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Wendy Kate and Allie Part 6

After everyone had gone Wendy took Sara and I into her bedroom. She hugged me tightly.
"Darling I lllllove you soooo much! Did you have fun tonight?"
"Yes, but with the early orgasm during the DP, I felt kind of left out for most of the evening."
"You and Kate were screwing pretty intently there towards the end."
"Kate was nice!, a nice girl and a good fuck. I look forward to seeing her again!"
"How's Tuesday night sound?"
"You didn't think I was going to leave my best guy high and dry while Sara and I fuck all motherhood did you? besides Kate asked me if the two of you could get together again....."

I drove Sara home and she asked me in. I take Sara in my arms...
"Oh Sara honey, I feely so close to you tonight. I loved the feeling as Bill fucked you and I felt your body respond to him."
"Oh Doug, I'm so glad you enjoyed the DP. I sure did! My orgasm felt quite different while you were in my ass."
I remove her cloths and lay her over the chair. I slide my cock into her creamy pussy. My shaft lubed by all the cum in her.
"Oh yes, Doug! You're the only guy who didn't fuck my pussy tonight! 'till now!"
"I saw you fucking and sucking the other guys. It got me so hot!"
"So you like seeing me fuck other guys?"
"Yes, but not as much as I like this!!!!" I thrust hard into Sara and really start to pound her cunt! I roll her hips up and my lust is satisified as Sara moans with pleasure as I fill her very tight pussy with my juice.

I called Pam Monday morning and left her a message. When I came back from lunch after suckling at Wendy's nipples, my message light was flashing. After listening to several boring office messages, I got to the one I was waiting for,
"Hi sexy, Please come by about 6. Eat first, cause when I see you, you'll be the main course! Pam" The day just dragged from that point on, finally.....
I knock on Pam's door. She greets me wearing a robe.
"Hi Doug please come in then cum in me!" giggles....I take Pam in my arms and kiss her, untying her robe. Her nipples are already erect! as I give each a quick peck. Pam reached fo my crotch but quickly moves up to remove my belt. She lowers my jeans and shorts as I remove my shirt. I love the feeling of her bare breasts against my chest! as we kiss deeply of each other.
Our sex was very intense! I sprayed my cum all over the hotel's sheets that night. Finally, both very spent, I take Pam in my arms.
"Pam, where have you been all my life?" she giggles
"Up in the air silly! I don't think I'll cum again in a week! Thanks Doug, Wendy's right, You ARE the best!"
The next morning Pam flew off to god knows where......

Tuesday about 6 my doorbell rang, it’s Kate.
"Hi sexy Kate" as I kiss her and we embrace.
"Hold me tight Doug, god you feel great in my arms!"
"I'd like to take things a little slower tonight Kate, can you stay with me till morning."
"so you want to fuck me all night, Doug?"
"Something like that! Why don't you take off you clothes and sit here by me on the couch" We disrobe and Kate sits next to me as I lean over to kiss her sweet lips and run my arm around her.
"What would you like me to do to you Doug, What do you need?"
"Ahh, thanks for asking, I don't get that question much! I usually asking it! Kate, I like kissing, particular if you kiss me, I also like your sucking on my nipples. That gets me hot!"
So Kate slowly slid her tongue between my lips and slipped her fingers over my erect nipple. This got me excited and as my cock expressed my appreciation, Kate kissed my deeply. I found it very difficult but held back and let Kate kiss me. She broke the kiss and we held each other in our arms.
"Wow Doug! that was very hot! Me kissing you like that got me all wet!"
"May I return the favor?" as I bring my lips to Kate's. I slide my tongue deeply into Kate's mouth as I lightly caress her breasts. I slide my fingers up to her erect nipple and place it between thumb and finger. I slowly squeeze my fingers together tightly around her nipple. Kate increases her hold on me as I squeeze her harder.
"Ommmmmm, Doug, that's nice!" I squeaze both her nipples to her moans then I lay Kate back on the couch and spread her legs as I quickly kiss down her chest to her pussy. She is very very wet and her aroma is making me d***k on her sex! I fold my tongue up in a "U" as I slide it between her aroused lips.
"Unnnnnnn, ah, ah, deeeepppperrr, plessssse!" I slide my tongue as deep as it can go but move upward toward her clit as my fingers slide deep into her cunt.
I feel Kate's body arch as her body reacts to my efforts.
"AHHHHHH, GGGGGGGGG, uUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" her legs and hips jerk as she climaxes! I stop just randomly sliding my fingers in her and begin rhythmically thrusting my fingers into her. Her orgasms continue until we are both spent!
After a brief rest, I kiss Kate's outer labial lips and take her to my bed. I lay her face down and lift her hips up and slowly slide my erection into Kate.
"Oh Kate you feel soooo wonderful!"
"Ahhhhh, goood, fuck!" as I begin to fuck Kate doggie style. I thrust deeply into her and after a few really deep thrusts, I feel my excitement rising from the base of my cock. Finally the pulses of Kate's pussy around my shaft as she cums ignite my own ejaculation deep into Kate's vagina. Pulse after pulse of her orgasms and my cum pour between us.
We are absolutely spent for now and I lay next to Kate as she falls to sl**p in my arms.
Late Kate roused me to sit on my cock to take another of my loads. We had wonderful morning sex, but were hurried a bit by the need to get ready for work. As Sara and the car pool drives up I kiss Kate good morning. Sara has a big smile on her face as I get in the car.
"You no gentleman! you could at least take your bed partner home in the morning!"

"Doug, I want your cock in my pussy tonight!"
"Hi Wendy how are you!" As I enter Wendy's condo.
"So how was last night and all the ladies?"
"Wonderful!, but it left me hungry for a live cock in my pussy, your's preferrably! How was Kate? Pam told me she had cum like that in years!"
"kate was very hot, for once a gril asked me what I wanted in bed!"
"Well, Doug, I know what IIII want and I think I know what youuuu want, so slide that hot cock in my pussy, pleasssse!"

In the afterglow of our Wednesday night encounter, Wendy lays her head on my chest....

"Darling, Jen introduced Sara and I to a new very sexy young woman at our private party. She is a student, 20 about 5 ft 7 in, very petite blonde with about 34c breasts and very sexy hips. Her name is Allie. To bad for you she’s strictly for the girls!"
"Wendy, she sounds nice!"
"She is! Not only nice to see, but ......well let me start from the beginning. Jen called me Monday and asked if she could bring a new friend to our private party. I told her that would be fine, but to come by a little early. So they did and Jen introduced me to Allie. Like I said she was a real knockout! We said hello and yes briefly kissed. Her lips were soft and warm and I wanted to do more but I had other things to do.
Sara arrived shortly after. She and Allie seemed to be getting along fine, kissing and giggling. The other six girls arrived. Eve and Pam you know. and they quickly started talking to Sara about Sunday night. Allie didn't seem to interested in that, So I took her by the hand, it was time to introduce her to the rest of the ladies. After the intros I felt very possessive of Allie. I put my arm around that sexy waist and slide my tongue between her so soft lips. I assumed that she had not had much sexual experience, so we started slowly. Allie and I wrapped our arms around each other as our kissing increased. I felt her erect nipples being pressed into my breasts as Allie moaned and became very aroused. I wanted her all to myself first! so I took her by the hand back to my bedroom where I knew we wouldn't be disturbed by the others for awhile. I placed Allie's hand on my breast as I took her tongue into my mouth. I caressed her sexy breasts as she made my nipples very happy!

I removed Allie's blouse and bra as Allie removed mine. Her breasts where
fantastic! (see ) Firm, warm, with fully erect nipples that I bent down to kiss. We moved to the bed where Allie began to kiss my nipples. She had me moaning as I took her head and cradled Allie in my arms as, like with you Doug, I wanted Allie to suckle at my breasts. As she suckles my free hand roams Allies sexy body. I kiss her forehead and pulled Allie's lips to mine where we played with each other's tongues and then kissed deeply!
I break the kiss and ask Allie to stay on the bed, I'll be right back! I run out and find Sara suckling milk from Jens pregnancy swollen breasts. I whisper in Sara's ear, please join me in my bedroom when your done.
Then it's back to Allie.
Allie honey, lay flat on the bed. I bring over a bottle of baby oil. I want to give you a sexual massage so please finish undressing.(somewhat similar to the first part of Allie moaned softy as I rub my oiled fingers and hands down her chest. A few broad strokes and then I cup Allie's lovey breasts. I slide my finger up so that her erect nipples are squeezed between my thumb and finger as I work the oil into her nipple. I lower my lips to Allie's and she hungrily kisses me as I continue to play with her nipples. Allie's breathing is increasing in tempo as I broadly stroke my hands over her breasts and nipples working my way down her stomach. The next stroke ends at her hips, the next just above her clit, the next I run my hands down the upper part of Allie's slim thighs pulling her legs slightly apart. The next stroke slides over Allie’s aroused mound, lightly at first, then slightly harder as she moans approvingly and I kiss her. I move my lips to Allie's nipple as I slowly examine the folds of Allie's pussy with my finger. Her lubrication mixes with the baby oil as I slide my finger deeper into her. The door opens and Sara joins us.

I ask Sara to enjoy Allie's breasts and lips as I have other tasks to do! I swing between Allie's legs. Sara is deeply kissing a moaning Allie as my lips reach out for her wet pussy. I run my tongue softly from below her lips upward ending just below her clit. Allie's wonderful taste and aroma suck me back to her pussy asI slide my tongue between her inner lips. Allie is moaning nearly continuously and Allie's hips arch as she begins to cum. I quickly probe deeper with my tongue as Sara sucks her tit. I slide two fingers deep into
Allie's cunt probing for her "G" spot as I slide my tongue up to her clit. The intensity of Allie's orgasm is impressive as her hips roll and she thrashes about. Gasping for air Allie asks to return the favor so Sara and Allie pushed me down on the bed. Sara again takes the top half as Allie slides between my legs. I am very wet as Allie softly kisses my pussy for the first time. She demonstrates a nice level of knowledge as she changes the softness or firmness of her lips depending on what she is doing to me. And what she is doing is great cunilingus! Her hot breath on my wet pussy and her probing fingers and tongue quickly make me to cum. I pull Allie's head closer to my vagina as she fingers my pussy. After I cum several more times, It's Sara's turn.

Sara goes down on Allie as I take a breather to watch the fun and put on a strapon with a 10 in dildo. Sara gives Allie a breather as she gasps for air. I ask Sara to put on a strapon too.

I roll Allie onto her back and cuff her hands behind her. Sara you remember Sunday and your DP? Well that is what we're going to do next, so lube up girl! I pull Allie up to the sitting position as Sara lies down next to her. I position Allie over Sara's cock and push Allie down onto Sara's eight inch shaft. Allie moans with pleasure as she rubs up and down on the shaft. I stop Allie and move her so that she is positioned for Sara's penetration of her asshole. Allie, you have some control of the penetration, so slowly sit on Sara's cock! Allie sits, but soon cry’s out, it's too big, it hurts! Relax baby, it IS going in, ALL the way IN, pain or not! Allie slowly sits on the dildo as her sphincter ring slowly surrenders to the command. Allie has tears
in her beautiful eyes as she finally sits down. I place Allie's hands behind her and cuff them together. I push her back and Sara wraps her arms through her arm pits and over Allies shoulders pinning Allie to Sara. Allie is crying and in pain. So it hurts! I tell her, well does this hurt worse, as I place a clip on Allie's nipple, or this as I clip her other nipple. I go down to Allies cunt and begin to rapidly finger her, soon her tears are being replaced by moans of pleasure. I slide my dildo into the entrance to her pussy ( and remove the nipple clamps. I slowly slide my dildo deeper into her as my lips pleasure Allies nipples.
Allie moans at the deep penetration of both her ass and vagina as I begin to thrust the strapon into her. Allie’s pussy stretches with my thrusts as I finally reach the limit of penetration into her young hot body! A cry from Allie as her orgasm pulses through her, quickly followed by others as I continue to thrust into her very wet vagina.
I slide out and help Allie off Sara as Allie's body trembles. I lay her down, remove the cuffs and Sara and I caress and hold Allie tight. Allie's body trembles as she lies between Sara and I, then relaxes as she falls asl**p.
Sara did you enjoy Allie's orgasms?"
"Wendy, she got me so horny that I came several times myself! So that wasn’t all Allie! Now where is Sue?"

"So Wendy it sounds like you were a bit rough on Allie."
"Maybe, but you see, I think I'd like to have her do that to me, and more. Beside she told me later that she was more frieghtened that physically hurt, she'd never had anal or nipple clips before. She knew it would hurt, but she didn't realize how gooooood it can feel too until I did those things to her."
"So you'll be seeing her again?"
"God yes, her body is sooooo sexy and what she does with her fingers and lips just multiples the effect on me! I'll have to see her soon since we'll be leaving soon. Now that I'm sooooooo horny, why don't you come over
"No nipple clips!"
"Not this time, darling! not THIS time......"

Author's note: This part of the story was inspired by the enbedded photos and video and a very nice friend, thanks.

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