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Fantasy with TS

Fantasies I have wet dreams about. Here is one :D

Shemale bus driver
I ride the late bus home from school. I could ride the normal bus, but the late bus driver is HOT. I am the last stop on the late bus so I get to talk her alone for a while. Also since my parents don’t get home until after 6:00 pm. I get home around 4. But I usually chill on the bus and talk to her. Her name is Alex. She is around 5’4” with a round ass and plump tits on an average frame. Hair dyed red and short. Today was different though. She had a rough day and wasn’t in the mood to talk. But I was persistent. She wouldn’t talk so I went to the adventurous approach. It was stupid but it worked. I started to rub her boobs from behind. She started to moan and didn’t take my hands off. So I went further. I started to strip her and we went to the back of the bus so that no one could see us. She popped her top off and sat me down in a seat and started to suck me. It was heavenly. Since I was in bliss I wasn’t ready for what would happen next. As I closed my eyes and laid back she stopped and stood up over me and pulled out a dick. Well I was still in bliss so I didn’t see it coming. She rubbed it and pressed it against my lips. My eyes opened up quickly and before I could say anything she was stuffing my mouth full of 6 inch cock. I guess I had to return the favor. She held my head and slammed my throat. It hurt but she was happy so I got over it. She pulled it out. It was dripping because I had never given a blow job before. She wasn’t mad she just got on her knees and rubbed her wet cock on my ass. I was scared. But I wasn’t going to stop her. She pushed it inside me softly and I took a deep breathe. She sat up on her feet pushing my legs back and slid all the way inside me. I moaned and cried at the same time. It hurt but I wanted her smiling. She began to slide in and out of me slowly but as I loosened up she sped up. I could hardly handle it. But it did not last too long. She pulled out and came. Luckily she didn’t shoot all over me. She just spilled all over the seats. She looked me in the eyes smiling and I tried to smile back but it was tough. She rubbed my head and kissed my forehead and bent over. I collected myself and stood behind her. She was nice to me so I was nice back. I pushed inside and she moaned. I wasn’t rough as I pumped her fat booty. It was amazing. The feeling of my thighs against her butt took me to another world again. Her hole was tight and my 8” was all in. She was having more fun than me though. She reached back and but my hands on her breast. I told her I was close to cumming and she had me pull out. She sat me down and wraps her breast around my cock. Then she began to rub them up and down on my cock sucking on my tip. I explode cum all over her face and tits. She licks it all up and then we sit in the bus for a while just talking. I helped her clean the seats and we laughed about it as I got off the bus. She thanked me for helping her cheer up and says that she hopes to do this again. I wink and walk to my house. Maybe we can do that again. Just maybe.

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