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Adventures of Donna--Part 6 (Baby throat)

Adventures of Donna--Part 6 (Baby throat)

Amanda released the large pole, which was hard and erect a good 15 or 16 inches. Donna smiled with pride as she smoothed Amanda's beautiful hair out of her face. She leaned over and kissed the little girl hard on the mouth, their tongues tickling each other. Amanda got a little pre-occupied with her aunt and slid her mouth down to Donna's little tittie mounds. She sucked hard on a nipple, loving the way it got big and hard. "Umm, that feels nice. Suck my tits honey. Yes, milk me, sugar." And Amanda sucked harder try to pull tit juice from Donna's chest.

Reluctantly, Amanda released her lock on Donna's fat nipple, and moved over to Eric's cock. "OK, Auntie Donna, here I go. I really hope I suck him good. Will I get to taste his cum?" "Yes, baby I'll make sure to feed you plenty of his sperm juice. Now go on and take his monster cock in your face."

With that encouragement, Amanda spit several large gobs of saliva on the dickhead, smiled at her aunt, and began licking the oversized knob. Donna reached over and grasped the pole at the base near Eric's horse balls marveling at the thickness. She held the pole firm for her niece. Amanda was eager to swallow the cock, and opened her mouth wide. She slowly stuffed the knob between her teeth, making the head fit in her mouth with an ease that truly amazed Donna.

Amanda paused as she looked down at the 16 inches of cock meat she was hoping to cram down her throat. She whisked her tongue around the dick for several seconds as she practiced breathing through her nose only. When Amanda thought she had the rhythm right she slowly started to f***e the large member into the back of her mouth and down her throat. She stopped abruptly when she felt the gag sensation, but quickly remembered to concentrate on breathing through her nose. Amanda's young sexual energy was heating up as the conquest of this huge penis excited her. She hesitated for a moment, and then began to try to take him down her throat. After a few seconds the large dick still hadn't made it's way far enough in.

Donna decided she needed to f***e the issue if the little girl was going to learn to suck horse cock properly. She placed her hands on the back of Amanda's head and firmly pushed it down onto Eric's thick hose. "Stay with it honey, you're almost there." Donna's words relaxed Amanda just enough that the pressure on the back of her beautiful head jammed about an inch and a half of steel cock pipe into her lovely throat.

Amanda immediately sensed what had happened; as did her Aunt Donna. "Oh yes, baby! It's in! Now slowly take some air through your nose. Don't come off his cock. That's it. Now take that prick a little deeper! I'll help you." And Donna pushed her down a bit more. It was incredible. Amanda was throating about 6 inches of the hardest cock around.

"Suck that dick down Amanda! Make him come baby girl! Raise your head up and slam it back down on him." And she did it. Eric's cock jammed about four inches in, but the pressure Donna applied on Amanda's head f***ed it in another two and half inches. "Again, Amanda, do it again." This time the cock slid in easier; the young girl's throat was widening and getting accustomed to the monster intruding her orifice. "That's nice sugar. Do it again. And again. Keep bobbing your head up faster and faster; try to get more of that cock in you!"

Amanda was doing beautifully. Donna eased up on the pressure, and soon her gorgeous 11-year old niece was deep throating Eric's gargantuan 16 inch cock on her own. Sure she was only taking in about 6 to 7 inches, but Donna was proud the little girl had done so well with her first giant cock blow job. "Oh Amanda. Does it feel good? Can you feel his cum juice starting to boil in his huge balls? You control him baby. Keep jerking on his cock while you jam that monster in your face. Hmmm, that's it. Suck him off. He's gonna come, I can see it. Get ready."

With that Eric could take no more. He abruptly pulled himself upright, completely startlingly young Amanda, and stood against the bed's headboard. Donna followed his motion, and knelt at his side, reaching for the enormous cock. Both Donna and Eric furiously jerked on the amazingly long and fat penis; there was plenty of room on the cock for two pairs of hands.

Amanda hadn't moved from her position on the bed; it had happened so fast, and she barely had time to wonder if she had done something wrong. "Amanda! Quick. Kneel in front of us! He's gonna cum! Open your mouth wide and get ready. It'!"
Donna directed the cock right into Amanda's gapping mouth just as Eric blasted a huge gusher of white sperm. It hit the little girl's face with such full f***e it knocked her off balance, pushing her back on the bed. Donna pulled Eric slightly forward to keep the cock over Amanda. The next cum spray covered the side of Amanda's face and upper torso. "That's it you cock fucker...cum on her! Cum all over her!" Donna shouted as she jerked hard on the cock. "Arrrggghh" Eric shot another tremendous load all over the girl's baby tits.

"Ummm, Auntie Donna! I love it, I love it!" Amanda exclaimed as she tasted and swallowed the load. She hoisted herself back up to Eric's cock and placed her mouth near his head. "Again! Cum in her mouth again!" Donna stroked with both hands, and another piss stream of cum shot into the little girl's face. "Throat him! Take him down, Amanda!" Donna shouted. Amanda quickly swallowed the cum and slammed her beautiful face over the cock. Donna continued to jerk with her left hand and reached over with her right and pulled Amanda's face onto Eric's stick. He started to piston fuck the little girl's face in rhythm with Donna. Very quickly Amanada was treated to full bore cock-in-mouth cum blast. It was too much for her, and she broke Donna's hold, falling back on the bed; most of the cum spilling from her mouth and onto to her titties.

Donna watched, and seeing that Amanda was ok, she shifted positions to kneel in front of Eric, and noisily inhaled the monmouth down her throat, taking all 16 inches. She fucked his cock with her face as fast as she could. Deep throating him over and over again. Finally he exploded into Donna's mouth also making her gag. But unlike her young niece, Donna managed to keep most of it in her mouth. She looked up at Eric with a slight closed mouth smile, and leaned over to Amanda. She gave her baby girl a large wide open kiss, spitting a good amount of Eric's cum into Amanda's mouth.

"Ummm,'s so good," Amanda moaned as Donna's tongue played with the cum in both their mouths. "Oh Donna, I love his cock. I love you." Donna moved down and slowly licked the cum coating Amanda's small tits, pausing to suck on her lusciously long nipples. Amanda did the same thing to Donna. Who looked up and noticed Eric still leaning against the wall, with his eyes closed, stroking his heavy dick.

She smiled to herself, envisioning the scene to come: Eric's enormous cock fucking her 11-year old niece's wonderfully tight asshole.

End of part 6

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