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First gay object insertions

When I was 15 I got into porn heavily and I just loved insertion videos of chicks with gaping assholes and food in them. I wanted to gape just like them.
At the time my asshole was still so young, and it was so freaking tight, could barely get wider than a penny. But I would still get my marbles and slide them in, one by one, until my asshole was full. Then I'd get juice and starting giving myself a cherry enema. Eventually it didn't satisfy me. I started getting cravings. I wanted to get filthy. I would get daring and start breaking off pieces of bananas and shrimp and filling my asshole with them. The warm shrimp was the best. I'd shit them out onto the shower floor and then eat them. My favorite time was when I gave myself a milk enema at 16 and then added chocolate syrup and shit out chocolate milk. I drank it even with the chunks of slime.
A point came when i wanted to gape so badly. I had a golf ball, and a bouncy rubber ball slighter bigger. I had used petroleum jelly and lubed everything. I started shoving the ball in and then sat on it. Ever so slowly the ball would slide in, and after an hour it was in. The best feeling was the resistance it gave while being pushed out. My asshole was puckering every thrust. Eventually it popped out with a pulsating asshole, and there was a nice gape every time I pushed. The end.

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