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Daddy's Whore pt.1

Daisey heard the front door open and quickly looked at the clock hung on the wall opposite her bed. It read half past 9, which meant that her dad was home from work. Smiling, Daisey sat up from her curled position on her bed. She didn't like being home on her own and couldn't wait to give her dad a hug.

She picked up her school skirt from the bedroom floor and pulled it over her tiny, cotton g-string. She stood up and smoothed the pleated black fabric down and straightened the hem which had been rolled up four times and secured with a safety pin for school. Daisey liked to follow the trend in school - the shorter the skirt, the more attention you got from boys.

She then moved over to her pink chest of drawers and pulled out a tight white tank top, and pulled it over her large-cupped push up bra. Now that she was dressed, Daisey checked her appearance in the mirror above her desk. Her eyeliner had smudged underneath her eyes, so she quickly licked one index finger and smoothed out the smudges. Her cheeks were a little flushed, but she couldn't be bothered to re-apply her foundation so she simply filled her plump lips in with a creamy lip balm. Daisey ran her fingers through her straightened, high-lighted blonde hair and was then satisfied with her appearance. She thought she looked a bit tired, but at least she didn't look as though she'd been having sex all day instead of being in school.

Daisey walked outside her room and nimbly ran down the stairs. She wanted to say hello to her dad, and maybe stay up late with him and watch dvds like they usually did when her mum worked night shifts. But when Daisey entered the living room, her dad was not there. She poked her head around the kitchen door, but he wasn't there either. Daisey scrumpled her pretty face up in puzzlement. She could have sworn she'd heard the front door open. Sighing, Daisey walked back to the hallway and opened the front door - sure enough, her dad's black BMW was parked in the steep driveway, still desperate for a clean. Daisey giggled as she noticed the phrases "unloved car" and "clean me" were illuminated on the front bonnet by the security light outside the front door.

Daisey decided that her dad must have gone straight upstairs to his bedroom, or maybe to the bathroom. She gently jogged up the stairs, her bare feet lightly tapping the cold, wooden steps. As the bathroom door was wide open, Daisey approached her dad's bedroom door and rapped her knuckles on the wood twice. Without waiting for a reply, Daisey pushed the door open and stepped inside. She stood, a little shocked, her eyes widening at the sight infront of her. Daisey's dad, Paul, was laying on his bed, still dressed in his pinstriped work suit, with his hand gripping his hard, thick cock protruding from his trousers, stroking and pumping it feverently.

"Daisey!" He gasped, but softly as he stopped. Daisey swallowed hard.

"Uh, sorry, Daddy..." she started, stepping backwards a little. Her eyes were fixed to the size of his cock, it easily exceeded 10 inches. Paul quickly stuffed his cock back into his trousers, struggling to do the zipper up.

"It's ok, Daise. What do you want?" Paul asked calmly as his cock strained for release against the dark material.

"I just wanted to say hello and find out how your day has been," Daisey muttered, now looking at the floor, strands of her blonde hair falling infront of her face.

"Well come here then!" Paul smiled, still lying on the bed in the same position, but holding out his arm. Daisey's face lit up and she held onto his hand and skipped over his body to lay down next to her dad on the bed. Paul wrapped his arm around her and his little daughter snuggled into his armpit.

They were both silent for a few moments. Daisey was a little embarrassed about walking in on her dad like that, but she just didn't expect to see him masturbating. Daisey replayed the image in her mind, noting how calm her dad had seemed - he hadn't jumped up or shouted at her, and he didn't even tuck his cock away instantly either. Paul, however, wasn't embarrassed at all, although he was a little glad that his huge bulge was beginning to go down, more out of comfort than anything else. He was a relaxed and laid-back man who thought nothing of his eighteen year old daughter walking in on him when he was enjoying stroking his huge cock.

After a few moments of what felt like an awkward silence to her, Daisey piped up.

"Why were you doing that, daddy?" Paul smiled at how innocent and sweet his girl sounded.

"I've had a hard day a work, baby. It helps me to relieve my stress," Paul replied, turning his head to look at her and kissing the top of her crown.

Dasiey nodded and appeared satisfied by this answer.

"So does mummy tickle her pussy when she's had a hard day at work?"

Paul paused for a second, a little surprised by the abruptness of the question. But then he decided that his daughter was just a but naive and curious - she was only eighteen after all.

"Yes, baby. Mummy likes to tickle her pussy and put her fingers inside her hole. Sometimes she even puts her fingers in her ass at the same time," Paul said gently, as though it was the most natural thing for a man of 45 to say to his daughter.

Daisey sat up a little and looked down at her dad. Her expression was that of curiosity and complete innocence, mingled with a little surprise.

"Mummy's ass?" she said, giggling slightly.

"Yes, girl. Your mummy really enjoys it. Have you ever done that?" Paul asked, lowering his voice a bit, his heart beating a bit faster as his daughter blushed profusely, shaking her head. It was true, Daisey had never even thought about it, let alone actually finger her ass. She knew her best friend, Chloe, had done anal with her older boyfriend a few times, but the thought never really occurred to her about doing it herself.

Paul grinned, "It's ok girl, it's quite enjoyable for a woman. Maybe you could try it when you've had a hard day at school. Do you tickle your pussy to relieve your stress?"

"I, um. Sometimes?" Daisey blushed even more, clearly embarrassed. Paul was beginning to enjoy the conversation he was having with his impressionable young daughter.

There was something sexy about how innocent she looked, teamed with how sexually curious she appeared. Paul let himself look down at Daisey's tits, her cleavage spilling out of her tank top. Paul had been watching and admiring how her tits rapidly grew over the past couple of years. He had been surprised to hear that she was now a DD, despite her being slim and of a petite build. A DD did look disproportionate on her body, but Paul thought that look was overly slutty - and he liked his women to look like and act like sluts.

Paul grabbed his daughter and pulled her ontop of him, wrapping his arms around his little girl. She smiled at her dad, wiggling into a comfy position laying ontop of him.

"Don't be embarrassed, baby. Girls are supposed to touch themselves. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"It feels really good!" she giggled. Paul laughed and began stroking the ball of her back.

"That's my girl. Don't be ashamed of touching and tickling your pussy. You need to do it everyday now that you're becoming a woman." Daisey grinned to herself. She wasn't innocent or ignorant, although she was a bit naive and impressionable. But she knew that girls didn't have to masturbate everyday - what difference did it make how often you wanked? Daisey usually touched herself everyday anyway. She particularly liked the feel of grinding her bare pussy on a hard surface, and she liked being rough with her swollen clitoris. But she really liked it when a boy rubbed his solid cock over her soaking slit and on her stimulated clitoris, but she wasn't going to admit that to her dad.

"Ok, daddy," Daisey simply agreed. "Is it alright if I have a cuddle in here with you and sl**p in your bed until mummy comes home from work?"

"Of course it is, my girl, but do daddy a favour and take my tie off and unbutton my shirt for me. It's warm in here and I want to be comfortable with my favourite girl," Paul kissed the forehead of his daughter as she sat up, straddling his semi-hard cock.

Daisey blew her dad a kiss as she undid his tie, throwing it to the floor. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and spread it open wide. Daisey wiggled off his cock and lowered herself to his bellybutton, kissing it quickly. She then lay back down on top of her daddy and rested her cheek on his tummy, bringing her arm up to rest besides his crotch.

"You're such a good girl, do you know that?" Paul said, smiling, liking how close his young daughter was to his cock.

"I want to be your good girl, daddy!" Daisey replied, happily.

"Oh, that's good then, baby. I'm still a bit stressed from work though, so give your daddy some kisses," Paul poked Daisey in the sides, cheekily.

Daisey rose from Paul's tummy and began to move up to kiss Paul on his cheek.

"No..." Paul began, grinning and pushing his daughter down. "Not up here, girl."

Confused, Daisey sat up, once again straddling Paul's stiffening cock.

"What, where?" she started, puzzled.

"Just down a bit, girl," Paul said, his voice more stern than Daisey was used to.

Daisey wiggled down his body once again, her pleated skirt rising up her hips and above her ass, showing off the thin cotton line inbetween her rounded, petite ass cheeks.

Daisey gently kissed her dad's bellybutton, and continued kissing all around the lower of his tummy. She teasingly let her tongue flick out and lick his skin. Goosebumps raised on Paul's flesh - he tried his hardest not to moan out aloud. His daughter's tongue and plump lips felt amazing on his skin. He put his hands on her shoulders and firmly pushed his little girl down a bit more.

"Is this nice, daddy? Is it relaxing you?" Daisey asked, grinning inside. She half knew what her daddy was playing up to and wiggled alot, making sure her daddy could feel her huge, heavy tits rubbing on his hardening bulge. She could feel it flicking and twitching below her.

"Oh, you good girl. Kiss daddy," Paul moaned, without meaning to. But it was too late now, his massive cock was almost fully erect, and there was no way that his little girl wouldn't notice. His teenaged, eighteen year old daughter grinned at this and risked slipping a hand up her skirt. She pressed her fingers to her sticky hole, pushing the cotton crotch of her thong inside her and began rubbing and stroking her slit.

"Daddy, why is your big cock hard again?" Daisey asked, knowing damn well that she was turning her dad on. Paul's cock twitched hard at the sound of his daughter describing his cock as 'big'. He knew he was massive, but to hear his daughter say it... mm.

"Because, baby, you're being such a good girl and relaxing me," Paul answered.

"Can I see it again?"

At this, Paul held his daughter's shoulders and pulled her up where she sat up, ontop of his cock. Paul shook his head. It suddenly dawned on him how dangerous this little game was. He shouldn't have his daughter in such a predicament. He couldn't violate her, indulge in such a sick act - it would be i****t, afterall and i****t was i*****l in his country. However, his cock was desperate for his daughter to play with it and suck it hard down her throat, and twitched and yearned for his girl. But he couldn't! How much of an impact would it have on her life?! She was just turning into a young woman now, he just couldn't mess up her life, turn her into a twisted, perverted whore.

"What, daddy?" Daisey looked annoyed, frustrated now. Her pussy was soaking, sitting ontop of the hardest piece of meat she had ever sat on.

"Mummy will be home soon and it's not right for a daughter to see her daddy's cock," Paul explained, swallowing.

"Mummy won't be home for another hour at least and I've already seen it!" Daisey pouted, her eyebrows knitting together.

"That was an accident, baby. Why do you want to see it again?"

"Because you're so huge, daddy. It's the biggest cock I've ever seen. Please, daddy?" Daisey lay down on her dad, kissing his cheek a couple of times with fluttering, gently kisses. "I just want to see it."

Paul sighed. Part of him wanted to push her down and order her to deepthroat all of his inches and to suck him hard and furiously, but the rational part of his brain knew that was wrong. Then he realised what his daughter has just said.

"The biggest you've ever seen? I hope you haven't seen any cock!" Paul sounded angry, Daisey anxiously bit her lip.

"Um, I've seen a couple," she gulped.

"A couple? What have you done?" Daisey grimaced. She didn't know how to lie to her dad but didn't want him to think of her as a slut. She wasn't! She was eighteen after all, and it was completely legal.

"Just - just a couple of guys in my class. I've just given a couple of blowjobs and I had sex with Chloe's boyfriend a few times, and I had sex with the boys at the skate park at a house party..." Daisey half-whispered, nervous now.

Shit.. Paul thought, my girl's a whore!

"Baby, you fucked your best friend's boyfriend?!" Paul looked smug, however shocked his voice sounded. His mind was already reeling, imagining his baby girl on her hands and knees, being pounded by that muscular 23 year old boyfriend of Chloe's.

"She told me too! Chloe said that it was because I had big tits and was expected to have sex now I'm eighteen, so she wanted me to practise with Tim," Daisey quickly attempted to justify herself. It made Paul laugh out.

"You dirty whore, get down and suck daddy's cock - now," Paul growled. Hell, if his little girl was already corrupted, a blowjob wasn't going to do any harm. But it unnerved him how his daughter grinned at him, kissing him full and hard on the mouth before sliding down his body and hurriedly unzipping his trousers. Daisey skilfully released his cock and gasped as she held his full length in her petite hands.

"Daddy... you're more than half the size of any man who's had sex with me," Daisey kissed the swollen head and flicked her tongue over it. She kissed it again and took it in her wet mouth, salivating over it as she sucked each inch down.

Paul moaned, bucking his hips up and grabbing handfuls of his daughter's hair.

"Suck it harder, girl," he ordered. Paul grinned to himself at his daughter's choice of words. Maybe Daisey wasn't as ignorant as she had first made out to Paul, but maybe she was still innocent and naive - the men had sex with Daisey, she didn't fuck them. The image of her daughter being fucked f***efully by young men, curiously putting their cocks inside her pussy repeatedly and then telling their friends that Daisey would have sex with them really turned Paul on.

"Shit, yes, you little skank!" Paul groaned as Daisey began to deepthroat her dad, almost swallowing his cock whole. She was sloppy and a messy cocksucker, but Paul loved how her saliva dripped out of her mouth and covered his cock, mixed with his pre cum.

He suddenly sat up and pulled his daughter by her hair, laying her down and lying ontop of her head, forcing his cock deeper down her throat. His teenaged daughter coughed and spluttered, chocking on his cock. It felt amazing.

"You're such a good girl, suck it!" Paul growled, sternly, noticing that his daughter had started fingering herself furiously underneath his skirt. He let his hands wander up her thigh. Godd, he could feel her goosebumps raised on her skin. Paul's hand reached Daisey's and he f***efully yanked it away. As his daughter spluttered and slurped up his cock, Paul felt his daughter's pussy for the first time. She was soaking and the little piece of material that covered her hairless pussy was pushed up her tiny hole. He pulled it out of her and pushed his finger inside. She was so tight, minuscule, despite not being a virgin. Shit, he could pretend that she was a virgin with how tiny she was.

"Mmmf, Daddy!" Daisey groaned, pulling her mouth off his cock and licking up all her juices that soaked it.

"Oh, you little cocksucker," Paul moaned, shaking his head in bemusement as he pulled up from his daughter. For a moment, she looked upset at her dad's cock being taken from her.

"Look at this," Paul said as he pulled her skirt up and snapped the thin g-string to take a closer look.

"You're fucking tiny," he sighed as he pushed a second finger in. Daisey bucked her hips and moaned in delight.

"I'm gonna have to stretch you," Paul winked. "You're mine now, girl. What do you think of that - being Daddy's little whore to this giant cock, eh?" Paul held his cock out to Daisey. She dribbled a little and bit the tip of her tongue.

"What about mummy?" she asked, innocently. Paul laughed and pulled out his fingers to which he brought to her lips and smeared her juices on them.

"Suck," he ordered, wanting his girl to taste how horny her daddy made her. "It'll be our little secret. I'll come and tuck you in each night and tickle your pussy as I'm doing so. You'll have to be naked when your mummy is in work, or wearing clothes that I tell you to wear. You're going to have to crawl around on the floor when mummy is out so that you're ready to suck my cock whenever I want it. I'm warning you now girl - you wanted to be my good little girl, so you better live up to it."

Daisey shivered; this was not what she had bargained for. She was a bit scared by how alien her dad sounded, she was scared by the implications of this.

"Um, daddy, are you going to have sex with me?" Daisey held her dad's cock and pushed herself closer to it so that it's thick head nuzzled her soaking, quivering clitoris.

"When I have you stretched enough to handle it," Paul grinned. "And after you've done a few little errands for me."

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