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Sexy Asian Housewife.

When I was in Sydney. I found an article on a notice board in some office.
It told " Seeking a tutor on English". I made a call and got an appointment for an interview.
I went to a big house located in high class suburb.
Sexy housewife was there. After a brief interview, she showed me inside of her house.
There were pool, souna, big frige for frozen fish etc. good looking white floor and wall.
We came in a small room for study. When I was explaining something,
she said "Noun?,,,,included dirty words? "like that,,,.
I ignored, and kept going. After a while, she said "To tell a truth, I don’t care English,,"
I was convinced she was dirty minded.
I was glad but I couldn't thik of suitable word at that time.
I got a call from her son after I got home.
He made a call for her and said "You don’t have to come again."
I shouldn't have pretended square.

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