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Lawyer to sub -2

Lawyer to sub - 2
February 14, 2011, 4:18 pm
The rest of the first night was great as Sarah shared her limits and desires to please a strong f***eful Master and to become almost his slave. Her one limit was that her partner was not to find out but that she was open to any and all possibilities that I could think up. I offered a few to test if a no might be provoked from her sweet lips. I started with her being shared in a group scene and the answer was yes when. Then other DOMs using my sweet little lawyer and again yes please. Then I asked about her finding me another sub for my pleasure someone as professional as she and totally bisexual and the smile on her face gave away the resounding YES.

I told my bitch that I expected her to willingly submit to my control of all parts of her life that would not expose her new relationship to her partner. I did say that I was to know when she was sexual with her partner and that she would ‘make love’ with this pussy when I said to and she agreed and asked did that mean that I was to know before hand or after. I said both. She agreed. Next I told her that I control her orgasms and that she must get permission to cum even with her partner.

Our next steps were for her to go to the closet, crawling and retrieve my bag of toys, which she did. I had her empty it on the floor in front of her and when she was slow to do so I slapped her across her right tit and pinched her nipple hard enough to bring forth a small whimper. I had her find the blindfold and the short yellow rope that I would tie her hands with behind her back. My new bitch did as told and placed the items on my lap. Then I griped her by her hair pull back her head and ask if she was ready to enter into my world of control of her as my sex fuck toy. She grimaced from the strain on her head and said firmly Yes Master, use your fuck toy, as you desire my limits are for you to determine. I smiled and said good and that was what she was agreeing too and from this moment on until we mutually terminate this relationship Sarah Lawyer was my fuck toy slave. What a great feeling to start out the day in her office with Sarah behind her desk all business and in charge and now to see her at my feet my slave and toy, I knew this was a good transition and one that I would enjoy over and over during the next few months.

I didn’t really do much more that first evening, as I knew my slave had to get home to her partner, who I said she was to eat out before going to sl**p. Sarah agreed and would text me after she had pussy juice on her face. I told her tomorrow to wear no panties and to finger her pussy at least every two hours during the day reporting to me when each finger fuck was completed.

We agree to meet the next Friday afternoon late for a full scene of my choosing. Sarah dressed and knelt before me slave before Master and then sent on her way to her partner’s pussy and pleasure.

90 minutes later I had my text.

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