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Cooking With Mom (Part II)

If you already read the first chapter you know that my mother Jennie, and I have already had sex in the kitchen. After that day, outwardly, things looked the same between us but at least 3 nights a week we would spend the night in her bed fucking like rabbits and finding new ways to love each other. She taught me a lot and I was an eager student. Mom seemed happier than ever with more energy and always a smile on her face. After about a month and after a particularly wild Sunday morning of sex where her eyes rolled back in her head when she came, we were lying there against each other and I whispered to her "Do you still think about having two cocks at once?" And I licked and kissed her ears and the back of her neck. She moaned and turned to face me and looked in my eyes and told me "Yes". I pulled her closer to me and told her to tell me what she wanted to do with two cocks. "I want them both to look at and to hold and to suck.....mmmmmm.....I want to be sucking one while the other pounds my pussy from behind." "Oh God, Mom, that's so hot, tell me more". She continued, "I want them both to fuck me at the same time". "I want one in my ass and one in my pussy" she finally said. I was so horny from hearing her confessions that I was getting hard again. I told her, "You're making me so hot hearing about that Mom, do you really want to be fucked by two cocks at once?" "Oh yes, Jake, I've thought about it for a long time I just never had the opportunity before". I decided to go all the way and asked her "Mom, how would like for me and Bill to fuck you?" Her eyes wandered for a second pondering the question and then a smile started to form across her lips. "I think I want that...I want that a lot." Then she held me close and kissed me deeply searching my tongue with hers. We had another great fuck after that but had to get about our day. But the seed had been planted and now I just had to come up with a plan for Bill and I to fuck her that she found acceptable. We talked about it that night and went through the different scenarios of how we could make this happen. We finally decided that talking to him beforehand could leave us open if he refused so we went with the surprise tactic. We thought it best if I came home and caught them fucking that way he would feel too guilty to refuse my joining in. We planned to set up a time for me to be out of the house when she would call BIll over. After a predetermined amount of time I would sneak quietly back into the apartment where I would find her bedroom door open and them fucking on the bed. I would watch for a while from out of their sight and then get purposely caught and have my mother tell me to stay and watch and learn. We figured if we could get Bill this far we would have no problem going the rest of the way. We decided on the upcoming Saturday night and Mom called Bill on Friday and asked if he would like to come over after dinner tomorrow and made sure to mention I would be out. She told him to come over at nine and he quickly agreed and Mom was smiling from ear to ear when she hung up the phone. I couldn't wait, this was going to be one hot night. Mom was excited too, she was really horny that night in bed. She rode my cock so hard I thought she was going to break it, thankfully she came hard before that happened. She slept sound that night in anticipation of the fun to follow the next day. Fortunately, Saturday went fast as she was busy getting the apartment in order, clean sheets on the bed, and preparing her body as well by doing her hair, shaving her legs and trimming her pussy. This was the early 80's and not many women shaved then. Mom had a beautiful brown triangle bush. After dinner we cleaned up and Mom told me that Bill liked to move fast and that by 9:30 he would likely be fucking her.

At the appropriate time I quietly entered our apartment and could already hear them in Moms' bedroom. Mom was right, he was a fast mover. I could actually hear the bedsprings creaking in time with their fucking and Moms' slight moan in time with his thrusting. I went slowly down the hall and found her door slightly cracked, just enough to be able to peek in and see them. Bill as on top of Mom in the missionary position with his ass going up and down rapidly. Every time he pulled out I could see his thick cock with Moms' pussy lips sliding around it until he pushed it back deep inside her. I was already hard as a rock from watching my first live sex show and the fact that it was my own hot mother only made me more excited. As mother and I planned, I pushed the door open silently and stepped inside. We knew this would work as Moms' bed is on the opposite wall and their backs were to me. Mom being aware of my impending entrance noticed the door opening and smiled slyly over Bills' shoulder when we locked eyes. I shuffled slowly toward them until I was at the foot of the bed and called out "Mom". Bills' head swung around immediately and he said "Jake, get the hell out of here!" Mom chimed in quickly ", wait, maybe he just wants to learn, Jake honey do you want to stay and watch Bill and I have sex?" "Jennie, what are you talking about, you want him to watch us?" Bill had stopped moving up and down when I came in but his cock was still hard and still inside Moms' wet pussy. "Why not" Mom said, "He has to learn somewhere and he might as well watch a man who's so good at pleasing me, right?" "Uh..uh" was all Bill could say as Mom started to thrust her hips up at him and take his cock again. And he being a hard and horny man he started thrusting right back with her. "Oh yeaeeeaaaahhhh" Mom squeeled to encourage Bill more. "Come over here sweetie so you can see better" I took another step closer and was right next to them with my knees against the matress. "Oh yeah, give it to me Bill, give me that big cock...harder" Bill sped up with enthusiasm and Mom moaned along with him. While wrapping her legs around Bills' waist she reached out and started to rub ny cock through my jeans. "Is my son getting hard watching his mom get fucked?" "Why don't you take off your pants so mommy can see how big my little boy has gotten". "Shit Jennie, you are a kinky little thing aren't you?" Bill said, sounding exctited about what was about to happen. My clothes flew off in a few seconds and I got back in position standing next to the bed. Mom reached out again and wrapped her fingers around my cock, which was was sticking straight out and pointing at her. She started to jerk it back and forth and said " son has a beautiful cock...bring it closer to mommy". I leaned in until my cock was just a few inches from her mouth and she licked the head a couple times around the rim and across my slit. "Oh yeah Jennie, suck your sons dick, you are so nasty, oh yeah, I love it, take your sons' dick all the way into your mouth" Mom did as Bill directed and soon was giving me an incredible blowjob while Bill continued to pound her pussy. Mom was loving this too, her fantasy was coming true, she had two cocks to play with. Mom then stiffened and arched her back as her orgasm shook her. "Oh God Mom, suck me, please suck me" I pleaded not wanting this to stop. Bill was going faster now and had a glazed look in his eyes that made me think he was close to cumming, I was right, just then he said "Here it comes...I'm gonna cum" and pushed even deeper into Mom. "Oh yeah, give it to me Bill, cum inside me, oh fuck me, oh yes" I could see Bills' ass tighten and clench as he shot his load into Moms' already soaked pussy. That was all I could take, I shouted, "Mom, I'm gonna cum..I'm gonna cum". She released my cock only to say "Cum in mommys's mouth son" and swallowed my entire length as I felt the cum swirling in my balls. Bill was still inside her and was watching intently from just a foot away as I filled Moms' mouth with my cum. It was a huge load for me but Mom swallowed it all like the pro she is. Bill was amazed and turned on and told her "Yeah, Jennie, swallow his cum, how does your sons' cum taste?" After swallowing the last drop she released my cock again and said "'s delicious" "My boy has a wonderful cock, do you want to put your cock inside Mommys' pussy baby?" I was standing there with my soft cock coming down from my orgasm and all it took for my cock to start twitching were those words from my sexy mother. "Oh yes Mom, can I?" I was still playing along as if this were the first time I would have sex. "Bill, do you want to see my son fuck his mother?" Bill wasted no time in sliding his already hardening cock out of Mom and getting off the bed. He had a pretty impressive body for a man his age and a cock to match. I looked down at Moms' pussy which was starting to ooze Bills' cum and it was very inflamed. Her pussy hair was matted with her juices as well. She was jerking my cock again to get me hard and told me to get on the bed on top of her. I think she liked being in charge and directing the action. I got my body over hers with my cock now hard again. Bill was moving over to my old position next to the bed. I was on my knees between Moms' legs and started to rub my cock head along her slit and across her engorged clit. She reached out and grabbed Bills' cock and pulled it to her mouth so she could suck him and clean his cock of both their sticky cum. Before she took him in her mouth she said "Put it in me Jake, put it in my pussy". I slipped the head inside her creamy pussy and pushed forward. The rest of my coick slipped in easily till I could feel the wetness of her bush against my own pubic hair. "Damn, Jennie, I can't beleive you're fucking your son, this is so hot, Fuck her Jake, Fuck her harder" Bill commanded, so I did. Mom started moaning and whimpering with Bills' cock in her mouth as I sped up my assault on her pussy. Bill was so turned on he was fucking Moms' mouth almost as fast as I was fucking her pussy. I was loving the feeling of her warm pussy enveloping my cock with Bills' cum there to lubricate it. Mom took Bills' cock out of her mouth then and looked me in the eye and told me "Baby, you feel so good inside me, I want to ride my babys' cock, let Mommy ride you Jake". As Bill stood by with a wide eyed look on his face like he couldn't believe what he was seeing I pulled my cock free from Moms' pussy with a wet sound and got on my back on the bed next to her. She got up and crawled over me and when her head was level with mine she kissed me deeply and wrapped her toungue around mine. While still locked at the lips she reached around between us and grabbed my cock and lined it up with her slit. As she broke our kiss she sat up straight and went down on my cock till I was buried deep in her again. "Oh baby, you're so deep in mommys pussy, I love you son, fuck me". I didn't need to do much moving as Mom was riding my cock like a stallion. Then she started to moan and said "I'm cumming...I'm cumming on my sons cock..Oh it feels so good..oh yes..yes...yes" Her face was flushed bright red and she had a beautiful sheen all over her body from her orgasm but apparently she was far from finshed. She surprised us both when she said "Bill, please put your cock in my ass...I want two cocks in me". Bill could not have been more agreeable as he moved behind her on the bed while she leaned down over me and raised her ass in the air with my cock still lodged in her pussy. Bill was so excited, he said, "Oh yeah, Jennie, I'm gonna fuck your ass, Damn, this is so hot, you are so nasty fucking your son". Mom and I both held still while Bill took his hard cock in his hand. First, he rubbed it around Moms' pussy where my cock entered it so he could get it wet and then he aimed right at her puckered asshole. "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh" Mom moaned as he pushed his cock into her ass inch by inch. Her pussy got even tighter around my cock as more of Bills' cock slid inside her ass. Mom had her eyes closed and was still as she enjoyed the first feeling of two cocks inside her at the same time. Bills' cock was about the same length as mine but a good bit thicker and Mom could hardly move with two good sized cocks in her pussy and ass together. As Bill started to pull back out again Mom started moaning again and said "Fuck me!...Fuck me harder...both of you...Fuck Me!". I was thrusting up into her and I could feel Bills' cock inside her ass every time I pushed deep in her pussy. We were all in amazing synch and Mom came twice almost continuously when I shouted "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum in your pussy Mom". Bill was right behind me yelling "Here I cum Jennie...I'm going to cum in your ass". Mom was shaking and shouted "Do it!" "Cum inside me ...cum in my ass Bill...cum in my ass while my son fills my pussy with his hot cum". I thrusted hard into her once more and held my cock deep in her when my second load roared out of my cock and into my mothers cunt. After only two spurts I felt Bill push all the way in again and he too let his load fly into Moms' ass. Mom was trembling with her eyes closed and cumming again while we filled her up. Bill was spent and pulled out of Moms' ass and fell on the bed. Mom just slumped down on top of me and seemed to be u*********s unitl she said between long breaths "Oh God....Oh God.....that was incredible...I never came so hard". I was still catching my breath with my cock shriveling in her pussy while she lay on top of me. After a few minutes Mom opened her eyes and looked at me and said "Did my baby like fucking mommys' pussy?" "You certainly learn fast my son". All I could say was "Oh Mom, it was fantastic" "You're so hot and sexy". "She sure is", Bill chimed in. Mom moved off my soft cock and got in between us on the bed. "You're one hell of a teacher Jennie" Bill complimented. "She sure is" I agreed. "You know Jennie, I bet my son Greg could learn a thing or two from you too". Moms' eyes widened and she said "Ooohhh a father and his son fucking the same time?" "Don't forget Jake here..I'm sure he'll want to play too" Bill told her. "Mmmmmm...Jake you want to see Bill and Greg fuck me?" "Oh yeah Mom., I would love that". Me too too".

Part III coming soon....

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