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My wife got finger fucked threesum

I talked the wife into a nude massage and searched the internet in Vegas for a guy to do it that knew how. The possible idea was if she wanted too, she could finish off the massage with a nice fuck. I wanted her to have a 6 or 7”er (I’m 5”) and let her make up her mind and I still do. The wife always wears panties but sometimes, no bra. We met the first time and he lost it after looking at her while he massaged her front and playing with her. He did her back O but we were all nude. He was up to no good and started playing with his cock. I started playing with a tit and kissing her while he was finger fucking her deep. This went on for a bit but for some reason, she didn’t get hot. Boy, he got so excited he couldn’t cum. The wife and I both tried our best to get him off. As I watched my lovely wife get finger fucked by another guy, it was really exciting and she really like it. It was after he tried to do a nude massage and he ask her to play with his cock which she did and I was playing with mine at the same time. He really jammed his index finger in her to the hilt while I was kissing her. Wow, it was hot. I told her she could fuck him if she wanted too but she declined that offer, wasn’t ready for that part yet. Before we left, he again lifted her dress, pulled her panties to the side and finger fucked her some more while she again tried to make him cum with a hand job. She and I went home happy and I dropped a load.

We had to cancel our next two session because of f****y situations with my daughter and she begin thinking we were swingers. So far, were not. A couple of times in history we were willing to swap partners for sex if the opportunity came up but it never did. My Daughter asked my wife (her mother) if she was canceling fuck dates. She knows about my condition and about Bert, the first guy that chickened out screwing her. We finally did do a second session and it was just as hot as the first except this time, she got extremely hot and wanted to fuck him but her Christian values made her get up, get dressed and leave before she did. I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself but she said she still wasn’t ready. Long story short, we never saw him again but I am still in contact.

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