of his penis as it went limp. The sight of it shrinking up made her laugh openly. She rolled her eyes, placed her hands on her hips, and in a condescending, mocking tone swept one hand up and wagged a finger in his face and said.
"That is not even big enough to be called a pee pee" she giggled.
James face burned red, this whore had him under her power, he was furious, and he hated her so bad. Somewhere deep inside the will to resist and fight back rose up in him. He had no control over himself, and he looked her in the eye and spoke.
"You ought to know, as the town whore you have seen plenty!" he shouted back in defiance.
Her eyes grew wide, her mouth opened to scream, then her jaw set firm she swung her arm back and in a wide slow arc, her palm came crashing down across his face.
The smack was loud in his ears, he saw stars, he almost blacked out from the blow, his knees gave way, and darkness almost passed before his eyes.
Crystal saw him falling and jumped to grab his arm, she easily twisted his arm and torso around so he would fall onto the bad back first. Her knee swung up, as hard as she could she slammed it into his crotch. The bare knee cap met the desired target. She could feel his scrotum and a testicle as the blow was landed. The thrust was powerful, it stuck home with f***e, and she felt the spongy recoil as the ball was cornered, all slack given up. James exhaled and tried to raise up she placed her hand on his chest and then moved to press him down on the bed. She moved the cigarette to her lips so she could use both hands. Then she placed an open palm into his chest and f***ed him back onto the bed. He let out a cry and grimaced as the pain of his bruised nut sack moved from groin to stomach. Crystal placed a knee into his chest and towered over him. She used a hand to squeeze his throat. She was amazed at how easily she had subdued him.
"You don't talk to me that way you son of a bitch!" She said. Holding his throat with one hand she slapped him across the face with her other. She noticed a vague outline of a red welt forming on one side of his face. The blow she had delivered earlier had been a good one.
The absolute power she held at this moment was intoxicating. She felt a combination of sexual gratification, and the euphoria of a d**g high. She really enjoyed being so mean.
She placed both her knees into his chest, pressing him down harder. She could tell her large frame and weight had him pinned. She could see he was having trouble breathing. She looked down and saw a limp little member. Perhaps an inch long and looking like the sad head of a turtle poking out. She hated such a small and weak looking cock. She hated her boy for his weakness now.
Her face turned to amusement, to anger, to rage.
Her hand shot out and grabbed his ball sack; she felt a testicle inside and grasped it in several fingers. She squeezed, and hard. She pressed it so tight her teeth gritted together. Under hear she could hear the cry, the moan, and the agony of her writhing son. She squeezed so hard she thought it was going to pop. She dug the rest of her finger nails into his sack. The pushed them as hard as she could, hoping that they would break thru.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" James gasped.
Quickly she felt wetness and opened her hand to see he was bleeding. Disgusted she drew her hand back. She reached down grabbed the mop headed tuft of hair behind her sons head, pulling him she moved him up enough to twist his body around. She got behind him and pulled one arm behind his back and jammed it upwards. Seeing her soiled panties on the edge of the bed she pressed her body up against him and leaned forward. He could not resist and they both fell face first towards the mattress. Her aim was perfect, his face landed directly in the center of her dirty panties resting on the mattress. She reached up and laughed as she grabbed a hand full of his hair and crammed his face into her dirty undergarments.
“You like these now you sick perverted little homo” she cackled.
The stench of sweat, piss, puss, cum and shit filled his nostrils but there was nothing he could do but escape. He just could not believe how strong she was, and how he was unable to escape her.
Crystal wanted another shot at his ball sack while it was exposed, but she had to let go of his arm in order to do so. As she reached down and grasped his sack in one hand, and held his face into her panties with another, he made his last attempt at escape.
Using both free hands he grabbed the edges of the mattress and pulled toward the edge. She had his hair and his ball sack in her hand, and did not want to let go of either. Her balanced shifted when he moved, and she fell back, her hand left his hair and he stood up and tried to pull away. She dug her nails into the skin of his scrotum, but he was frantic and pushed his legs into the floor and ran. Her nails raked and filled with skin as the f***e sc****d them together. But he was free, he ran out of the run naked and bleeding.
“You get back here you weak little faggot!” She screamed at him as she tried to right herself on the bed and purse him. But he did not obey, and for her the moment of anger, lust, power, euphoria, sexual gratification, and exhilaration left as quickly as it had arrived.
Crystal stripped down, lit another cigarette, and then walked into her bathroom. She closed the door, locked it, and then sat down on the toilet. Pissing and smoking at the same time, she used her free hand to roll and tug on her rock hard nipples. With she noticed bl**d on her areolas, then looked down and realized her one hand had the semi dried remnants of her attack on her sons sack on her hands. All thoughts of masturbation now gone, she sighed, flushed the toilet, and got up to wash her hands.

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