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Loving Erica (Mf, fat/dau, rom) PART THREE (end)

Loving Erica

by SpectreOfHell

Part 3

Things were normal at dinner and the rest of the night. Except that Erica and I kept looking into each other's eyes and smiling like idiots. Was this really happening? Was my daughter willingly becoming my lover? Later, she got her bath and returned in one of her short gowns. Helen was starting to doze in her chair. Erica sat on my lap and I got instantly hard. Erica wiggled and giggled, and I realized she'd always known the effect she had on me. She nuzzled my neck and faintly whispered, "When Mom falls asl**p, come tuck me in." She stole a quick peck on my lips and stood up, announcing she was going to bed. she kissed her mother and headed off, pausing at the hallway to look at me over her mother's shoulder and blow me a kiss, then flipped up her gown to show that she had no panties on. I almost groaned.

An hour later, Helen had been snoring for ten minutes, and I felt it was safe to get up. She'd always been a very sound sl**per, but I was in a strange state of mind anyway. I wouldn't have cared if she did wake up. I had to go see my daughter.

All the same, I was scared out of my mind. Was I really going to do this? Yes, it seemed, as my feet led me down the hall. I eased open the door to my daughter's bedroom and peeked in. I could see Erica by the light of her Disney Princesses lamp on her bedside table. She was asl**p, and I almost turned away, but I couldn't stop staring at her. Those wonderfully sexy young legs, the curve of her breasts beneath her nightgown, the way her hair made a halo around her angelic face. My feet carried me to her bedside. I intended to cover her up, but my hand touched her leg and a shiver went through me. I caressed her soft skin, baby smooth and shining from a recent shaving. The feel of her beneath my touch, the sight and smell of her, it all added up in my brain and sent electric shocks shooting through my body as my cock stiffened in my pants.

Erica rolled onto her back and blinked up at me. "Hey, Daddy," she said, grinning. "I started to think you weren't coming."

"Your mother is asl**p in her chair," I said, not knowing what else to tell her. Erica sat up, rubbing her eyes, then looked past me toward her door which I'd left open.

"You better lock it," she said to me. I trembled. But I did what she suggested. I could hear Helen still snoring down the hall. With the door secure, I returned to the bed and sat down on the mattress next to my daughter. Erica instantly put her arms around my neck and drew my lips to hers for a soft, loving kiss. "Mmm," she said, as if the taste of me on her tongue was a culinary delight.

"Erica," I said, "are you sure this is something you want? What we're doing?" Erica nodded and pulled me close for another kiss.

"More sure than I've ever been about anything," she murmured and kissed me again. I have to admit, her kisses were the sweetest, most profoundly satisfying human contact I've ever had. I felt connected to her as I never had to my own wife, Erica's mother. She was more than my daughter, and Erica felt it too.

Still, I had to say it. "You know this is i****t, right?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said softly.

"And you can't tell anyone about it," I added.

She grinned and said, "Don't be silly, Daddy." And she laughed, adding, "You're not m*****ing me. I want this, I really do."

"But why, Erica?" I persisted. "I'm an old, unattractive man. Why would you want this with me?"

She said, "You're only thirty-three, Daddy. And I told you, every girl who knows you thinks you're hot. Almost all my friends have told me how sexy they think you are. You could have seduced any one of them. But you picked ME. And I want it because I love you, I'll always love you."

I kissed her and said, "It won't last you know. You'll grow up, get married, you won't want this forever."

She kissed me back as her petite hand found its way into my shirt to stroke my chest. "Yes I will," she said. "No matter what, even if I do get married. My heart is always yours Daddy." I groaned as we kissed again. I reached for her chest with both hands, swept away by emotion and desire. She moaned softly as I cupped each of her breasts in my palms and caressed her nipples through her shirt with my thumbs. They were already erect. Erica grasped the hem of her gown and pulled it up, revealing naked hips and flat belly before wiggling it over her head and off. She dropped the garment on the floor and leaned back on her hands to show off her naked body to me.

I cupped her now bare breasts again, then leaned forward to suckle at them. Erica sighed and stroked the back of my head with one hand as I flicked her nipple with my tongue before drawing it into my mouth. Slowly, Erica turned so that her back was more toward her door, putting us side by side but facing opposite. I could still continue to nurse at her f******n year old breasts, but now she could reach my crotch, and she began to rub my erection through my pants. She began to lean back, and at first I followed her, but she scooted herself more onto the bed and pulled her breasts away from me. I let my wet kisses trail over her abdomen as I felt her hands opening my pants. She deftly extracted my cock just as my kisses began to land on her bare pubis. I heard her moan, and then the sound was muffled as she drew my cock into her mouth.

It was a bit awkward, but that didn't stop us. I pushed my face between my daughter's thighs and lapped at her flowing juices. She was swollen and extremely wet, far more turned on now than she'd been earlier that day. The angle she was at meant that she couldn't use all her oral skills on me, but that didn't matter. I had never had a sixty-nine before, but I knew this was something my daughter and I would be enjoying much more in the future. Erica was on her right side by then and drew her left leg back until her knee almost couched her breast, spreading herself open for me. I pushed my face farther between her legs, inadvertently shoving my cock deeper into her mouth. Erica grunted, but she grabbed my hip and pulled, making sure I knew she wanted my cock where it was. I was almost fucking her sweet mouth as I shoved my tongue into her leaking hole.

If her mouth hadn't been full, Erica's scream of delight might have woken her mother. As it was, it came out muffled, and she let my cock fall from her mouth so she could throw her head back, desperate for the pleasure I was giving her. I turned so that I could attack her pussy better, lavishing it with wet kisses and hot licks. I suckled at her clit as I pushed two fingers into her hole, and she almost doubled over next to me, trying to hump her pussy onto my hand. I spread her juices down some and then, as I pushed my tongue into her folds again, I pressed my finger against her asshole. Erica tensed silently, then released her breath in a loud gasp as my finger began to penetrate her. To be honest, it went in almost easily, and I began to finger fuck her butt as I drank the fluids pouring out of her pussy.

"Oh my god," she hissed. "Your finger's in my butt, Daddy!"

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"Uh, uh," she said, shaking her head no at the same time. "I like it. Don't stop."

I attacked her young pussy again. She told me later that I was the second person to ever go down on her, but the only one who ever did it right. And I knew I was doing it the way she wanted because she began to grunt with every breath and her body trembled. I could feel her belly quivering against my chest. She came hard. Her thighs squeezed my head as her body shook violently. Her fingernails dug into my side even through my shirt, and her asshole clenched around my invading finger so hard it almost hurt. I rode it out, feeling her pussy squirt its cum all over my face and into my mouth. When it was over, she sagged, panting for breath, and I sat up, smiling with my face soaked.

She smiled too. We stared at each other for half a minute, and then she softly and sweetly said, "Okay, Daddy. Now."

I knew what she meant. What she wanted. And by then I was ready to give her anything. I stood up as she swung her body around to lay longwise on her bed. She watched me shove my pants down and step out of them. I took off my shirt, too, so that I was as naked as she. Her eyes drank in the sight of my body without a hint of distaste. To the contrary, the way she looked at me made me believe she'd been honest about what she'd said. My little girl thought her father was sexy.

I climbed onto the bed by her feet, and Erica drew her legs back so that her knees were at her chest and her thighs splayed widely. She was fully exposed to me, a lewd pose that set my bl**d on fire. Her pussy opened like a dew moistened flower, beckoning to me. I moved up closer to her until my knees were at her buttocks and my cock hovered right above her teenage pussy. But then I paused. This was the threshold. Anything before this was something we could put behind us, but if I fucked her...

"I don't have a condom," I said, the last dregs of my guilt seeking an excuse.

Erica seemed to understand. Her voice was soft, gentle, as she said, "You don't need one, Daddy. I'm on the pill, remember?" I did remember, but for some reason in my mind I never really connected her taking the pill with her having sex until that moment. Again, she understood, and with a twinkle in her eye she added, "You can fuck me all you want, Daddy."

I groaned, completely lost then. Grasping my prick in my hand, I pushed the head into her soft folds, lodging the tip in her hole. I let go of myself and began to push. Erica lifted up on her elbows and stared down at where we were becoming joined, a look of amazement on her beautiful face. "It's going in," she said as the head of my cock vanished into her.

Honestly, I had thought she was experienced. Seeing her suck that boy's cock, and having experienced what he had together, there was no reason for me to suspect she was still a virgin. But as the head of my cock pushed into her, stretching her, I realized that she was. Her hymen was gone, but my baby girl had never had a cock in her before her Daddy's entered her. I began to shake like a leaf with excitement. Erica continued to stare at my cock vanishing into her body, grunting each time I eased back and then f***ed another inch into her. Erica's pussy was a hot, velvet vise, a sleeve of quivering flesh designed perfectly to hold my aching cock. She put her feet on my chest, not to push me away but to brace herself as she pushed her hips up at me. I grasped her slender thighs, trying not to pass out from sheer ecstasy. I eased back, pushed in again, and that was it. I was buried in my daughter's pussy. She'd taken every inch I had, and my balls rested against her rosebud. She looked up at me, smiling triumphantly.

"It's inside me, Daddy," she whispered. "Your dick is all the way inside me!"

Groaning, I eased back and began to fuck her. I fucked my daughter. Erica's eyes fluttered and she moaned, and I fucked her with deep, slow strokes. I would ease out until only the head remained inside her, then plunge back in slowly until my pubic hair was pressed firmly to her shaven snatch. Erica moved her feet from my chest so that she could dig her heels into my hips. I lay over her and kissed her, though it was a bit awkward to do so with our height difference. Erica wrapped her legs around me, crossing her ankles behind me and locking me in her embrace. Her mother could have walked in at that moment and we wouldn't have stopped. We couldn't have. Our lust for each other consumed us, and I was lost in the depths of her incredible body.

She planted soft kisses on my upper chest as I fucked her, her arms around my torso. "I love you, Daddy," she whispered. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Princess," I groaned, bottoming out in her. She grunted and I sensed she was about to cum. "That's it," I encouraged her. "Cum, baby girl. Cum for Daddy. Cum all over Daddy's cock, Princess."

My words affected me almost as much as it did her, and she cried out loudly as orgasm slammed into her. I had made my little girl cum as I fucked her! Hot juices washed over my balls as her pussy clamped down on my prick making it impossible to move. I rode it out, feeling her body shake beneath me. Her face was so beautiful in the throes of orgasm.

When she relaxed again, I began to pump my cock in and out of her at a quicker pace. I was so close to cumming, desperate for it, and though we'd only been at it for five minutes or so, I couldn't last. I was fucking my own daughter, my little girl, my beautiful angel. She was mine, and always would be, and I was fucking her...

I moaned, and Erica squeezed me with all her limbs. "Are you gonna cum, Daddy?" she whispered.

"Uh! Yeah!" I grunted.

She moaned. "Cum inside me, Daddy," she said, moving her hips against me as best she could. "Cum in me! Oh god, oh god, you're fucking me, Daddy, you're really, really fucking me!" She sounded as if she could barely believe it either, but her words sent me over the edge. I screamed almost as loudly as she had and she hissed, "I feel it!"

My cock swelled inside her and I nearly passed out as the most powerful orgasm of my life exploded within me. My cock felt like a firehose as I began to ejaculate, almost as if I was pissing sperm into my daughter's womb. Erica gasped loudly and said, "I feel you cumming, Daddy!" The rest was a babble of words from her, or maybe from both of us, just saying, " daughter...inside good..."

I sagged, finally spent. Erica continued to cling to me, and I realized that her body was shaking because she had just had another orgasm. As I had started cumming into her, she collapsed into orgasm right along with me. I remained inside her, reluctant to leave her, until my cock softened and fell from her on its own. I rose up and pushed her legs over to the side so that I could lay down behind her. I held her spoon fashion as she continued to quiver and shake.

"Are you okay?" I asked, worried that now she would feel guilty or ashamed. She surprised me again.

Erica twisted and rolled over to face me, so that I could see her eyes and know she was telling the truth. "Daddy, that's just the way I always dreamed my first time would be. With someone I love more than anything, and who was gentle and kind and loving, who made me feel so wonderful. I've never felt that before. I love you, Daddy, so much."

I kissed her, and she returned the kiss with mature passion. She nuzzled my neck, groaning in satisfaction. "God," she said, "when you squirted in me, that felt SO good. I loved knowing I'd made my Daddy cum, and you were cumming INSIDE me, and...oh, god. I don't know how to say it."

"Then," I said, tentatively, "you don't, you know, regret it?"

She stared into my eyes and calmly said, "Daddy, if you ever ask me that again, I'll get really mad at you."

"Okay," I whispered. She smiled broadly and kissed me again. Then she yawned. I didn't blame her, it had been a vigorous day for both of us.

"What do we do now?" she asked.

"I guess it's bedtime," I said, remembering her mother asl**p in the living room.

"No, Daddy," she admonished. "I mean us. What happens now?"

I blinked. There was what I should have said, which was that this couldn't happen again, and there was what I said, right from the heart, which was, "I want to make love to you again, Erica. I want to keep making love to you. I want you to be my lover, to belong to me and no one else. But what do you want? Tell me."

"Oh, Daddy," she sighed, "I want that too. You're all I want. Forever." She sealed her words with a tender kiss full of all the love and promise she could muster, and I knew that come what may, she and I would be doing this alot in the future. I couldn't guarantee she would want me for the rest of her life, or that she might not come to resent me for what we would do. But I knew that I couldn't release her now, I couldn't go back to the way things were. Erica was the lover and companion I'd always wanted, and I hoped I could be the same for her.

"Forever," she whispered, as if reading my thoughts. Her eyes twinkled and her smile made my heart soar. She patted my arm and reminded me of reality. "You better go put Mom in bed."

"Uh, yeah," I agreed, not really wanting to. Eventually I did get up and put my clothes back on, and Erica laid there naked, my cum oozing out of her pussy, watching me. It was a reminder that I was committing two sins. Not only was I committing i****t, I was cheating on my wife. Then again, I still loved Helen intensely, and what Erica and I would share really wasn't a betrayal of anything, it was simply an enhancement of the deep bond we already shared.

As I reached the door, Erica called out, "Daddy?" I turned to look at her, displayed in all her naked glory and glowingly freshly fucked. "I really meant what I said, you know," she said to me. "I belong to you and only you, for the rest of my life."

I nearly wept. My love for my daughter was stronger than anything I'd ever felt. "So be it," I said. "I love you, Erica."

"I love you with all my heart, Daddy," she replied. Reluctantly, I closed the door behind me and went to collect my snoring wife.


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