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Loving Erica (Mf, teen, fat/dau, rom) PART ONE

Loving Erica

By SpectreOfHell

Part 1

Sometimes you have desires you didn't know you had. My daughter, for instance. She was f******n and gorgeous. I thought she was the loveliest girl on the planet. The kind of girl I'd wished I could have hooked up with when I was that age. Long limbs and slender body, a cheerleader, no less, with darkly tanned skin and black hair dyed with streaks of blonde. Exotic and stunning was what she was, with her B cup breasts and smooth, supple skin. I admired her beauty and I loved her as my daughter. I loved her intensely, and she returned my affection by the ton. I just didn't realize that I wanted to fuck her until the day I did it.

I had thought of my daughter as being virginal, even though I should have known she wasn't. She dressed provocatively all the time, had boys chasing her around the block, but she was still my innocent little angel. I thought for sure she had no clue that I was getting erections every time she sat on my lap in the evenings wearing her short nightgowns. So the day I walked in on her giving a blowjob really floored me.

She hadn't heard me pull up in the driveway because her boyfriend was parked there. I'd had to park at the curb, which pissed me off. She knew she wasn't supposed to have boys over during the day when no one was home. I entered the back door intending to rake her over the coals, and froze as I heard moaning from the living room. My bl**d ran cold. I put my lunchbox on the counter and walked into the living room. My feet made almost no sound because I'd taken my workboots off at the door. I rounded the corner and my heart nearly stopped.

Erica was on the sofa, kneeling on the cushions as she lay her head in the boy's lap. He had his head thrown back with one hand gripping the armrest and the other on my daughter's head. Erica still had on the outfit she'd worn to school that day, a denim skirt and a pink halter top, only her skirt was thrown up around her waist and her pink panties were on the floor. My eyes ran over her incredible legs from her cute feet, her crossed ankles where the glint of the anklet I had given her caught the light, up her smooth legs to her bare ass...and there was her pussy looking at me. My daughter's pussy, shiny with wetness and inner lips splayed open invitingly. I was rock hard and rubbing my bulge before I knew it. The boy moaned again and I realized why as I heard slurping and saw that my daughter had his cock in her mouth. She was bobbing up and down slowly, sensuously. My little girl, my princess.

She let go of his cock with a wet slurp and said, "Am I doing okay?"

"Oh god, fantastic," the boy said enthusiastically without opening his eyes. If he had opened them, he would have seen me standing behind my daughter, because my feet had taken me into the room. My body seemed to be acting as if someone else was controlling it. I was in a daze, lost between fury and resentment, pain and desire. How could she do this, how could she be sucking some boy's cock right here in my living room, in my house, on my sofa. Why would she? And why wasn't she doing that to me?

I almost groaned at that thought, and my hand unzipped my fly. I pulled out my cock and stroked myself, not knowing what I was going to do until I did it. I moved behind my daughter swiftly, trembling. She felt my weight settle on the cushions and then my hands grasp her hips. She let go of the boy's cock and lifted up on her hands to look behind her, but by then I was lining up. She felt my cock touch her pussy and said, "Daddy!" in total shock. Then she realized what she was feeling in her crotch and her eyes widened. She tried to pull away from me but I seized her and thrust hard. My cock speared into her, making her cry out. The boy's eyes had snapped open when she'd cried out "Daddy," and now he was scrambling in a total panic to his feet. He froze when he saw I was shoving my cock into my own daughter from behind.

"Get the fuck out!" I roared at him. The spell snapped and he bolted for the door, still trying to pull up his pants. Erica was still trying to pull away from me, but I pushed her down and shoved my cock into her harder. There was no hymen to stop me, and she was so slick with desire that even her incredibly tight pussy couldn't stop me.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" she cried out, but her tone had changed. She felt my cock inside her, and she was liking it.

"Giving you what you need," I told her, and pushed into her the last little bit. My cock was balls deep in her f******n year old pussy. I heard the squeal of tires as the boy left. I pulled out and slammed back in, making Erica yelp. I began to fuck her in long, deep, steady strokes, burying myself in her and lingering there before withdrawing until only the tip remained in her, then sinking in again. Erica stopped struggling and moaned loudly. Soon she was thrusting back at me as best she could, pinned below me. Her hands gripped the armrest with white knuckles and she was panting rapidly. When she came, it was explosive. Literally. Fluid gushed from her pussy and soaked my crotch.

"You just came," I accused. "You came with your Daddy's cock inside you. You came because Daddy was fucking you." Erica moaned deeply. "Say it," I told her. "Say it or I'll stop."

Erica sobbed and said, "I came. I came because you're fucking me!" I moaned and pounded into her, making her scream. She was really thrusting back at me by then.

I said, "Tell me you want it, Erica. "Tell Daddy to fuck you!"

She screamed again as my cock hit bottom inside her young body, then she cried out "Fuck me Daddy! Oh my god, ooooh, fuck me Daddy!"

I screamed, "I love you Erica!" as my cum began to boil out of me. I thrust in and exploded.

Erica yelled loudly with a raspy voice, "Oh shit! Oh my god! You're cumming inside me! You're cumming inside me!" And then she came a second time, her pussy clamping down. She wheezed and hissed "I love you, Daddy."

I felt myself glowing with pride as I said, "I love you, baby girl," and thrust again, my orgasm continuing to ripple through me. I emptied myself into my daughter's fertile womb, knowing I was going to make her belong to me no matter what. When I was spent and softened a bit, I withdrew. My cum oozed from her pink hole, and she just lay there, still mostly clothed. I stood up and closed my pants.

"Are you okay?" I asked, whispering as the shock of what I'd just done began to hit me. I felt ashamed, hardly able to believe I'd just f***ed myself on my own u******ed daughter. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled up at me before closing them again. I glanced at the clock and told her, Your mother will be home soon," as if it were simply a normal moment in an otherwise ordinary day. Not as if I had just fucked her. Not as if she was laying there on the sofa with her pussy still visibly dripping my white sperm from her freshly fucked hole. I hurried off to clean myself, the shock of what I'd just done threatening to overwhelm me. I'd just f***ed myself on my own daughter! I'd fucked my little girl. I'd m*****ed her, committed i****t. I felt terrible, and yet I couldn't help feeling wonderful too.

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