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For Suzanne

For Suzanne

There was complete darkness surrounding the estate. The thick trees designed to provide shade during the day, also provided cover at night from any surface light. Surveying the area from atop the knoll, he smiled. It was as black as the sea when you're three thousand miles from anywhere. The power lines were dead and the phone and security systems were offline. That made him feel as good about this as he

She had actually brought this upon herself. Suzanne was a stunning beauty who strolled through boardrooms as if she owned them and took no crap from anyone. Her successful rise to the top of her profession surprised no one. The number of men who adored and desired her increased on a daily basis as she made her way through life. It was easy enough for her to tempt the boys that chased her with their eyes.

She loved to flirt and knew just where to stop and still be able to keep decorum in the office. The older men, however, were a bit more difficult. More experience and wealth helped to lower some of her inhibitions with them, and she found that she actually had to work a little bit of late to remain faithful.

They had found each other at the end of his senior year. He was a sailor, fresh out of the service in pursuit of his engineering degree. She was a grad student finishing up her doctorate. Her long flowing hair, captivating eyes and the cutest little butt in Ontario had stopped his heart and body dead in its tracks. After some initial technical issues their romance was off and running. Spending that summer
together, exploring the Island, making love in the sand, eating way too much food at all of the wonderful ethnic festivals was priceless.

Both in their mid-20s they not only had the energy, but the desire as well to live every minute of every day without any seemingly ill effects.

Now, it had been months since she felt his love inside of her, his touch on her cheek or the soft cotton of a sheet clenched in passion. Her erotic fantasies and toys went only so far in replacing the fire that only he could bring to her body. The ever present volcano inside of her could only truly be ignited by his scent, touch and smell. They talked every night and the erotic stories at bedtime helped tremendously, but were still not enough. Nothing could make her explode like he could. His presence, his touch and his tenderness brought out the deepest and most intense pleasure she had ever known. His absence made her ache. Her desires and wet dreams overflowed into her days, making her more susceptible to the never ending propositions from the senior staff.

Her desires led her to a site on the internet called Literotica and to a never ending supply of erotic couplings both written and recorded. As she explored the different genres, skimming over the titles and sampling the audio offerings, her focus narrowed. Rather than try to keep up with the pace of the normal type of story, which was not much more than your typical wham bam thank you ma’am, she focused her attention on the more romantic stories. Those that spoke of whispers, stolen glances and secret liaisons. The descriptiveness and clairvoyance of some of the authors convinced her, at least for that precious moment, that they were written solely for her own pleasure.

She had introduced him to the site as a way of keeping things fresh as they talked at night. His own highly charged sexual nature and never ending desire for the erotic allowed him to share her enjoyment of the stories. Indeed, they had even gone so far as to incorporate some of the more sensual ones into their actual lovemaking during those times he was working from home, his projects completed for the moment.

They would lie in bed, bodies slightly touching as his deep melodic voice filled the air. As he read, she would explore. Her hands would move over her body slowly touching, gliding over the flesh until she reached his. Transferring her touch to his sensory system, her fingers would playfully run over his nipple down his chest slowly exploring the flesh. The warmth of his flesh would ignite her. Her thighs parted automatically and without thought as she drank in his scent.

Feeling his heartbeat in her fingertips as she charted every inch of him. After all of these years, she was still lost in him with no desire to be found. Her heart beat only for him, his touch, his being. When she read to him, he would slowly work his way up her body. Starting at her toes, exploring every inch except those that brought the most pleasure. His long strong hands glided over her soft warm flesh, transferring his strength and comfort to her.

Reassuring her with just his touch and his kiss that he is the same man that found himself physically unable to breathe without her those many years ago. As the stories concluded, they would fall into each others arms and make love for hours. Slowly, deliciously and sensually.

There had been discussions of opening the bed to a third, for both of their pleasures, but it had never become a reality. Rather than bring a physical body into their bed, they chose to use their imaginations to create a fantasy role play that allowed them to take on sexual situations that would never occur in real life. Multiple partners, open relationships and slow erotic couplings were often the subjects they chose.

Now after all of these years, she found herself wondering. Wondering what it would be like just once, to be taken. To have no choice, no say, no exit. She liked to fantasize about it on slow days at the office. She had one or two of the senior staff who were still virile enough to make it work. It was this naughty side of her, that had been taking more and more control of her thoughts during the day, that led her back to Literotica. To a section yet unexplored. Her heart began to race as she clicked on the authors’ link for the first time.

She reviewed the guidelines and saved a copy to her desktop. She sat at the keyboard, her body on fire, a tall glass of red wine in reach. She began to type. Closing her eyes and imagining what it would be like. To be taken. To have no choice. To be unable to say no.

Having no need to look at the keys, her imagination quickly formed a direct path from her brain, through her fingertips to the keyboard. As the images of her being violated filled her head, the story grew in length. Her legs had long ago parted on their own and she could feel the dampness between them. Odd, she thought, I usually only have that reaction with him.

She had not gotten very far, but far enough to stop for the night. As she dreamed that night her head was filled with the last three words she had typed prior to saving the file. "Submit or Die!" echoed through her night.

Three weeks later he stood on the knoll. Surveying the darkness. Just as in her fantasy.

She stood in the kitchen, drinking the last sip of wine from the bottle in the dark. This was her home and she needed no lights at this time of night. As she looked out upon the night sky she was puzzled. It seemed extremely dark tonight.

He saw the movement in the kitchen window for just a second and knew that was his cue. She would soon be returning. He slipped down into the backyard and quickly and quietly opened the sliding glass door into the master suite.

Slipping the hood over his face, he hid behind the curtain just in time to avoid being seen as she strolled into the bedroom. She lay down in bed and settled in for the night. Turning the light out, her hand slipped beneath the covers and down to her mound. Her fingers slowly rubbed over her still tingling button as her mind returned to her fantasy – now committed to text, safe on her computer.

She was beginning to drift as he reached her quickly swinging his body up on the bed and straddling her as his hand covered her mouth and held her head to the pillow at the same time. As she looked up into his face hidden in the shadows she was lost.

As he leaned down and whispered in a hoarse strained voice "Submit or Die!" her body was screaming at her to react to this vile intrusion at the same time that she realized that this was her story. Her fantasy. The timing, the brute f***e, even the words, especially the words,

“Submit or die,“ How could this a****l know this? She could feel his hardness. Pressed against her like a hot iron. Everything up to this point was identical to the story. Of course, this is as far as she had gotten that night. Where it went from here, had yet to be written.

He let go of her mouth and quickly cuffed both hands to the headboard. She noticed the padding on the velcro cuffs and her brain found the time to wonder why someone like this pig would use such delicate restraints. Once restrained she felt him grab her hair and once again lean in closely whispering. "Scream, no one can hear you out here". Knowing instantly he was right, she now began to regret her love of

Leaning back his strong hands began to unbutton her blouse. Something was wrong. He was being tender now. Almost gentle. Instead of screaming she begins to softly ask “How, how do you know? who are you?

She looked up into the dark again. Searching for the answers. She saw the laughter in his eyes and wondered how he could be in such good spirits during this. She also saw something else. Something familiar. Just as the laughter began to roll out of her mouth, he pulled the hood from his face. Even in the darkness, she would know this man. This a****l was someone she had spent many years with.

The room instantly filled with the sound of their laughter. He was busy trying to uncuff her and kiss her all at the same time, and she was trying to playfully (well almost playfully) kick him any way she could with her unrestrained feet. Now that the fear had vanished for the moment, her mind was filled with new data to process. He was here. He was home!

Her wetness flowed from between her legs as if she had just been impaled. Her screams of joy filled the air and her kisses covered his body as she wrapped her free arms around him and rolled him over onto his back. Now she was on top. Pounding his chest looking deep into his eyes, "How, how did you know?"

Taking the beating that he knew he had coming, all he could do was smile and laugh that deep wonderful laugh that she had loved for more years than she could remember. As her kisses increased and her fists turned to fingers of satin, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as her lips stayed glued to his flesh. His hands slipped up her sides. Parting the silk robe finding the warm flesh.

His lips met hers tenderly. She froze, allowing him to control the timing and urgency of that first kiss. For her part she was quite happy to have this moment last the rest of their lives. The kiss lingered and their hands were all over each other’s body. Exploring as if for the first time. Both of them shaking, she from her obvious fright and he from the adrenaline rush he had gotten playing this role.

As she pulled away from his lips, she looked deeply into his eyes and saw it again, that look. The first time was the first day they met. The last time was when she had dropped him at the airport for his last trip. She saw it every time she asked him that same old question "How long will you love me?"

In all of their years together he had never needed to verbalize his answer. His look said it all. That was why she had married him. Because his eyes always said the same thing. "Forever!". She felt it and he meant it.

The instant she saw that look she was free, free of the fear that had enveloped her only moments ago. Free of the need for fantasies and phone calls. Free to make love to her one and only, and free at last to experience the release that only his touch, his body, his being could bring to her.

Their bodies tied together like a pretzel, both of them refusing to let go, they quickly found flesh on flesh. Dancing in the darkness to a tune that only they knew. Familiar but exciting. His body was on top of hers now both knowing full well that there would be no holding back tonight. There would be other nights for intimacy.

Tonight they fucked! Like they had never done before. Both bodies pounding into each other. Her body on fire, she took his long hard shaft deep inside of her. Her lips instantly locked onto his swelling rod. Sucking at it like a starving orphan her body would not be denied. She would have his love. Her hips moved like a machine. Urging him to pound even harder into her.

His mouth locked onto her breast. Feeding at it. Biting at it. His hands pushing her legs upward, placing her feet on his shoulders, allowing him direct and deep access. He pulled his eight inches out of her tight suckling lips and drove them all the way back into her in one deep thrust.

As her screams filled the air, he began to pound deep and hard. Slamming into her, her breasts bouncing toward her face, her head pushed up against the back of the headboard on the pillow. All she could do was scream "More, more, more!" her body on fire and unwilling to stop until she could finally feel that sweet release.

She looked up into his eyes, crazed with lust her mouth moved on its own as she asked him again "How long will you love me?" He heard the words, and at the exact same time as his eyes answered "Forever!" his body exploded. Shooting months worth of stored up passion deep into her. Her body jerked up off the bed as if she had been shocked as he pushed one last time to drive as deeply as he could. Her juices flooded around his cock like the ocean around a reef. Squirting her cream unable to stop, it flowed around him and down her thighs soaking the bed completely.

As he collapsed onto her, their hearts still racing, his soft cock still warm and slick inside of her, he heard her whisper "How? how did you know?". He chuckled and whispered into her ear "You sent me the wrong attachment" he said, as he pinched her nipple.

The laughter began again, filling the room completely. Their bodies would not separate that night. Not even for a second. He stayed inside of her until the morning light awoke him. Slipping gently out of her and kissing her neck softly, he tiptoed out of the bedroom and out to the garage. Wanting to hook back up the electric, security and phone services before she woke.

As he quietly returned to the bedroom, he noticed she was still asl**p and slipped back into bed quietly. Snuggling up against her, her body welcomed him back to bed as it had done for years. His hand reached down and began to stroke her warm ass cheek. His body began to become excited once again.

He reached over for the lubricant and quickly made sure he was slick enough for his plan to work. Sliding the lube up and down his stiffening cock with his hand only increased his desire and by the time he was ready, he was rock hard. Using his other hand, he lifted her thigh carefully so as not to wake her. Sliding in closer, he positioned the tip of his morning stiffness and slid slowly all the way inside of her.

She awoke slowly, not believing what she was feeling, her mind so used to him being gone. As she slowly stirred, he rolled her gently onto her chest, staying inside of her while doing so. Now he was on top of her. Her head on the pillow his strong hands rubbing up and down her back while he began to rock back and forth. Drawing himself out of her and then pushing back in. A gentle moan escaped her lips as her body lifted to meet him. His slow deep loving strokes convinced her that this was no dream.

He was HOME!!!

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