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Vicky's Apartment

As i drove Vicky home i found out that "pretty close" actually ment next door neighnours she is that one neighbour you never seen and i now i realised why she went out when i was either asl**p or at work and was home when i was leaving each day. In the elevator she asked when i had to be at work, i looked at my watch and realised it was now Saturday and i said oh umm monday at 3? turns out i forgot the day. She asked if i wanted to come inside for a drink, i went into her apartment and before i could even ask what she had to drink i found out what was on the menu. She ripped off my clothes and hers and led me into her bedroom, before i could blink we where on the bed making out and feeling each others bodys, it was different this time i could feel every inch of her body without having to worry about what the others were doing and if i was needed for them. Now it was just Vicky and me, our hands running up and down each other was driving us wild. She started to kiss down my chest and onto my stomach and then down to my cock, she licked up the shaft and all around the head and back down the other side going around each of my balls carefully before licking back up my cock. She then started to suck on the head of my penis i could feel the bl**d rushing as she started to take it slowly deeper and deeper into her mouth, i felt her tounge go round and round its head. She rolled my foreskin back and started to lick around the bottom part of the head and down the entire shaft again, i could see a layer of spit all over my penis. She took it into her mouth again going deeper and deeper with each movement until my entire penis vanished into her throat, she held it there and i felt her start to pulse and tighten her throat at that point it felt to good and i couldnt stop my self from cumming in the back of her mouth as she was pulling me out. She told me that it was ok and we could keep going as long as i wanted to, i answered her question by pulling her hips up to my face and burying my mouth right into her pussy. I started to lick up and down her slit and around her clit slowly at first then quickly then slow agian to tease her a bit. As i was licking her clit and pussy i slid to fingers up into her warm pussy and started to finger fuck her as i licked her. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed me even harder into her as i licked soon i felt two blasts of liquid on my face and i knew i had made her squirt as she cummed. I laid her down on her back and slid into her soaked pussy with ease to start to fuck her, at first we went slow and our body's moved as one, she then grabbed my ass and pressed me hard into her so my cock went as deep as possible into her. I picked up the speed and drove to that depth each time, she was moaning louder then i had ever heard a woman moan before. Her hands moved from my ass to her tits as she started to rub them and squeeze them as i fucked her. I was getting close and she wanted me to cum inside her pussy, i loved any chance to do this so as we got close and we cummed together. After that time i was exaused i had spent almost 3 days doing nothing but having sex, i knew i wouldnt make it back to my place even if it was only steps away. I rolled off her and we fell asl**p in each others arms, our relationship went on like this for a good two weeks, i would come home from work and we would fuck. We started dating i guess you could say that first day but we count it as late in the third week as we had also had a couple more fuck sessions with the Kate, Hank and Tiff. We are now married and only fuck each other. Her body is still as tight and fit as ever and i can still make her cum everytime.

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