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Loving Erica (Mf, teen, fat/dau, rom) PART TWO

Loving Erica

By SpectreOfHell

Part 2

When I came out of the bathroom, all traces of my daughter's vaginal fluids washed from my guilty prick, my wife Helen was home and she was talking to Erica in the kitchen. I entered and they greeted me warmly, both of them. Erica was leaning against the counter, still barefoot, still in her denim skirt and pink halter top, and I couldn't read her expression. My wife kissed me and we sat down at the table to discuss dinner plans. I kept glancing at Erica, and she was staring at me with a strange expression. I saw a rivulet of wetness run down the inside of her leg, either her juices or mine. She felt it and swiped at it, then left the room, I assumed to go clean up.

And Helen never suspected a thing. Erica, over the next few days, didn't act any differently toward me. I didn't know what to do. Did she resent me now, or hate me, or did she want to do it again? I didn't know what to do. A week after the incident, when I thought my guilt would kill me, I went into the garage to get something and found Erica standing there talking to the boy. He took one look at me, screamed, and ran away shouting "Please don't kill me!" He jumped in his car down by the curb and sped away while Erica laughed.

I asked, "What was that about?"

"He came to break up with me," Erica replied, watching me coolly. "I told him the other know, Daddy. THAT day," and she paused to watch my expression. My guilt surged up and she seemed to see it. Satisfied, she went on, "I told him that if he ever told anybody about it that you'd kill him. I said that you were an enf***er for a loan shark and that you'd killed before, so a silly little boy like him wouldn't bother you a bit."

That floored me. "What?" I asked. "Why did you tell him something like that?"

And Erica looked at me as if I was being stupid, which I was. "Because, Daddy," she said matter of factly, "I didn't want him telling anyone that..." and her voice dropped to a whisper as she hesitated, "that you fucked me."

And there it was, out in the open. I felt my face go red and Erica looked concerned. "Daddy, it's okay," she said. She stepped closer to me and reached up to put a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Really, it's okay."

I suddenly burst into tears, ashamed. "I'm so sorry, Erica," I choked out. "I didn't plan to do that to you, I swear. I saw you and I lost control and..."

"Shh, Daddy," she said, moving closer to put her arms around me. She had to reach up to hug me, reminding me how much smaller than me she was, how young she was. "Daddy, I'm not mad at you. It's okay."

I cried even harder and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her to my chest. "I love you so much, Erica," I said.

"I love you too, Daddy," she replied in her melodic, soft voice. "And I always will." She lifted her face to smile up at me, and I saw tears on her cheeks as well. I brushed them away with my fingers and she laughed lightly, making me smile in return.

"Are we okay, then?" I asked.

"Of course, Daddy," she said, hugging me again. "Daddy?" she asked, "Did I really make you lose control?"

"Yes," I whispered.

Then she surprised me. "I really made you lose control of yourself. Wow!" she said. "I didn't know you thought about me like that."

I pulled back, not quite sure what to say. I didn't think she understood. I was telling her that it was a freak occurrence, that I hadn't had lust for her until that very moment, and it was only my own weakness that had cause me to... No, she did get it, I realized. If I'd been weak, it was because I was giving into a desire that was already there. She was right. I had thought about her like that. It was a bit shocking to me to realize that, and as I continued to hold her in my embrace, a change came over me. She was my daughter, my sweet little girl, but I became aware of her warmth, her softness, her incredible loveliness, and my body started to react.

She started to cry and apologize, telling her how sorry I was and I had lost control and...

"It's okay, Daddy," she said, as if sensing my thoughts. She rose on her toes to kiss my cheek, and then kissed my lips lightly. We stared into each other's eyes and then I put my lips on hers again. She tilted her head in acceptance and closed her eyes, and we began to make out slowly, gently. Just like that, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, we were making out. She felt like heaven in my arms, and my cock became rock hard and pressed into her through our clothing. I knew she had to feel it, and she didn't seem to mind. Her only reaction was to slip her tongue into my mouth, making me moan.

We clung to each other kissing sensuously until I heard her mother yell out the back door, "Have you found it yet?" Erica and I parted hastily, wiping wetness from out mouths guiltily, then laughed at each other playfully.

"No, not yet," I yelled back and explained to Erica why I'd come out here in the first place.

"I'll help you," she said blushing a bit. What the hell was happening here? She wasn't ashamed of what we'd just done, and didn't seem upset at all about me fucking her the other day. Through the haze of guilt and shame, a spear of hope appeared. Hope which I was afraid to admit was there. Hope that my daughter wanted me the same as I wanted her. We found what Helen had wanted and walked back to the house silently. Leaving Helen in the kitchen pouring over cookbooks and planning dinner, Erica and I walked down the hall together.

"Daddy?" she asked as we reached her bedroom door. I braced myself, suspecting what she wanted to ask. Taking my silence as permission, Erica asked, "Did I really make you lose control that way? I mean you weren't, you know, punishing me. For what I was doing with Tom?"

"Huh?" I said, startled. "Punishing you? Of course not, Erica. I meant what I said."

"So," she said, forging ahead, "You wanted me. You wanted to...fuck me?"

Dizziness swept over me. "How could any man see you and not want to," I said, and that answer seemed to please her.

Smiling, she said, "I didn't know. I mean, you have Mom..."

I felt guilty for a new reason. "Yeah, well..." said I.

"But you wanted ME," said Erica.

"Uh, yeah."

"You know, lots of my friends have crushes on you," she said.

"Oh?" I said, still dazed.

"Yeah. So do I." She said that while blushing, the words f***ed. She smiled nervously. And something changed inside me. Guilt and shame fell away and I clearly saw the beautiful angel standing in front of me not only as my daughter, but as an incredibly desirable female who was telling me that she did, indeed, share the same feelings of attraction.

I stepped closer and pulled her into my arms, and she came willingly. I kissed her tenderly, and she moaned into my mouth. "I love you so much Daddy," she whispered between kisses.

"I love you too, Princess," I replied. Erica glanced down the hall toward the kitchen where we could hear Helen singing to herself and moving pots around. Erica took my hand and pulled me into her bedroom, closing the door behind us.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she pulled me by the hand over to stand beside her bed. We stood there facing each other, and then she peeled off her shirt to reveal her bare chest. I gasped and ogled her naked breasts. I hadn't seen her bare chested since she was ten years old, and she'd been flat then. Now her chest sported to lovely globes a bit paler in color than the rest of her but still tanned. Round, the size of plump oranges capped with brown areola and erect nipples. "Jesus," I hissed, reaching for them, mesmerized.

I cupped each, fingered the nipples, then bent to suckle without hesitation. She ran her hands through my hair, moaning softly. "Oh daddy," she whispered. "You make me feel so wonderful." I licked her nipple and moved to the other one, rubbing my thumb lightly over the wet one I'd left behind, and Erica moaned again, a bit louder. Her body was trembling, and I instinctively knew it wasn't from fear. She had invited me to do this with her. She had dragged me in here, taken off her shirt, and was offering herself to me. If I'd had any bit of guilty feelings left, doing this banished them.

My hands shook as I unbuckled her jeans and she helped me wiggle them off her hips. They made a rasping sound as they slid over her thighs and fell down her legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside. I knelt in front of her, my little goddess, kissing over her taut belly. I slowly tugged her panties down. I could feel her trembling a bit harder and could hear her breath rushing through her nostrils. Then there was her pussy, and this time I noticed that it was completely shaven. She must do that for cheerleading, I decided. She stepped out of her panties, balancing herself by holding onto my shoulders. I kissed her lovely feet and trailed more kisses up her legs until I nuzzled her pussy. She gasped "Shit! then covered her mouth. I laughed and told her to say whatever she wanted.

I licked her slit, tasting her, and she clutched my shoulders hard. I could taste sweat and musk and the tang of metal, the flavor of a young, innocent girl in heat. It felt surreal, as if I were two people. One, the guy on his knees eating the pussy of a beautiful girl, and the other a father who still struggled to accept the fact that he was making love to his willing f******n year old daughter. But as I pushed my tongue into Erica's folds and she spread her legs, bending her knees and dipping down to feed her pussy to me, the two halves of my thoughts merged into one. I didn't care if it was perverse or i*****l or morally incorrect. She wanted me, and I wanted her, and that was all.

After a minute or so of licking her, I put my hands on her hips and rocked back on my heels. She let me turn her body and I sat her on the bed. Reaching down, I grasped her ankles and put her feet up on the mattress which spread her wide. I stared at her beautiful pussy, then into her eyes over her heaving breasts. Keeping eye contact, I lowered my mouth to her pussy again and she moaned, "Oh my god Daddy," I loved that. As if she were either telling me how thrilled she was or she was calling me her god. I was the source of her pleasure, and she the source of my everlasting desire. I ate her, tonguefucked her, sucked her clit, used every trick I could remember or think of. I even licked her rosebud, which she seemed to like. She held herself up on one arm so she could grasp my head with her other hand and hunch her hips up at my mouth. I slid a finger into her pussy and she came hard, fluids squirting into my mouth. It wasn't piss, it was sweet and syrupy. She had squirted female cum!

I lifted my face from between my daughter's thighs, and she slipped her feet off the mattress so she could sit up. She grabbed me and kissed me with unbridled passion. Reaching down, her hands fumbled at my waist. I began to worry about being caught, but Erica had a thing about no one opening her door and both Helen and I respected that. Besides, how could I stop now? She opened my pants and her hand slid into my boxers. I felt her cool fingers as they found my cock. I moaned at the sensation of my daughter's slender hand wrapping around my shaft, then she pulled out my cock. She pushed against my chest so that I would lean back and give her a better view of what she had revealed.

"Oooh," she said, sounding impressed by it for some reason. "This is what was inside me the other day. My Daddy's dick." She glanced up, meeting my eyes. Hers were shining with joy. "It's pretty," she said.

I could hardly believe this was my own daughter doing this to me. "Stand up," she ordered, and I obeyed. Her hand never left my cock. On my feet, my hips were eye level to her, and she gazed at my prick rapturously. Her hands skillfully manipulated me, stroking softly yet just firmly enough. I saw her open her mouth and lean forward. For some reason, my mind just couldn't accept that she was really about to put it into her mouth. This was my daughter, my sweet little angel, and she didn't...

I felt the sensation of her lips, soft and moist and wonderful, brushing over he head of my cock. Her tongue, hot and wet, wiggled against the underside. Those lips closed down on my shaft and her tongue swirled around, and her cheeks caved as she sucked. My cock was in my daughter's mouth. I lost my breath and wheezed as she drew back until only the head remained past her lips, then slid forward again, taking in three-fourths of my length. Now, I'm no porn star, and all I have are about six and a half inches, but to see my darling little Princess trying to deep throat me was the most thrilling thing in my life. She moved back and forth in a steady rhythm, coating my cock with her spit which helped her busy hands stroke me as she sucked me.

It was obvious she had done this before. Done it enough to become expert at it. I felt jealous, naturally, and I felt a father's normal anxiety about what his little girl had been doing. But most of all, I felt an all consuming joy. I stroked her cheek, and her eyes smiled up at me. Seeing her looking at me like that with my cock in her was sending me over the edge. I usually didn't get off on blowjobs, but in under five minutes of my daughter's oral ministrations I felt the tickle of approaching orgasm.

"I'm going to cum, Erica," I grunted at her.

Her mouth left my cock, slurping as if she was sucking off some delicious flavor. She swallowed as her hands stroked the full length of my dick, and she smiled up at me. "It's okay, Daddy," she said to me, her lips and chin glistening with drool. "I want you to cum in my mouth. Okay?" I said nothing, but she must have seen an answer in my eyes, because she dove back onto my cock, slurping me back in and sucking. She moved her head back and forth faster. I moaned, struggling to keep the sound from being heard outside the room, and couldn't stop my hips from moving. I was fucking my daughter's mouth. One of her hands let go of my cock and moved to my hips so she could hold onto me. A strangled cry built deep in my chest and bubbled out as my orgasm began to peak. Erica moaned, as if having her father's cock in her mouth was a thrill she had desperately longed for.

"Erica!" I hissed, and my orgasm struck. Waves of intense, agonizing pleasure raced from my groin to every fiber of my body. My cock swelled in Erica's mouth and she stopped bobbing her head, but her hands continued to pump eagerly as the first shot of sperm leapt from the tip of my cock into the back of her throat. She continued to slurp on me, her tongue a frantic snake coaxing my fluids out of me. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life up to that day, and my entire body convulsed as pulse after pulse of hot sperm filled my daughter's waiting, eager mouth. I sagged when I was finally spent. Erica let my cock slide from her lips trailing a sting of fluid, my sperm combined with her spit. A little bit of sperm had leaked from her mouth and ran over her chin. I thought I would pass out from the perfect eroticism of the moment. And then she swallowed. She made a gulping sound in her throat and then opened her mouth to show me that it was empty. She giggled with pride as her hand continued to stroke my cock which was dripping the last of my cum onto her naked thighs.

I stroked my daughter's hair, unable to speak. "I love you, Daddy," she whispered to me. "Was that okay?" I nodded vigorously, still unable to form coherent speech. She smiled broadly and added, "You taste good." Groaning, I bent over and pressed my lips to hers, not caring if I was tasting my own cum or not. I had to kiss her. It surprised her but she threw her arms around my neck and returned the kiss with eager passion.

Then we both froze as we heard footsteps coming down the hall. Erica was naked and had my cum on her face and legs, and I stood there with my drooling cock hanging from my pants. There was no time to hide anything. But Helen passed by Erica's door without pause and went into the bathroom. Erica and I both relaxed. "You better go," my daughter whispered to me, and I agreed.

I stuffed my cock back into my pants and zipped up as I hurried to the door. I paused in the door way to look back at her. She hadn't moved. She was still stark naked and sitting on the edge of her bed with a wet face, staring at me in a way I'd never seen her do before. If I was looking at her as more than a daughter now, then it was obvious that she saw me as more than her father. "I love you, Erica," I said to her.

"I love you with all my heart, Daddy," she replied, and I felt her love flow into me through her eyes. I wanted to rush back to her, sweep her up, and never let her go. My sweet daughter, my Princess, my loving lover. Instead, I f***ed myself to close the door and hurried away, my thoughts in pieces.

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