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Theivery at the marketplace,

Leihla had been caught red handed stealing from her employer. She had agreed to be his sex toy to avoid going to jail. The man handcuffed her and began to have his way with her. He lifted her top and kissed her neck. He pulled up her top and massaged her young breasts and pulled on her nipples. He ran his hands all over her body. She wanted to hate it but could not help but enjoy his wandering hands. She kept trying to convince him to let her go home but he was intent on having his way with her. He pulled up her skirt and laid her across his lap. He massaged her tight little butt and thighs, occasionally spanking her white ass. He stripped her panties off and slid his fingers into her pussy. He wanted to watch her suffer but in a good way. His plan was to tease her until she orgasmed over and over again against her will. Although she kept saying she wanted to go home she was not struggling any longer. He kept working her pussy until she could not hold back. She had a massive orgasm. the next year was her retabution to sociaty

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