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My Cum Dump Whore

I am sitting at the bar having a cold beer when I see you come in. You catch every guys attention because you have this sexy short tight skirt on and a tight low cut blouse that shows your nice soft rounded tits. As soon as I see you I know you are one of those cock teasing ladies. I keep an eye on you and watch as you flirt with the guys, bend forward so they can see those nice tits, drop things so you have to bend over to pick it up and show off your nice shapely ass. As I watch you I get more and more disgusted ...what a filthy cock tease you are.

I notice you heading to the back of the bar to the rest room, so I follow you. As you open the door, I walk up behind you, grab you by the hair and pull you back against me. I cover your mouth so you can't scream and whisper in your ear, you think you are really something but I know you are nothing more than a little cum dump teasing whore. I hate fucking whores like you that tease guys and then just walk away leaving them with a hard-on and no pussy to fuck. I then throw you against the rest room wall and you start to say soemthing but I cut you short. Don't even open your mouth until I tell you too, I then grab you by the hair again and shove you to your knees and pull my hard cock from my open your mouth you fucking whore....and you do as I tell you, I slam my hard cock deep into your mouth and tell you to suck my cock like the filthy whore you are. You start to suck me, even though you are terrified you feel your pussy getting wet. Both my hands on your head now, pulling your mouth to me as I fuck your mouth. I look down and notice that your hand is between your legs fingering your pussy as I fuck your mouth and I laugh, Oh yes you are a fithy cunt whore aren't you.

I pick you up and slam you hard against the wall and pull one leg up over my arm and rip off your thong with the other hand. I grap my hard throbbing cock in my hand and guide it to that sweet wet pussy then I slam my hard cock hard and deep into you. How do you like that hard cock in your filthy cunt.....that is what you want isssn't it you little whore. As I slam my cock deeper and harder into your wet pussy, you start to moan with pleasure and wiggle your hips wanting more and more...Oh yes that is what this fucking whore wants a hard cock and hot cum squirting into that cunt of hers don't you.....and you are on the verge of cummming and you say yes yes yes please fuck me harder and cum deep in my filthy cunt. I laugh oh yes, you are my fucking little cum dump now aren't you. Yes you say I want your cum, I want to be your cum dump whore and with one last hard deep thrust I explode and shoot my hot cum deep in your pussy. This is for all those poor bastards out there you were teasing, I shoul dhave each of them cum in and fuck you just like this. Here is the cum you wanted, milk every bit of it from my cock with that filthy cunt of yours.

After I am done with you, I slide my cock out of you and zip my pants up and turn and walk out, leaving you slinked down on the dirty rest room floor, cum dripping from your cunt and you feeling filled like a good cum dump whore likes to feel.

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