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California Dreaming

California Dreaming

He was the typical ego centric artist who believed that the art world should live around his schedules and not the other way around.

He had been here in this seaside community on the southern California coast since his college days. Scratching out a living with signage jobs for the local business owners along with the highly desired but often delayed commission checks from his artwork on cereal boxes.

His real art stacked up in the studio, few galleries interested in his modernistic versions of erotica. Of course the whole uproar over his last exhibit being pulled for being too provocative had not helped matters any.

Wondering where his next benefactor would come from, he took a few extra seconds to eye the limousines as it drove through the quaint little village with its 2 traffic lights. Of course, limousines are nothing new to Southern Ca. but each time one appeared, so did dreams and possibilities of those that saw it, but would never know the comfort of its ride.

The driver opened the rear door and the most delectable stockinged calf he had seen in years exited the vehicle first. He almost missed looking at the rest of her, but drew his eyes upward to find a mature, but young looking executive shading her eyes and taking in the panorama of seaside living.

Her outfit blended with the hills in the background and the desert hues of the buildings. She looked as if she belonged here.

Quickly, he ducked back into the coffee shop he had just exited to talk with Sally, the local gossip to see what information he could find out about her. As they were talking, Sally had an unusual little smirk on her face but he choose to ignore it and continued to listen as she explained that the woman in town was in fact no stranger.

She had left years ago, when her success as an artist allowed her to move up the corporate ladder into art galleries and budgets that she had never imagined. She was known to come back to seek struggling artists to help on their path to finding their artistic voice and become as successful as she had been.

As he listened to Sally talk, his mind remembered, that long luscious vision in the almost transparent stocking, exiting the vehicle. He began to imagine what it would be like to feel that against his body. He pulled himself back to reality just in time to hear her say that there was going to be a reception for her that night right there at the coffee shop.

He mumbled his thanks and stumbled out of the shop, his art supplies in front of him, covering the now obvious excitement that was borne of his daydream.

Sally, on the other hand had to keep herself from laughing out loud. She could see the interest in his eyes. She had seen that before when he had first come to town and had attempted to "chase" her. Sally knew that before the night was over there were going to be 2 very , very happy people in this town.

She knew because he was a strapping man, 40’ish or so, a hell of an artist, and very easy on the eyes. The "benefactor" had a long reputation of finding the most attractive and unassuming male artists to bring into her fold as it were. In fact, Sally was beginning to regret her own self imposed prohibition on dating artists, knowing that she would be missing out on the well sculptured young man that had just stumbled out of her shop. but she quickly put those thoughts away and began her master plan.

Picking up her cell phone she hit the speed dial for her Aunt. It immediately went to voicemail, as she expected, (her aunt was always busy) so she left a quick little message and asked her to stop into the shop for lunch.
She was just finishing the table setting when her Aunt walked in. In her early 50's she still stopped the conversation whenever she walked into a crowded room. Sally felt the same excitement, but for a different reason, as her aunt waved hello from across the room.

They kissed, said hello and sat down, beginning to talk and catch up. As Sally listened to her aunt she had the most wicked of smiles in her eyes. Her aunt noticed but did not mention it. As Sally listened to the plans for the evening she made a mental note to make sure that the master suite above her store was prepared properly for her Aunt to use.

As the talk turned to her visit Sally excitedly told her Aunt about the "hottest artist in 20 years" to have hit southern California and he was "all hers for the taking". As she used that phrase, a glance was exchanged that confirmed what each of them suspected. This artist was, based on Sally’s description, not only hers to take artistically, but also hers to take for pleasure.

He returned with his work, wanting to set up for the show early. Sally stopped him as he began placing his canvas works next to others already in the room. "I have a special room for yours" she smiled....and with a crooked little finger encouraged him to follow her up the stairs to the master suite. As they entered, he saw the display area, that had already been cleared for his work. He also noticed the king size bed that was obviously too big to move or cover up.

Sally watched his muscled body ripple within his t shirt and beach pants as he moved and twisted to get his work displayed perfectly. Her mind could not help but wonder if her Aunt would be as excited about this as she was. Her hand aimlessly wandered across her chest...her fingertip brushing over and quickly finding a hardening nipple. The warmth between her legs assured her that this man would make any woman wet.

The show was winding down, he had sat upstairs with the requisite glass of wine in his hand as he explained his images to people who thought erotic art was the latest cover of Playboy. Unknown to him, Sally and her aunt had a big surprise for him.

As the two walked up the stairs, their hands touched and their fingers intertwined like two little school girls going to their first boy/girl dance. As they entered the room, he was confused. Here was Sally and the "checkbook" but they were holding hands, standing there together they looked like s****rs. As he attempted to speak and was not quick enough, Sally spoke up and said, "Here is our last artist of the evening and we like to think out best". She winked at us both and left the room, quietly and innocently closing the door behind her.

She was standing there in a gray suit, Skirt slit up the side. Those gorgeous see through stockings covering the sexiest legs he had seen in years. His mind was racing with possibilities of work and money. She strolled over to take a look at what Sally had been so excited about. As she took in the images of his work, her body was tingling with the words from lunch. His body, had similar thoughts and he was unable to control the appendage that was making its own point in the room. He stayed near the bed, mainly to hide his excitement, as the cotton beach pants were not able to do that for him. “First impression?” he asked, his deep baritone voice making her loins ache.

She turned around and eyed him slowly. Drinking in his body like it were a priceless piece of artwork she had just found unexpectedly. The possibilities of pleasure that his body and demeanor suggested proved to her immediately that her niece had not been exaggerating.

Her heels clicking across the wooden floor as she walked she strolled towards him "First impression?"..."Could be fantastic". Coming within arms length, she stopped, reaching our her free hand and slowly but deliciously slid her hand across his shoulder. Her eyes locked on his. He gently lifted her hand off of his shoulder and raised it to his lips.

Kissing it softly, walking backwards towards the bed and gently tugging her along.....he looked back into her eyes and said "of course, you were referring to the artwork I assume"

She walked into him....erection and all....wrapped her arm around his waist, pressing herself against the heat that she knew would be there...placed her stockinged and heeled leg up onto the bed and whispered into his ear.....No.....I was talking about YOU".

She pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him. Pushing up his shirt to reveal the sculptured chest....raising her hips so she could slide down the draw string tied pants that did nothing to hide his body or his desire. He pulled at her suit, popping the buttons and sliding it off quickly. With her blouse he took more time, gently unbuttoning each one and pausing to slide his index finger down from her neck to the bottom of the cleavage...letting her feel his desire through a single digit.

As he was taking his time unbuttoning her blouse, she was frantically pulling the thong to one side and spreading her thighs as wide as she could., wanting only to feel his rod inside of her. To feel the passion that created such art. To know the desires behind such erotic imagery. To experience the mind of one who sees the brilliance within the dark.

His strong hand pushed open her blouse and quickly undid the push up bra she was wearing. Its front snaps allowed him to access her breasts at the same instant she was taking his hardness and rubbing it against the outside of her already sopping wet lips.

He leaned up and began to run his fingers through her he brought his lips to hers....their first kiss.. electrified the room and their desires. She slipped him inside of herself as their tongues danced. Her body responded immediately...arching her back and moaning into the kiss.

Sally could hear the faint and sutile sounds that only she knew meant that the master suite was indeed occupied. The last of the straggling patrons shuffled out of the coffee shop. She heard the last one say "too bad there was no erotica" as she locked the door. She smiled, turned off the lights and went back to the guest room. Tonight she would sl**p in a smaller bed.

For their part, the activity downstairs was of no concern to the two strangers who were becoming lovers upstairs.

Their bodies melded as one...his full of desire for life and success, hers full of desire for vitality and stamina. The sun rose before they slept. The hours like seconds flying by without notice as their bodies became one. The intensity of their final perfectly timed orgasms could only be truly rivaled by the rising sun in the east.

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