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I could not believe Danny Boy, my DB, was planning a trip to West Michigan in mid-winter. Is he crazy? People do not travel from Southeastern Tennessee up to Michigan in the winter. It's not done. I'm glad he likes my lighthouse pictures with all the ice and snow, but wanting to travel all this distance in winter weather to see them. Without a doubt, DB is crazy. But on the other hand, being able to once again see my best friend in the world at this time of year would be wonderful.

He arrived late Saturday night after a very long day of driving through some sleet, ice, and then snow to get here. Mary and I were very relieved to see his Jeep pull into our driveway. It had taken Mary only a very short time, once she found out about my relationship with him, to grow to love him almost as much as I do. She was as excited to see him again as I was. When he stepped out of the car onto our snow-packed driveway I was amazed. Last time he visited us he looked so tired and road weary, but this time he looked wonderful, even after the long drive he had just made. We had a huge three-way of hugs and kisses. To feel this young man in my arms again, to see him smile, to hear him laugh, to see Mary's eyes light up, all quickly brought tears of joy to my eyes. I was so glad I hadn't been able to talk him out of this trip. He explained that the cold weather actually makes him feel better with his allergies and asthma. God he looked good.

We unpacked his bags from the Jeep and entered the house. Mary and I had had a little argument earlier. She loves to have every scented candle in the house lit when we have guests over, but I told her Danny's allergies would probably flare up if she lit them, so, she actually but them all away. I hoped the house was scent free enough for him. He remarked on the cozy glow of the house, the fire in the fireplace, and the joy that even Sophi and Muffins had of seeing their buddy again. DB had gotten used to Sophi's loud barking on his previous visit, and knew there was nothing to fear from the big loud baby. A few scratches to the head and neck and Sophi was putty in his hands. Luckily, DB suffered no major allergies from the dogs.

Playing the perfect host, I offered Daniel the spare bedroom or my room with me, hoping to Heaven he would choose my room with me. He hesitated, looking from me to Mary, who caught his look and burst out laughing. He knew instantly that she had fully accepted our being together. His answer to my question was to pick up his bag and march into "our" log bedroom. My heart nearly burst out of my chest. We unloaded his bags into the huge closest. Then he pulled out my rust-colored desk chair with the arms on it, sat in it, and spun it around with a huge smirk on his face. Memories were flooding through me and things were stirring. He noticed and winked at me. I wondered if I would ever be flaccid again while he was here. I was going to offer him a hot shower or bath, but Mary called in after us asking if we would like to share one drink with her before she had to head for bed. She was working tomorrow at the restaurant, but I was taking the next few days off from my jobs to spend with this guy. DB, bless his heart, said that would be wonderful, especially when I told him we now knew how to fix his SaltyDogs for him.

As Mary fixed the drinks for us, we plunked down into the loveseat in front of the fire. We soaked up the warmth it offered. With drinks in hand and Mary sitting nearby, the three of us chatted and laughed. Then Mary took her leave of us and headed towards her bedroom at the far end of the house. DB remarked to me that it must be wonderful to have a s****r like Mary and I assured him it was. Our living situation, brought on by not so wonderful circumstances, had turned out extremely well for both of us who would otherwise be alone. We got along better than most married couples as we have always been best friends and share so many interests.

We sat a bit longer, shoulder to shoulder, hands on each others thighs, staring into the fire. But I quickly noticed that the long drive and the SaltyDog were having their effect on Danny. I asked if he would like me to run a bath for him, as I know baths relax him and calm his aching body. He said no, but that I could run a bath for us. The last bath we had had in my tub, months ago, had been a very tender and moving one. DB had been so insecure about his body, his nakedness, opening himself to trust someone, and I had been so concerned with making him feel relaxed and comfortable with me. But things had changed dramatically since that time. Especially since our vacation together at that clothing-optional gay resort in the hills near his home. There is now a rock in the middle of the creek there named after us and the show we put on for the other guests. It called, funny enough, the Jack Daniels Rock. Gotta love the sound of that. Many of DB's inhibitions were stripped at that resort, along with his clothes. And our feelings for each other had grown 10-fold there during those few amazing, glorious, energy sapping days. That was one vacation that took my body days to recover from. It was there that I found out that my love, small as he is, is a dynamo, and I think I may have surprised him too.

The water was filling the tub and I used the same aromatherapy bath crystals we had used the last time, knowing they would not bother DB's allergies. The steam was rising, the mirrors became fogged. DB had been busy unpacking, once he f***ed himself out of the desk chair that is. He had been chattering away and I could not hear much of it due to the running water, but I could hear enough to know he was happy and relaxed, and glad to be here. I called to him that his bath awaited. He entered the steamy bath, looked at the water, then at me, and then slowly started unbuttoning my plaid flannel shirt. He had come wearing my favorite horizontal striped sweater of his, the one he is wearing in the photo that I love so well. I begin to lift it and thrill to see the tightly fitted t-shirt he is wearing underneath. I have to rub his belly and abdomen and he smiles at me, knowing full well that that is the area of his body that makes me crazy. My shirt falls to the floor. His hands are on my chest, in my chest hair, rubbing my nipples. I continue up with his sweater and lift his arms up and off me to remove it. Then I pull his t-shirt out of his jeans and pull it off a little more quickly. I gasp a bit. He has obviously been eating and exercising. He is not quite so thin as before, and is in remarkable shape. My hands once again rub his abdomen, taking in the feel of his warm perfect skin, his Treasure Trail, his chest, his nipples so dark against his pale skin, his neck, his face. I hold his face in my hands and give him a kiss. Not a long one, but full of feeling. And then we both chuckle as we realize the bath water will not stay hot forever.

DB asks if I notice anything special about his jeans as we have decided it best to remove our own clothing the rest of the way, for hot water's sake. I don't know what he means at first. I look at them and cannot help but see the huge bulge in them, but I don't think that's what he means. Otherwise, they are stylish, very worn in, comfortable looking jeans, a little threadbare in places. Then it dawns on me. "Turn around DB" I tell him. He smiles and does turn and I see that the ass of the jeans are worn extremely thin. These are exactly the type of jeans he and I had talked about creating. Jeans just asking to be ripped and torn in all the right places. He winks and says that will be something to look forward to on this visit. I cannot believe he had thought of that. Honestly, sometimes he does not act blonde. Sometimes.

Standing there naked together, we can see the obvious effect we have on each other. I slowly lower myself into the still very hot water. My balls already tight and full, tightening even more once the hot water hits them. I gasp. The soft sensual smell of the bath crystals envelope me. I spread my legs apart and make room for DB. He steps up and over and remarks how he loves this big garden tub fit into the corner of my bathroom. If he only knew that the walls in this corner used to have huge mirrors on them - the mirrors now leaning against the wall in my closest - the mirrors I had some fun with in my videos. I regret having taken them down now.

He slowly lowers himself into the steaming water, hands on my knees for support. Having his lily-white ass that close to me is almost more temptation than I can deal with. And his back, so beautifully formed and strong, slowly lowers in front of me. The physical thrill of having this person this close to me again is almost more than I can stand. I lean forward and kiss and nuzzle his neck, his spine, his back. I want him to know that I love every part of him and think every part of him is beautiful. I can feel him relax and give in to the steam, the warmth, the aromas, and my touch. He lies back against me, his head resting on my chest, his hands on my thighs. We are content.

I slowly rub his arms, his stomach, his chest, his nipples. I feel his muscles tense and relax, much as I feel my own do the same. He turns his head and nibbles some of my chest hair, then finds my nipple. He chuckles softly as he feels my reaction against the small of his back. I lay my cheek on the top of his head and take in the sweet smell of my Danny's blonde locks. His arms are around my thighs and his hands grasp my ass cheeks, grasping, releasing, massaging, and eliciting the softest sounds of pleasure from me. Then, slowly, he releases my ass and grabs my hands, bringing them to his stomach. With his hands on top of mine, we rub his belly, his abdomen, his hips. He pushes my fingertips into his bellybutton, one at a time. Then, he pushes my hands slowly south, finding the base of his cock, now quickly rising to it full height, breaking the surface of the bathwater, his rose-colored cockhead glistening with the lightly scented bathwater. He doesn't let me touch his cock though. His hands guide mine around his cock, one on each side, to his balls, hanging loosely as a result of the hot water, but tightening as I touch them. He gasps, as I tightly enclose his balls, one in each hand, massaging them, rolling them. My left hand encircles his ball sack and slowly tightens and stretches. Meanwhile, with the fingertips of my right hand I slowly travel down the taught skin of the base of his sack. Reflexively, DB tries to bring his leg together, but my arms hold them apart. He groans with the intensity of his feelings. My fingers enter the Valley of the Ass. The feel of his skin there is so smooth, soft, warm, wet, a tactile delight. They continue on, seeking the puckered entrance to the Cave of the Hole. They find it, massage it, tease it. The mouth of the Cave responds, tightens, loosens, invites. My middle finger gently pushes at the opening, finding some resistance, but undaunted, very slowly pushes in, but just a bit, just enough. His body tenses, tightens, hardens. His hands grab my legs just above my knees, fingers digging in. In a hoarse voice, I ask him if this is as good as his ass toy he is so fond of using in his own bathtub. He murmurs something unintelligible, but I take it as a yes. As his body stiffened, his head had come further up my chest. I put my head to one side of his, my mouth to his right ear, I murmur his name. My eyes cannot help but notice his maleness, impressive, straight, tall, proud. Smiling to myself, I whisper to him "DB, you came here to view lighthouses, but I'm seeing one now. Look! A lighthouse stands tall on an island of rocks, surrounded by deep waters, a beacon to all". You smile and mention you had never thought of your cock as a lighthouse. I mention that I think of it that way often.

"Danny, it's late and you have had a very long day today. And tomorrow is looking busy too. And besides, this water is getting cold. Ready for bed? You must be exhausted".

"I am tired, and now thoroughly relaxed, and bed sounds good, as long as you are next to me".

"Where else would I be, it's my bed. Of course I'll be there next to you - holding you close, keeping you warm".


"Wake up Danny. We have to get started. Get your lazy ass out of my bed. Coffee is made and waiting for you in the kitchen" I called as I walked past his sensual sl**ping form decorating my bed. I entered the bathroom and started picking up the clothing we had discarded last night preparing for our bath. I smiled to myself as I remembered. After our bath, DB had fallen asl**p within minutes of placing his head on the pillow next to mine. After a short time of watching this wonderful man sl**ping next to me, I also drifted off into wonderful dreams.

I heard the creaks and groans from my antique bed so I knew he was getting up. I brought him a heavy velour robe, knowing he would quickly chill without it, naked as he was. He thanked me, kissed me, and then padded out to the kitchen where Sophi nearly knocked him over with her greeting. He poured us both a cup of coffee and brought them out to the dining room table where I was already waiting for him.

"So, what are you going to be showing me today?" he asked. I pulled open my robe and gave him a view of Lil' Jack, already standing at attention. "How's that for starters" I replied with a wink. Danny choked a bit on his coffee and then burst out laughing. He was always amazed at how easily and how often Lil" Jack could make himself known.

"Anyways..." I said with a smirk, "I thought we would take the back roads along Lake Michigan up to White Lake. You were particularly interested in the lighthouse there, so I want you to see it first. How does that sound"? I thought we could pack a picnic lunch to take along. Would that be alright? Some sandwiches, fresh fruit, and maybe a bottle of wine? If it's nice, we can eat outside, but if the weather changes we can eat in the car."

"Awwww, you remembered how I dislike eating in restaurants. That is so sweet of you. It's a plan. By the way, what is the forecast"?

"They're talking a partly cloudy morning but a snowstorm is due to move in this afternoon with high winds and lots of snow. But White Lake isn't far and we should be able to be back home well before the weather changes".


DB insisted on driving his Jeep. I already knew he is much more comfortable and less likely to suffer the discomfort of motion sickness when he is at the wheel, so I became the navigator. I promised to tell him directions well in advance of any necessary turns.

We headed north through Muskegon and then North Muskegon, took the drive through Muskegon State Park, where we stopped to view the Winter Sports Complex and the luge runs there, which, due to favorable weather conditions were operating and quite busy. DB was amazed at the speeds the sleds reached coming down the wood-enclosed tracks. Conditions were very fast and the sleds were bouncing off the walls in the turns, a few tipping and spilling their riders, who, unable to stop, slid down the rest of the icy run mostly on their asses. I asked him if he wanted to try it, but he looked at me as if I were totally nuts. "Are you crazy"? "Are you trying to kill me off"?

We walked into the campground section of the park which is situated across the highway, nestled in the wooded dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan. Although the campground is closed in the winter, I wanted to show it to DB so he could get a feel of the type of camping we do. The size of the dunes amazed him, as did Lake Michigan when viewed from the top. Ice had formed along the shore from several weeks of sub-freezing weather. Danny hadn't seen icebergs like this before and was amazed. The lake was rough and the waves were pounding the ice, sending sprays of water rocketing into the air, building the icebergs ever higher. The thunder from the crashing waves was eerie to hear, and a little frightening. We stood there for a few moments with the stiff breeze off the lake hitting us directly in the face. Our hands clasped, we looked into each other's eyes, and we kissed there, all alone, wind blowing, waves splashing, thunder roaring, and hearts pounding.

Looking west over Lake Michigan I noticed the sky was darkening and looking a bit ominous. We decided we had best be on our way to White Lake. We were so close and I wanted DB to see the lighthouse so badly, but the dark sky on the horizon was approaching fast and had me a little nervous.

Within a few minutes we turned the Jeep onto the narrow lane leading to the White Lake Channel into Lake Michigan. At this time of year the cottages, cabins, and condos in the area are pretty well boarded up and vacant, in hibernation until the warm weather brings back their occupants. The lane had been plowed, but was still slippery with a buildup of ice. We took it slow over the hills and around the tight corners, but had no problems. The lighthouse is at the dead end of the lane, pretty much by itself, secluded. In nice weather, it is a museum open to visitors and offers a small parking lot for those who wish to walk along the channel to the Lake Michigan Beach. We parked the Jeep, put on our winter gear, and headed for the lighthouse. Danny had recognized it instantly as we pulled up from the photos I had posted on LifeOUT. But today, looking at the lighthouse from the east towards the west, we could not help but notice the dark, ponderously heavy sky coming towards us. We quickly walked up to the building. We look in all the windows we can and you remark that it is as homey as you thought it would be, even though it is no longer the home for a lighthouse keeper, but a quaint little museum. We shoot some new photos from several angles, walking into deep snow in places just to get the perfect shot.

"DB, I want you to see the channel and the pier before we take off - OK? It's a short walk and the icebergs really something to see. But remember, the pier is all ice covered and slippery, with lots of crevasses and holes. Be careful."

We headed out on the ice-covered cement sidewalk/channel wall towards the pier. The total distance was maybe two city blocks, but the walk was a little slower than we expected due to all the ice which had built up in mounds and hills. And we kept turning around to shoot photos of the picturesque lighthouse. A few snowflakes and ice pellets were starting to hit us in the face.

"I think we had better be getting out of here soon. The storm is coming in off the lake and things could get bad here very soon."

But up ahead, just a little further, DB noticed the red channel marker light that he recognized from a photo I had posted. It was even more ice-covered now, impressive and a little frightening. A huge ice monster rearing up on its hind legs, standing on a slippery mountaintop of ice.

"Jack, you have to take a picture of me standing in front of this monster. Please?"

"Alright, but we have to hurry Danny, the weather can change fast here in Michigan. Be careful on that ice".

He carefully climbed up the ice and grabbed onto a piece of black metal, a part of the beacon post itself. I stood a little distance away where I had relatively good footing on the ice, aiming the camera and shooting pictures. He let go of the handhold and started playing to the camera, acting like the ice monster was attacking him. I laughed as I looked through the camera lens, snapping away. DB bent backwards a bit, pretending the ice monster had him by the throat, choking him. Then, as I gazed in horror through the lens, he disappeared from my view.




He was gone! Stuffing the camera into my coat pocket, I scrambled over the ice, slipping and sliding, as fast as I could towards the edge of the pier. Danny had slid on the slick ice right over the edge and had fallen onto the rough ice about eight feet below. He was lying there, not moving.

"Danny, Danny, are you alright? Say something. Danny? Can you hear me?"

"Ouch" he muttered, but then his goofy smile appeared on his face as he pushed himself into a semi-sitting position. "I'm alright, except my ankle hurts like hell. I think I caught it on some ice when I went over the edge. Damn this ice is hard".

"Do you realize if you had slid the other way you would have gone into the open water of the channel"?

"So, what are you saying - that I'm lucky to have fallen on this hard ice"?

He tried to get up, but with the uneven jagged ice and his sore ankle, he couldn't stand. As we spoke to each other the storm was starting with a fury. I was looking for any way to get down to him to help him, but, due to the low lake levels it was a long drop the entire length of the pier.

A blast of wind buffeted me on the pier, almost knocking me over the edge. A huge wave broke further out on the end of the pier and along the edge of the icebergs. The spray of the breaking wave shot into the air where the wind caught it and blew it landward. Remnants of the spray hit both of us, stinging us as it had already frozen somewhat into ice pellets.

"Jack - get me outta here!"

DB was starting to panic. As the winds were rising, so were his fears. I know he had a fear of wind as he had often told me how the windstorms back home in Tennessee terrified him.

The waves were growing mightily. The icebergs he was on were starting to undulate, creaking, groaning, splintering, and breaking. Snow started falling in a wind-whipped blanket of white.

"Danny, if I jump I might get hurt and then we would be in real trouble. Hang on, I have to get back to shore and then come out to you over the icebergs. There is no way we can get you back up here on all this ice."

"Shit - hurry your ass up. I'm getting wet and cold from this spray, not to mention scared out of my mind. You know I can't swim well don't you?"

"I know. I'll be right there".

I tried not to panic, but I knew this was bad. The waves were growing even taller, whipped to gigantic heights by the west winds. The thunderous noise they made crashing on the ends of the ice was deafening. The geysers of foaming spray, normally a wonder to see, were today terrifying and deadly. I slipped and slid my way towards land. As soon as I hit the open concrete I ran as fast as I could. At the shore, the sand quickly rose into dunes. It was there I was able to jump down and safely land in the sand, even now becoming white with the new snow.

Visibility coming towards shore had been fine, but once I faced west again the wind and biting snow hit me full f***e in the face. Luckily my glasses protected my eyes but soon became wet making it difficult to see. The ice along the shore was not nearly as high and treacherous as the icebergs out beyond Danny where the waves were breaking. I scampered out as quickly as possible, always mindful there could be spots of open water over every little hill. The creaking and cracking of the ice underfoot was scary. Seeing the spray of the waves, I knew Danny had to be getting wet. I stood on a small hill of ice and looked for him. I could just see the top of his head in his brightly colored handmade hat. Thank God for that hat! I headed for him, calling his name, but knowing he could not hear me.

The heavy snow was starting to drift in the sheltered areas of the icebergs, potentially hiding crevasses and even open water. It was getting more and more dangerous by the minute. As I neared him, DB saw me and yelled, waving his arms.

As I reached him, I noted the sheer panic in his face. Water was dripping off his parka and his face. He was even more pale than usual. I fell to my knees and hugged him and kissed him. He was shaking.

"I've got you now. Come on" I said as I lifted him to his feet. Even over the top of his low-rise boots I could see his ankle was swollen and knew it had to be painful. With my support he managed to hobble over the ice, moaning a bit, but thankful to be headed for shore. With the wind and spray at our backs, we slowly maneuvered our way over the ice, trying to follow my trail of footprints in the snow. A few times we slipped and fell, causing DB to moan in pain, but eventually we made the shore.

The winds were screaming now. I had told DB about our Michigan winds, but these were much stronger than usual. The trees on the dunes that we could see through the snow were bending at dangerous angles. As we neared them, we could hear cracking and snapping noises, not of the ice now, but of tree limbs.

As soon as we could manage it, I hoisted Danny up onto the seawall, where it would be easier to walk. I hopped up and helped him to his feet again. Now, on a level and smooth surface I could get a better grip and carry more of his weight for him. We made better time. We passed the lighthouse to our right, dark and foreboding, but still a welcome sight. Heading for Danny's black Jeep in the small parking lot we saw massive tree branches and even some whole trees falling around us.

Then, the worst sight of all, across the entrance to the parking lot laid a huge old oak tree, massive in girth. That was our only way out. We were trapped here!


"Dammit. That's the only way out of here." I glanced at DB, he was visibly shaking from the cold and wet and the pain. Without further pause I took him to the Jeep. "Give me your keys DB". I unlocked the passenger side door and slowly help DB sit down, gently lifting his sore foot inside. The car was already well covered with snow, several inches. I walked around to the driver's side, brushing the overhang of blown snow off the door, and getting in. I started the engine.

"We've got to get you warmed up before anything else Danny. It just a few minutes the heat will start. Are you okay?"

"I am now Jack, thank you for helping me get here. I've never seen weather like this before. Is this normal?"

"This is an old-fashioned Michigan blizzard. I've seen some like this before, but have never been caught in one like this before". I glanced at the gas gauge and noted only ¼ tank of gas left. That wouldn't last very long under these circumstances. The heat was starting to come so I pushed the blowers on high and the heat to maximum. I helped DB get out of his wet parka. Then I did a quick survey of what we had with us in the Jeep. We had our picnic basket with sandwiches, chips, fruit, and two bottles of wine. DB also had some snack foods in the Jeep from his ride up to Michigan. We had food. There was a small stadium type blanket. I reached for that and spread it over Danny. He looked grateful.

"Jack, what do we do next?"

"We'll be okay. Of all times to have left home without a cell phone. Do you have any tools in the Jeep?" A thought was crossing my mind.

"Like what? Maybe a screwdriver in the back. Oh, and there's a crowbar under the driver's seat I keep there for protection".

I wanted to ask him what he needed protection from, but thought better of it. A crowbar was just perfect. I quickly reached under the seat and found it.

"Listen Danny, you stay in here and get warm. I have a plan. I'm going to break into the lighthouse with the crowbar. I noticed there was just a latch and padlock on the door. I'm pretty sure I can pry the latch and lock off. We have to get inside. We can't stay in the Jeep. When we walked around the building earlier I noticed firewood stacked in a sheltered corner of the building and there is a large chimney, so I'm hoping there is a fireplace inside. It would make sense as this used to be the lighthouse keeper's dwelling."

"Jack, you're going to leave me sitting here alone"?

"I have to DB, but it won't be for long. I know this wind is scaring you, but there are no trees that can fall on the Jeep here. You have heat. I won't be long, I promise. I have to find us somewhere to shelter from this storm."

"Can't we just wait here together until someone comes?"

"No one's coming DB. Nobody knows we're here yet. I left a note for Mary that we were heading here, but she probably isn't even home from work yet. She won't start to really worry until we don't show up later tonight. Other than that, nobody in the world knows we're here. And chances are more trees have fallen over the narrow road we took in here. We're here for a while DB, that's why I have to get inside the lighthouse."

"Okay, but hurry, please!"

With that I pushed open the door against the strong wind and fought my way up the slight slope to the lighthouse. The door, luckily, was on the sheltered side of the building, out of the wind, but the snow drifts were piling up there, as if the lighthouse itself was a snow fence. I fought my way through thigh-high drifts to get at the door. This was probably a very old door, maybe even original. The padlock was large and solid looking, but the bracket didn't look so strong. I was hoping the wood would release the bolts as I pried them. I wasted no time. Little by little I slipped the crowbar under the metal. Little by little it creaked and groaned. Then, with a crack, the wood splintered and the bracket sprang loose. I tried the door handle and the door pushed inwards easily. I entered.

I had been inside the small lighthouse museum/gift shop before, in warm summer weather. It still held a few gifts for sale, souvenirs, t-shirts, hats, sandals, miniature lighthouses, candles, and the like. The former parlor portion of the building had some beautiful old pieces of furniture recreating the home life of the former Lighthouse keeper and his f****y. With low expectations, I tried the light switch. Nothing. I would have been more surprised if the lights had gone on. If the power was even still turned on to the lighthouse, I was sure the power lines had gone down from the falling trees. It was cold inside, but it was a shelter from the wind. The main thing I looked for was a fireplace, and there it was, at the far south end of the room in what used to be the kitchen area. It was flush with the floor and the opening had a large screen in front of it. Happily, there were still ashes on the grate. This fireplace still worked. I quickly went outside and gathered up firewood from the stack under the small porch roof. I carried in several loads and stacked them on the hearth. Now, all I needed were matches. There was a small break room area for the staff off to one side. I hoped maybe I might fight some matches in there, and sure enough, there was an ashtray on the table with a book of matches in it.

Now, what to use to start the fire. I went behind the cashier counter and found a large roll of brown wrapping paper on a paper cutter machine. Good, I now had plenty of paper to get a good fire going. Pulling off a large amount and tearing it on the cutter, I hurried to the fireplace. I found the handle for the flue and assumed it must be closed so jostled it from left to right until I heard the metal clank. I immediately felt a draft come down the chimney. That done, I placed the paper on the grate and found the smallest, driest pieces of wood to place on top. I lit a match and then the paper. A small fire quickly grew, lighting the interior of the room with a warm glow. We were going to be alright. The wood caught fire and started crackling, a pleasant sound in contrast to the screaming winds outside. I had to get DB in here now.


Plowing my way through the snow drifts I found my way back to the now heavily snow-covered Jeep. DB had been running the wipers occasionally to be able to see the lighthouse and watch for me. The engine was still running and the interior was warm when I opened the door.

"I see smoke coming from the chimney. You got us a fire going?"

"Yeah, we'll be comfortable inside. Are you ready"?

"Ummm, I took the boot off my sore foot and my ankle has swelled too much to get it back on." But he had put on his parka and hat and gloves.

"Okay, I'll support you. Alright? Let me get you inside and then I'll come back for the other stuff. Have you warmed up sitting here?

"I'm fine. I stopped shivering a while ago. I even had to lower the heat a bit. I'm ready."

DB swung around in the passenger seat, getting his feet outside the door. He managed to stand up on his one good foot, holding his sore foot well above the snow. He put him arm over my shoulder and I held him tightly around his waist. We closed the Jeep door and headed to the lighthouse. Things went relatively well until we reached the first snow drift. There was no way we were going to get through this the way we were walking.

The wind was still howling hitting us head-on.

"I'm gonna try to carry you on my back through this snow DB. Thank God you are no larger than you are. Put your arms around my neck."

"You can't carry me Jack, are you crazy"?

"I have to, we have no choice. Grab my neck"!

He did and I gently bent down a bit, allowing him to climb onto my back and wrap his legs around me just above my hips. I grabbed hold of each of his thighs and set off. It was difficult going, and slow, but DB was surprisingly light on my back. The snow was deep in the drifts and threatened his sore foot, by we managed to keep it clear. After some stumbling and slow going, we got to the door. I turned the handle and we entered.

It was already surprisingly warm inside. The fire was blazing in the fireplace. I slowly let Danny slide down my back to stand on his one good foot, still hanging onto my neck. I turned slowly, his arms continuing to hold onto my neck. He placed his arms around my back and hugged me fiercely.

"Thank You Jack, Thank You"! He choked up a bit. "Are you alright? Did I hurt your back? Was I too heavy?"

I laughed. "I'm fine. You didn't hurt me. Wait a minute. Ouch - oh yeah, now I feel some pain. I think I'm in need of some tender loving care like only you can dispense", I said with a wink. He smacked me on the arm.

I left him leaning against a rack of T-shirts while I brought a chair over to the fire, and then helped him hobble over to it. I helped him out of his still damp parka, hat, and gloves, as well as his other boot.

"Are you okay for just a few minutes while I get our things out of the Jeep"? I asked.

"I'm fine. I just wish I could be of more help." Then, glancing around for the first time he was noticing the quaintness of the lighthouse interior. He smiled. "I'm fine now. I now this old place has weathered lots of storms. I feel very safe here."

It took me two trips to the Jeep to carry the things we would need, including the food and wine, DB's other boot, the blanket, and the snacks DB had had in his jeep.

Once inside, I shed my now wet Indian blanket style winter coat, my hat, and my gloves. My feet were wet too, so I took my boots off and placed them and DB's near the fire to dry.

I drew up another chair and placed it immediately next to DB's, plopping down onto it with a grunt. Suddenly, the enormity of our situation and what we had just been through hit me with full f***e. I think I had been running on adrenalin, and now I felt physically drained and limp. Danny noticed, looking closely at my face, grabbing my hand in his. I turned to him as I felt his gaze on me. I started to weep a bit. "I'm so sorry about all this. This isn't the way this day was supposed to go. Now you're hurt and we're stranded here."

"Jack, Jack, stop it! We are safe, thanks to you. We are warm and protected, there is plenty of firewood, we have food, and look around you. And my foot isn't broken, only sprained. I can move my toes and bend my ankle, but it does hurt a lot. Anyways, this place is great. Remember WHY you wanted me to see this lighthouse first? Because when I first saw this photo after you posted it on LifeOUT I messaged you, telling you how romantic and wonderful and cozy this building seemed. Now, here we are, inside, all alone, in front of a fire, together."

He leaned over and kissed me. Sensing my lack of being reassured, he grabbed my cheeks in his hands and really kissed me, a long passionate kiss, his tongue parting my lips and slowly entering my mouth, finding my eager tongue in return. That was all it took for me. The dangers we had just endured were forgotten. My body responded rapidly. My hands went to his neck, his head, grabbing his blonde hair. We stayed there enveloped in each other's arms, weather raging outside the windows, but warm in our embrace.

After a bit, the dampness of the clothes we were wearing started getting uncomfortable. Our jeans, as we spread our feet in front of us towards the fire, were actually steaming. I reach over and start tugging on the striped sweater of his, up and over his head. His thermal underwear top was soaked from a mix of sweat and the fear we had just endured, and I new mine would be equally so. I helped him out of the top, and he started unbuttoning my plaid flannel shirt for me. Before long, all our clothing was off, our bodies glowing in the warm orange light of the fire. Although it was only early afternoon, the day had turned dark with the storm. The inside recesses of the lighthouse were filled with dark moving shadows.

I picked up our clothes and found some unused hangers to hang them on to dry near the fire. I got the kerosene lamp and lit a splinter of oak wood to act as a match. Lifting off the chimney and hoping for the best, I touched the flame to the wick and it caught instantly. We had a source of light. I carried the lamp with me as I scouted just what was available in the gift shop. There were swim trunks, t-shirts, sweat shirts, and best of all several large beach towels, all staples of any gift shop on Lake Michigan. I grabbed what I though we could use. I dumped my finds on the floor near DB and then placed the lamp behind us to eliminate the shadows around us.

I moved my chair away and spread the towels on top of each other on the floor where my chair had been. I helped DB down onto the towels, laying next to him and wrapping us in the fire-warmed blanket we had taken from the Jeep. As our bodies warmed up under the blanket, so did other things. DB found my nipples and kissed them, then my chest, moving lower and lower, finding the source of my heat. The blanket got pushed aside. He maneuvered onto his knees between my legs, being extremely careful of his injured foot, drawing my legs up with his arms, spreading my ass cheeks wide. His tongue drilled for gold, all the way to China and back, then sucking my balls one at a time into his perfectly formed hot mouth. Then, as my legs relaxed, he started licking me from neck to knees, his tongue eliciting shivers of excitement from my body. He buried his face in my midsection as I entwined my fingers in his fine blonde hair, drawing him back and forth. I moved my fingers to the back of his neck, rubbing it, then lovingly on to his shoulders and back. He continued kissing me and sucking me until Lil Jack gained his full height and girth. I felt him filling his nostrils with my scent as we begin to sweat together there in the hot glow of the fire. We slowly began to rub our bodies together, a slow erotic dance, each of us letting soft moans escape each time our cocks came together.

DB slithered on top of me, our bodies creating their own lubricating sweat. He rubbed and kneaded his fingers into my chest. Then, grabbing a nipple in one hand, his other hand parted his ass checks and placed Lil Jack between them, which glided effortlessly due to the sweat being produced. He wriggled that beautiful pale smooth ass of his back and forth in rhythm, sensual and erotic. He leaned forward and we kissed passionately, trying to suck each other in. A hard kiss, a lip bruising kiss. Now, not only were our bodies dancing together, so were our tongues as out lips melted into one another.

He put his arms around my shoulders and I placed my arms around his waist. Slowly and methodically, he worked his way down my torso, tasting every part of me. Precum was flowing from my slit. He found it and greedily lapped it up with the tip of his tongue, sending jolts of electricity to my brain. With one hand he started jerking me, all the while swirling his hot tongue over my sweet spot, moving his head and lips rapidly back and forth across my cockhead.

Then slowly are carefully he rose up and, as easily as he could with his sprained ankle, turned, facing his back to me as I continued to lay on the floor on my back. He pushed my legs back as he sat back upon me, slowly letting Lil Jack enter him. "That feels SO good" he muttered. He slapped my ass cheeks with his bare palms. My mind exploded with the feelings, the touch, the smells, the knowledge of being inside this man. He looked down at my hole, my Grand Haven. He bent his own amazing staff downward, tempting, prodding, swirling my petals with his remarkably long manhood, all while my manhood was inside him. He pushed his head into me and I felt it throbbing. "Ohhhh Myyyyy Gawwdddd DB. How can you possibly be doing that? How is that possible"?

"I am and it is" he replied in a husky deep throated voice.

His saliva spills onto our commingled, entwined flesh. My body and ass wriggle to the excitement of DB. He moans. I moan. He pushes more of himself into me, but then slowly withdraws himself partway from me. Then he pushes himself down again upon me, all the while pushing himself further inside me. My mind was reaching its limit. I could not take much more of this.

DB whispered to me that he wants all my seed within him, feeding him and his needs, sharing my fluids. I grab his hips and pull him down hard and strong and tight. My balls tighten, readying themselves for the explosion to come within his warm, welcoming walls. "DeeeeeeeeeBeeeeeeeeee"!

He tightens around my cock, squeezing the very life out of me. The sweat is dripping off him. He is so intent. His saliva drips to coat my ass. My energy has been totally sapped. I am spent. But he continues, determined. Then, slowly, he withdraws and crawls upon me, looking into my eyes.

"On your back, stomach, or side Jack?" he asks.

"Side" was all I could mutter.

DB gets behind me and raises my leg over his hip, letting it rest there, as he gently inserts his staff into my manhole. He places one arm under my neck and grabs my pec. He bites down on the back of my neck as his other arm wraps itself around my stomach. He pushes, withdraws, pushes, withdraws until I am well moistened. My rings allow him to enter ever further. He grabs my hip with his free hand and starts rocking his hips to and fro, gathering speed.

I am sweating so profusely his hands are sliding on my body. He plays with my nipple as he gains speed with the fucking. Harder and harder, longer strokes changing to shorter harder ones, grinding into the very depths of me.

"Do you want me Jack? Tell me how much you want me"?

I cannot speak. I babble. I have never wanted anyone, anything so much in my life. Somehow, I convey this to DB.

In his deep, husky, sex-laden voice he mutters "You better want me....because you have me....all of me".
He slowly rolls me onto my stomach, all while still inside me, spreading my knees to each side, my legs as far apart as they will go. He reaches for some unused beach towels, rolls them up, and then pushes them under my stomach, raising me up to a perfect height. He rams my ass cheeks with fervor, using smaller stronger strokes, his balls smacking my ass. My mind has never been to this place before. He growls, he groans. I feel his seed erupt into me. Hot, smooth, welcome. He collapses onto my back. We lay there together, totally spent, steaming, content. Even though I know this effort was painful for him with his sprained foot, I know he felt a stronger need.

I had never before felt more loved than I did at that moment, with this beautiful blonde man lying on my back, his face next to mine, our breathing heavy, his seed implanted within me.


The fire was slowly diminishing in the fireplace and a chill was setting in. I got up and covered DB with the blanket again and then threw more logs onto the fire. Our jeans were still damp. I walked over to the clothing racks in the gift shop portion and got some t-shirts and sweatshirts for us, then along the wall, in wire cubicles I found some sweatpants for sale. We were all set. I brought the handful of clothing back to DB and dressed quickly. I helped DB stand up and supported him while he dressed as he could not place his sore foot on the ground. The clothing felt good on our chilled bodies. I sat DB in a chair and gingerly placed his sore foot on the other chair.

"We should try to get some water. They must drain the water lines in the fall to prevent frozen pipes. I'll try to find something to melt snow in". In the break room area I found a metal coffeepot and a tiny 4-top gas stove. It dawned on me then that there was an LP tank in the yard outside. This stove just might work. Turning a knob, I smelled gas instantly. I touched a match and the stove lit. Now all I needed was some snow to melt. That would be easy, just open the door and scoop up all the snow I wanted. We were in luck.

"Jack, are you ready for some wine and snacks"? DB asked as he was already grabbing a bottle and the corkscrew. He knew what my answer would be. "Don't you and Mary usually play Canasta while enjoying wine or drinks in the early evening? Too bad we don't have any cards, you could teach me Canasta at last".
"Who said we don't have cards" I replied as I threw two new decks of playing cards on his lap. It was amazing how this little gift shop was supplying us with just what we needed. And, of course, these cards had Michigan Lighthouses on them. Perfect!

I got one of the hard chairs out of the break room and padded it with beach towels so DB could elevate his sore foot in front of the fire. Then, placing the round drum table between our chairs, kerosene lamp to one side, we were ready to play. DB was a quick study in learning Canasta. It was a wonderful time. The fading afternoon light was quickly turning to dark. The wine and snacks were greatly enjoyed, although rationed somewhat. We had no idea how long we were going to be here.

DB enjoyed beginners luck, winning two out of three games of 5,000 points each.

"How's your ass doing? Mine is sore from that chair. It may be an antique, but its padding sucks"! I said laughingly. He agreed.

"Jack, my foot isn't throbbing so much anymore. Could you hang onto me so I can explore this place a bit? After all, I traveled all the way up here to see your lighthouses".

"I am at your service O Blond One" I announced while bowing low in from of him. "And I'll service you any way you want"! Immediately a wet sock smacked me in the face.

DB stood up gently and I slipped my arm around his back, and he grabbed mine. Luckily, I could almost lift him and along with a little hopping on his part we were able to move quite easily. I showed him the little break room. Then we moved along the west wall of the former living quarters which was covered in framed memorabilia of the lighthouse's history. Although the light from the kerosene lamp was dim here, we read each and every article and enjoyed the old photos.

"It must have been amazing living here and actually running the light. Look, at one time a f****y of four lived here."

Then I took DB on a brief tour of the gift shop portion of the building. "You know we owe them a bundle for the stuff we've been using, not to mention the lock" I said. DB looked at me and winked. "Well worth it at any price" he said as his free hand grabbed my cock through the sweats, which, much to his surprise, he found hard.

"I've told you I get hard every time I think of you, much less standing here next to you. I'll basically be hard the entire time you are in Michigan" I laughed.

There was a small area of beach toys for c***dren. DB picked up a small green rubbery dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex, with massive head, huge teeth, and tiny outstretched "arms". "I've got some fun planned for this guy and you might just enjoy it too".

Looking out the windows into the dark, we could see that snow was still falling heavily, but the wind was dying down.

I helped DB back to his chair in front of the fire. It was definitely warmer here than in other parts of the building and the warmth felt good. I threw more wood onto the fire and then went to get more snow to melt for water. I found a water bottle in the gift shop to pour our melted water into, and then filled the coffeepot with packed snow to melt, putting it on a low flame.

When I walked back to the fireplace I was astonished to find DB laying on his back on the beach towels, naked as the day he was born, playing with the little green Tyrannosaurus Rex on his stomach. Rex's tail worked hard in DB's bellybutton, cleaning it out as if creating a nest to lay eggs. Then, Rex sniffed the nest just created and followed his nose along the very firm Treasure Trail to the base of a huge prehistoric tree stump. Rex's tiny, almost useless "outstretched "arms" embraced this tree trunk while his huge head and mouth full of razor-sharp teeth spread the sap which was oozing out the top of the tree truck. Long strings of sap stretched from tree trunk to Dino's mouth, obviously strong as it kept pulling the dinosaur back for more. Dino grabbed the tree trunk again and pushed it over a bit, straddling it with his massive strong legs. Then, to my amazement, Dino started humping the tree trunk. The sap oozing out of the tree trunk started slowly falling into the canyon on the edge of which the tree has grown, sparkling in the light of the fire. The pace of the humping quickened. The massive tree trunk was holding on through the vigorous onslaught of the prehistoric gargantuan.

"You better get your ass down here if you want in on this" DB winked at me. I'll say this, if natural history classes had been taught that way, k**s would listen!

My sweats and t-shirts flew to the floor. I lay down next to DB. Supporting myself with one arm on either side of his body I brought my face to his stomach. My tongue wanted to check out the nest, and it did, thoroughly, in, out, and all around, causing the very ground to shake. I had Dino's scent on my tongue. I followed it along the pale blades of grass growing only on the Treasure Trail. I had caught up with Rex. I grabbed his tail in my teeth and flung him over the cliff, totally vanquished. The tree trunk miraculously straightened up again. My tongue slowing climbed the solid massive tree. The taste of sap upon my tongue was intoxicating, making me desirous for more. My tongue headed for the source of this pleasure - the very rounded top of the tree truck. The sap was flowing out of a small fissure within the hard wood of the tree. The tip of my tongue pried itself into that slit as far as possible.

Earthquakes were coming in rapid succession now. The ground trembled and heaved. The very land was moaning. My eyes caught site of the sap that had dripped down into the canyon beyond the tree's roots. It traveled down the tree, onto the massive rocks at its base, quivering from the earthquakes and moving in their own right. Further down into the chasm I followed my tongue. The land heaved and moved and the canyon miraculously widened, the canyon walls moving further apart, making my descent easier. The canyon walls on one side rose in a monumental upheaval, showing my tongue a cave entrance begging to be explored. Thinking himself a spelunker, my tongue plunged headlong into the cave entrance, as the very walls themselves quivered and shuddered, threatening total collapse. The land moaned and shook. The very ground called out. The tunnel was small and tight, but my tongue pushed in, as far as it could. It was a warm and pleasant cave.

Pterodactyls flew into my hair and entangled themselves. Flapping their massive prehistoric leather-like wings, they pushed my head inward, and then pulled me back, releasing my tongue from the cave. They raised my head only to set me gingerly on the pinnacle of the tree stump. I grabbed hold with my open mouth, and then they drove my head down as far as I could go, with the massive tree trunk sliding across the top of my tongue and down my throat. In a struggle to break free of the hair ensnaring them, the prehistoric birds caused my mouth to lift and plunge several time onto the stump. Quicker more aggressively they flapped their wings. My saliva thoroughly moistened the entire tree. My teeth lightly grazed the surface. My taste buds rejoiced.

Now, not only were the flying dinosaurs in a battle for their lives, but the very landscape itself was in the final throes of existence. Rocking and shaking, thrusting and collapsing. Heat was penetrating from the very depths. A massive eruption was imminent, but where. Acting as a huge straw stuck into the very core of the earth, the massive hollow old tree was the vent for the white hot lava. With a final massive thrust, the lava erupted white-hot inside my mouth, coating it with the molten essence of the land from whence it came. This lava carried the promise of new life within it and the continuance of the Earth. It was all good. It was very good. It was GREAT! The great prehistoric birds perished in the eruption, their struggles over. Rex's massive body lay smashed on the canyon floor. The time of the great dinosaurs was over, ending in a blinding flash from the very core of the earth, burned in the eruption of white-hot lava. The earthquakes quickly subsided and the Earth was at peace again.

"DB! Don't you ever lose that dinosaur"! I panted as I lay with my head on his abdomen, his gentle hands replacing the terrifying prehistoric birds upon my head.


Darkness fell quickly. We enjoyed some food and a little more wine, played a few more games of Canasta, and then just sat with our chairs side-by-side, staring into the glowing fireplace.

"I was just thinking of how in the world they get into the lighthouse tower here. Maybe from up there we can see if Whitehall has any power or not. I'm gonna go investigate".

Making sure there was wood on the fire to keep DB warm, I pulled on another sweatshirt and carried the oil lamp towards the north side of the lighthouse where the lighthouse tower itself was located. I soon discovered a door behind the checkout counter in the gift shop area. Thankfully, it was not locked. I opened it and was astonished at the coldness inside. None of the heat from our fire had made it into this tower. Entering with the oil lamp, I could make out a spiral metal staircase going up towards a small opening into what I assumed with the small area where the actual "light" was located. I grabbed the metal handrail and quickly knew I needed my gloves if I was going to climb this staircase.

"Jack, my foot is not hurting so much anymore. Do you think that with your help I could get up into the tower? I've never been in an actual lighthouse tower. I want to see that if I can."

"I think so. Here are your gloves. Put on this sweatshirt. The staircase is wide enough for two side-by-side. We'll get you up there".

And slowly, we did make it up to the opening. I helped DB up through the opening, where the stair narrowed to allow only one person at a time. I followed close behind. It was SO cold up in this glass enclosed tiny room, but the glass was clear of ice and frost and even in the darkness, the view was spectacular. Looking to the east towards Whitehall we were glad to see lights shining. Apparently the town had been spared the power outage. The wind of the storm had now died down dramatically but it was still snowing heavily yet. We were stunned by the awesome view. As we walked around the tiny room with glass openings to all directions, we stepped in front of the light's powerful reflectors which were aimed out over Lake Michigan. The light of our oil lamp, reflected in the shaped lens of the reflector shot out a straight beam of light, illuminating the pier and the mountainous icebergs where our situation started so much earlier.

"Jack, can we turn this reflector towards town? We could send out a beacon light. Someone might see it"

"It's worth a try. This equipment is obviously well maintained. It's not rusty"

We tried to manually move the reflector but it wouldn't budge. Something was locking it in place. We moved around the mechanism until we found a lever that was doing just that. When we lifted the lever, the equipment swung around effortlessly. We aimed the lens towards the small town of Whitehall, situated across White Lake. Then stepping to either side we held the oil lamp in front of it. The beam shot out across White Lake. We moved the lamp and the beam of light moved also. Someone had to be seeing this. The irregular movement of the beam should be very noticeable.

Suddenly, to our amazement, somewhere across White Lake, in the town of Whitehall, several pairs of car headlights started flashing in our direction. On-and-off....on-and-off.... over and over. It was a signal. We responded with our beam....on-and-off....on-and-off. They had seen us. As we watched transfixed, the car lights started staying lit, then started moving, one by one. They were headed along the waterfront drive on the south side of the lake. They were coming for us. We were several miles from town, and it would take them quite a while considering the weather conditions, but, at least they knew we were here.

We looked into each other's eyes and laughed. The feeling of relief was immense. There, in the lighthouse tower, in the shadow of the oil lamp, DB and I kissed...long, hard, passionately. My hands were in his hair, his fingers were grabbing my ass. Our mouths and tongues and saliva became one. Any chills we may have had were gone. WE were hot. Our hands started sliding up inside each others sweatshirts. DB's fingers found my nipples and pinched them the way he knew would drive me crazy. In turn, my hands slid down into his sweatpants, grabbing his lily-white ass, maneuvering into his crack, spreading his ass cheeks a bit, and finding his puckered metals, massaging them, circling the hole, teasing. We were both moaning now. We could feel each others hardness between us. DB's hands slid down my sides, then entered my sweatpants, finding Lil Jack ready and waiting for him.

"Jack, how soon will they get here? We have a little mess downstairs we should clean up a bit don't you think"?

"It's gonna be a while DB. They may not be able to actually drive anywhere close to us because of the trees that toppled. We've got time."

"Good, cause I have an idea, if you're game"

"Uh-Oh, what is it"?

"You know the bat signal they always used to call Batman - the bat shadow in a beacon of light? Well, how about you and I strip, know......cast our own shadow. With all this snow and nobody actually within miles of us, what could it hurt"?

"Good Lord DB, you're crazy - you know that don't you. But damn, let's DO IT"!

We quickly threw off our clothes, dropping them to the floor. DB's Dino fell out of his hoodie pocket and lay on the floor. We both saw it and giggled.

"Are you ready" DB asked. I nodded. "How about I fuck you in the spotlight" he winked.

"My ass is all yours".

There was a small ledge around the actual light mechanism, a little wider than the base of the oil lamp. We placed the oil lamp on it directly in front of the curved reflecting lens. The beam was startlingly bright and warm. We quickly got into position inside the beam, DB behind me. We were already casting HUGE shadows over White Lake. I bent forward slightly, my hands pulling my ass cheeks apart. DB was using his spit to lube his huge hard cock. He slowly and carefully entered my ass. The heat of the reflected light was getting intense. DB's cock gently but steadily entered, pushing further and further. I could never get enough of DB being inside me, and loved to take him all inside. He didn't let me down.

"This has got to be the strangest situation everyone. Look at our shadows. We are gargantuan".

"Jack, sorry to rush this, but if we take our time we may burst into flames from this heat" DB laughed. His rhythm was already quickening rapidly. We were both soaked in sweat, our skin turning pink from the "lamp burn". Then, as his body stiffened, I knew that soon DB's seed would be planted deep, deep within my being. With a moan and a gasp DB's sperm entered me, hot and smooth.

Slowly, DB pulled out of me. We were hot and exhausted, but quickly moved out of the light. Seeing Dino laying on the ground, I bent down, picked him up and placed his head in the direct center of the lens.

"Oh My God, it's the logo from Jurassic Park Jack - The dinosaur head with all the teeth in silhouette. When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth"! Dino Destroys Whitehall"!

We were both laughing our heads off. We were having way too much fun in this lonely desolate lighthouse tower. We pulled the oil lamp from in front of the lens and were plunged into blackness again, even more so after the blinding light. It took a moment before either of us could see anything, but when we did we could see headlights about a mile distant, coming towards us through the dunes. The lights were moving very slowly. Through the trees we watched them slow even further and then stop. They must have come to a tree across the road. We could see several people moving in front of the headlights. After a bit, we started to see single headlights start moving. They were coming for us on snowmobiles.

We quickly dressed, then turned the reflector lens and locked it again. I helped DB down he stairs and over to the chair by the fire. We could hear snowmobiles now, they were getting close. I cleaned up and returned things to normal as quickly as I could.

I moved to the east-facing windows which looked out over the parking lot. The first snowmobile was moving around the huge fallen tree with several others following. I went over to the door and opened it. It was still snowing outside and some light snow blew in, along with a gust of cold air. The headlight of the front snowmobile was aimed on me. The driver pulled the noisy machine nearly up to the door and stopped, with the others pulling up on either side.

As the snowmobiles were shut off some measure of quiet returned. DB had gotten up and hopped ove

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